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October 30, 2014

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October 30, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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June 15, 2014
Louie, today is Father's Day & I miss you so much. Michael I went to the cemetary last week because I knew we wouldn't make it today. There is so much to tell you about the family. Tessa & Brett bought a house in Chattanooga. They both have very good jobs and are doing O.K. Michael is on the radio with a garden show. He's on Sat. Mornings for 1 hour. and he is able to advertise his business. It's a local radio station and it is affiliated with NBC. He is so much like you Hon. He has your drive and determination. You would be so proud of him. Louis is O.K Nothing much changes with his situation. He's trying very hard to straighten his life out. You are still so much a part of me Hon. I get thru my days O.K I go to a couple of groups and socialize but you are never far from me. I will love and miss you for the rest of my life. I know I have not written in a long time but I have been thinking of you so much and this is the only way I can be close to you. I'll be coming to Rose Hills in a couple of weeks. Michael & I will be going to Point Loma, hopefully with Carmine and we'll be going to the cemetary to see Mom & Dad. It has been so many years since we were there. We'll be going on Sunday, 6/22. If you only knew how often I think of us and "the old days" when the kids were small and the places we used to go. Thank you Hon for everything. You will always have all my love..........Rosemary
November 05, 2013
Hi Louie, I got news last week that your cousin Steve Apikos passed away. If you were still here this news would have made you very sad. I know how much you enjoyed talking to Steve. I talked with Irene and we reminisced about that wonderful family reunion we had all those years ago. Everyone had such a great time. Steve was 84 and not in the best of health. I was very sorry to hear that he had passed away.

I'm doing fine Hon.Michael, Michele, & I will be in Oceanside on Sat. to visit Marty. I can't believe she's gone 3 yrs. I miss her so much.

I love you Louie. I pray to you every day to surround me with your love & your strength. Watch over Michael,Louis,Tessa and me. We miss you so much. My love always, Rosemary
October 24, 2013
Hi Louie, Lillian called me the other day. Her and Rocky were at Rose Hills to visit the graves of her Mother and Father and they visited you too Hon. She called to tell me that. It was so nice of them to take the time to go see you. Lillian told me what a beautiful marker you have and she loved the picture. She said that's how she remembered you.

We have known them from when we got married and even before. That's a long time ago.

I miss you so much. Love, Rosemary
October 18, 2013
Hi Louie, I went to the cemetary yesterday, it was such a beautiful day and I just wanted to be close to you. I was there a little over an hour when Michel pulled up. I was so surprised to see him. I thought he was working. He had been at a trade show in Long Beach and then came to the cemetary. I know it was more than a coincidence that we both were there at the same time. God put us there together to be with you.

I'm going to see Louis tomorrow. He misses you very much. He's in a Veterans program that is helping him. He has a very nice apt. in Loma Linda, fully furnished. He's trying to straighten out his life. I encourage him whenever I can.

I'm doing O.K Hon. I miss you terribly but the days pass and I keep myself busy. My life and your life were so intertwined and I will never let that go. I will love you for the rest of my life, Rosemary
October 16, 2013
Dear Dad,
Dad, I can not believe it has already been one year since you are gone. Each morning, I say my pray to you, each day you answer my prays. Dad, I realized that you passed three gifts on to me: determination, drive and discipline. It is because of those three gifts that I continually push myself. More importantly, those three gifts provide me with strength and determination to fulfill my promise to you.
Although, here is something to would make your day. I have figured out how to regulate palms. Once again Dad, drive, discipline and determination. Dad, being very similar to you in my thinking, I kept working at it until I got it.
I miss you so much Dad, but I know you are always on my shoulder.
Before I go Dad, you would always ask me how I am doing well Dad. I am just doing my thing. Just like you Dad, I am doing it my way.
Mom did a great job with the properties, she had a couple of moments. But she did just great.

I miss you Dad, thank you for always being on my shoulder. Thank you for the three gifts.

Love Mike

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