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October 09, 2014
March 24, 2014
Dear David –
Ginger was a very special person who added a rich and beautiful texture to our lives. Her infectious smile, warm heart and loving friendship will always be remembered. The Ohmart family was truly blessed to have known Ginger.

She will remain in our hearts for as long as we live.

With Love,
The Ohmart Family
April 10, 2012
April 2, 2012

Dear Dave,

I had a lovely dream about Ginger last night. It's been quite a while, so this was very special. She was wearing a huge smile and a pink rain coat. She asked me if I thought the raincoat would be right for her next trip. We were so happy to see each other and had a wonderful conversation. I remember snippets....something about men having "boy chips" implanted to explain their childish behavior.

She looked radiant...

Happy Easter,

April 04, 2012
June 22, 2008
Sorry we didn't make it to your final resting place,but we know that the trip to East Tawas, Michigan was not your last journey. You are now with the angels and will experience many greater adventures than you had in this life. Maybe you will take a little time to pray for us who are in doubt as to where we may go when it is our turn. Meanwhile,our thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family who will miss your radiant presence in this life. Our love and prayers,
Earl & Dorothy Edmonds
January 08, 2012
To the Moehring Family

My 20 year partner, Ragnor Seglund, Accounting Professor, and I spent many dinner and social events with Dave and Ginger. Ragnor played many tennis games with the Moehring's.

I enjoyed knowing Ginger, she was someone who lived and loved life and her shining light will live on. Ginger was a gift in my life with her words of wisdom to me. Thank you Ginger for sharing your inspirational journey and your strong positive mental attitude which made an impact on my life.

May God be the wind under your wings and the healing shade for your family.
December 01, 2011
April 19, 2008

Dear Dave,Kurt,and Mary,
It was truly an honor to be asked to contribute something so personal to Ginger's memorial service. I shared some wonderful memories and shed a few tears while assembling the CD presentation. Ginger was a truly wonderful person who enhanced the lives of everyone she met,and I believe the world is a better place because of her perpetually positive attitude, contagious zest for life,and the relationships she developed throughout her life.
Michelle and I will always remember Ginger with a smile, for our lives have forever been enriched having known her.

Much love,

Robert and Michelle
October 27, 2011
April 2008

Dear Dr. Moehring,

I am very sorry for your loss. Ginger was the most wonderful and the most beautiful person I have ever met. She is the mother I wish I could have had.

Alex Yong
October 27, 2011
Christmas 2008

Dear David,

I am writing to wish you strength and some comfort from wonderful past memories at this difficult season-the first without your beloved Ginger.
So many,many people will be thinking of you and grieving for your-for our loss. Ginger was so very special and such a good friend. For so many years we have valued the friendship,kindness, and thoughtfulness we have shared with both of you.Friends like you are few in life.
If you need a shoulder to lean on-someone to help you through a difficult day, please call!
I hope you can feel our arms around you.


September 18, 2011
My dear friend Ginger,
My neibhbor, my friend,and oh yes, 'my partner in crime.' After three consecutive years missing that wonderful Christmas letter from you, I am afraid I fell victim to the old adage, 'no news is good news,' while in my heart, I was afraid that something had gone awry. I hoped and prayed for other reasons, such as traveling outside of the country or being busy with your grandchildren and their lives, that was until David called this past April and let us know of your plight.

Memories are etched in my heart and my head. Many years have passed since you moved next door to us in Jackson, MS. David left for Vietnam, and we got busy...whether we were making those "wacky cupcakes" or Dr. Sansings Beef Bourguignon, taking upholstry classes, having cocktails or just being moms. You were never intimidated by anything, you taught me to take on challenges, and to accept the God given talents that would take me far beyond my wildest dreams. Those were happy days, and our friendship grew into something that could stand the "test of time."

The war eventually came to an end. David returned home and y'all moved back to Michigan. Time passed quickly. There was a move from Michigan to California for y'all. We both lost a piece of our hearts, when we lost our children, Mark and Bobby. Hard times for both families; but, we learned to live with the heartache.

I am a believer in what we live, makes us who we are, and humility is so often connected to ones recall of the past.

You my dear friend made your Grandmother proud. I have never known anyone with such a great enthusiastic outlook on life, and I always marveled at your passion for living, you were always happy, always smiling,and you always had an uplifting spirit that could not be crushed. I often thought of you over the years with a smile on my face and in my heart...every time I used your grandmothers bowl, the one you gave me, to stir up something, when I ran across one of your little notes [rhymes] you would stick into the little gifts you gave me, or when I used one of your recipes.

Although it is the time in our lives to say "goodbye," we go forward with hope knowing one day we will meet again.

There is a familiar quotation by Thomas Campbell, which says:
"To live in the hearts of those we leave behind, is not to die."

I will miss you my dear friend; but, you will always be with me.

Sandra Massey


Ginger focused on life's journey with grace and strength, she was the most unpretentious person I ever knew...I loved her for that.

Remembering is a gift. It is the most wonderful thing that God allows us, for some reason, we don't really understand this until we loose those we love.

We were so saddened to hear of your great loss.

We love you too,
Frank and Sandra Massey
August 10, 2011
April 2, 2011
Dear David,
I am heartened that you found something uplifting in reading my e-mail message to you.I find it once again more than coincidence that my reference in Ginger's Legacy book... that something greater than the written word must exist to express the inexpressible.A fact revealed to me by that very pathway....thru a sacred mass.
I have always questioned to myself and privately asked why it seems some people have such astounding and clear visions of their faith...why is it that some can point to an event or reflect on some other defined point in their life where something or someone touched them so deeply and vividly..for Paul it was a lightening bolt,for Luther a fierce storm...but for the more common among us there seems to be a whole spectrum of these things that lead to either change or a more clear direction or purpose in living.I have dismissed many of these accounts as finding Jesus or God..much like a child on a milk carton.Even should such an occurrence present,I suspect we are more wont to chalk it off to coincidence or chance. I remember when Chris and I flipped over a bridge and dropped 35 feet or so in his Bronco thinking it was curtains as we rolled over the concrete edge of the bridge-and afterwards with Chris in the ICU and the docs trying to reduce what they thought was a cervical fracture..and the operation to fuse scheduled for the next morning..Probably the most fervently I have ever prayed was that night asking,pleading with God to let me take his place..and let him be the one walking around like I was so fortunate to have been doing.Can you imagine,the very next morning as we were preparing to go down to the surgical suite receiving a call from the hospital saying it was all a misdiagnosis,as you remember-"pseudo subluxation".I believe is the term..we were told we could come and take him home that morning! My prayer had been
answered..verbatim..miracle..or something else ? I tell you I did not put nearly the weight on that event as I have on with this revelation.which brings me to why I am writing once again. You see,I was awakened to the inexpressible ...that the spiritual message in the Mass we sang last Sunday, March 27th,through the connection and reminder of the date in your final entry in the Legacy book. It was for me like Helen Keller at the water fountain or Archimedes in the bath house..and that is also why I immediately wrote you that letter.Interestingly,the Hebrew word for "Angel" (Malach) is interchangeable with the word for "messenger".So this was not just a warm fuzzy coincidental and spiritual make good sermon indeed was to convey a message to you and to me in that it has rekindled my worship experience and is perhaps the closest thing to an out-of-body experience as I could ever have imagined. The Kingdom of Heaven was a nice ideal...a place even Christ could only describe in the abstract. As likened for me now, it is not "what' the dominion of Heaven is "like",rather it is sufficient only to know that I know the Kingdom of Heaven "IS"
And for you ,dear brother,know that as this Mass cries out..."In the midst of life...we are in death" (from the Agnus Dei)..that those who have passed before us...not just our beloved Ginger...have eternal rest and eternal light only when we can let them free to live in that beautiful place.This message came through over and over as each movement of the Mass progressed..
Your sorrow and grasping for something you can not lay hold of,change or recreate is a source of unrest and sadness with the angels. Hopefully,like I have,you can receive a sense of calmness and release from whatever keeps you tethered to that which cannot and should not be altered. By our faith,we believe we will ultimately witness this eternal light and that it will come soon enough and in due time.
Breathe again,heal again,love again....I am only the messenger.

your brother Richard
June 21, 2011
I think of you and Ginger everyday. What a loss.
June 20, 2011


I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your mom.She was such a special lady. I know first hand what you're going through and have felt the same pain.Be assured that the grief will pass and the fond memories of your mom will become more vivid. It seems even more difficult when we lose those special people-our moms- unexpectedly.
Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Your friend,

June 20, 2011
April 2008

Dear Dave,
Honoring the life of someone very special who will always be and yours are in my thoughts. Ginger will be deeply missed,she was loved so by everyone !
With deepest sympathy,

Wendy Emert
June 04, 2011

March 27, 2011- Three years to the day, of Ginger's death.

Jackie and I just returned from an Abendmusik program where we performed John Rutter's Requiem. Our Hosanna choir combined forces with Kinsman Lutheran in this beautiful and poignant work accompanied by harp,oboe,cello,timpani,amd Glockenspiel muscians. We had begun working on this mass for a couple of months. Early on, someone had asked why we were singing this particular opus but basically we were told that it had been selected by the Abendmusik director,Elizabeth Marks,some time ago.....she also sang the soprano parts. I hope to have a CD at some point as it was professionally recorded.
A requiem is a mass for the dead.Rutter's work has seven movements....Requiem Aeternam, Out of the Deep, Pie Jesu, SanctusAgnus Dei, The Lord is my Shepard,and Lux Aeterna...Each movement has it's own wonderful moments musically and in text....but the main reason I am telling you this is after being reminded of the date by David's entry in the Legacy Guest book for Ginger...I now know the reason why we sung this beautiful mass on this day...I can tell you I no longer believe in coincidences ...there was a divine hand in this from above.
Or, if you prefer coincidences,consider that Rutter finished this work (movements 1,2, 4,and 7) in was first performed at Lover's Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas.... on October 13th,1985.
Requiem aeternam...."Grant them rest eternal"..dona eis lux perpetua luceat eis..."Lord our God we pray to thee... may light perpetual shine on them forever"
I know why we sang this angel visited us today.


May 16, 2011
April 12, 2008

Dear David,

I remember the last time I saw Ginger like it was yesterday...we sat eating ice cream cones with Kurt and his little ones. Silly conversation at an old favorite- Marian's Dairy Bar in East Tawas. We said our goodbyes and promised to get together soon. The family reunion 0f summer 2007, was over and slowly we were all going our separate ways. So thankful for the nice time together.I keep thinking of how Daddy and Aunt Winnie would always add a "God willing" to or goodbyes.They had it right-never take a day for granted.

Remembering you today...can it be just a week since we all gathered to remember and honor Ginger ? That was such a special day.
Time is a strange thing...everyone talks about how time heals but the truth is things are never the same. It is our will and daily choosing to make the best of each day that will help to give us new inspiration and direction. I keep Ginger's wise words to Mary on our fridge. Keep reading her wishes for everyone. It is insightful and inspiring. So Ginger expressed,in her complete lack of pity for her circumstances,her embracement of her faith and her desire for us to continue to live as she did-with zest and and appreciation for each God given day.
I am humbled by her faith,encouraged by her hope and confidence that each of us has the power to fulfill her wishes. She shared our dreams and I know that her concern was for our future well being and happiness. As she said,our tomorrows and dreams go on and she will now see them from another perspective. How all that works is a great mystery but the Bible does say that what we can't understand now will one day be very clear. Faith is that hope that we have in the unseen mystery of life.

Thinking of all of you today. Words fail to express how much we love and care for you.

Love from your sister,

May 16, 2011
Apri, 2008

Dear Dr Moehring,

There are times when life doesn't follow paths of our choice.Your loss at this time will somewhat change your journey,but it won't change who you are....the accomplished and compassionate surgeon that I have come to know these past several months.

I realize that cards often seem to be a constant reminder of a difficult time,but I wanted you to know that you are still in my prayers. Please know that you have the support and caring of so many who keep you close in thought and wiah you comfort and peace,

With Prayers,

May 16, 2011

Dear Dr Moehring,

Yuri and I wanted to tell you how sorry we were to hear about Ginger.She was a very nice person who I enjoyed seeing at our annual orthopedic graduations.I will always have nice memories of having dinner with you guys when I was a chief resident on the total joint service. She was a warm and beautiful person that we all miss.
I know that I have used "nice" several times-the truth is I am not very good at writing these types of notes. Anyhow,Yuri and I are both very sorry for your great loss.I know words can't describe what you are feeling. I am sorry that I am not in California right now to be a better friend to you. I will be in touch when I finish my fellowship here in New Zealand and am back in the states.

