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April 20, 2018

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April 20, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 10, 2011
April 2, 2011
Dear David,
I am heartened that you found something uplifting in reading my e-mail message to you.I find it once again more than coincidence that my reference in Ginger's Legacy book... that something greater than the written word must exist to express the inexpressible.A fact revealed to me by that very pathway....thru a sacred mass.
I have always questioned to myself and privately asked why it seems some people have such astounding and clear visions of their faith...why is it that some can point to an event or reflect on some other defined point in their life where something or someone touched them so deeply and vividly..for Paul it was a lightening bolt,for Luther a fierce storm...but for the more common among us there seems to be a whole spectrum of these things that lead to either change or a more clear direction or purpose in living.I have dismissed many of these accounts as finding Jesus or God..much like a child on a milk carton.Even should such an occurrence present,I suspect we are more wont to chalk it off to coincidence or chance. I remember when Chris and I flipped over a bridge and dropped 35 feet or so in his Bronco thinking it was curtains as we rolled over the concrete edge of the bridge-and afterwards with Chris in the ICU and the docs trying to reduce what they thought was a cervical fracture..and the operation to fuse scheduled for the next morning..Probably the most fervently I have ever prayed was that night asking,pleading with God to let me take his place..and let him be the one walking around like I was so fortunate to have been doing.Can you imagine,the very next morning as we were preparing to go down to the surgical suite receiving a call from the hospital saying it was all a misdiagnosis,as you remember-"pseudo subluxation".I believe is the term..we were told we could come and take him home that morning! My prayer had been
answered..verbatim..miracle..or something else ? I tell you I did not put nearly the weight on that event as I have on with this revelation.which brings me to why I am writing once again. You see,I was awakened to the inexpressible ...that the spiritual message in the Mass we sang last Sunday, March 27th,through the connection and reminder of the date in your final entry in the Legacy book. It was for me like Helen Keller at the water fountain or Archimedes in the bath house..and that is also why I immediately wrote you that letter.Interestingly,the Hebrew word for "Angel" (Malach) is interchangeable with the word for "messenger".So this was not just a warm fuzzy coincidental and spiritual make good sermon indeed was to convey a message to you and to me in that it has rekindled my worship experience and is perhaps the closest thing to an out-of-body experience as I could ever have imagined. The Kingdom of Heaven was a nice ideal...a place even Christ could only describe in the abstract. As likened for me now, it is not "what' the dominion of Heaven is "like",rather it is sufficient only to know that I know the Kingdom of Heaven "IS"
And for you ,dear brother,know that as this Mass cries out..."In the midst of life...we are in death" (from the Agnus Dei)..that those who have passed before us...not just our beloved Ginger...have eternal rest and eternal light only when we can let them free to live in that beautiful place.This message came through over and over as each movement of the Mass progressed..
Your sorrow and grasping for something you can not lay hold of,change or recreate is a source of unrest and sadness with the angels. Hopefully,like I have,you can receive a sense of calmness and release from whatever keeps you tethered to that which cannot and should not be altered. By our faith,we believe we will ultimately witness this eternal light and that it will come soon enough and in due time.
Breathe again,heal again,love again....I am only the messenger.

your brother Richard
June 21, 2011
I think of you and Ginger everyday. What a loss.
June 20, 2011


I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your mom.She was such a special lady. I know first hand what you're going through and have felt the same pain.Be assured that the grief will pass and the fond memories of your mom will become more vivid. It seems even more difficult when we lose those special people-our moms- unexpectedly.
Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Your friend,

June 20, 2011
April 2008

Dear Dave,
Honoring the life of someone very special who will always be and yours are in my thoughts. Ginger will be deeply missed,she was loved so by everyone !
With deepest sympathy,

Wendy Emert
June 04, 2011

March 27, 2011- Three years to the day, of Ginger's death.

Jackie and I just returned from an Abendmusik program where we performed John Rutter's Requiem. Our Hosanna choir combined forces with Kinsman Lutheran in this beautiful and poignant work accompanied by harp,oboe,cello,timpani,amd Glockenspiel muscians. We had begun working on this mass for a couple of months. Early on, someone had asked why we were singing this particular opus but basically we were told that it had been selected by the Abendmusik director,Elizabeth Marks,some time ago.....she also sang the soprano parts. I hope to have a CD at some point as it was professionally recorded.
A requiem is a mass for the dead.Rutter's work has seven movements....Requiem Aeternam, Out of the Deep, Pie Jesu, SanctusAgnus Dei, The Lord is my Shepard,and Lux Aeterna...Each movement has it's own wonderful moments musically and in text....but the main reason I am telling you this is after being reminded of the date by David's entry in the Legacy Guest book for Ginger...I now know the reason why we sung this beautiful mass on this day...I can tell you I no longer believe in coincidences ...there was a divine hand in this from above.
Or, if you prefer coincidences,consider that Rutter finished this work (movements 1,2, 4,and 7) in was first performed at Lover's Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas.... on October 13th,1985.
Requiem aeternam...."Grant them rest eternal"..dona eis lux perpetua luceat eis..."Lord our God we pray to thee... may light perpetual shine on them forever"
I know why we sang this angel visited us today.


