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July 23, 2018

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July 23, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 22, 2009
I'm sorry. Jay's quick wit and humor will always be fresh in my mind.
March 02, 2009
Sicard Family,
It was just today I found this, I am so sorry. I know he is in a better place. He was our VHL brother. BEATLES1!!!!!!!!!
Renee & Jesse Cavazos
February 28, 2009
My thoughts go to the family, I just now saw this saddening news. Jay was such a happy, good hearted soul. I have not seen him in years but remember him fondly.
January 04, 2009
My Condolences go out to the Sicard family and to Paula Sicard the sister of Jay. She took care of Jay through out his life and "Loved" him very much standing by him. I ever got to know Jay, but was told he was a man of great courage and kindness. I know I could have learned much from him and he will be missed. May he be by God's right hand. Rest in Peace.
April 25, 2008
Dear Jay,
I'm grateful for having visited with you when my dad was around. It was good to see you smile though your body was fraile. I don't understand a lot of things, but know that the God who is control of it all does and cares. Peace and love,
Cousin Cheryl
April 10, 2008
i have owned a used record/cd store in downtown daytona beach for almost 26 years. jay was a regular and a delight to be around. he knew everything you wanted to know about music from the animals to the zombies. but he especially loved the beatles. in fact, there are times i believe his will to keep going was based on the fact his beatles collection was never quite complete. there are many wonderful stories i could share about jay. but the most memorable was no doubt his strength and will to live. jay, give our love to john and george.
April 05, 2008
I will always remember Jay when we eat s'mores, watching fireworks, on Plum Island.
April 04, 2008
My memories of Jay include his wrinkling of his nose at my Ghiradelli hot cocoa (no sugar) and sharing long discussions on the most esoteric of subjects. He had a kind soul and an open heart, and a sense of humor that was wry, ascerbic and made me chuckle. Knowing him was a blessing. But I cherish my memories and know that he is sitting on a porch, watching the sunset with my Dad (Russ) and our neighbor (Frank) and they are chuckling to themselves at how we here are missing them, when they are with us, always.
April 03, 2008
Jay maybe you will hear this...if not...I'll tell you myself when I get there... :-)

(How many pages are in this book ? :-)

Sharing a short story made I think is worth sharing with "friends of Jay's"
where I think they too will feel it seems beyond coincidence...

I will apologize in advance for my bad spelling, and worse spell checker in my
computer :-)

Now that Jay's wings have dried, I think he has been making the rounds.

I am starting to think Jay is reaching out, where for the past 2 to 3 weeks I have been noticing that
the radio station I usually listen to has been playing a lot of Beatles music every day, at all hours.

I notice it where I really listen to the music on the air, and recently the play of Beatles has dramatically are playing lots of Beatles for some reason (no particular one that I am aware
of though...)

Also, the past 2 weeks on television the "American Idol" program...(that I am not a follower of) has decided
that it is going to have a "Beatles" theme for all of it's contestants....for not just one week, but the past
two weeks so far ...Hmmmm? that's a little more unusual, where I don't believe that program ever even
did a "theme"...and the one they decided on the past 2 weeks has been the that is a
pretty strange, and interesting coincidence...

If that isn't enough....Now yesterday morning while I am in the back room at my work starting
up the wood stove I decide the radio out there is a little static, and where I don't particularly care much
for the station it is on anyway, I decide to tune it into a good public radio station I like, (one I have not listened
to in many years now) I hear some blues on it and think this is a nice way to start my work day...
and I go back to lighting the fire in the stove......

So...I put in some kindle wood, and reach into a box we have next to the stove with paper to start the fire,
but notice that the newspaper I grab off the top of the paper box is an old paper, so for the hell of it, and
thankfully, I decide to read the date, and headlines of it....

First of all, the paper is a seven year old newspaper..pretty old...but what was a bit startling to me was the very
first headline I read on the front page ...which was..."Harrison Dies"...

Now... I think my mind must be playing tricks because we had just lost Jay the day before, so that must not
be what it said in the's just my mind early in the morning playing tricks....
I know Jay loved George Harrison...that is all it is I bet...

So I look again, and start to read on in the paper..."former Beatle, George Harrison dies of cancer at 58" I am
beside my self thinking, this is just too much to write off to a quirky coincidence...I was absolutely amazed.

So I take the old newspaper, that I know I have to save now...and bring it inside the main building, and put it in
my locker there. I'm now kind of walking in a daze, and thinking to myself...OK Jay...I hear're coming
through loud and clear....
I am just thinking ...I have to tell this to someone..this is just wild.

So I go and get myself a cup of coffee, then go back to the stove, and the business of starting that fire. Now
about 10 minutes...or less... has passed since I found the old newspaper (or it found me)...and I kneel down in
front of the stove once again to get that fire going, my head just buzzing over what had just happened, and as I light
the fire I am listening to the tail end of that blues set, and the next song that comes on the radio station is...

this I find hard to believe...the next voice coming out of that George Harrison...
and he is singing the song "The Two Of Us"...and he is singing..."We are going Home"...!!!!!

OK...Now I am pretty much thunderstruck by how unbelievable these happenings are....

So I talk about this stuff all day at work and can't wait to go home to tell my wife who also agrees...the chain of events
seem quite amazing....I still do obviously...

So I go back to work the next day...having this all on my mind a lot of the day, then home after, and check the day's e-mail. of the first e-mails I a concert ticket e-mailing for the coming Ringo Starr show in Boston.....can you
honestly still consider this is all just a coincidence??

I am beginning to wonder ...I know Jay really liked Ringo because I talked with him about Ringo a few times, telling him Ringo
was not my favorite of the group, and Jay always told me "he really liked Ringo, and that he had seen Ringo, and that Ringo
put on a good show, and I should see him".

So...maybe this is a sign that I should go see Ringo...I don't know...all I know is I had to tell you this story....I think anyone
who knew Jay will understand what I am trying to say through it. I certainly am clueless as to where we all go from here...
but I am starting to think Jay is trying to let us know something....and that something is a good thing :-)

I always liked the Beatles, but they have taken on a whole new meaning to me from now on.

Well, I hope that you liked this story, and get the good feeling from the chain of events in it as I have. And Jay, as for you,
"Imagine all the life in peace" It isn't hard to do, after meeting you....peace little brother...D
April 03, 2008
We will always be grateful for the time we shared in our home and in yours. Your courage and humor brought joy and inspiration to our days. We will hold the memories dear in our golden slumbers and yours. Be free and peaceful at last. Till we meet again. All is copacetic now.

Peace, love, out,
Laura and Byron

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