Take Care,

Mark Hoffer MD & Yuri
May 16, 2011

Dear David & family,

I just heard that you had lost that lovely and talented wife,whom we first met with you at an Orthopedic meeting in Tuscon.I followed your orthopedic work and was proud of your accomplishments on the Trauma Service at the UCD med center.
I felt bad that we never had the opportunity to see more of your wonderful wife's talents in our community.
I know that you have suffered a great loss at this time after such an interesting life & great children that she provided you.
We hope that Ginger did not have to suffer in her final days & that God is taking the best care of her with no sickness or pain anymore. I am sure that she is saving one of the best spots for you when you get finished with this world and are together again for eternity.

Very Sincerely,

Frank Boutin MD, and Tink
May 16, 2011

Dear Doctor Moehring,

I was saddened to learn of your recent loss,and additionally,to hear it was so unexpected.Jane Wierman was my source of information and also told me you and your wife have a host of friends who are sharing your loss and who will be there for you in the days ahead.
As I am writing this I am reading the note which accompanied the beautiful floral arrangement you sent to me three and a half years ago, at the death of my beloved husband Paul the first Chairman of Orthopedics at UC Davis.
Your kind message was most appreciated then, and is equally so today. And the flowers themselves gave me pleasure here in the living room for days,and then, eventually it was time to move them to a terrace just outside a large glass door at the end of the room,but giving the effect of still being inside and able to be appreciated.
I was pleased that our paths crossed at the Tipton reception.

Again, my deepest sympathy to you.
Do know happy memories will help.


Phyllis Lipscomb
May 16, 2011


Please accept my sincere sympathy on your loss of Ginger.When Evie and I saw you both at the Houston airport last November,Ginger looked spry and chipper to us both. Until I read the obituary in the Bee,I was unawrae of any problems going on.
I was then back in Chicago,seeing my aging mother's needs at the time of Ginger's service.Evie represented us both.
Evie and I will keep Ginger's memory in our thoughts and prayers.

Your long time friend and orthopedic colleague.

Frank Palumbo
May 16, 2011
Dear Dr. Moehring,

Many mourn with you at this time in the loss of your loved one....yet we also honor the life that was lived so well.
I'll always remember you and your staff at UCD Med center as those who saved my life.Please accept my and my family's condolences in your time of loss. I would do anything in my power to express my gratitude to you.


Raja Daya , and parents Peter and Hana Daya
May 16, 2011
April, 2008


My heart goes out to you. Ginger was a great spirit amongst us. She will be missed. I was glad to have known her.

Udo &Tina Gessner
May 16, 2011
April, 2008

I am so sorry to hear about Ginger.I saw the notice in the paper. She was such a wonderful person and a great soul mate. My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.


I will never have a better teacher... thank you for all you have given me.

Jan Ertl MD
May 16, 2011
April 28, 2008

Dear Dr. Moehring,
You are in our thoughts as you grieve the loss of your wife. The notice in the Sacramento Bee described a very beautiful person- I hope you find comfort in her memory.
Best Regards,

Linda Meyers

Dear Dave,
You have many friends and colleagues including and especially the Meyers' who want to be available to you during very difficult times...You are the consummate physician,always concerned about your patients-now we get to care about you and you are allowed to grieve and heal.

Fred Myers MD
May 16, 2011

Dear Dave

We are thinking of you during your time of sorrow & loss. We hope time will give you solace. We know Ginger is in a special place in Heaven, She was such a good person !
We are here for you Dave,

Ragnor and Diana
May 16, 2011

Ginger was the best of the class..and my girlfriend to boot in the 11th grade at Lake Orion High ! She lived life to the fullest and brought unto this earth a bit of beauty,love...and faith.. And now.. her life will ever be reflected in your heart forever.
Bob McGee
May 16, 2011

Dear David,Mary,and Kurt,

At times like these,words always fail me.I can only imagine your pain knowing how much Ginger's passing saddens me. But I thank God that I had the privilege to share some time with her and take solace in remembering those times.
I will think of Ginger every time I see a beautiful butterfly !


May 16, 2011
April 5, 2008

It is with great love that radiated across the street that I can write this. Ginger is now with Max,in my heart and mind forever. Bless you and your family.You and your dear wife have impacted me more than you can know I'm grateful to have known you both.
Michael Schleuter,

David and Family,
Ginger was always an inspiration to me, a fellow traveler. I always enjoyed exchanging travel stories with her.She will truly be missed.
With Love,
Lauren Schleuter

Ginger was one of God's great gifts of love to us all. She was such an incredible smart funny and beautiful woman. I feel honored to have known her and learned from her.Thanks for being such wonderful people and neighbors.
God bless you !
Carol Schleuter
May 16, 2011

Dear Dave and family,
We were so sorry to hear of Gimger's battle with cancer and related strokes.We can't begin to know your loss.She was a delightful woman. God bless you in this sad time.

Larry and Charlene
May 16, 2011

Dear David,
Roger and I feel so sorry for your loss.We are thinking of you at this difficult time and wishing you the healing power of many beautiful memories..

Roger and Mary Jane
May 12, 2011
Christmas, 2008
Dear Dave,
I'm so sorry about Ginger's death.My sister mailed the notice that was in the paper.I know you have wonderful memories. I always appreciated Ginger's descriptive Christmas letters and the interesting accounts of her world travels.The two of you had a long and great marriage. I hope you've been able to work through you great loss.
Dick Hertzler
April 12, 2011
April, 2008

Dear Uncle David, Kurt and Mary,
We love you and you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Aunt Ginger was "the Best'- We miss her laugh and smile and loving heart.
Much Love,
Amy, David and kids
April 12, 2011
April 7, 2008

Dear Dave,
Liz and I were both saddened to read of Gingers demise in the Alpena News where years ago she received kudos as an acclaimed actress at the Thunder Bay Community Theater.
Reading of her long list of accomplishments and activities makes me wonder where she had time to look after a guy like you ? :)..but surely she did so !
I remember her as being an eternally youthful spirit when you lived here in northern Michigan.
Please accept our condolences.
All the Best,

Bud Littler
April 12, 2011
April 2, 2008
Dear David,
So very sorry to hear about Ginger's passing. I was very saddened and shocked. Ginger had a full life ..and exciting at every turn! She was always kind and helpful.
May her soul rest in peace.
Best Regards,
April 12, 2011
May 4, 2008
Dear friend Dave,
You are frequently in my thoughts. It is now almost 40 years to the day since I left Viet Nam and you took over for me as commanding officer of D company. What a plethora of experience has filled those quickly passed years !
You and your children must be feeling lost and sad trying to adjust your loss.
Ginger was such a beautiful,loving and caring person. She lived life with zest,insight and humor which really touched everyone who was fortunate enough to have known her. Your life will surely never the same. Cherish the many wonderful memories that you have. I shall certainly do that.
We've experienced and shared some bumps on the road of life.You once told me that faith and love ultimately provide in the most tragic of times and that time does heal to some degree. I offer those same words of wisdom,hoping they will provide some solace during this time of grief.You once reminded me that laughter,love and the other joys of life do return. That is my prayer for you
Please stay in touch. Your friendship is greatly treasured.


April 12, 2011
Dear Dave,
Last night we received a call from you and it was one of the saddest I have ever received.Our condolences and hearts go out to you and your family. It is so hard to believe as I am sure it is for you.Ginger was a girl so full of life and love.God received a great addition to his flock.There is an old saying,"I'm not dying but going to my eternal home". That keeps reverberating in my mind. I know your faith is strong Dave and at times like this we have a lot of questions. You have so many wonderful memories together and she will always be with you.No one can take that away from you.I think of the Christmas cards we received from you and Ginger.They meant so much to us. She was such an adventuresome woman and seemed to be involved in so many different things. The pictures of you and your family and of her interesting trips were precious. Don't you wonder what she would be doing in Heaven ?Now if it were you or I, I know what we would be up to.Ha ! :)
Dave, my friend and brother,you and your family are in our prayers. We will see you in East Tawas and renew our friendship. Stay healthy and busy.
Love, Jim
we were so shocked to hear about Ginger ! She was such a special lady and I especially remember her smile and beautiful face,
Our hearts go out to you- how I wish we could repair the hole in your heart ! Please know that you are in our prayers. Love,
April 11, 2011
Dear David,
We are saddened by your loss. We will always remember the happy times we spent together in China and California. Ginger's travel journals inspired us !
Our Love,
Arlene and Stan Newman
April 11, 2011
Dear David,
We are so sorry. May you find comfort in knowing many thoughts are with at this difficult tome.

Lee & Harriett
April 11, 2011
April 9. 2008
Dear David,
We were so sorry to hear about Ginger's death. What a shock this must be for you ! Ginger was a wonderful,beautiful and talented person. It was a privilege to know her- even though we did not get to visit often.
May the Lord God give you the comfort,strength,and hope you need each day as you adjust to this tragic change in your life.
John and Naomi
April 11, 2011
April 10, 2008
Dear Dave and family,
I just got the news of the death of Ginger,and I wanted to let you know of my thoughts and prayers.
It is truly sad that such a wonderful person should be suddenly taken from our midst,but she leaves behind a monument of good works and generosity that will inspire for years.
I will be thinking of you in the future months as you adjust to your great loss,but I am sure,with God's help,you will emerge strong and hopeful.
With best regards,
April 11, 2011
April 8,2008

Dear Dave,
We were so deeply grieved to hear that your dear wife has been called home to be with the Lord.We will miss her bright smile,quick wit,and her ability to share her travels with her mini novels from all over the world.
"Ginger"-even her name describes her as a person most interesting and full of life ! How we will miss her !
We pray that the Lord will be with you and your children to help you cope in your time of grief.
You are in our prayers..God bless you !
Ray and Glo
April 11, 2011
April, 2008
Dear Dave,
I am so sorry to hear of Ginger's leaving this mortal world. I will always think of her laughing and enjoying her family and friends..How she treasured every moment ! Mary and Kurt are so fortunate to have her love to carry them through their lives.
May the love and hugs of your children,family,and friends comfort you always.
Take care,Dave
Sue McDonald
April 04, 2011
April 5th,2008

Dear David,
I was shocked to hear of Ginger's passing! She was part of our bible class for a while.She presented a travel program for us at Folsom Women's Club-She always sat by us (of the bible class) when ever she came to church-Ist service of course .
She was always so lively,interesting,and so loving.We will really miss her-how glad I am to have known this dear person!
Your "memory box" is full-you have much to sustain you in your grief.
I am sorry for your loss- for my loss.
Most Sincerely,
Helene Croucher
April 03, 2011
Dear Dave and Family,
I couldn't believe the news about Ginger,so I confirmed with Herb.Please accept my deepest sympathy.Tom and I always both thought she was so nice and so very pretty. It was always fun to visit with both of you at the Tawas reunions.Her passing will make a huge impact in your lives,but as I had to do,we must concentrate on the good things that were accomplished while on this earth.
My prayer is that you and your children might find peace and comfort in having had such a special wife and mother in your lives.
With Love,
April 03, 2011
Oh my David - So suddenly and so young! What a beautiful,talented,and humorous lady your Ginger was! Everyone will have wonderful memories of her.We always looked forward to your Christmas letter.Bill always said,"That Ginger is quite a gal"-and he'd laugh out loud as he read her clever comments.I can see her,as if it were yesterday,paying a tribute to you mom at a special birthday celebration.and looking so cute in a special hat.
I'm sorry that I didn't make it to the family reunion last summer. Marie Reifel and I are so upset with ourselves for not planning better.Certainly when something like this happens you are reminded that you should always make the utmost effort because you never know what the future holds-for any of us.
David, my deepest sympathy.The loss of you soul mate for all these years is tough to deal with but the outpouring of love and support of family and friends will help.
Love Always,
March 24, 2011
My Dearest Ginger,
You left this world to be with the angels and your God on 27 March, 2008- so unbelievabe - almost three years ago. Kurt and I were at your bedside when angels came to take back one of their own... I am still stunned by the suddenness of it all-less than three months from symptoms till death. Oh God I have prayed that this was all a bad dream and I would hear your loving voice greet me when I walk in the door like always. When you went to be with God my heart and soul went with you. Yet, I feel your spirit and hold you in my dreams. You were the most important and inspirational person in my life, and there were many. Life is colored so differently now and nothing seems to be of much significance. I need to remind myself of your upbeat persona and zest for all that is good in life and this helps but does not erase the terrible sadness and grief that I feel.. Dearest, I have not the words to tell you how much I loved you -with all of my heart and soul and beyond description... and yes as you used to ask,"more than life itself " loved to look at you ,touch you, and lie next to you at night. -crowding you off your side of the bed almost - and prompting the familiar "look where you are! ! " I always found you.....and together with God's blessing we made beautiful babies three - Mary and Kurt now grown and Bobby with you once again..
I read your diaries and it is like listening to your voice without sound -I know you so well and how you thought and expressed yourself-- so candid and delightful - and with that beautiful expressive hand writing--just like the letters you used to send me when we were apart. When I close my eyes I see those big green eyes shining out love from your beautiful face--and oh those striking high cheek bones that I loved to admire when you didn't know I was staring at you
Always a dazzling smile of joy and love for me , for your kids ...and for all of life. And to top it off, a sensational figure which I must admit first caught my attention when I saw you walk into West Mayo hall one exhilarating autumn day on the Michigan State campus over a half century ago. Dearest you were class and grace personified. God certainly smiled on you Ginger - and on me too.. As in "our song" - "Fools Rush In"..... "when we met, I felt my life begin" ...and this fool really did rush in just as Sinatra sang...... as we danced together .. so very close and tenderly.....I have loved and cherished you ever since

