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January 01, 2016
Happy New Year to the greatest father in the world! We miss you sooo much!
December 26, 2015
Hey Dad,

Just stopping in to wish you a Merry Christmas. I was up visiting you guys yesterday. The rain stopped just in time for me to have a nice visit and bring some new flowers for you guys.

How are things up in heaven? I bet it's great especially with your beloved grand son Derek up there to keep you and Tone company. Plus your Dobermans.

Well we sure miss you here during the holidays. We sang Christmas carols at Sol's but it wasn't the same without your great voice. Ava and Ben did sing so they are taking up the slack.

Anyways, we miss you dearly and just hope you are doing good. I love you very much. Merry Christmas.
November 26, 2015
Hey Pops,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! How are you my father? I sure hope all is well with you guys up in heaven.

Thanksgiving feels so empty without you here to share your funny stories and have a drink with. I know you, Tone and Derek are sharing those stories and memories today. I sure hope it's a fun time.

We went to that one restaurant in southcenter that we all went to before Tony passed away. It holds a good memory for us so this year we did that instead of anything else. It doesn't see like such a long time ago pops.

Well everything is fine down here. Mom is doing good and the rest of us are just living the best we can without you to guide us. We know you are with us in spirit though. I sure miss you.

Take care pops, I'm thankful for all you did for me.
June 21, 2015
Hey Pops,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's day! We all came to visit you with mom, Laurie/Kalisa, Leo and kids, also your great grand daughter Ava. I sure hope you enjoyed our visit.

Mom misses you, we all do. You were and still are the best father in the world. I miss seeing you and talking to you pops. All of your words of wisdom, all of your jokes and of course all of your great stories.

We have been trying to keep them alive in daily conversation though. Your memory and your personality stays with us. Well I love you and miss you and hope you had a great day today with Derekboy and Tone. Rest in peace my great father.
May 17, 2015
Hello Toto,hope you had a nice b'day celebrating with all the Porras clan up there.We all love and miss you Solmar & Kath
May 16, 2015
Hey Pops,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How are you doing? You would have been 81 today. Ah man we miss you... At least you are in fine company up there and I'm sure Tone and Derek will take good care of you along with Grandpa Marcel and Grandma Sol.

A lot has been going on down here. Bought a riding mower for your property. Mom loves it. Wish we would had done that years ago now that I think of it, but no worries your yard and property is looking good. I get over there every other week to mow it.

Ava is growing up and learned how to ride her bike about a month ago. I taught her just like you taught me. I think we were living in Spain when you taught me so just passing it along. Brit just got engaged last night so we are all happy for her.

Well I'm going to shoot some hoop in your honor today as I know how much you like hooping it up.

We love you and miss you very much. Happy Birthday from all of us!
April 06, 2015
Hey Pops,

Happy Easter to you guys! Hopefully you guys had some kind of celebration in heaven. I remember our last Easter together, it was a nice sunny day and we all came up to visit you in Seattle. At least you got to outside and enjoy some fresh air. Ah man those were the good old days.

Well we sure miss those days and we miss you as well. Ava, mom, Leo and all are doing well. We just don't have you 3 guys around to keep us company with your great conversation and laughs.

We have been working on your property and it sure is looking good. I hope you can see it from heaven and liking what we have done so far. We have all summer to get your property looking even better.

Well we miss you and love you down here. Take good care of Tone and Derek for us.
December 28, 2014
Hello Toto,we missed your beautiful voice at Christmas Eve.Give outlove to mom,dad,Ton,Derek and all up there .we love you,Solmar & Kath
December 26, 2014
Merry Christmas Pops!

We went to visit you yesterday and put a ton of flowers on your grave site. I am sure you, tone and derek had a good xmas up in heaven. We do miss the big get togethers we all used to have.

We went to Sol's and had Ava with us as well. Good times pops, we just wished you were there.

Well we love you and miss you. Take care of my son and brother up there for me.
November 27, 2014
Hey Pops,

Just wishing you, Tone and Derek a Happy Thanksgiving. Mom and I visited you guys yesterday and I'm going to visit again today. We miss you around the table and in life.

I'm thankful for the memories. Miss you.
November 26, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving Toto,hi to mom,dad,Tony,Derek and all up there,love,Solmar & Kath
November 24, 2014
Miss you Toto.
June 15, 2014
Hey Dad,

Well I just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's day. Me , mom and Britney came to see you guys today. We sure miss you. The things you taught us, the laughter you brought to our lives, the love and the guidance you gave all of us continues on in your grand children and great grand children. We have been spending lots of time on your property, cleaning it up, keeping it neat and taking care of it just like when you were here. I love you and miss you pops. I miss seeing you and talking to you. I hope you are well up in heaven.

Happy Father's day to the best dad in the world - RIP - W
May 16, 2014
Hey Pops,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Laurie and Lorna called me telling me they were thinking about you. Of course we all think about you. It is really different without you around her to spread your smile, wisdom and laughter with us.

You have yet another great grand daughter (Cataleya) and of course there's Adriana and little Ava. Ava's not so small anymore, she's going to be 5 on the 20th.

We were just looking at your pictures this morning. She really misses you too pops.

Well Happy Birthday again and sure hope you are doing well up there. Have a drink and relax today. We all love and miss you much!
December 25, 2013
Hey Pops,

MERRY CHRISTMAS! How are you doing up there? I am sure you are having a wonderful time with Tone and Derek.

Remember last Christmas? You were in the nursing home and we came to visit you there. Ava and I brought you presents and she helped you open them.

She says hello and is growing up to be a very smart and beautiful girl. I remember coming there to see you on Xmas eve and Xmas day. Ah man pops I miss you.

