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August 01, 2015
"On the first day of August, I want to wake up by your side..." - Carole King. Today is the 3rd time I've woke up on the first day of August without you at my side. IMYSM.
April 24, 2015
Hi Tammy,
It has been 2 years and 7 months since you passed. I have healed so much. I am happy. Today, I was thinking about two things that I miss about you:

(1) Having someone in the world who really loves me;

(2) Having someone to take care of me, a go to person.

I am so thankful that you are happy and safe.
March 23, 2015
Happy 52nd Birthday Tammy! On your 14th birthday (March 23rd, 1977) I met you between the sanctuary and fellowship hall at First Christian Church, Salinas. That was 38 years ago. I miss you so much. I love you so much.
February 24, 2015
Hello Tammy,
It's been 2 years and 5 months since you passed and I miss you so much! As life goes on, in realize more and more how special our love was. I AM SO THANKFUL!
September 24, 2014
I love you little sis, and will always miss you.. I will see you in Heaven, and I know you've seen my Denny. God bless both your memories, and I will see you both when I get HOME. <3
September 24, 2014
Hello Tammy, today is the 2nd anniversary of your passing. This morning I dreamed that you were alive and I hugged you and told you how much I love you. And now, I'm awake. Oh my Tammy, I miss you so much!
September 11, 2014
Oh Tammy! I'm remembering September 11, 2012 when you were admitted to the hospital for the last time. You came home a few days later to die. On September 24th you died. This is why I remember September 11. I miss you so much!
August 01, 2014
Hi Tammy, It's been almost two years since you passed. I miss you so much. My life and my world was so much better because you were in it.
May 14, 2014
Hi Tammy, I wanted to share something I've known all along: Whatever happens in the future, I know that I've already lived the romantic fairytale and that I will live happily ever after. Maybe someday I'll meet that special fortunate lady whom I will love, cherish, please, and make very happy. But if not, I know that I've already been blessed and will live happily ever after.
April 16, 2014
Thank you for the special anniversary gift today. My gift to you is to be strong and make you happy and proud. ILYSM! IMYSM!
April 16, 2014
Happy 31st anniversary Wildflower! I am doing well. My heart is growing and opening up. It hurts, but it's good. ILYSM! IMYSM!
March 24, 2014
And now, another milestone. 18 months since you passed. Life goes on; I go on, alone. IMYSM!
March 23, 2014
Today is your birthday Tammy, Happy Birthday! We all miss you so very much. You're such a wonderful angelic young lady & have touched so many hearts. I was so blessed to have you in my life, my only regret is that we didn't spend more time talking & visiting. I pray I learn from this with my other angels in my life. I Love You, really! Happy Birthday.
Your sister & cancer buddy,
March 23, 2014
Happy 51st birthday, honey. This is also the 37th anniversary of when we met, on your 14th birthday, March 23rd, 1977. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!
February 14, 2014
Happy Valentines Day! Oh Tammy, I miss you so much. It hurts so much. I am glad that you have not had to go through this grief. I'm doing well, just missing you, missing you, missing you :( ... OH TAMMY!!!
February 07, 2014
Missing you a little more today than usual Tammy, don't know why. Your love continues to live in so many people. I only wish I had your special grace.
February 05, 2014
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
January 24, 2014
Hi Beautiful! It's been 1 year and 4 months since you passed. IMYSM (I Miss You So Much)! I'm doing better - sort of happy but I am so lonely.

"I want to hold on,
but I need to move on
and I need to be happy and free.
And I need this to be a happy life for me." .... IMYSM! .... OH TAMMY!
December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Tammy! I miss sharing Christmas with you. I miss you oh so much!
October 14, 2013
Oh my love, on October 14 last year I met my goal to run 500 miles in 2012 (a few weeks early). I had to give myself a hug because you were not there to hug me. I miss you so much!
October 10, 2013
I miss you more & more ever day! I wish we would of spent more time together but the times we had we absolutely wonderful. Thank you for you!
October 03, 2013
Oh Tammy, I'm starting to feel happy again. But I miss you so much. I miss you so, so much!
September 24, 2013
Hi Beautiful, It's been exactly one year since you went away. I love you so much. I miss you so much. Thank you for making my life so wonderful!
July 24, 2013
Oh Tammy, it's been 10 months since you passed. The sadness and hurt is still fresh. This grief and these tears are in honor of you and the love we shared. You will be on my mind and in my heart all day long.
June 26, 2013
A Special Place in Lithia Park
June 24, 2013
Oh my love, it has been 9 months and yet I grieve as much as ever. I Miss You So Much. Will the tears on the pages of my journals ever honor you enough?
May 15, 2013
I remember when I proposed to you at Point Lobos on May 15, 1982, a very special memory. I miss you so much!
April 16, 2013
Your love shines in my heart!
I miss you & still need you!
We all do. You are where you need to be, just please keep an eye on my brother & my neice & nephews. They need to be watched over.
April 16, 2013
Hi Beautiful, today is 4/16. Happy Anniversary, I miss you so much!
March 23, 2013
Happy Birthday Honey! ("50", "50","50"!)
February 14, 2013
Will you be my Valentine honey? For the first time in at least 33 years, I have no valentine. I miss you so much!
January 24, 2013
I hadn't signed in before because I did not have the words to express what Tammy has always meant to me. I miss her everyday and I still don't have the words powerful enough to express the place in my heart that will always be for Tammy, So I will simply end with this "LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER CUZ!!!"
January 24, 2013
Oh Tammy! It's been 4 months and I feel excruciating grief. The price for deep love is deep grief. You are so worth the price! I'm glad that you are happy and safe. I'm thankful for the unique and amazing love we shared in life. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!
October 20, 2012
Brundage family, I know Tammy is celebrating her victory in Christ.May your memories of Tammy encourage you to live deeply.
October 14, 2012
tammy I Will love you forever!No one has ever touched my heart the way you have and never will. peter,tyla and I will miss you very much. god bless your family.
October 14, 2012
tammy I will miss you very much! No one has ever touched my heart the way you have, and never will. peter,tyla and I will love you forever! God bless you and your family!
October 09, 2012
I returned to see under the sun that the swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle, nor do the wise also have the food, nor do the understanding ones also have the riches, nor do even those having knowledge have the favor; because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them al
October 09, 2012
With deepest sympathy to the family during your time grief. Psalms 46:1 says God is for us a refuge and strength and a help readily to be found during difficult times. May God provide you with peace and comfort to endure the days ahead.
October 09, 2012
My condolences to the family during your time of sorrow. May God comfort you and give you the strength to cope (Psalms 46:1).
October 06, 2012
to randy and amy, thank you for allowing me and maria into your lives and our prayer group that touched our lives. tammy life touched ours and continues to with fond memories with great laughter and good group meeting we had with you, your wife and daughter. our prayers are with you, and big hugs are with you too randy! god bless you both!
October 04, 2012
I love my Tammy forever.
Christina Kohl
October 04, 2012
Tammy is for ever in my heart. I will always love her dearly. Auntie
October 04, 2012
I am so happy that Tammy is at peace. I miss her so much! - Randy Brundage
October 04, 2012
I am so happy that Tammy is at peace. I miss her so much! - Randy Brundage
October 04, 2012
Thinking of Tammy with such fond memories...she is an inspiration to me in how she faced everything in life with such love and faith. I will miss her so much. We will love her always, Kathy Weydell Teraji
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