I go to your church now and then and am struck by the church mission statement that appears on the screen at the beginning of the service : "To live in faith - to be known by love , and to declare hope".. based on St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians This really does describes your joyous persona and also the adventuresome and eventful life we full of faith, hope and abundant love. .. I will think of you each and every day of my life.......I mustl close now.. with the words that you once closed with in a letter written to me many years ago when I started med school and we we were apart . It is still saved in a special place and ....and locked in my heart forever. What more can be said than....

I love you
I miss you
I pray for you

Your loving husband and soul mate forever,

March 23, 2011
April 28, 2008

Dear Moehring's
Ginger was such an inspration to me ! I loved her humor, her style, and best of all, her friendship. I will never have another neighbor like her. Oh,how I loved her ! Mary and I were just talking about her and Max just a short time before Tyler called me with the sad news.
I have a picture of the two of us at that tea place in Sutter Creek. I will cherish it always.
Instead of sending flowers, I am going to send some money in her name to St Judes hospital. I think she would like that. I wish I had known she was sick- I would have gladdly come and held her hand & laughed over old times.
God bless you all-you have so many wonderful memories to share.
Call me if ever I can do anything.

Love you all,

March 23, 2011
March 30 ,2008

Dear Dave,
Ginger was one of my favorite people. We shared life together from Loch Alpine in Ann Arbor as neighbors twenty eight years ago, to Sacramento, where both of our families came to live.
She always made me laugh ! I'm sure she's making the Angels smile as well. It's nice to know that she is safe now and saving a spot for everyone she loved so much.

Neal & Linda Bos
March 23, 2011

Dear Dave,
Mary and I would like to express our condolences at your loss of Ginger. She was a beautiful person and a wonderful wife and mother. May God comfort and support you during this time of great loss. We all had great times when you lived in Alpena.
March 23, 2011
April, 2008

I was so shocked and saddened to hear about Ginger. She was a great lady and a true "free spirit".Your loss is shared by many who care and sympathize-more than words can say.My condolences to you and your kids.
Hope to see you next time I am in Sacramento.

Jay Rodrigo
March 23, 2011
August 9, 2008
Dear David,
It was a shock to learn from your sister that your lovely wife Ginger has died. I send my love and deeply felt compassion to you. It will be a long time for healing to be complete, especially after the sudden and turbulent course of her illness. I will always remember her grace and her friendly smile which she so freely shared. She made me feel like a real part of the family.Thank God that I had the opportunity to meet her and enjoy her company for a brief time last summer. May peace fill the void in your heart and life.
Your cousin,
Michael Mohn
March 23, 2011
March 29, 2008

Dear Dave,
Rick and I were so saddened to hear of Ginger's unexpected illness and recent passing. A truely beautiful, gracious, and wonderful woman was your Ginger. Your loss is great and we offer you our deepest sympathy.You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Rick and Anne Marder
March 23, 2011
Dr Moehring,
Wishing you comfort in the love you knew and will always know.You are one lucky man to have shared a life with such an amazingly vibrant and dynamic lady. I feel wonderfully fortunate to have known her.
Cindy Anderson
March 22, 2011
Dear David,
Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your tragic loss. Ginger was one of the nicest,most interesting,and considerate women I have ever known -and such a great friend ! We first met as Docents for the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. I will cherish the memories of the times I spent with her and I will miss her forever. The world has lost an incredible human being.
February 14, 2011
It was an honor to know Ginger during our years in Sacramento. From delicious meals in her home to touring with her during Orthopaedic meetings, she always added verve and spice to every occasion. She was so kind to us while I was expecting our son and was as excited as we were when he arrived! I have a favorite photo of Ginger with Betty Chapman at the AOA meeting in Huntington Beach. She always had a laugh and so many kind words for her friends. Along with Dave we had many fun times together and remember Ginger with joy and affection. With Love from Rob and Becky McLain
November 10, 2010
I first met Ginger when Dave and I were first year medical students at Howard University.We shared the well known challenges and excitement of medical school-sleep deprivation, multiple and frequent examinations and labs, frugal life style and simple pleasures. Our wives were the bread winners. Ginger had a good job working for General Motors in downtown DC in addition to caring for little Bobby ...On weekends we studied,ate a lot of pizza and had time for a movie every once in a while. "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett comes to mind-a rather unusual play that Ginger understood more than the rest of us. A group of us found time to see "My Fair Lady' somewhere in the DC area. JFK was president and the Cuban missle crisis had us all on alert.
The first two years of medical school were a blur that like combat made for close and lasting friendships.Dave was accepted at U.Michigan and the Moehrings returned home to Michigan.When we graduated in 1965,the epic amd tumultous sixties were in full swing.After military service and VN, came residencies-I went into gastro-enterology and Dave into orthopedic surgery. When Ginger and Dave moved to Sacramento in 1988 we were once again reunited.They visited Sherry and I in Pasedena a few times and togeher we went to see "The Producers" at the PantagesTheatre a few years ago.....a lovely evening. We were to share other evenings whenever Dave had an orthopedic meeting in or around Pasedena.
After beautifulGinger left us in March of 2008, I came down to Sacramento to see a distraught old friend in need of love and support. Having also lost a wife,I knew what he was going through...Life goes on but is always colored a little differently and with a changed perspective.
I will always remember Ginger for her class and elegance and for the memories of those early times we spent together...and perhaps most of all for that radiant smile that lit up the world whereever she went.
With love and remembrance,
Bob Mehler MD, Sherry and Maureen
November 02, 2010
Dear David,
It has been several decades since you joined the Univerity of Michigan department of orthopedic surgery as chief at Wayne Counnty General. It was good to see you at the recent UM Orthopedic alumni conference in A2
Though I have not seen Ginger in many years I do recall many orthopedic social functions in which she always sparkled. Jane and I once shared a delightful dinner with both of you in Bermuda. Ginger was interested in comparitive religions and attended the Jewish high holidays with us one year..
When i think of Ginger, several descriptive adjectives come to mind-"beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring, interested and interesting". She was an unforgetable woman...
September 16, 2010
Dear Dave:

It was very sad news what happened to Ginger. I have no doubt that she is close to God. She and you were extremely warm with me and a great support for a foreigner with some language limitations. I always remember both of you.You are in my prayers. Please receive my deepest feelings... There are no words in my vocabulary to express what I feel.

Please keep in contact. I hope to see you at the next AAOS meeting.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Much of the success in my orthopedic career is related to the time I spent with you in Sacramento at UC Davis. Thank you very much for being such a great person.

Carlos Sancineto MD
Buenos Aires, Argentina
August 19, 2010
We were blessed, to be a neighbor of Ginger and David's in El Dorado Hills. Ginger was like an angel, across the street, full of wisdom, humility, patience and a wonderful sense of humor. One time I was in need of an emergency passport and she just swept me up into her computer room and showed me everything I needed to know in order to get one. As a single parent, I really appreciated the impact she had on my family. She took time to get to know my kids. She gave them their first jobs, feeding Max and watering the plants, sharing not only her famous English muffins, but the recipe. Sharing stories of all her travels and ways she was helping others. My memories of Ginger warm my heart and bring a smile to my face. Everything about her made this world a better place. She is missed, but will never be forgotten, by our family. She truly is unforgettable.
July 26, 2010
The year was 1966 and the Viet Nam war was just heating up. I met Ginger's husband Dave in San Antonio,Texas at Ft Sam Houston where we underwent with some cynicism and curiosity our introduction to military life in the form of "basic training". We had both just graduated from the U Michigan - he with a medical and I with a dental degree.We discovered we were both assigned to Ft Lewis, Washington and after completing basic training,we travelled across Texas and up the coast together. All new to us,we hit LA and visited Hollywood and Disneyland. In San Francisco I met Dave's sister as well as his good friend Bob. We had to go to UC Berkely to see what the hubub was all about. We tried to look like hippies and even marched in an anti war protest on campus ! We celebrated Dave's B-day in San Francisco at Paoli's resaurant and tasted abalone for the first time. I think Dave enjoyed being temporarily "single" but introduced me to his family-Ginger and kids through pictures and Michigan stories. I could tell that he was anxiouly awaitng their arriaval from Michigan.
By the time we arrived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I felt like I knew his wife and kids. But.. I recall vivdly first meeting Ginger in the fall of 1966 at Ft Lewis,Wa. Wow ! ..a stunning woman with a young boy in tow just taking his first steps, and another just learning to ride a bike. Over the next adventursome year I was to find that her beauty was only eclipsed by her warmth and personal charm.As a young unmarried and sometimes lonely dentist,I shared birthdays,holidays and more than a few eclectic meals with Ginger,Dave and kids.
A group of us celebrated Ginger's twenty-something birthday atop the Space Needle in Seattle. I had asked the waiter to check her ID as a little joke, but it took some convincing before they would serve this gorgeous,green eyed officer's wife and young mother of two who looked more like a model. I spent Christmas Eve at their home-covered up by a blanket Ginger placed over me after I fell asleep on ther couch.
The first year of military life was an adventure that passed quickly. Dave was shipped to VN just in time for the 1968 TET offensive..I finished my two years at Ft Lewis and met and married the love of my life Peggy. I never left the area and opened a busy dental practice not far from Ft Lewis. Dave became an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Ann Arbor and now in California at UC Davis. The last time Peggy and I saw Ginger was just a few years ago when they stopped by our home in Olympia around Thanksgiving time on their way back to Sacramento. She was still gorgeous,full of life,and little changed from when I first met her...and that is the way I will always remember her..with great fondness and nostalgia.
April 19, 2010
Ginger and I began as friends when we both lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our husbands both worked for the University, and Ginger and I shared a love of theatre and a keen interest in cooking. No one I have ever known loved life more than Ginger--she just was so much fun. I missed her dearly when she moved to California and tried to stay in touch. She was a better correspondent than I, but I felt close to her and shared her joys (and the occasional upset!) in stories of Kurt, Mary and David. I can't believe she is gone. I guess she would say that she isn't gone if we still think about her, remember her, and pray for her. So--hi Ging!
February 23, 2010
Ginger was the most gracious and loveable person I had the pleasure of providing pool service for in my many years of being in the business. Ginger had a way of making anyone feel welcome to her home, whatever the reason. She was funny, and witty and always had a kind word to say about everyone. Whenever I would arrive on my service day, she would usually be sitting on her computer, overlooking the pool, and would open up the window and converse with me. Many conversations transpired over the 10 years I knew her. One time, we were discussing life with its ups and downs, and I mentioned that I had been a law enforcement officer. She had told me that I seemed too nice of a guy to be that kind of a person. I told her it was a state of mind. She expressed that she didn't quite understand, so I proceeded to put on my old cop face. It scared her, and we both laughed. She asked me never to do that again, so we left it at that. On the day she told me she was seriously sick, I tried to give her encouragement. I was mortified when things turned out the way they did. Everyone will miss this wonderful woman dearly. I know I will. I still look up at the window when I go to the house, and it leaves a tear in my eye knowing she will never be there. May God have mercy on her soul and bless her.
January 25, 2010
Ginger became my cousin-in-law and good friend when I married her cousin Mike in 1961. When first meeting her, I was utterly entranced by her elegance, sense of humor and joie de vivre(forgive me Ginger, I know you would have preferred Spanish). We go to know each other well through visits at her Aunt Vera's (my mother-in-law) as young wives....where we'd drink wine and enjoy Dave's pianistic talent at work, and I was amazed at her generosity when she loaned me all of her maternity clothes for my first pregnancy - so much more beautiful and elegant than anything I could have owned. Throughout the stresses of getting husbands through college, child rearing, and ultimately having husbands who served in Viet Nam for several tours of duty, we remained good friends. Even after Mike and I divorced, she remained a loyal buddy.....that's just the kind of gal she was. In fact, on my honeymoon trip with my now husband of 30 years, we visited Ginger and Dave at their home in Michigan. They couldn't have been more welcoming. Ginger never failed to bring a smile to make face or make me laugh out loud. I'm sure I was as devastated as everyone who knew her was to find that we'd lost her - all that bright light gone from the world. My heart goes out to Dave, Curt and Mary - may they find peace and solace in their memories. Mary Lee Koppelman
January 06, 2010
I was blessed to meet Ginger thru Dave. After Dave put me back together after a jeep accident we became friends and he asked me to do some work on there home. I showed up to there home, and that was our first meeting. Immediately with her normal charm and wit I felt a strong connection with her.

