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October 25, 2014

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October 25, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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October 09, 2014
March 24, 2014
Dear David –
Ginger was a very special person who added a rich and beautiful texture to our lives. Her infectious smile, warm heart and loving friendship will always be remembered. The Ohmart family was truly blessed to have known Ginger.

She will remain in our hearts for as long as we live.

With Love,
The Ohmart Family
April 10, 2012
April 2, 2012

Dear Dave,

I had a lovely dream about Ginger last night. It's been quite a while, so this was very special. She was wearing a huge smile and a pink rain coat. She asked me if I thought the raincoat would be right for her next trip. We were so happy to see each other and had a wonderful conversation. I remember snippets....something about men having "boy chips" implanted to explain their childish behavior.

She looked radiant...

Happy Easter,

April 04, 2012
June 22, 2008
Sorry we didn't make it to your final resting place,but we know that the trip to East Tawas, Michigan was not your last journey. You are now with the angels and will experience many greater adventures than you had in this life. Maybe you will take a little time to pray for us who are in doubt as to where we may go when it is our turn. Meanwhile,our thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family who will miss your radiant presence in this life. Our love and prayers,
Earl & Dorothy Edmonds
January 08, 2012
To the Moehring Family

My 20 year partner, Ragnor Seglund, Accounting Professor, and I spent many dinner and social events with Dave and Ginger. Ragnor played many tennis games with the Moehring's.

I enjoyed knowing Ginger, she was someone who lived and loved life and her shining light will live on. Ginger was a gift in my life with her words of wisdom to me. Thank you Ginger for sharing your inspirational journey and your strong positive mental attitude which made an impact on my life.

May God be the wind under your wings and the healing shade for your family.
December 01, 2011
April 19, 2008

Dear Dave,Kurt,and Mary,
It was truly an honor to be asked to contribute something so personal to Ginger's memorial service. I shared some wonderful memories and shed a few tears while assembling the CD presentation. Ginger was a truly wonderful person who enhanced the lives of everyone she met,and I believe the world is a better place because of her perpetually positive attitude, contagious zest for life,and the relationships she developed throughout her life.
Michelle and I will always remember Ginger with a smile, for our lives have forever been enriched having known her.

Much love,

Robert and Michelle
October 27, 2011
April 2008

Dear Dr. Moehring,

I am very sorry for your loss. Ginger was the most wonderful and the most beautiful person I have ever met. She is the mother I wish I could have had.

Alex Yong
October 27, 2011
Christmas 2008

Dear David,

I am writing to wish you strength and some comfort from wonderful past memories at this difficult season-the first without your beloved Ginger.
So many,many people will be thinking of you and grieving for your-for our loss. Ginger was so very special and such a good friend. For so many years we have valued the friendship,kindness, and thoughtfulness we have shared with both of you.Friends like you are few in life.
If you need a shoulder to lean on-someone to help you through a difficult day, please call!
I hope you can feel our arms around you.


September 18, 2011
My dear friend Ginger,
My neibhbor, my friend,and oh yes, 'my partner in crime.' After three consecutive years missing that wonderful Christmas letter from you, I am afraid I fell victim to the old adage, 'no news is good news,' while in my heart, I was afraid that something had gone awry. I hoped and prayed for other reasons, such as traveling outside of the country or being busy with your grandchildren and their lives, that was until David called this past April and let us know of your plight.

Memories are etched in my heart and my head. Many years have passed since you moved next door to us in Jackson, MS. David left for Vietnam, and we got busy...whether we were making those "wacky cupcakes" or Dr. Sansings Beef Bourguignon, taking upholstry classes, having cocktails or just being moms. You were never intimidated by anything, you taught me to take on challenges, and to accept the God given talents that would take me far beyond my wildest dreams. Those were happy days, and our friendship grew into something that could stand the "test of time."

The war eventually came to an end. David returned home and y'all moved back to Michigan. Time passed quickly. There was a move from Michigan to California for y'all. We both lost a piece of our hearts, when we lost our children, Mark and Bobby. Hard times for both families; but, we learned to live with the heartache.

I am a believer in what we live, makes us who we are, and humility is so often connected to ones recall of the past.

