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Peter Klimes
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October 20, 2014
October 20, 2014
Oh no. I looked you up and found this. My tears make this very hard to type. You loved and admired my brother Rick Bysh as he so very much admired and hoped to aspire to your talent. In our many phone calls and meetings you inspired me and helped me so much through my trials and tribulations. I miss you so much my brother..
October 17, 2014
You were one of the reasons I would come to Mike's Pizza in Simi Valley, Ca. ,When you played with the Rick Tucker Band. You had that really distinctive tone to your voice when you would sing, and I really enjoyed it. You will be missed.
September 05, 2013
Peter was one of the best players and writers I was ever fortunate enough to work with. He was where the beginning began for me. I owe him much, played with him often, and will always remember him. RIP old friend...
February 10, 2013
I was privileged to know you and call you Friend. You were a better one than I was. I dedicate "Little Angel", to you. I heard your voice this morning telling me you were proud of me. I worried about you all last year; I looked this morning to find this. I love you and thank you for believing in me at my darkest hour. You are an Angel. I hope you're with my little Jack. Love, JEM
December 24, 2012
I just discovered this. Peter, you were a part of my life in the 1980's. We Called you PA and you answered us. You were one in a million and there "Ain't No Body Like You." May you rest in peace.
December 16, 2012

My most lasting memories will be of us, you and George Murray (RIP) and myself writing songs together in Happy Valley up the trail from the end of Iredell Ln west of Laurel Canyon...

And the photo of you I captured up there in 1966 is forever etched in my mind...

I miss and love you brother.

Larry ~ North Hollywood
December 14, 2012
I"ve known of lasting friendships
Peter's are tried and true
But I've known him as a brother
Since I was the age of two

I knew something wasn't right
When Mommy's tummy swelled
I'd run and jump on that lump
To make it shrink away

I didn't have any luck
Mom just grew bigger
But one day the lump shrunk
And became a baby brother

Life had been so wonderful
Just me and Mom and Dad
Now Peter got the attention
That I once had had

I couldn't even play with him
And dress him in dolly's clothes
Mom said I would have to wait
But by then it was too late
For Peter had grown

When he grew-up I realized
There was an advantage to being older
I made him play games I was sure to win
Just by changing the rules on him

Thank goodness he forgave me
For my chidhood whim
I must have been nice, once or twice
Like when I'd let him win

Peter got his first guitar
He'd play the same three chords
Over and over and over again
And then he added words

Although it drove me crazy
I'm glad he didn't quit
'Cause in a short while
He developed a style
That was only his

When I started dating
He thought he'd have to fight
For I was the Virgin Princess
And Peter was my Knight

Peter survived some frightening times
More than just a few
Then he heard the voice of God
"Peter, I'll pull you through
All you need is to believe
I'm protecting you

I know how you suffer
My Son suffered too
But only to see the light,
And that light will shine for you

I wish I knew the friendships
Peter shared with others
But then again you'll never know our bond of sister and brother

I can hear Peter say, "Dada, its all good
I'll see you and the others when God thinks we should."
December 12, 2012
Sweet Peter,

Who will fill your boot's?

When you pressed those beautiful red lips together, we would hear the words and melodies you would sing. That deep sultry voice would reel us in. It was on, you were ready to let us it.

You transported us to places where you would laugh and cry with us. The journey's we shared.

You protected us. You always made sure that when we were with you, we were safe. You were a man of Honor and Integrity. Your Knowledge and your Wisdom was pure class!

You lived your life with Passion and Compassion. You fought for Justice and Freedom! You were Good and Kind. You lived in light!

Most of all we DANCED! We are fortunate enough to say that with you Peter we never had to miss the dance...

Sweet, Sweet, Spirit...Your Twins Loved you Fiercely! Our body's, soul's, mind's, spirit's, ache for the sense of loss that we are feeling.

Our comfort is knowing that the music never stops...Peter, you gave yourself to us. We promised it was for keeps, it's something we can never take back...

Your memory remains alive our hearts belong to you...

Judytwin & Jodytwin
December 12, 2012
All my love goes with you on your journey, Peter. Thank you for all the beauty you brought to our lives and the warmth, the humor, the joy, the enlightenment. This last year we shared was an amazing blessing. Your light shines in me forever.