Ginger had a way to make you feel like, you were the most important person in the room, after reading a lot of the letters in here she made a lot of others feel that way too. It’s a rare person that can make such an impact on your life the way she did with so many.

I really loved her wit she could make me laugh so easy she always knew the right things to say. I would call the house, and if she answered , I would ask her to hang up and let the answering machine pick up so I could hear the message, it was always something cute or funny.

Over the years and many different projects I would look forward to hearing or getting her emails on her travels. Her heart was huge and she showed it all around the world, something I really admired about her.

We went to the Napa Home Show which I was in and spent the day together. She made the whole day an adventure and fun, nothing was ordinary and there was always something to keep us laughing. Not to mention the fact that when she went home, she had a Vita-Mixer, Magical ironing board, and some other little trinkets she had found.

I still have her Memorial Program in my top drawer of my desk. I thought a couple a weeks ago I should put it somewhere to keep, but it’s still there and every time I open my desk drawer there she is smiling at me. I think I would miss it if I moved it, so I think she’s there for awhile.

There’s only a few people in your life that can leave such a lasting mark as she did. I will always think of her and the good times, but I think the difference she made in my life with her grace, generosity, and humor, is what I miss the most.
December 28, 2009
For Ginger
Ginger and I were best friends-way back when our marriages and our children were young...We met playing tennis in the Chicago suberbs after she moved from Grosse Pointe Michigan to Schaumberg with two young boys and husband David who was beginning an orthopedic residency at Northwestern. During their first year little Mary was born and diapers and developmental milestones were mutual things we experienced over the early 70's.Yet , we were children ourselves pretending to be adults - laughing and excited about the events of our young families and common interests in the arts..We shared many conversations about every detail of our lives -a lot of hapiness, some disappointment and even a few tears. We had shared memories of growing up in Michigan. Dave and I even had mutual friends from Saginaw. Over the years we continued to celebrate our love of the arts-painting,sculpture and for you even an acting mature women making a difference in our respective worlds and communicating by yearly Christmas cards that rekindled friendship and savored old memories.
You,Ginger,especially walked in the golden added spice and color, lighting up the world wherever you went...
I miss you
December 12, 2009
October 07, 2009

Time passes so fast . It has been 11 years since I met her for the first time at David’s house in Sarcramento countryside . It still remains in my mind the day when David took me home , introduced me to his wife . After the greetings , she asked me “ Do you know what Ginger is ? “. That was the first time I visited US with my poor English . I answered: “ Is that kind of spice which is underground and very spicy? “ She suddenly laughed and said “ that’s my name” !.
I’ve had many special memories during the time I stayed at David’s house. On the weekends, Ginger usually took me to some places that impressed me : Poison Prison, Friday night market, Railroad Museum in Sacramento …. Even once time, she cooked rice and Vietnamese dishes to serve me . How I can forget the way she showed her happiness when she saw me again after I came back from UC David.
Now, she has gone. I wish God bless her on heaven.

Han Khoi Quang MD, BinhDuong , VietNam
September 07, 2009
Ginger Snaps and fond memories.....

Ginger loved to cook. When I first met her she was into making her own yogurt.... special croissants,and her famous onion pie.... Many wonderful memories of our gourmet evenings and weekend retreats to Blue Lakes rustic elegance. Ginger made cock-a-leaky soup, a Scottish speciality... no one, including Ginger thought this was as funny as I did !
She was wry, witty,cleverly funny - with a delivery as quick and naturally hers as her willowy, beautiful figure. Not to date us but she was our own Erma Bobbeck - only better.. true also, her acting skills out shone those of the pros who were famous for roles she performed for audiences in our northern Michigan town of Alpena and later for sophisticated community theatre in Ann Arbor. Ellen Butstyn could have taken lessons from Ginger for her role in "Same time next Year "...Ginger had to say the "F"word in the hippie scene and she railed against it ...Funny in it self.. The director insisted on sticking exactly to the script.. She was so sexy in her jeans and hippie outfit as she opened the scene with the line "Whata ya say man wanna F--- ! ? Her children were not allowed to go but the audience erupted in surprised laughter... All in all, a stellar performance that garnered her "Actress of the Year" award.
Together ,Ginger and I went to New Orleans with the Jessie Besser museum to see the king Tut exhibit.. She was fascinated by things Egyptian. We had a ball -and actually somewhere in my world I have photos ! We also went on the museum tour to Toronto - possibly in part to visit the famous gallery north of Toronto highlighting a particular school of Canadian artists -late 19th to early 20th century. Anyway, for the two of us Toronto was an adventure.We stayed downtown in an old hotel whose elegance belonged to another time -along with everything else in it. One evening we came back late on the subway. ..waiting for the train... midnight, alone in the brightly lit and echo-y expanse of hard surfaces underground when something spooked us ! I can't remember what - but we were prepared for the worst -they'd be sorry they'd run into us ! Bare footed we had our high heels ready ! We really were scared, and of course running and laughing.. Safely rucked back into our decrepit hotel room,we decided our adventure merited room service - a little ice cream for good night's sleep -and an old movie on TV starring Errol Flynn -one of the first "talkies" -I had to call my Dad in Arizona -he told me he was an usher in the theater when that film first came out.

I don't think anyone who knew her was surprised when Ginger became a very successful model in mid life after she and David moved to California when he joined the orthopedic department at University of California Davis med center.
In the mid 90's, she, Dorothy Ohmart and Gloria Hite planned a trip to Nepal and India -I had to join them ! Ginger videotaped the trip -with her always entertaining voice -overs. She tried to climb up an elephant's trunk instead of waiting to be lifted up on it's saddle ! What a picture !

She glided through life with such grace, and curiosity, and personal style.... she ventured out...seemingly so find out about life.... and I think life was mesmerized...
Love Always my dear Ginger,

July 22, 2009
You were a great inspiration to me during my 1st year as Ortho resident. Your charming wife Ginger and you and Dana and I shared a dinner one night at your Schaumburg home and it precipitated her going into labor with
little Mary the next day.
I recall you sitting at the piano and having Ginger and ourselves wonder at the reason you did Ortho instead of
become Billy Joel.
She was your soul and our friend and we regret her premature departure.

Remember the time you decided to
keep putting hard boiled eggs in
Dr.Pankovich's hospital coat?
Or the time you told "Denny Drennan" you were not going to keep calling him
"Doctor" since you were the same age.
We will remenis some day with many more tales over a cocktail.

May 27, 2009
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is Love.” 1 Corinithians 13:13

That sums up my view of my sister Ginger.
She and I share the same biological father. We both had different mothers; hers died when she was 12 and then her dad married my mother, who died when I was two.

Since we were 19 years apart, and grew up in separate households, I have no memory of any childhood together. I have a picture of us together, where she’s about to board a plane to go off to college. She’s holding me in her arms, I look about 2 years old.

So getting to know her came mostly later as an adult. She moved out to California in 1989, to a town about 2 hours from where I lived, when I was in my 30’s. We would get together every few years and more often these last few years. Once I learned I had an Aunt that I never knew about (Aunt Edna); she was our father’s sister. Ginger and I went to visit her in southern California (El Monte). I learned there were 2 other Aunt’s somewhere in the US. That’s pretty much all the background I know from “our side of the family”.

Ginger was delightful person to everyone. She was especially encouraging to me, always seemed to marvel that I had done this or that in my life. She really made me feel special and unique, like I had accomplished great feats, all while just living my regular life. Her positive energy combined with a sincere caring made me feel quite blessed just to have her in my life. Although our get-togethers were too few for me, I’ll always miss her and treasure my memories of our times together. I can still hear her voice & laugh in my mind. She really represents love to me; a big sister I’ll always look up to and try to emulate. I look forward to seeing her in heaven someday.

David, please accept my apology for taking so long to write in this guest book. David knows I’ve tried many times & never could connect to her guest book for some reason. After trying again this past Memorial Weekend, I was in tears and so frustrated. As I was complaining to my husband (Dan), and talking thru each step I did, it suddenly occurred to me that her “legal” name was Virginia, not “Ginger”, which is the only name I’ve ever called her. I know Ginger’s up there giving me complete empathy & understanding and probably laughing (as we have discussed our computer frustrations at length many times). I hope David and family will be as forgiving. You will continue in my prayers always.
April 17, 2009
I can't add a thing to this latest entry except to say that we too deeply miss and will always cherish our memories of times spent with Ginger. Linda has summed up the feelings we share and the love we all miss.
April 15, 2009
A year passed....impossible still to believe my friend has left. I am lucky to have many memories and yet greedily want more. Ginget. Perpetually cheerful, the glass always "half-full". Funny, humor in adversity, laughing at herself. Her much-anticipated travelogues entertainingly mirroring the Ginger in person, a now-much-treasured email archive. Elegant... model, actress; gracing a room, a billboard, a TV screen. A TV-ad beauty aerosolizing clouds of scratched-off dry skin; triggering long-distance phone calls from around the country; friends staying in touch. Non-competitive.. tennis abandoned; someone had to lose. Adventuresome.... Kathmandu, Timbuktu, Borneo, an Indian orphanage; a cobra draped around her neck in the Casbah; adventure in cuisine and friendships. Gourmet cook, potluck dessert specialist; chocolate bread pudding, homemade sourdough English muffins. Vivacious, patient, attentive, good listener. Lover of theatre, from the stage or the audience. Practical.....Entertainment book dinners, Ross's, Marshall's. Always thirsting for history, foreign culture, Spanish immersion, iMovie/iPhoto. Undemanding, flexible; an impromptu birthday party on a rock in Desolation Wilderness, the wind extinguishing a solitary candle on tupperwared piece of cake. Independent... no travel companion? no problem; she was about to make new friends traversing some exotic locale. Ageless in appearance and vitality, beautiful inside and out. Perfect manhattens, tapas, tribal jewelry (?an earwax scoop??), Freda Kahlo, Peruvian noseflute melodies, The Kiss, earthtones, The Four Freshmen. Life get you down?...Refocus on the positive. Spiritual in thought and deed. Brought out the best in those around her; we all felt good about ourselves. Lots of laughter. Loving mother, wife. Always grateful, aware of the blessings life had gifted her. Best of all, she shared her gifts and blessings with us. Thanks, Ginger, from all of us.
April 08, 2009
Dear Dr.Moehring,
It was really sad to lose your wife Ginger last year.Mohammad told me about her and how she was always smiling and having attracive attitude to all people around her.I wish her spirit be flying in heaven for ever.
April 03, 2009
It was always my regret everyone time I might be able to get together with the family that I that I never had enough time to talk to Ginger. Ginger had a spirit about her that seemed to light up the room. Yes, her stories were wonderful, but she was also very genuine and very wise. She had an attitude toward living that I always admired, and often wished I could learn to cultivate. It is obvious from reading some of the messages left here, that many others experienced her in the same way.
God be with you and your family.
Eric Moehring
March 31, 2009
Dave: We have followed this guest book throughout the year and can not think of a more incredible tribute to Ginger - her world spanned so many. We knew she was a very special person but all the many, many comments have added to the wonderful memory of her. As a year of celebrating her life comes to an end, thank you again for sharing. We continue to think of you often.
March 30, 2009
Linda and I were blessed to have many fond memories of Ginjet but our most cherished was a three week trip with Dave and Ginger to Spain during the millennium . Toasting in the New Year of 2000 with a bottle of Dom Perignon in Toledo was a most memorable experience as was the entire three weeks. We will never forget Ginger as long as we live and for that she lives on in all of us.
March 29, 2009
I had the pleasure to be the room mate of Dave and Ginger in Lecco, Italy in 1996. Dave had landed a last minute position in the Ilizarov fellowship and I was suprised and excited to have them show up. We shared a little appartment, a very little car, some bad chianti, lots of Italian food, and even more Gelati. Spending those weeks with Dave and Ginger was such a pleasure, and I will remember fondly forever, their friendship and Ginger's playful spirit and girlish energy.
March 28, 2009
I knew both David and Ginger through my own David's 5-year position at UC Davis in the early 1990's. Although I saw Ginger only occasionally, and then once or twice at Orthopedic meetings, she found a cozy place for herself right in the deepest part of my heart. Ginger was so exquisite, elegant, and captivating, yet she had an unrivaled sense of humility and wisdom that never waivered. I loved Ginger's stories of how the road of life has its path of bends, turns and bumps; she made all the possibiities seem so enchanting! Ginger was like the Queen in my castle, I looked up to her (this was not difficult, as I am only 5'4"!) for guidance and understanding.
As hard as it is to imagine no Ginger in our physical world, I have no doubt that God gave Ginger the most amazingly beautiful wings with which to fly through the heavens and make even more of a difference there, than she could here on earth. I embrace you asnd your beautiful children, David. As unbearable as it must be to go on each day without your beautiful soulmate is as wondrous as it will be when you join her for eternity. We hold your heart as you face each day, and pray that you have many memories to at least soften the edges of your pain. We love you more than words can say. We will be here for you always.
March 27, 2009
Dearest Ginger,
On this spring day one year ago, you bid us farewell to embark on your final journey, one we mortals all must take, sooner or later.

