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July 17, 2018

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July 17, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 17, 2015
Sorry Mom, I did not know that this was still open. I will mention that first thing Wednesday morning Jackie sent a note by email that said, "Happy Birthday Gram" As with June's family our, Jim's and My, have been very busy. Chris R received his Masters degree from Lowell. That is the school that Artie wanted to go to. Anyway back to Chris R. He is now working on his PHD. Still working at Mass General and loves his job. Casey graduated from Merrimack College last May. We all, along with sportswriters, thought he would be drafted for baseball. He broke many records while being there for only two years. He was just so much fun to watch. He was hired as the asst coach of the Merrimack Baseball Team. It is a division 2 team so it is quite a feather in his cap. Very seldom does anyone become an assistant coach of a Division 2 team when you have graduated the previous May. We are very excited about that and he is loving the coaching.Jackie is still a stay at home mom. She loves every minute she can spend with her children. Ella is now 12 and and is already known for her reading and writing. She received a very special award at the awards assembly last June. This year she was in the production of Aladdin. What a good job she did. Another budding actress among us. Evie is 10 and is a very good student. She loves horses. Julian, would you believe, Julian was born just a few days before Jackies 45th birthday? Julian is in preschool. He loves to read and they have a children"s author that lives three houses away from theirs and this author dedicated one of his books to Julian because at the bus stop Julian always had a book to read.
All three are amazing skiers. Especially Julian at age 4. You would have loved going to Ella's play because you loved seeing her in her acting debut with the Little Mermaid. They still mention their magical week with their great grammie and they are very sad about something that is going on now. Chris and Em are living in Newburyport now. They have added another little boy to their family. Em, again, like Jackie is a stay at home mom. She also loves to do all sorts of things with the children. Ben, Charlotte and Will are in as many activities as Jackie and Michaels. They ski, play baseball, basketball, soccer. Ben plays the piano, Chrolette dances. Chris is able to coach some of the teams. Emily is a coach for Will's activities.Ron and Lori are looking forward to retirement. Ron keeps himself busy with golf, basketball and softball. Lori is involved in everything. Anything to do with the school she volunteers for. Michael's job has him traveling A LOT. Jackie rules the household. I forgot to mention that Evie plays the violin and Ella the viola. Ella is in the orchestra and sings in the chorus. I am sure Evie will do the same when she is in JR High. Chris is traveling a lot also. You know about Heartmate 1 and Heartmate 11. His engineering group designed all of the hardware for Heartmate 11. Therefor Chris had to visit many countries in Europe. The trials are all set up in Europe first because the people in the US jump into law suits so quickly. They were supposed to do 30 trials in Europe, then receive permission from the FDA to start in the US. Trials in Europe went so well that they were able to do 15 and then get approval from the FDA. In the beginning the US allowed five sites to start the implants. Thoratec just received notice that the five sites have been increased to 60. Very impressive. There is not one thing that they had to change. Because of this Chris moved up again. He is now just under the vice president. You would be so proud of everyone of them. They have worked hard and they are all such good parents. I am counting my days to when I can leave this area behind and move to NH. Love you and miss you. I, like June, still continue to say, "I have to tell Mom" with anything special going on or happening. So, belated happy birthday in writing. It was in my mind all day on Wednesday. I hope you are up there somewhere with Artie. I wish him a happy birthday also.
April 15, 2015
Happy Birthday Mom,
I have been thinking of you all day and so often wish you were still with us. Especially when something exciting happens, I automatically want to call you until I realize that I cannot. Will give you a rundown on your great grandchildren who you loved so much and followed all of their accomplishments. Ryan is married with a little boy who is the cutest little guy with one dimple & blonde hair. He is smart too. Will be 2 in May and already counts, knows his colors and to make it short is quite a whip. Ryan and Alisha are still happy in their jobs. Jon has a special friend so hope they consider marriage soon. Jon has a wonderful job and is some sort of boss. Nate finally got a job with an excellent company. One that he likes and he has to travel a lot. Bethany is out in OKC with job and fiancé. Wedding will be in May. Sam has a wonderful job & they bought a house. Ryan & Alisha did too. Owning ones own home was very important to you. Sarah has graduated and got a job immediately at Mirasol. She loves her job and love FL. She is less than 1 1/2 hrs. away from us. We got her a little condo so that she does not have to squander her money on rent. It is in a wonderful spot on a canal so the view is great. Denisha is finishing up her Sophomore year in school and will join Sarah for the summer working at Mirasol. Then back to Boston for her Jr. year. Hanna is in France with her school & will be going into her Sr. year of highschool. Our little Hanna is not so little anymore. The boys are fine. Lisa's Mom is living with she and Bob & Bob has full care of her because Lisa works during the day. It has not been easy but they are persevering. We are doing fine despite the torment we are going through. Love you always,
April 22, 2011
Dear Mom,
Belated Happy Birthday. How very often I think of you. How pleased you would be with seeing all your bedroom furniture in it's new room in FL. We call the room Mom's room. I restored your bed and the desk & it has turned out to be one of the prettiest if not the prettiest room in the house. I am following your desires, only in a bit of a different way. We just purchased a 2nd house in the FL community for rental, but now both Bob & Bill will inherit a home some day.
June & Bill
April 15, 2011
Happy Birthday...thinking of you today.
Jackie, Michael, Ella, Evie & Julian
April 16, 2010
Dear Mom,
A day late, but we had a busy day yesterday closing on a house in FL. Now, we will not connect your birthday with tax day any longer. We will connect it with closing on the FL house. Toward the end you had wished that you could have spent your winters in FL and it never happened. You would have been happy there as we will be the next street over from Ida, Connie & Ron. Would have been a dream come true for you. There are so many things that happen daily which make us think of you. You would be thrilled to know that Bethany is going to WPI, Sarah has been accepted to UMass, Amhearst. Ryan & Alisha have just purchased a home and Nate graduates from UConn this spring. Also that Sarah's highlight of shopping is at the Salvation Army & Goodwill. She is so excited with her purchases. I guess a little bit of you has rubbed off on your great grandchildren as well. Luv you, June and the rest of the Storie Clan.
April 16, 2010
Dear Mom: Another year has passed and what a year it has been. There is so much to tell you and I still think I can go to the phone to tell you. Chris & Em had a little boy June 30th. Now they are done. They purchasted a home in Newburyport. I have mortgaged it with my funds from Paxar. They are paying me back with interst so "your legacy" and the use of Paxar monies continues. I think the big surprise is Jackie & Michael will welcome there very special package in August. Yes she is having another one. Funny how the mind works (from deciding that they did not want childen to having their third at the age of 44 almost 45. Everyone is very excited! Ron and Lori are excited because they will only have one tuition to pay. YOu would be so proud. Chris R will graduate from Northeastern on May 7th with a degree in Biomedical Physics with a minor in Biology and Philosophy. It looks like he will be working at Mass General. They just have to do a background. He was interviewed by Tufts Medical also so we will see where that goes. Ron feels the Mass Gen will be more in his field. Casey, our supposed baseball star, made deans list his first semester. He received a scholarship award. With it he will have $1,000 taken off his tuition bill next semester. He also received more money because of his grades. I went to his game on Wednesday (in Franklin). A long drive. I guess when he got home there was a letter in his mailbox from Franklin Pierce University (where Jackie received her Teacher certification. They want him for next semester. They have a nationally ranked baseball program. He decided he wants to stay at Dean for the next year. He has made many really nice friends and he hopes to get into Boston College with a Division I baseball program.
Lori finished her book and it has been printed. Jackie did the sketch on the cover.

