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February 01, 2015

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February 01, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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December 25, 2014
My baby girl it's Christmas wish u were here everyone downstairs eating and laughing I'm in bed crying just not hungry and don't feel good and definitely have nothing to laugh about missing u like crazy I'm trying really hard but it's too hard without you all I think about is what your missing here when your probably in paradise there I saw that movie heaven is for real And I just have to BELIEVE that's where you are and that's where we will be reunited but I just feel so alone come to me in my dreams lately I just feel like I lost you all over again and now your uncle Johnny went to join you I feel terrible he tried to reach out to me so many times and I had so much trouble with my own grief that I never called him back and now he's gone and have to live with the guilt and our neighbor the same day but I feel u it's crazy it's like your sitting beside me right now that brings me a little bit of joy thank you my baby girl merry Christmas your always in my heart and think about u every second of every day I love you so much baby girl btw I found a gift bag that was from you it was signed to mommy I had to put away so no one would use i couldn't bare for it to be used it was like my gift from you this year. See you soon
November 27, 2014
Hi my sweet baby girl happy thanksgiving although it was not happy for me but I hope you had a great one up there im sure you ate til you were stuffed and had to unbutton your pants like you did every year I'm thankful that I had you you were the best part of me and I miss you terribly and I'm so thankful for your grampa my dad he's the best anyone could ask for always putting others ahead of himself but you know that you wrote it on all your social networking accounts and would say it all the time actually one of your friends printed the things you wrote about me and your grampa I thought about you all day today as I lied in bed remembering the past thanksgivings none will ever be the same again I'm so sorry I didn't make it to the cemmetary today I wanted to go so bad I hope After the surgerys I need and I get done that at least I will beable to drive again so I can go when I want although your grampa told me he would take me today but it was the pain that kept me and I finally dozed off for a nap when I woke up it was already getting dark and to late to go I was so upset with myself I'm sorry baby I love you with my heart and soul times infinity
October 31, 2014
Hi baby girl lets see if this message goes through the last 3 haven't so I want to first start off by saying happy Halloween I know you are enjoying yourself u loved Halloween made it to your grave today and people are taking your stuff it's so crushing and painful plus disrespectful that people could take your things but they will have to pass through judgement someday although it's getting harder and harder for me to walk through the grass to your grave it's worth it but it gives me a little peace. Looking out the window tonight it's bitter sweet helps me remember every year I took u out trick or treating it was some of the best years of my life dressing you up and taking you out I remember when u were 14 and wanted to just go on your own but I wouldn't allow that but then u said ok mommy as long as you give me a little space that didn't last long after the first scary house you were back by my side with all your friends lol but then makes me cry cause your not here. although I felt u very strong the last two weeks specially the butterfly its just like u to come down to take a dip in the pool and uncle mike got you out had you and then grampa held u and then me it was an awesome experience I love u my beautiful baby girl see you soon all my love mommy I love you both
September 30, 2014
Hi baby girl I wrote u the day of your anniversary and a couple days later for some reason they didn't go through but I'm just really hurting I'm hitting rock bottom and just don't know what to do anymore im grateful to the few friends that still send a text now and then You had great friends momma I love u so much but pain getting unbearable and all my injuries have just gotten worse too I just don't understand why I'm here to have to go through all this pain I'm starting to believe there is no god because I'm not perfect which no one is but I'm not a really bad person either please help me baby girl I need you both of you come to me in my dreams send me messages somehow. I've felt them before I need to feel them again specially now this month has been the worst. Loving u every second of everyday P.S. Grampa misses you too very much but I just feel like a burden to him.
September 18, 2014
Missing u so much brit it hurts so much I love u baby girl today was anniversary two years ago now it's sat. Can't take the pain come to me in my dreams or sit on the edge of my bed again please I wrote u this morning and didn't like deleted and rewrote but wasn't working hope they don't appear hope your taking care of your little brother or sister which I know you are with a big smile on your face. Talk to u soon xoxo

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