I thought of you and all who love and miss you as we sang this hymn in church last Wednesday evening:

"I fear in the dark and the doubt of my journey;
but courage will come with the sound of your steps by my side.
And with all of the family you saved by your love,
We'll sing to your dawn at the end our our journey."

Until then, dear Ginger....
With love,
Christine & Carl
March 24, 2009
Dear Dave,
I want to share a special day I had with Ginger. I was setting up a procedure in our x-ray department. As I was leaving I walked past you sitting next to a patient. I paused for a minute to say hi. You introduced me to Ginger. Not once did I think Ginger might have been ill. I couldn't get over how much energy and excitement for life she had. I had only a few minutes with her and I felt like I knew for years.
March 21, 2009
No one on this earth knew "Ginger" longer then I. Why is this important; Because I feel so very blessed to have been in her company so long. She was my cousin, but became my sister with her mother's passing. She was my guiding light in a turbulent life. I never understood how a person could be continually a "Rock of Gibraltar" through all the pains that life puts you through. She never wavered and believe me she was not dealt a gilded life, especially in her youth.

She is gone now and I'll never get over her not being a phone call away. Reading all the tributes on this web site make me so proud. After all we are only measured by the mark we leave and Ginger was truly loved by every person who came in contact with her and will always be in the minds touched by her life. So, another sun rises and falls, but Ginger will always be sunlight in my life. God has blessed us!!!!!!!!!
March 20, 2009
Dear David,
Thanks for the help so that I can add to this memorial. Yes, I remember the first day that Ginger came to the Moehring household for a visit. Wow, David's girlfriend. As such, she didn't have to join the rest of us in the girl's room upstairs, but rather had the guest room...and her own bathroom. We knew right then that she was special. And she was special. She fit in immediately with us "locals" , however, even though she was so very pretty and sophisicated. She is and always will be missed.
March 08, 2009
Dear Dave, Kurt and Mary,
Almost a year has passed, but Ginger is still so alive in my heart and my memories. It's little things that trigger a memory... working on the subdivision entrance sign that she so wanted, looking through OAT brochures for our next exotic trip, driving past the house and thinking of her decorated rabbit on the porch, reading Three Cups of Tea and knowing she would enjoy it, taking another Photoshop class to work on that winning entry, preparing for our next gourmet club dinner and trying to find the perfect recipe. The list could go on forever because Ginger is still with me, as I know she is with you.
I hope the memories continue to bring us some happiness and joy as we celebrate the person Ginger was and the part she played in our lives. Ginger, we love you and miss you but will never forget. Thank you for all you gave me.
Love, Sally
March 06, 2009
Estimado David,
Nos recordamos muy bien cuando Ginger estaba con nosotros en san Miguel de Allende. La recordamos como una persona muy linda, muy comprensiva, bonita y divertida. Lo sentimos mucho su fallacimiento y el dolor que Ud esta viviendo ahora sin ella.
Deborah Mounts, Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico
February 23, 2009
Dear David,

In God’s plan some people are blessed with special gifts. In the times we had been with Ginger, Debbie and I realized God had chosen Ginger to administer His abundant love through sharing her talents and helping those in her travels. We marveled at her energy and devotion to people in all walks of life. We enjoyed her stories that she shared of the Hispanic culture at dinner one night at your home. We were enveloped in her passion and personal radiance as she shared her adventures and work for the well-being of others. David, we celebrate having known her. Take comfort in knowing that we all shared in God’s special gift known as Ginger Moehring.
David, we pray that you continue her enthusiasm for life as she would want you to.
February 09, 2009
Dear Dr. Moehring

I regret that it has taken me so long to write about my memories of Ginger. The first time, I met Ginger was at a Departmental Christmas party, I was sitting directly across the table from her and Dave. Ginger told the funniest story about Dave cleaning the pool all dressed up to go someplace special when he fell in, it was in the telling that made it so laughable; everyone at our table laugh out loud, even Dave enjoyed it. I would see Ginger and Dave throughout the years at departmental functions; I would seek out Ginger for she had such a terrific sense of humor it was always fun to share little stories with her. I felt that it was a special privilege to attend Ginger’s service with the beautiful video of her throughout the years for it gave you a peak at the women, wife, mother and friend in her own home or vacationing being the cook, being silly or just posing for the camera, you couldn’t help but admire her for her wonderful lively spirit. Ginger will continue to be missed by all of her close friends, family, her husband, and by those of us who would seek her out at departmental functions even if it was to just say hello and share a funny story. Ginger, until we meet again, Shannon Ackerman
February 05, 2009
Dear Dave, Kurt and Mary

After reading the guest book it seems anything more only reinforces what everyone who knew and loved Ginger already knows; she was a unique and wonderful person, incredibly caring and engaging to those she met and an inspiration to all. She lives with the angels but is always present in our hearts and our memories of her bring us joy for the time we shared together.

With Love and Sympathy

John, Shannon, JP4 Meehan
January 26, 2009
It's coming up on a year since we lost Ginger. Merrie and I have great memories from our trips together and from Ginger's (should have been)-Pulitzer Prize-winning travelogues. But the best memory of all is that being in Ginger's presence always made us smile, both on the outside and the inside. Just the memory of her makes us smile again, even though the smile is bittersweet.
December 26, 2008
Dear Dave,
Thanks so very much for your call on Christmas Eve. Even though it was such sad news that you had to share, I'm grateful for your call. (Mainly because I won't have to figure out what you have written, Dr. Dave! You really do have a doctor's handwriting...)
A time like this let's one think back over the points in our lives where they crossed. Seems like our times together were when you were in Ann Arbor, and we were living in Garden City and together we had all these young babies. Our activities centered around feeding, changing diapers, and getting them to sleep. I know you and Chuck would sneek in stories and jokes about great fishing times, while Ginger and I tried to keep the young ones occupied.
As we mentioned on the phone, it has been seven years since Chuck died, and one does slowly move on and heal. I have carved out a life for myself that I find very satisfying. It takes looking beyond one's self and seeing what you can still do for our fellow human beings, even though we are viewed as the older generation. I tend to think it gives us a certain perspective of the world that is very helpful! You probably know this better than I.
When coming and going to Michigan, remember that I'm close to the Detroit airport and have lots of room at my condo. Take care and keep in touch, good freind.
As ever, Mary Jo
December 23, 2008
Jim and I will always remember Ginger from our West Mayo days at MSU. I thought she was special, tons of fun, adventuresome, and always happy! Double dating with you and Ginger, and drinking beer on campus in some farmer's field - what great memories we have. One of my daughters remembers that she taught her how to do a cartwheel when she visited us. Ginger had many talents, and she shared them.
Unfortunately, after MSU we communicated through Christmas letters. Oh, the places she went and the things she did were (like her) amazing!
Ginger was a natural, authentic person, eccentric in a good way. But she was also a beautiful, caring person - aware of her good fortune and wanting always to help those less fortunate.
Ginger was a free spirit who did what she was on earth to do - now she is back to the spirit world for her next adventure.
Her death leaves a huge hole in the hearts of all who were lucky to know her, but thank God for all the wonderful memories she left us.
Wishing you love and blessings,
Jim and Nancy Ruotanen
December 09, 2008

We have twice before tried to enter this into the guest book, and even sent you a copy of this note. After talking with you today, we will try again.

Ginger Moehring was one of the most special persons whom we have been privileged to know. We first met formally in April 1985 in Puerto Rico. The MidWestern Orthopedic Society was having its annual meeting there, and Kay and I were attending that meeting and celebrating our honeymoon. The University of Michigan Section of Orthopedic Surgery had a dinner for staff members one evening. We attended the dinner, and sat with Ginger and Dave. Interestingly, Dave and Wally discovered that they had been stationed in Vietnam at a place called Dong Tam at the same time, never dreaming that their paths would cross again. They traded a few lies regarding those time, and Kay and Ginger talked about funny and meaningful things.

A few days later at an afternoon lull in the meetine we all decided to take a drive to the other side of the island (didn't seem very far at the time). The Puerto Rico maps available were not approved by AAA and the MAIN road over looked to be just a normal road. It turned out to be a quite narrow road twisting and turning through the jungle and over the mountains to a town named Ponce and a beach at Cerro Gordo. It was quite an exciting ride (although very pretty). After wading in the ocean for a few minutes, we decided to return to our resorts on the main road around the island rather than retest the jungle after dark.

Dave and Ginger were leaving a couple days before we were, and had an early morning flight. Transportation to the airport required leaving even earlier. We decided that they could check out of their room, and stay with us in our room leaving from our resort rather than from theirs. Don't recall all of the details why, but since our resort was closer to the airport than theirs, they probably didn't have to leave quite so early. Our room had a "king bed" which actually was just two twin beds side to side with the legs tied together with rope. We untied the legs, and each couple had a single twin bed to snuggle into. So we shared our honeymoon together.

Since we were both living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we would get together whenever the opportunity allowed. Not nearly as often as we would have liked, and should have. Kay always said that Ginger was the most "twinkling" and "sparkling" person she ever knew. No matter what the situation, Ginger was always smiling and bubbly. We have missed her since the Moehring family moved to Sacramento, California with Dave's appointment to the faculty of UC Davis. We have kept in touch by e-mail and Christmas letters, but that seems woefully inadequate looking back, and we miss Ginger even more now.

