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May 04, 2015

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May 04, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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May 15, 2013
Hi my beautiful Angel, it's been six long months and I've had a really hard day today. I miss you soo soo much my dear Son, I would do anything to have you back. I really miss our long talks and even thou you were my Son I took your advice to heart and I really miss it and could use it really badly right now. I know your watching over me cuz I have a very special Angel and I call him my Son. I miss you Seffy and love you and you my beautiful Son will live on forever in my heart. Love and miss you everyday, Mom
May 14, 2013
it's been 6 months but still thinkin' bout ya bro. see u in the sky soon.
May 12, 2013
Hi Son, I miss you soo much, today is Mother's Day, I've never had a mother's day without you with me so I'm really having a hard time trying to deal with today. I really am struggling today I just can't enjoy today cuz one of my kids isn't here to help me enjoy what is suppose to be my day. I am trying to make it through the day without completely ruining everyone else's day. Please be at peace my Angel and someday we'll be together again. I miss you and love you with all my heart. I will write more in the notebook. I love you Seffy and miss you my Son, watch over your loved ones, until we meet again, always mommy.
April 14, 2013
Hi SON, it's been 5 long months today and I miss you more than ever. It really bites without you, I don't think I'll ever get over this. I'm soo soo Sorry that we never knew, I would have done something if I did and I know that you know that. Even thou this is the hardest thing in my life I truly hope you are at peace. May you rest comfortable and always know I love you and miss you dearly from the bottom of my heart!!!! Someday my beautiful angel we will all be together again. My heart is broken and I know it will never heal, 23 years I had you here to love, never will I stop or forget you. Your love will always be in my heart and your memories I have I'll never forget. I love and miss you, today, tomorrow, and always and forever, love Mom. <3
March 31, 2013
Hi my handsome SON, Happy Easter, I Love you and miss you soo much, more than anyone will ever know or understand. All these people act like they care soo much and read everything I write and think I don't know that they are checking but I know as well as you know that is why I write to you privately in the two notebooks that I have just for letters to you. It's so hard to celebrate a holiday without you when I've had you for every holiday in the past. So I Love you and miss you from the bottom of my heart. SON you will always and have always been in my heart, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. Love and miss you dearly Seffy, forever Mom.
March 27, 2013
Hi SON, it's Mom, I miss you soo soo much and think about you all the time. Easter is coming and I'm not up to doing it this year, you always loved to have turkey and ham with all the other stuff, and even thou you were an adult you still like what the Easter Bunny brought you, the closer it gets the harder it gets so I just can't do it, I'm not ready. I never in a million years would of thought you weren't 100% healthy and now that I know I'm mind blown, but yes I wish I would have known this before. I'm Sorry so so Sorry I didn't know. I know you weren't ready to leave this world yet, I hope you are at total peace. I have loved all my babies from the day I knew I was gonna have each one of you and that Love grew stronger everyday for everyone of you. Even thou you are an angel now doesn't stop me from loving you anymore. My babies have always came first before anyone or anything so yes there is a big piece of my heart that has an emptiness and a void that can't and won't ever be filled or replaced. I Love you my dear SON, I miss you too, but someday I'll see you again. You are forever in my heart, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always. Love you my beautiful Angel, Mom....
March 14, 2013
Hi my handsome angel, it's been 4 months today since you went to Heaven, 1/3 of a year and I'm having such a hard time. The longest I've been without seeing or talking to you was when you were in 6th grade and went to Sly Park. At least when you went to the ocean or mountains with your friends you always called, texted, or sent pics of where you were, even if they didn't know. This is something I don't think I'll ever get over, nor will Robert, we miss you soo soo much and that smile and laugh cuz you were always playing some type of joke or having me watch some funny thing you found on the internet on your phone and then laughing so hard, or you would find something you wanted to have and show it to me right away, I know it seems funny but that was you. I want to talk to you soo badly that's why I write to you on here or in the notebooks I have for you. This whole thing seems like nothing but a really bad horrible nightmare, I wish it was, I WISH SOMEONE COULD WAKE ME AND YOU WOULD BE HERE, ASKING FOR A BACKRUB. We Love you and miss you from the bottom of our hearts, and your memory will always live on in our hearts, soul, and minds. You are in Heaven now but you will always live on through us and all the memories, great memories we have of you. I Love you my SON, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever and someday we will all be in Heaven together again like we should be now, here on earth. Please be at peace my SON, and know that we are soo glad we had you for the short time we did. Love you forever my beautiful Angel, may peace be with you and watch over your true loved ones here on earth until we are all reunited in Heaven. Love you, MOM <3...
March 07, 2013
Hi SON, I sure miss you I don't think I'll ever get over you not being here. I know if you were still here on earth with us we'd be in Vegas right now cuz that is what you what you wanted for your bday to go to the WoO in Vegas, you asked 3 days before you went to Heaven, soo I Hope your watching cuz you have the best sat in the house. I'm really struggling with the fact that one of my babies has went to Heaven and I'm still here on earth, (now I know what my Gma meant that I never understood before.) I Hope you are at peace my beautiful SON, I know you are worried about me but somehow, someway I will learn to deal not like but deal with it in time I don't know when but sometime in the years to come. Just wanted to say hi and I Love you, I'm sure you read the letters I write to you in my folder soo you know just cuz I don't write on here all the time that I still think of you all the time, and miss you and your smile, and jokes daily. Love you always, forever in my heart, Mom.
March 06, 2013
Sup bro,

The old homies kicked it on King's birthday and we killed some brews in your name. It was weird: when we were thinking of people to invite, your name slipped out and we all got caught up for a moment. We miss you dawg and we are still gonna keep it lit 4 you, always.

Nothin but love
March 04, 2013
Hi my SON, I Love and miss you soo soo much it's so wrong for a child to leave before a parent and not have a full life. I know that during your life you did a lot but I also know you wanted to get married and have kids in your early 30's. There are soo many fun things that we did together that I miss that and you and all of our long talks, the cards and letters you would write me, the funny little text you would send me, even from the other side of the room and then when I read it you would start laughing, and I know your brother misses that from you too. I Love you my beautiful Angel and you are in my thoughts and in my heart of every second of every day and nobody I mean nobody can ever take any of what we had away from me, most parents not only are parents but have a friendship with their children like I do mine as you soo nicely wrote about it to me in a letter. People only knew one side of you, not the real you cuz like you told me you only let people know what you wanted people to know, that nobody knew you like I did and I am soo proud of you and I am proud to say that I and noboby else am your mother and you my loving son were able to talk to me about anything and did. I love and miss you more than any words can ever say, but you always knew that. See you again some day, with all my heart, soul, and love, Mom.

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