You my dear friend made your Grandmother proud. I have never known anyone with such a great enthusiastic outlook on life, and I always marveled at your passion for living, you were always happy, always smiling,and you always had an uplifting spirit that could not be crushed. I often thought of you over the years with a smile on my face and in my heart...every time I used your grandmothers bowl, the one you gave me, to stir up something, when I ran across one of your little notes [rhymes] you would stick into the little gifts you gave me, or when I used one of your recipes.

Although it is the time in our lives to say "goodbye," we go forward with hope knowing one day we will meet again.

There is a familiar quotation by Thomas Campbell, which says:
"To live in the hearts of those we leave behind, is not to die."

I will miss you my dear friend; but, you will always be with me.

Sandra Massey


Ginger focused on life's journey with grace and strength, she was the most unpretentious person I ever knew...I loved her for that.

Remembering is a gift. It is the most wonderful thing that God allows us, for some reason, we don't really understand this until we loose those we love.

We were so saddened to hear of your great loss.

We love you too,
Frank and Sandra Massey
August 10, 2011
April 2, 2011
Dear David,
I am heartened that you found something uplifting in reading my e-mail message to you.I find it once again more than coincidence that my reference in Ginger's Legacy book... that something greater than the written word must exist to express the inexpressible.A fact revealed to me by that very pathway....thru a sacred mass.
I have always questioned to myself and privately asked why it seems some people have such astounding and clear visions of their faith...why is it that some can point to an event or reflect on some other defined point in their life where something or someone touched them so deeply and vividly..for Paul it was a lightening bolt,for Luther a fierce storm...but for the more common among us there seems to be a whole spectrum of these things that lead to either change or a more clear direction or purpose in living.I have dismissed many of these accounts as finding Jesus or God..much like a child on a milk carton.Even should such an occurrence present,I suspect we are more wont to chalk it off to coincidence or chance. I remember when Chris and I flipped over a bridge and dropped 35 feet or so in his Bronco thinking it was curtains as we rolled over the concrete edge of the bridge-and afterwards with Chris in the ICU and the docs trying to reduce what they thought was a cervical fracture..and the operation to fuse scheduled for the next morning..Probably the most fervently I have ever prayed was that night asking,pleading with God to let me take his place..and let him be the one walking around like I was so fortunate to have been doing.Can you imagine,the very next morning as we were preparing to go down to the surgical suite receiving a call from the hospital saying it was all a misdiagnosis,as you remember-"pseudo subluxation".I believe is the term..we were told we could come and take him home that morning! My prayer had been
answered..verbatim..miracle..or something else ? I tell you I did not put nearly the weight on that event as I have on with this revelation.which brings me to why I am writing once again. You see,I was awakened to the inexpressible ...that the spiritual message in the Mass we sang last Sunday, March 27th,through the connection and reminder of the date in your final entry in the Legacy book. It was for me like Helen Keller at the water fountain or Archimedes in the bath house..and that is also why I immediately wrote you that letter.Interestingly,the Hebrew word for "Angel" (Malach) is interchangeable with the word for "messenger".So this was not just a warm fuzzy coincidental and spiritual make good sermon indeed was to convey a message to you and to me in that it has rekindled my worship experience and is perhaps the closest thing to an out-of-body experience as I could ever have imagined. The Kingdom of Heaven was a nice ideal...a place even Christ could only describe in the abstract. As likened for me now, it is not "what' the dominion of Heaven is "like",rather it is sufficient only to know that I know the Kingdom of Heaven "IS"
And for you ,dear brother,know that as this Mass cries out..."In the midst of life...we are in death" (from the Agnus Dei)..that those who have passed before us...not just our beloved Ginger...have eternal rest and eternal light only when we can let them free to live in that beautiful place.This message came through over and over as each movement of the Mass progressed..
Your sorrow and grasping for something you can not lay hold of,change or recreate is a source of unrest and sadness with the angels. Hopefully,like I have,you can receive a sense of calmness and release from whatever keeps you tethered to that which cannot and should not be altered. By our faith,we believe we will ultimately witness this eternal light and that it will come soon enough and in due time.
Breathe again,heal again,love again....I am only the messenger.

your brother Richard

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