Kay and Wally Roeser
Ann Arbor, Michigan
December 03, 2008
Dr Moehring,

You have my deepest sympathy for your loss.
November 26, 2008
It is truely an honor to be asked to write about Ginger Moehring, or as I fondly referred to her as, "the ging." Ginger was the epitomy of style, class, and grace. Her smile would light up a room, and make you feel welcome in any circumstance. I was fortunate enough to be Kurt's friend, and then was given the opportunity to meet David and Ginger as a third year medical student. I ended up at their doorstep, and was immediately made to feel like family. By the end of my 6 week rotation at UC Davis, Kurt joked about me changing my last name to Moehring. It was hard to leave, especially Ginger's awesome cooking! I have never meet a woman so selfishless, and willing to help anyone at anytime. I learned about happy hour, margaritas, and when to stay clear of her when the stock market wasn't doing so well that day. She shut down happy hour when Kurt and I trashed her kitchen, of course with a big smile on her face. Mary and I got in trouble once for talking during the play Kizmet, which she was always trying to culture me in the fine arts. I was just asking Mary where the closest bar was in the atrium, and my voice carried. Dave and Ging took me to the River Queen for my 30th birthday, I was sooooo exhausted from being on call the night before, I almost feel asleep in my soup. Ginger got a big kick out of that, and never let me forget about my 30th birthday. Ging was silently trying to get me to marry Mary, who I fondly refer to as the, "precious flower." That never worked out, but it would of been an honor to marry into the Moehring about trying to win an argument with your mother-in-law, forget it! Ginger reluctantly told me about her cancer, she never wanted to burden anyone. I always had to pry information out of her. Once I heard the cancer was back, I wanted to help in anyway that i could. Prayers and phone calls to my gyn oncology friends trying to find the best for the best were not enough. God had other plans, and called his angel home early. She is no longer suffering, but selfishly, I miss her. I can only imagine the emptiness and void in the lives of Dave, Kurt, and Mary. The Moehring's know that I will always be there for them, and share in their loss of such a wonderful person. I would like to raise my margarita glass and make a toast to a one of a kind woman, who graced us with her presence, lightened all of our lives, taught us to look for the good in everyone, and right now is giving God advice on the stock market and smiling down on us, telling us to be strong, and that she is ok. Ginger Moehring, you will never be forgotten, and I hope that I can live life a tenth of how well you did.
November 21, 2008
Dear David, Kurt and Mary:
In this the season of Thanksgiving, we pause to give thanks for the many blessings we have. This year I am especially thankful that Ginger was a part of our family and a part of my life. From the creative crafts she made for the shop, to showing me around Sacramento and Folsom, to never forgetting those special days. She was truely a great and wonderful woman. And although these happy and joyous seasons will be sadden without her, her memories and the joy she brought to each and everyone of us will be something we will always cherish. Love, The Littlest of Moe Bros
November 15, 2008
When I was planning our S.American cruise, I received many witty, intelligent and thoughtful e mails from Ginger. We looked forward to meeting her. Ethel & I were disappointed when we could not make the cruise. We did get to meet her on the Baltic cruise and we were not disappointed. Her wit and charm and intelligence wee even more evident in person. After the cruise, she shared her photo journal with us and it made my photos seem pedestrian by comparison. Even theough we had only known her for a short time, her warmth, along with Dave's, made us feel very close to the both of them. She was a great lady! It was our great pleasure to have known her. We will miss her.
Ethel & Joe Cirotti
November 06, 2008
For me I would always look forward to seeing Ginger at our annual Orthopaedic Graduation dinners. I would secretly want to see what she was wearing that evening; she seemed to grow more beautiful with each passing year. But I think the thing I'll remember the most is the way she would hold Dr. Moehring's arm when entering a room or descending a staircase -- you could see the love they shared and no doubt will continue to share, for all eternity. We miss you still.
October 18, 2008
All who knew her would have to agree that they were blessed to have known her. We were fortunate to have been able to call her both neighbor and friend.

Thank you, Ginger, for lifting our spirits with a simple telephone call.

Thank you for surprising us with your wonderful homemade English muffins.

Thank you for jumping in and making our gourmet club about more than just food.

Thank you for all your stories about the wonderful adventures you have taken and the photographs you have shared.

Thank you for being our friend.

And thank you for just being you.
September 22, 2008
I was unfortunate in that I didn't know Ginger as long as many of her friends. I first met her at her house for a book club and she made a point of making me feel welcome. She was so upbeat and inclusive and I immediately felt happy to be in her presence. She admitted that she was a democrat and showed me some buttons which made me feel closer to her still. I only wish I'd had more time with her but am grateful to have known her.
September 21, 2008
What an honor and privilege to run as part of Team Ginger for the American Cancer Society. I'm proud that we were able to raise so much money for such a good cause. Ginger gave her own time and effort to this very cause in years past and probably never dreamed that we would be honoring her in such a fashion.
I'm sure she would forgive me for sweating all over her gorgeous image on my tee-shirt. Most likely she would enjoy the irony of winning a "wet t-shirt competition" at any age.
My very best to Dave, Mary and Kurt and all my fellow teammates,
September 20, 2008
I knew Ginger as Dr. Moehring's wife. I had the pleasure of sitting next to her at several functions. I admired her sense of adventure and enjoyed hearing of her travels. She was a beautiful woman, still stunning when I met her in her mid 60's. I always thought the word “charming” described her best. For me, she was the epitome of class and grace. She will surely be missed.
September 18, 2008

I write to you because you are still so much alive and vibrant in my memory and I want to remember the Ginger that always smiled back at my camera. I will always remember your incredible zest for life and the way you never spoke badly about anyone...even me when I was behaving badly(thanks for the video record of my own behavior- I will have to review volumes 1-3 from time to time!). Somehow you were able to look into each of us and bring out our best and react to negatives with a "phhruuhh" or something that sounded like that.
I will remember the time that Genie and I spent with You, Dave, Mary and Alex and our last Christmas Dinner together... and how you shared that really special bottle of wine....
I will miss your travel helped us save on our vacation bills being able to live vicariously thru you .....and like you said "coming home was the true vacation" thanks for that perspective.
I will keep tabs on Diageo and the rest of those stock tips that we the way.. Diageo is up substantially from where you originally bought forgive me for the ones that went down.
We love Ginger....I know you are in good company.


September 15, 2008
Dear Dave

It’s hard to believe that Ginger has been gone for six months, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write this. It seems like yesterday that I was picking her up at the Stanford Hospital to bring her home. The ride home will always be one of my special memories; she talked so much of her hopes, her fears and most of all her concerns and worry about you, Kurt and Mary. We talked a lot, we cried and then we even laughed; she was always so easy to laugh with. It is so hard to think that I will never be able to spend those special times with her again.

The last time I spoke to Ginger was at the hospital a few days before she died. I was getting ready to leave, I had kissed her and said goodby and was at the door when she stopped me once more and said "goodby, I love you”, I turned around and went back in and hugged her one last time and told her that I loved her. Those were the last words I heard and I will always cherish them. She was a wonderful, dear friend whom I loved so very much and will always miss.

As you have been there for me when Bob died please know that I will always be there for you whenever you need a friend, someone to talk to, or cry with.


September 13, 2008
The Lincolns and the Moehrings have been friends seemingly forever. My dad, Bob, met Dave in kindergarten and they remained best buddies until my dad passed away several years ago. My mom, Carolyn, met Ginger and Dave when she was a 20 year-old newlywed, and the two couples formed a lifelong friendship. Our families were blessed in 1988 when Dave and Ginger relocated to the Sacramento area. The bond between the families became even stronger - Friday night dinners over margaritas, holidays, birthdays, and casual get-togethers became the norm. A highlight was hearing about Ginger’s latest trip – where she had been or where she was going next. We loved to hear her tell about her travels to exotic places – Timbuktu to Katmandu – in other words, places that no one in their right mind would want to travel to. Told with her dry sense of humor she kept us entertained with stories of Turkish ruins, sleeping on mats in villages with no amenities, and of course, sharing the photographs she loved to take. The Lincoln family has not lost a family friend, we have lost a family member – our “Ging Woman.” We will miss her.
September 04, 2008
I had the privilege of taking Ginger and her sister-in-law Elaine on a private tour of the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts in Davis in March 2007. Because there were only 3 of us and the center was quiet that day, we were able to go places not usually accessible to visitors. We went on stage and were looking out into the impressive Jackson Hall when Ginger suddenly began dancing and singing. Elaine and I were delighted to see her enjoying herself so thoroughly, and we were greatly impressed with her beauty, talent and enthusiasm. I met Ginger for the first time that day, and will never forget her. I'm comforted to know that she is loved and respected by so many people and will never be forgotten.
August 23, 2008
Dear Dave and Family...Where does one start when remembering Ginger? She always made every event special, whether it was her acting at Thunder Bay Theater in Alpena, MI, or her sewing skills, or her gourmet skills. With Dave's hunting and fishing skills, Ginger turned many a "Gourmet Club" entree into a once in a life time experience, especially "David's Fish"! Along with the great food, was Dave's entertainment with skillful piano playing. Wonderful memories from Alpena and Ann Arbor to be cherished always.

Love and Prayers,

Karen Kerwin
Hobe Sound, Florida
August 14, 2008
Dear Dr. Moehring,

I regret it has taken me so long to write you this note. I did hear,of course,of Ginger's passing and have had you in my thoughts. She was such a special lady,so sweet and such a delight to be around. I know you must miss her terribly. Ginger no doubt saw many wonderful qualities in you --some of those same qualities that made you a great doctor and such a beloved teacher among the residents and fellows who had the privilege of training with you. I consider myself very fortunate to have trained at UCD and an grateful for all you taught me -I draw on it daily and I think overall, you would be proud.
Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to seeing you again.
July 31, 2008
Dave and Family:
I just finished signing up for the "Team Ginger..." walk this morning and today like every other day, I have Ginger on my mind. Although I knew Ginger for a short time compared to most others, I will forever feel connected to her. I will take the lessons learned from her wisdom, giving spirit, elegance, and especially humor and pass those on to those I care about. I only hope my impact will be as great as hers. While I continue to mourn her loss, I remember to focus not on the fact that Ginger died but that she LIVED and we were blessed to be part of her life!
June 27, 2008
Dear Dave, Kurt and Mary,

there are some people you meet and after a while they fade from your memory and then there are people who leave their footprint on your soul. Ginger was one of the latter for me. I only saw Dave and Ginger sporadically while I was an exchange student with the Moehring family from 1960 to 1961 and then again for special family gatherings like Mom and Dad's fiftieth wedding anniversay. Whenever Dave and Ginger came home, Spring arrived at 403 W.Westover. A breeze sprang up out of nowhere, a lightness settled on the house, Ginger's voice chirped happily through the rooms, colors seemed more vibrant and one just couldn't help get a smile on one's face and a warmth in one's heart. Feeling all that in the fleeting times that I met Ginger, I can imagine how difficult her loss must be for you having had the privilege of her indomitable spirit for many years and now having to do without. But maybe it will be a little solace to you that she will be remembered so lovingly by so many people and that a piece of her lives on in the imprint she las left on us. Knowing Ginger she would not want us to gnash our teeth and be sad indefinitely, she would want us to talk about her and laugh with her and with that keep her in our midth.
June 22, 2008
Dear Dave, Kurt, and Mary,
Our sincere condolences to you on the tragic loss of Ginger. We have the fondest memories of Ginger that date back to M.S.U. where we shared struggles and joys of a student's life and also the double dating at grassers and coffee brakes at the Union.
Also, we remember visiting you at Ann Arbor and Ginger's boundless enthusiasm for acting, that she shared with us. Later, when you moved to California, she always kept us abreast of your family and all of your adventures. She was such a vivacious person and will be missed. David, our prayers are with you all during this very difficult time.
June 15, 2008
This weekend I ran into a friend of mine, Wendell Anderson who is a Nurse at UCDavis Medical Center, and he told me of the unexpected loss of your wife a few months ago. I would like to express my deepest sympathy to you. I’m sure it is very hard to imagine your life without her, but fortunately we can usually rely on our fond and loving “memories” to carry us through our difficult times. With your skilled hands and vast knowledge, you took me through a feared surgery of a full Hip Replacement, and I am extremely grateful to you. My heart goes out to you at this difficult time and in the days ahead. You will be in my thoughts and prayer as you continue your journey down life’s path.
June 14, 2008
It's hard to believe that this happened and i feel really sorry because she was a very important person to me, she was my ESL teacher and i learned so much from her and i would never forget her because she will always be in my day she said that she was very proud of me and i felt so happy and that helped to learn more.i just want to let her husband, son and daughter taht im really sorry for their lost and she will always be in my heart.
June 11, 2008
Dave - it is hard to believe how death can bring so much sadness, when die is something we all do......the news of Ginger's unexpected death was particularly hard for me to accept and brought back memories of our good times in Tawas and Oscoda - bowling and dinner dates shared with you two and Toni. When we were young.

