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July 10, 2014

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July 10, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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March 06, 2013
Sup bro,

The old homies kicked it on King's birthday and we killed some brews in your name. It was weird: when we were thinking of people to invite, your name slipped out and we all got caught up for a moment. We miss you dawg and we are still gonna keep it lit 4 you, always.

Nothin but love
March 04, 2013
Hi my SON, I Love and miss you soo soo much it's so wrong for a child to leave before a parent and not have a full life. I know that during your life you did a lot but I also know you wanted to get married and have kids in your early 30's. There are soo many fun things that we did together that I miss that and you and all of our long talks, the cards and letters you would write me, the funny little text you would send me, even from the other side of the room and then when I read it you would start laughing, and I know your brother misses that from you too. I Love you my beautiful Angel and you are in my thoughts and in my heart of every second of every day and nobody I mean nobody can ever take any of what we had away from me, most parents not only are parents but have a friendship with their children like I do mine as you soo nicely wrote about it to me in a letter. People only knew one side of you, not the real you cuz like you told me you only let people know what you wanted people to know, that nobody knew you like I did and I am soo proud of you and I am proud to say that I and noboby else am your mother and you my loving son were able to talk to me about anything and did. I love and miss you more than any words can ever say, but you always knew that. See you again some day, with all my heart, soul, and love, Mom.
March 01, 2013
Hey buddy! I'm working on a song for you. I hope you like it. I miss you.
February 28, 2013
Hey buddy i just wanted to stop in and say hi, I talk to you all the time I hope you hear me because I know you would crack a smile. I'm going to go fishing for the first time this season hopefully I'll have better luck than the last time we went out I'm going to save a seat for you and I always will man. love you
February 25, 2013
Hi SON, I miss you soo much, I just don't know what to do and your brother misses you and this is something I never wanted to do. Call it selfish if you may but I never wanted to outlive one of my kids and to do that it's breaking my heart. I don't understand nor do I think any parent should outlive one of their children, but I can't get that answer it's Gods choice but I wish I could bring you back. I miss that smile everyday, and somehow someway I need to find a way to keep going everyday cuz even thou your brother misses you soo much, I can't give up he needs me. I Love you and miss you dearly, I would give my life to hear you say mommy, I Love you, like you use to when you wanted to go out to lunch. I miss you soo much I'm sick to my stomach. Please watch over your loved ones and by now you know who is real and who was fake, but you had a good idea of that anyway just by the way you would tell me about certain people in your life. I will never stop loving you and you will always be in my heart even thou there is a big void there, I will never forget you or all the fun we had together. Love and miss you dearly more than any words can say, see you again someday, forever Mom. P.S. Please tell Lorrie happy bday for me, always Mom!!!!
February 22, 2013
Hi son I love u man I just want to see u walk up to the house to see your mom just so I can say hi son how are u. Then when u are ready to go u always say by I love u dad an u to Robert.I thank u son for having so much love. In your heart.I miss u so much I love u with all my heart. Wish for just one more day .to give u that hug . That we both needed .I miss that so much son. Oh by the way happy birth day love u so much!!!!!
February 19, 2013
My dear SON, I am having such a hard time dealing with the fact that one of my three babies are gone!!! I don't know how to go on, please help me. I regret soo much soo many things like us not getting the chance to go to magic mountain, getting tattoos together, not getting the chance to take you to Vegas this year for your birthday, among soo many other things. I really miss our time together and I'm soo lost with one of my babies gone. I know you were an adult now but your still one of my babies. What do I do, how do I gone on each day? I've been trying counseling, reading books on the loss of a child, writing to you on here looking at all your pictures, and I just wonder why, why did God pick one of my kids, it doesn't make sense to me and never will. I wish I could go back in time and change things, how I don't know but I'm to the point where I don't really call anyone or text anyone and I just don't know what steps to take now. You never had the chance to get married and enjoy fatherhood and you would of been such a good daddy. I really miss all of our long talks, and you coming over and us going to eat together and just sit and talk, and you were soo soo protective of me and Robert. Like the time I was walking home and it was getting dark and you found out and came and got me and yelled at me for walking that late at night that someone might hurt me or take me, and you would have thought you were my dad, and you were like that with Robert too, if it was cold out and you didn't think he had a warm enough jacket ect... I could go on for days of all the great and wonderful times we had together. I miss that and miss the fact that I'll never have that with you again. I Love you Seffy and I need you to help me go on from here cuz I'm not sure what to do next. Watch over all your loved ones here on earth, and take care of your loved ones that you are already joined with in Heaven, but please give me some direction in what to do and how to go on and face each day without one of my babies. I Love you and miss you and think about you all the time so I'll see you when I get to Heaven, and I know you'll be waiting to greet me, Love you forever and a day from the bottom of my heart, mom
February 17, 2013
My dear Seffy, why are you gone, why was it your time to go, when soo many people Love and care for you soo much? You were such an awesome person, you should be here we me us now, you should have enjoyed your birthday and we could of done alot of racing this year. I need you back soo badly, this has totally destroyed me, I'm not the out going person I was. I Love you soo soo much you are always what I am thinking about. I Love you, I miss you soo much, I will see you again someday, Love you forever my ANGEL <3 Mom
February 15, 2013
Happy Birthday my beautiful handsome Angel. I miss you soo soo bad that my heart is actually crushed. I don't know what to do without seeing you and Talking to you daily, today of all days you would have been 24 today. I wish God would have taken me and not you. You didn't even get a chance to live, get married, have kids and all that kind of stuff, I did. I Love and miss you soo much, I would do anything to have you back. I got you a 49er cake today. Well I've got alot of things to do today so I want you to know I'm thinking of you everyday but especially today on your day. Love you from the bottom of my heart, with all of my heart. Forever and ever <3 mommy
February 14, 2013
Happy Valentines Day SON, loving and missing you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always. And Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful granddaughter Mariana, even thou your time here was short you are loved and missed daily. Love, Mom/Grammy

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