May 16, 2011
April 12, 2008

Dear David,

I remember the last time I saw Ginger like it was yesterday...we sat eating ice cream cones with Kurt and his little ones. Silly conversation at an old favorite- Marian's Dairy Bar in East Tawas. We said our goodbyes and promised to get together soon. The family reunion 0f summer 2007, was over and slowly we were all going our separate ways. So thankful for the nice time together.I keep thinking of how Daddy and Aunt Winnie would always add a "God willing" to or goodbyes.They had it right-never take a day for granted.

Remembering you today...can it be just a week since we all gathered to remember and honor Ginger ? That was such a special day.
Time is a strange thing...everyone talks about how time heals but the truth is things are never the same. It is our will and daily choosing to make the best of each day that will help to give us new inspiration and direction. I keep Ginger's wise words to Mary on our fridge. Keep reading her wishes for everyone. It is insightful and inspiring. So Ginger expressed,in her complete lack of pity for her circumstances,her embracement of her faith and her desire for us to continue to live as she did-with zest and and appreciation for each God given day.
I am humbled by her faith,encouraged by her hope and confidence that each of us has the power to fulfill her wishes. She shared our dreams and I know that her concern was for our future well being and happiness. As she said,our tomorrows and dreams go on and she will now see them from another perspective. How all that works is a great mystery but the Bible does say that what we can't understand now will one day be very clear. Faith is that hope that we have in the unseen mystery of life.

Thinking of all of you today. Words fail to express how much we love and care for you.

Love from your sister,

May 16, 2011
Apri, 2008

Dear Dr Moehring,

There are times when life doesn't follow paths of our choice.Your loss at this time will somewhat change your journey,but it won't change who you are....the accomplished and compassionate surgeon that I have come to know these past several months.

I realize that cards often seem to be a constant reminder of a difficult time,but I wanted you to know that you are still in my prayers. Please know that you have the support and caring of so many who keep you close in thought and wiah you comfort and peace,

With Prayers,

May 16, 2011

Dear Dr Moehring,

Yuri and I wanted to tell you how sorry we were to hear about Ginger.She was a very nice person who I enjoyed seeing at our annual orthopedic graduations.I will always have nice memories of having dinner with you guys when I was a chief resident on the total joint service. She was a warm and beautiful person that we all miss.
I know that I have used "nice" several times-the truth is I am not very good at writing these types of notes. Anyhow,Yuri and I are both very sorry for your great loss.I know words can't describe what you are feeling. I am sorry that I am not in California right now to be a better friend to you. I will be in touch when I finish my fellowship here in New Zealand and am back in the states.

Take Care,

Mark Hoffer MD & Yuri
May 16, 2011

Dear David & family,

I just heard that you had lost that lovely and talented wife,whom we first met with you at an Orthopedic meeting in Tuscon.I followed your orthopedic work and was proud of your accomplishments on the Trauma Service at the UCD med center.
I felt bad that we never had the opportunity to see more of your wonderful wife's talents in our community.
I know that you have suffered a great loss at this time after such an interesting life & great children that she provided you.
We hope that Ginger did not have to suffer in her final days & that God is taking the best care of her with no sickness or pain anymore. I am sure that she is saving one of the best spots for you when you get finished with this world and are together again for eternity.

Very Sincerely,

Frank Boutin MD, and Tink
May 16, 2011

Dear Doctor Moehring,

I was saddened to learn of your recent loss,and additionally,to hear it was so unexpected.Jane Wierman was my source of information and also told me you and your wife have a host of friends who are sharing your loss and who will be there for you in the days ahead.
As I am writing this I am reading the note which accompanied the beautiful floral arrangement you sent to me three and a half years ago, at the death of my beloved husband Paul the first Chairman of Orthopedics at UC Davis.
Your kind message was most appreciated then, and is equally so today. And the flowers themselves gave me pleasure here in the living room for days,and then, eventually it was time to move them to a terrace just outside a large glass door at the end of the room,but giving the effect of still being inside and able to be appreciated.
I was pleased that our paths crossed at the Tipton reception.

Again, my deepest sympathy to you.
Do know happy memories will help.


Phyllis Lipscomb

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