Time will heal, Dave, but not quickly and sometimes not completely. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Bill Laidlaw
June 02, 2008
My thoughts seem trivial compared to so many wonderful entries by so many friends and family. Simply stated, Ginger was someone who could make me laugh so hard! And she did so many times.
On the serious side, I loved it when I coaxed her into giving parenting advice---she showed such a clear love and enjoyment of Kurt and Mary. I knew Ginger so little compared to others, and yet the list of those things I will miss could go on and on. I always told Ginger i wanted to be like her when I grew up--and of course she would always turn that around to make me feel good about myself!
May 25, 2008
Dear David, Kurt, and Mary,

When I think of Ginger I remember her inquiring mind, adventuresome spirit, and compassionate soul along with her love of beauty. She was really special.

It was fun to read her descriptions of her many travels to out of the way places after she was home again, as well as to hear her talk about them. She was such a talented writer that I always hoped that some day she would write a book about her adventures (and sometimes, misadventures) while exploring new places. I loved the fact that she found humor in some experiences that would make most people cringe. She also always found the beauty that was in even the most unlikely places.

Frank and I always will miss her quick wit and sense of humor. We are just glad that we got to know her a little for far too short a time.
May 22, 2008
Dave, ever since Ginger left you and all of us so suddenly, we have thought and talked about you and your terrible loss, we have grieved for you, and we have prayed for Ginger and you and your family. We are confident that wonderful, delightful, precious, one-of-a-kind Ginger is in Heaven, and that she is praying for each of us even more than each of us is praying for her (!).

All best wishes from both of us,
Ann and Tom
May 20, 2008
This picture was taken at a friends house on New Years eve 2005 , now two and a half years ago. You may have seen it as I thought it was a great picture that captured the essence of "Ginger" and sent it around.
May 15, 2008
Dear Dave and family,

Ginger was someone that I always looked forward to seeing at Orthopaedic meetings. We would explore a new city together, find out-of-the-way restaurants and have lots of unusual adventures. Ginger introduced me to extremely good shopping bargains. I am so glad that I have these fun memories.

Mike and I enjoyed her wonderful cooking skills, her hospitality and her friendship. We were always impressed with her love of adventure travel and her humor and positive attitude when she was confronted with unusual challenges.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have known her.
May 08, 2008
May 4, 2008

It's strange how some people come into your life and it's as if they had always been there. And then you can't imagine life without them.
Ginger and I had so much in common- growing up in Michigan, attending MSU, marrying fellow Spartans and ending up neighbors in El Dorado Hills. We shared a love of good books, good wine, photography, travel, movies and, not the least, bargain hunting. We spent many a wonderful evening dusting off our Entertainment Books and taking our husbands to dinner. We loved to talk about our adventures, past and future, and photo contests entered and lost. We could talk for hours and never, ever be bored. We both loved our gourmet group and she told me many times that I surprised her with my enthusiasm for "gourmet" cooking and entertaining. Of course, none of my dishes came close to Ginger's fabulous Moroccan pigeon pie and I never had her knack for setting the perfect table. Nor could I match her quick wit or her ability to make everyone feel so special. When I was with Ginger, I always felt like that was exactly where she wanted to be....with me. I miss her greatly and feel her spirit everywhere.
I think of her when I open my email, expecting one of her famous travel stories, and I miss her when I see a review for a new play or musical that I know she would love. She taught me the meaning of living life to the fullest and not regretting a day. What a rare gift that is from a friend. David, Kurt and Mary, our greatest sympathies to you on the loss of a wonderful wife and mother. And to all of us who lost a wonderful friend.
Ginger....we miss you.
Sally and Chad (El Dorado Hills, CA)
May 06, 2008
Cuzin Ging, the matriarch of the Hart Family is not gone, for she lives in us all. A life time of memories whose influence has in many ways changed the direction of my life. The outpouring of love is testimony to her life and gives us the model for which we can aspire to live our own.
I thank God for his gift of Ginger to us all. I miss her.
May 06, 2008
Dear David, Mary and Kurt.
Where does one start…putting into words what the loss of Ginger has meant to Jackie and me and our kids. A paragraph, anecdote…??I suspect a novel would, at the very least, be requisite to chronicle the love, beauty, laughter and imagination Ginger brought into our lives and left with us to cherish. Many times I have taken up pen and paper to somehow try to express to you the common bond we share in grief and loss only to come away with a sense of inadequacy in that endeavor. To think that she was scurrying around trying to capture in photos our Thanksgiving dinner here in Houston just a few short months ago. Reading through all these wonderful expressions I noticed many others likewise found their words admittedly lacking in capturing the tapestry of life that was Ginger. Listening to Mike at the service relate his beautiful stories of Gingers’ youth and to realize that her approach to life has ALWAYS been one of optimism and enthusiasm , makes me marvel how throughout her life that was to follow, she never lost sight of that vision. Indeed, Ginger brought that same spirit (like it or not) to all those fortunate enough to have know her, and to especially those of us lucky enough to have her as family. I deliberately use present tense because those things of the spirit never, never pass away from us.
Where does one end….I guess that is why poems are written, symphonies composed and great artworks painted…to express what we cannot express in mere words….or as Paul writes in Romans, “when our sighs are too deep for words”.
Ginger, we love you. If you have time shoot us an email about what heaven is like. I bet nobody can describe it like you can.
See you soon.
Jackie and Richard
May 05, 2008
Dearest Moehring Family,

Our hearts go out to you for the loss of our beloved Aunt Ginger. She was an incredible woman, who could light up a room with her smile and make everyone feel special in her presence. We know that Moehring Family gatherings will never be the same without her, but we hope to celebrate her life as we continue to share in her legacy of love and laughter. Ginger had an extraordinary spirit, and she has changed our lives forever. Please know that we thinking of you daily, and we are sending you love across the miles.

All our hearts,
Chris & Melissa Moehring
May 04, 2008
Dear David and Family,
Ginger took my class at Muellers/Peak Fitness for nearly 2 years. Or was it 3? Always trying to enter into class discretely. Like she was just an ordinary person. It was funny because everyone knew she was something so special. Everyone loved her questions and comments and suggestions and requests. Especially me. She always said she came for the music. We totally connected. I think of her so many times. So much reminds me of her. I would have loved to been much closer to her. I feel she had volumes to teach me. I am so blessed and grateful to have known her. She still inspires me. She will always be Unforgettable. The service held for her was a beautiful window into your lives. Until we meet in Heaven, I treasure the memories and meditations of her. All my love, and prayers for God's continued hand of blessing in your lives.
May 04, 2008
It's strange how some people come into your life and it's as if they had always been there. And then you can't imagine life without them.
Ginger and I had so much in common- growing up in Michigan, attending MSU, marrying fellow Spartans and ending up neighbors in El Dorado Hills. We shared a love of good books, good wine, photography, travel, movies and, not the least, bargain hunting. We spent many a wonderful evening dusting off our Entertainment Books and taking our husbands to dinner. We loved to talk about our adventures, past and future, and photo contests entered and lost. We could talk for hours and never, ever be bored. We both loved our gourmet group and she told me many times that I surprised her with my enthusiasm for "gourmet" cooking and entertaining. Of course, none of my dishes came close to Ginger's fabulous Moroccan pigeon pie and I never had her knack for setting the perfect table. Nor could I match her quick wit or her ability to make everyone feel so special. When I was with Ginger, I always felt like that was exactly where she wanted to be....with me. I miss her greatly and feel her spirit everywhere.
I think of her when I open my email, expecting one of her famous travel stories, and I miss her when I see a review for a new play or musical that I know she would love. She taught me the meaning of living life to the fullest and not regretting a day. What a rare gift that is from a friend. David, Kurt and Mary, our greatest sympathies to you on the loss of a wonderful wife and mother. And to all of us who lost a wonderful friend.
Ginger....we miss you.
May 03, 2008
Dear Uncle David, Kurt and Mary,
Words cannot fully express my sadness over the loss of our Ginger. I feel blessed to be able to call her Aunt Ginger and to remember our times together fondly. Quite a remarkable woman that brought a smile to everyone's face the moment she walked into the room. God called the most vivacious angel home. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful wife and mother with me. I am a better person for knowing her.
All my love,
April 28, 2008
I have known Ginger and Dave since 1989 when Dave joined UCD. Ginger was the spark that ignited all social relationships. She was vibrant and made everything special. I am left with the wish to have known her even a little bit better. Ginger had so much to offer to all of us.
April 25, 2008
Dear Dave,Kurt,and Mary,

Forty nine years and 6 months ago, I first laid eyes on the glamorous Ginger, my new room mate, dragging her suitcase (very large ) up the stairs of our roach infested boarding house in Mexico City.
For all these years we remained friends in spite of being far away much of the time. It was easy to resume our relationship each time we managed to get together because Ginger had those qualities that made you prize her as a friend: loyalty,kindness, generosity and that quick wit (especially appreciated bt my husband Earl ).

She will always live in my heart.


April 24, 2008
Dear Dave,

I, we, were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved wife Ginger. I must say, it upset me a lot. I felt with Ginger here in this world, a special part of my mom was still here, that part being here youth. She had a wonderful childhood - well especially when Ginger came into it. They were more than just best friends, they were sisters, soul mates. I remember my mom talking about their experience up at MSU doing theatre and what a wonderful time it was. Or when she met my dad and Virginia was there to help her through the ups and downs of everything in her life. No matter how far apart they were, physically speaking, they remained forever close. And when my mom passed, even death couldn't break apart their wonderful bond. Now they are together again, in a much better place, laughing, singing (raising heck I'm sure), entertaining all around them. That's how I like to think of it. As sad as I am about Ginger, and forgive me for saying this, it makes me feel better knowing that my mom has one of her soul mates with her. I hope it does the same for you, knowing that they are together acting like two wild, fun-loving teenagers again. Please tell Mary that my heart goes out to her. I feel her sorrow more than you know. Although in time it will get better, she will always miss her mom. Some days will be better than others - she'll be sad at times and than angry at others. She may start crying for no apparent reason and she will feel a huge hole in her heart. Tell her to just remember all the wonderful times she had with her mom and how very lucky she was to have such a wonderful person in her life, that will make her feel a little better - I hope. Again, please accept my deepest sympathy and keep in touch. I want to know how everyone is doing and if Mary needs to talk she can e-mail me at anytime.


April 23, 2008
To the Moehring Famiy,
Ginger touched all our hearts with her loving smile, laughter and lively spirit. We can never forget her stories of her travels to all corners of the world. I can not imagine how much Dave and your family will miss her. Please accept our deepest sympathy.

The Gupta Family
April 20, 2008
Dear David,
Each of these marvelous entries reflects the memories and love we have for Ginger. Ginger was loving, kind, creative, witty and always ready for adventure. These qualities were reflected in everything she did. I will share one story about Ginger that has stayed with me for years. When I was a young girl Ginger and baby Bobby came to live for a short time with us in East Tawas. I loved dressing Bobby up in cute clothes and Ginger was always patient and kind with my obsession. Ginger had a job waiting tables at the Wabun. The dining room had a Native American theme and every night she had to brush her hair into two braids and put on this Indian dress complete with fringe and beads. I found it all quite magical and fascinating. Why? Well Ginger made a job that for others would be boring and difficult fun. Getting into her costume was part of that fun. She would go happily off to work each night without complaint. In the morning I would listen with fascination and great delight as she described the people who came to dine, the food that was served and tales of silly fun amongst the staff. Sometimes she brought home a steak that someone hadn't couldn't waste such good food! One time I recall her bringing us these chocolate covered ants that they had served in the bar. I watched in amazement as she bravely popped them in her mouth. She always did love chocolate. She took us into that dining room with her stories and we saw the food and diners. There was never any complaining about long hours or rude customers. Ginger found good in every situation.
Hanna said it best. Ginger was like springtime. Her beauty was fresh and brilliant. She was sweet and her smile lit up a room. She was always full of joy and laughter. Ginger although a sister-in-law was really more like a third sister. We shared many sister moments. She showed me how to do my hair and put on lip stick. Ginger's ability to connect to strangers was a delight to watch. She was humble,kind and loving. I learned many life lessons from her example and was blessed by her love.
She is greatly missed and our deepest sympathies and love go out to you and your beautiful family.
Love JoAnn and BIll
April 20, 2008
Ginger's inner strength and beauty inspire me to treasure life and to love one another as God loves each of us. Surely she did so. Never uttered an unkind word, gentle and generous in spirit, she embraced the common, human heart of us all. She and Tennyson's Ulysses were kindred spirits.
Bon voyage, my special sister-in-law. Though you have sailed from our sight, others are hailing your arrival from another shore. Much love until we meet again, Christine
April 20, 2008
Dear David, Kurt and Mary,
I have been struggling this past week to find some meaningful words to send you since Ginger left us. Words of comfort for sorrow, hope for loss and faith for doubt that life is in anyway fair when one so precious is swept away.
I want you to know I loved Ginger like a sister and no doubt she would have something clever to say about that.
The eulogy I read David has been done so beautifully there is little I could add. The tribute to your mom Kurt and Mary is not just about all she accomplished but who she was and what she has left behind. Her legacy is the both of you and all she has touched with her life. Look around and listen to those who knew her and loved her as you did. All are grieving with you.
As I press on through my tears to finish this note please believe me when I say I share you loss and feel your emptiness.
My tribute to Ginger can be summed up in a single work I think, and that word is "Joy". She always filled me with joy. Always a feeling of happiness and delight when I was around her, when we would talk by phone or her irresistible e-mail glad tidings Christine and I would share. What a joy.
So be full of joy my dear friends and rejoice. When our vale of tears have lifted we will truly know the meaning of the joy we have been given.
Love and Joy. Ginger Moehring.