Ben has started T ball and he like Casey is a natural. He will also take tennis lessons.
Charlotte will start pre school in the fall. William (our last name without the s) is crawling all over.

Ella is reading at a fifth grade level with 99% accuracy. Her teacher is amazed. Her teacher just had twins so I hope the substitute is as good. Evie will be finishing kindergarten and go into the public school in the fall. So you can see all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren are doing great. I am,as you would be, very proud of all of them.

June, Bill and I went on a 35 day cruise to Hawaii and the French Polanesion Islands. It was great fun and we saw a lot of every island. The weather was great and NO we did not use Paxar money or any money received from you. That all goes to the great grandchildren who never received anything. That is the only fair way. I will be doing a flea market in Cheshire tomorrow. I am sure you will be on my shoulder helping me sell your wares.

I continue to vist Helen every week or so. She still really misses you but is doing well. She was 87 in October.

Jim's brother John is having difficulties. I guess his whole body is full of tumers. He had to have one removed. Now he has to recover so he can have his gallbladder removed. Then start chemo and radiation. It does not sound good. He is three years younger than Jim.

All in all things are going well. We all still miss you and Ben still has his little stick that is for great grammie. Too funny. The girls are having a great time reading all the books that are here (from great grammie).

I guess that is the update. As I said before when I receive good news I still head to the phone to call you. Hope you have met up with Uncle Dick, Aunt Donna, Aunt Isabel, Edwin, and cousin Bob.

I will take the North Dakota quilt into Eives school on Monday. I am still running the roads all of the time. Do enjoy those grandchildren.

Lots of love and happy thoughts from the Cotter family.
April 15, 2010
Thinking of you on this special day.
The family of......
April 16, 2009
I am also a day late. Was in Amesbury/North Hampton, NH. Helping Em with the kids while Chris is away. They are all so good as you know. We did speak of you opten yesterday and everyone really misses you especially the little ones that still remember their great week with Great Grammy. Ben even handed me a stick and said I could have it because it was a walking stick like Great Grammy had. Casey got a hit for you in baseball. He said he was going to do it and he did. I am trying a Flea Market on Saturday. It is being held in the senior center in Cheshire. You pay $25 and have an 8' x 10' spot. I will be thinking of you all day as I sell your special treasures. I know that is what you would want me to do. So I am sure you will be with me on Saturday. No real news. I still think it might be you when the telephone rings. When will that ever end? Miss you and love you lots. Love always, Ann
April 16, 2009
A day too late, but be sure that you were thought of and spoken of often & dearly on Easter Sunday. The day that we always recognized your birthday along with Easter. Always a cake and always a song. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
April 15, 2009
Wishing you a Happy Birthday Gram.
Love always, Jackie, Michael, Ella & Evie

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