I came to the gravesite last night on Xmas eve and today as well. Just like the old days pops. Wouldn't miss spending time with you for the world.

Everyone at Sol's said hello. As always Sol, Eddy and the rest of our family were singing songs and enjoying our good family time. Not the same without you three there, but no worries we included you guys in our prayers before dinner.

At any rate pops, it's only been 8 short months and I miss you still. Mom and Leo too. We all do. So take care of yourself, grab yourself a good bite to eat and some whiskey and I'll talk to you soon.

Love you much and Merry Christmas
November 30, 2013
Hey Pops,

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We sure miss you down here. Remember those get togethers where we would eat and then play poker? Ah man those were the good ol days.

Your Great Grand Daughter says hello. She said a prayer for all 3 of you guys the other night.

Mom is doing ok, I visit her often and make sure she has everything she needs.

King is still guarding your property, crazy doberman. Some days he barks at me like I'm a stranger, other days he comes over to me and wants to be petted. Worst memory ever!

Well I sure miss talking with you pops and hanging out. I hope you, Tone and Derek are doing ok up in heaven.

I miss you man...
June 24, 2013
Hey Pops,

Well it was only 2 months and 1 day ago that you left us. Man I miss you.

I really miss. Send me a sign you're doing ok up there.

Love you, Win
June 16, 2013
Hey Pops,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's day. We all went out to breakfast this morning and then went up to the gravesite to visit you, Tone and Derek.

We brought a ton of fresh flowers and pictures so I hope you liked it. Man we miss you down here pops. It's not the same and today was a tough day.

We had another big BBQ at your house in the afternoon and the entire yard was full of kids and family. You would have like it, just like the old days pops.

At any rate, we are doing our best to watch over mom. She has not been well since you left for heaven. Watch her for me and keep her in your heart.

We love you dad. Ava was looking at your pictures this morning. She misses you too.

Well thanks for being the best father in the world. I love and miss you much.

Your son W
May 30, 2013
Hey Dad,

How are you? I hope you are smiling today. We had your burial today on the 1 year anniversary of Derek's passing.

The entire family came up to remember you and celebrate your life. We miss you pops. All of the good things you did for us, all of the help and support you showed us and just being the solid rock of the family is missed.

All of the time we spent together, just talking and laughing. Seeing you every day, ah pops, I miss it all.

Both of your great grandkids Ava and Adrianna were there today to visit. We put a whole bunch of flowers, balloons and pictures up at the gravesite for your Tone and Derek.

I think you would have been very proud and happy how it all turned out. Mom really misses you too, but no worries we are taking good care of her.

Well pops, it's late but just wanted to say once again that I love you, miss you and thank you for all of the good things you did for me and the rest of the family.

Love your son, W
May 16, 2013
Hey Pops,


Today you would have been 79 years old.

I remember all of the other birthdays we celebrated of yours and this one is the first without you.

Well I am sure you are up in heaven celebrating it with Derek and Tony. Ah man all three of you are missed so badly. Still can't believe you're all gone.

We miss you down here and I want to tell you that I love you dad. Happy Birthday and hope you are smiling with a drink in your hand.

Love you so much, W
May 05, 2013
Dearest Uncle Art,
Manny just told me of your passing. I am so very sorry we were not able to be in Seattle to say good-bye. Know that our love and prayers are with you always. Big hugs to all ~ Diana & Manny
May 04, 2013
Well Pops,

I am getting ready for the day and will be up at the funeral home early to spend some last moments with you.

We will have a big celebration in your honor and your family and friends will be there.

It's a sunny day so Tony and Derek are smiling brightly down at us. They are waiting for you to get into heaven.

Rest in Peace pops, I love you so much. W
May 03, 2013
To the entire Porras family, our thoughts and pryers are with you.
Much Love.

I-Shen and Rebecca
May 03, 2013
Our prayers to his family and friends. In these hard times words truly don't say enough.
Our thoughts are with you and your family.
Don and Arrestling Members
May 01, 2013
I love and miss you very much grandpa. You will always be in my heart R.I.P.
May 01, 2013
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Porras family. Arturo Porras rest in peace. We know you will be in only the best company. Much love.
May 01, 2013
Dear Family,
Our sincerest condolences on Art's passing. May he rest in God's sweet peace, reunited with many who are dear to him.
Love & Blessings,
The AlmaJose Family
April 30, 2013
Dear Porras Family,
Its been a rough year for all of you and my heart breaks . I just wanted you to know that my prayers go out to all of you. God bless, Tony
April 30, 2013
Hey Dad,

I will miss the way you made us laugh, the way you supported us, the great talks we had and all of the time we spent together.

Today we told Ava that you were on your way to heaven. She was concerned about when you would get there. She will miss you too.

It's been a long hard year pops but don't worry, I will watch over the rest of our family just as you have done in the past.

Please give my brother and my son a gigantic hug from all of us down here. I miss them as much as I miss you right now.

Rest in peace my dear father. I love you so much.

Love Win
April 30, 2013
Hi Grampy now you are with daddy and Derek. I know you will take care of them both. Love you,
April 30, 2013
Joe and Pepita are my treasured neighbors, so want to send my condolences to them and the whole family. May God's blessing be with you.
April 30, 2013
I am very sad at the passing of my dear brother Arturo.He was the head of the APPLES and though he is gone,I will always refer to the Porras siblings as the APPLES because he will forever be in our hearts.My wife,Kathleen also sends her heartfelt condolences to all the APPLES and to Art's family(Pat,Winston,Leo and nephews and nieces).He was truly a great man.Say hi to mom,dad,Tony and Derek for us all.Love,Solmar
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