All my love,
April 19, 2008
How blessed we were to have Ginger as part of our family. She added glamour and adventure. We cooked many dinners together and had fun comparing notes on different recipes. My sour dough muffins never did turn out as good as hers. However, I made up for it with my bread and butter pickles which she loved . Life goes on but will never be the same. I miss my very special sister-in-law. Love, Elaine
April 19, 2008
Subject: RE:
Date: April 19, 2008 5:01:27 PM PDT


It was a pleasure having you, and I look forward to our next get-together.
Also, I need to thank you once again for the generous gift and kind words.
It was an honor to be asked to contribute something so personal to the
occasion, and I shared some wonderful memories and tears while assembling
the presentation. Ginger was a truly wonderful person who enhanced the
lives of everyone she met, and I believe the world is a better place because
of her perpetually positive attitude, contagious zest for life, and the
relationships she developed throughout her life.

Michelle and I will always remember Ginger with a smile, for our lives have
been forever enriched having known her.

Much love,

Robert and Michelle

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From: ginger moehring []
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:38 PM
To: Robert Schaider

Dear Mitchell and Robert,

Thanks so much for the delightful meal and company last night.
Also again for all that you and your family have done for the Moehrings over
the years and -especially during our heartbreaking loss of Ginger. I
treasure the relationship between our families.

Love to all,

" Dr.Dave"
April 19, 2008
To the dear Moehring family,
Ginger was my best friend. With her passing, the laughter and intimacies we shared over 45 years have left a void in my life which can never be filled. Without either one of us knowing it, our trip to Borneo just a short 5 months ago was our final goodbye. I will never forget the laughs we had there while drinking our contraband perfect manhattans! Time and distance over the years never got in the way of our keeping in touch (since the advent of e-mail, it was almost every day). For those of us who loved Ginger (and there were many), life will not be the same. Her kindness, generosity, unselfishness (and every other positive adjective contained in the dictionary) are unparalleled. She was a beautiful woman both inside and out. I loved her and miss her terribly. I pray that your pain over losing Ginger is lessened with each passing day.
April 19, 2008
I will never forget Aunt Ginger's involvement and encouragement during my mission work in Honduras and the adoption of our daughter, Anna. True to her spirit, her compassion for others allowed me to participate in events that changed not only my life, but forever blessed the lives of many others. She never passed up the opportunity to help, bless, and love!

Love you Uncle David and Family.
April 18, 2008
Dear Dave, Kurt, Mary and Extended Family,

May you find peace at this most difficult time. I loved Ginger for her beauty, compassion, quick wit and oh so many more attributes. I remember how sad I was (for me)when you decided to move to California but happy for her as she embraced the move with hope and a sense of adventure just as she did each day. No one will ever fill the void, as Ginger was larger than life just as was her buddy, Buzz. Cherish your memories as I know I will.

Much love,
April 16, 2008
I met Ginger only once, at a dinner 4 years ago, as her husband wisked her from the car like a movie star on the red carpet. However I have spent 5 years hearing fond tales of her greatness. Our thoughts and prayers are with the her family and know she will be missed.
April 16, 2008

We cried with Dave last week at your service, but the wonder and beauty of your life touched everyone deeply. The love of your wonderful family will keep your memory alive forever.

-George and Wendy
April 15, 2008
We will always remember Ginger for her bright smile and her wonderful sense of humor. We will miss her.
April 15, 2008
Dear Moehring family,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

I spent countless days in your home growing up and have so many memories of Ginger. Whether she was cooking up something in the kitchen, driving around in her (very large) station wagon, or making me and Mary laugh, she was so full of life, light and love. I will always remember her fondly and vividly.
April 15, 2008
Dear Moehring Family,
I had the pleasure of meeting Ginger only once, at a dinner party years ago. I still remember listening with fascination and admiration to her as she told me about her time in India. I could tell from our brief encounter that she was a truly lovely person, inside and out. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Most sincerely,

April 15, 2008
Dr. Moehring and family,
I only had the privilege of meeting her twice, but the way you speak of her I feel I truely missed out on such a wonderful woman. May her memory live on in your stories and thoughts. With much sympathy.
April 15, 2008
Dr. Moehring,
Although we never had the pleasure of meeting Ginger, we can tell that she was a wonderful woman. Beautiful both inside and out.
Take care and please keep in touch!
April 14, 2008
Learning about Mrs. Moehring sheds some light on why I admire Dr. Moehring so much; behind him was a great woman.
April 14, 2008
Dave, we extend our deepest sympathies to you. We have nothing but the fondest memories of you and Ginger as a couple joined at the hip (of all places) and her sweetness and smile making you glow. We will certainly miss her very much.
April 14, 2008
What an amazing presence we had in this world for far too little time. Ginger had a gift for engaging people and truly listening to them. She took genuine interest in everyone she met. Though I did not know her well I treasure the opportunities I had to chat with her. We are all that much richer just by witnessing her enjoy life.
April 14, 2008
To Dave & Family,
With deepest sympathy for your great loss.
April 14, 2008
I am so sorry for your loss. It must have been such a privilege to spend so many years with such a beautiful, talented, and creative person. Even though I only met Ginger on a few occasions, I have memories of her as a warm, sincere, and generous person. You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.
April 14, 2008
The Hallare family was very fortunate to have met such a gracious and charming woman. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.
April 14, 2008
Dr. Moehring and Family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The memorial was a beautiful tribute to your wife, a beautiful woman. I am sorry I did not have an opportunity to meet her. Sincerely,

Katherine Salazar
April 14, 2008
You and your dear sweet family have been in my thoughts. Ginger was so very lovely. Know that you are all in my prayers.
April 14, 2008
My thoughts are with the entire family. Ginger had an aura about her when she entered a room. Her face lit up when surrounded by her family. She filled many hearts with joy for sure.
April 14, 2008
Memories are the precious gift given to each of us when a special person is called away. Ginger used to arrive in the Orthopaedic Admin office to contact Dave and immediately provided the environment with life, enthusiasm, graciousness, stories, humor, reality – that spark that ignited our hearts and made everything good; this same spark was always present anytime our paths crossed. She particularly identified with the travel adventures of Dean, our son, and, although she never met him, wanted to share stories; she also sincerely wanted to hear about the activities of each member of our immediate family and asked questions when something was not familiar. We were privileged to be able to attend the service for Ginger and witnessed much more of Ginger through the meaningful service and beautiful, fun, pictures. Thank you for sharing this incredible lady with us. Our memories will live on as will each of yours. Our love and prayers remain with you, Dave, Mary, and Kurt - and each of you - in this difficult time.
April 14, 2008
Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always...
April 14, 2008
Although I did not know Ginger personally, i am saddened by the loss of such a remarkable, renaissance woman. You have my deepest sympathies.
April 14, 2008
I wish I knew her more-she was a great and inspirational lady. I was very affected and moved by her memorial, and hope to be more like her after learning so much about her.
April 12, 2008
God has plucked one of earth's most beautiful flowers for his personal bouquet.
April 10, 2008
Ginger was a true ray of sunshine, a joy to be around.

We are so happy to have had the opportunity to know her. We're just sorry that we didn't have more time. Actually forever would have been nice!

Our memories of Ginger will stay with us the rest of our lives, but there is no question that her presence will be sorely missed.
April 10, 2008
Although we only had the pleasure of meeting Ginger a few times We felt we had known her quite well. She was lovely person in every way, in her thoughts, deeds and appearance. She gave her family many fond memories to help them through this time. We will miss her emails and the lovely lady who sent them.
Our prayers and wishes are with David and family at this time of sorrow.
April 09, 2008
Dear Dr. Moehring:

I was very saddened to hear of Mrs. Ginger's passing. Your words are quite true that she was a renaissance woman. She and yourself really touched my heart while I was in Sacramento and my most sincere prayers are with you and your family.
April 09, 2008
Dear Dave and family,
I was saddened to learn of Ginger's death. It has been many years since I've seen you, but I still remember how gracious and friendly you both were to me at our Orthopaedic Surgery events.
April 06, 2008
Ginny, I will cherish and remember the 2 years of high school with you @LOHS. I enjoyed our visit, emails etc planning for the reunion. My sympathy to your family.
April 05, 2008
Ginny, you were such an inspiration to me during high school. I loved your zest for life and great sense of humor. Having the opportunity to become reacquainted during the planning of our 2005 reunion was a joy. You will remain a very special friend in my heart and memory.
April 05, 2008
You will be forever my friend in my heart, never to be forgotten.
April 05, 2008
Dave, please know that our prayers are with your and you family. Also know that Ginger is now amoungst the angels. Do not hesitate to call us for anything you need. Sincerely,
Frank and Janet
April 05, 2008
We saw the notice in the Ann Arbor News and were saddened and shocked to hear about Ginger. We offer our sincere sympathy to all of you. David, Kurt, Mary - God Bless. Ginger was a fantastic person. Neil and Judy Gerl
April 04, 2008
We are blessed to be among the many prople who created and shared endless memories with "the one and only "Ginger." David and Ginger and the children were such an intregal part of our lives while living in Alpena. They truly were "family." For anyone who knew Ginger, there will always be a void,and her legacy will forever be remembered.
April 03, 2008
God has called Virginia home to do many more great things. My thoughts and prayers are with David and the Moehring family.
April 03, 2008
We are so saddened by Ginger's death. We feel fortunate and blessed for those great times we traveled and spent time together. Ginger's vibrant personality, her wit and her humor brightened our lives. We shall treasure her travelogues. She is now on a new journey. She goes with our love and our prayers.
April 02, 2008
April 02, 2008
Our prayers are with Kurt and Michele and the Moehring family
From Gary, Lisa and Chase Campbell
Texas City, Texas
April 02, 2008
Ginny was a high school classmate, one who made our days sparkle with her humor and grace. It was a pleasure to meet her again in 2005 at the reunion organized by the Orion stalwarts, who know who they are.
April 02, 2008
To my too short lived friend,
We only met for 4 days while I was in UCD. but you loving spirit and frindely manner helped me through a hard spinal surgery. I am so very sorry that I was not well enough to call you sooner after leaving the hospital. I know your in a wonderful place and all the paine is over.
April 01, 2008
Ginger was a member at Mueller's/PEAK fitness facility for almost 10 years. She was an amazing ray of sunshine every time she walked through the door. She touched so many lives and will be missed so much. All of us at Mueller's are so greatful for the smiles and laughter she brought to our facility. She was always so positive and amazing. She will be in our hearts forever. I will forever cherish her stories of her foreign travels. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. God Bless
April 01, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
April 01, 2008
I can't even count the ways that Ginger touched people everywhere she went. She made such a difference in everyone's life. She lived life enthusiastically and with love and compassion for everyone. She will be missed greatly but in her generous way I'm sure she'd say "don't worry about me" and she'll be writing a column from heaven. We all loved her.
April 01, 2008
I'm sorry for your loss & ours. Ginger was always gracious to the nurses at UCDMC O.R. & treated us with respect. She 's the epitemy of all that is good in this life. She'll be missed by all.
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