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Baird M. Bardarson
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August 13, 2013
Dr. B was more than a doctor, he cared! He was my family doctor from the time I was 4 until he retired. He delivered my siblings as well as my children. I wish I could find a doctor who followed his philosophy. One thing he said to me that has stuck all these years:'A doctor is just an educated man practicing a trade, just like you. He is not a god and people need to quit treating them like they are. You are hiring me to do a good job, and have a vested interest in the outcome. Don't ever be afraid to question. And if he doesn't like it, find a new doctor who WILL listen.' I wish I could find another doctor like him, but I think they broke the mold when he was created. I miss you, Dr. B.
September 05, 2012
I was sent Dr. Baird Bardarson's obituary by a friend who said he thought we were related. I did some genealogical homework and found that we are indeed second cousins, which was very pleasing considering his outstanding career and achievements. Dr. Bardarson's dedication to helping others and his humanitarianism will obviously be widely and warmly remembered. I am sending the Seattle Times notice to my brother David in Wisconsin who is also a doctor (rheumatologist) and is sure to see some genetic linkage. I'm by the way, an economist.

My condolences and sympathies to the members of the Bardarson family who have lost what was clearly an exceptional man.
February 17, 2011
Dr. Bardarson was not only our family's doctor during the 60s and 70s in Renton, but he was also our neighbor on Renton Hill. His daughter Lisa was a special friend of mine and I will always remember the good times shared at their home. I am so sorry to have just learned of the good doctor's death.
My condolences to the entire Bardarson family. Baird Bardarson was a very fine man; He taught many of us the meaning of pro-choice and will always be remembered for the great work he did. Your legacy will live on!
November 13, 2010
Dear Bardarson Clan,
My heart sank when I read of Baird's death. I have know Baird as a professional and friend since the late 70's. I loved his endless stories of his girls, how much they taught and influenced him. In later years he made me smile when I'd run into him running up and down Queen Anne Hill. He was there for me in countless professional and personal struggles. Baird was a rock for his friends and patients. The twinkle in his eye will remain with me forever.
November 07, 2010
The few years I was able to spend coming to the Icelandic Club coffees on Tuesday mornings were always brightened by Baird's ready smile and the pieces of his life that he prescribed in two-minute doses. I am blessed by the short time I knew him.
November 06, 2010
As a fan of the Bardarson clan from way back in the Bardy era, I'm very sorry to hear of Baird's passing. He cut a wide swath through life, as have all his kin. My warmest thoughts are with all the Bardarsons at this sad time.
November 05, 2010
Dear Peggy and Family,

It was with deepest sorrow that I learned of the loss of one of the greatest humanitarians I have ever known. As Director of Counseling at Planned Parenthood from 1977-1994, I was privileged to know Baird as a physician and friend ---a man possessing the highest integrity and sensitivity. He was a true champion of women.

Often, he would come into my office and share stories of his family vacations---I will always remember his descriptions of the trips to Zijuatanajo and the concerts his "girls" would give in the lobby of the Irma Hotel.

Baird was simply one of the most respected, courageous, generous and modest men I have ever known. As my father used to say "They just don't make them like that any more". How right he was.

Thank you for sharing him with us for all those years.
November 05, 2010
To the Bardarson Family,
May your many wonderful memories comfort you~ I will remember Baird's smile & laugh after a day of racing, and the twinkle in his eye while explaining what we did wrong during the day! Anyone that writes "Dancing Fool" on his card has such a joie de vivre, I was so impressed by his zest for life. The world would be a better place with more folks like Baird. We were blessed to have known him.
14s are Forever!
Sail on in the heavens,
Yvonne Heusler Galvez
November 05, 2010
I only met Baird a few times but he always made me feel as if we were old friends. He was so open, honest, and frank, with such a warm and ready laugh, that you really wanted him to like you. I certainly liked him. I delighted in his company, and I'm sorry I didn't get to share it more often. There should be more like him in the world.
November 04, 2010
To the Bardarson Family,
What a wonderful man! I'm so fortunate to have met Baird. He has always been an inspiration to me, in Sailing, Medicine, and in life. I only hope I can emulate him in some small way, and make a difference in the lives of the people I meet, as Baird has for so many.
November 04, 2010
Sending hugs and love to all of you.
I remember a man, larger than life, with a ready smile. Whether as a child on Renton Hill or an adult now across the country, out of my deep respect for him, I will always call him simply, "Doctor".
With love and prayers,
November 04, 2010
Baird was a calm voice of reason and a tough competitor. He set a grand example for all of the other International 14 sailors.
November 04, 2010
On behalf of the LA International Fourteen fleet, we send our deepest condolences. Baird was a most genuine individual. In competition, he was a World Class sailor in the truest Corinthian spirit. I first met Baird at an LA regatta over 20 years ago. He was one of the first people to walk up to me and welcome my wife and I to the fleet. We were young and complete novices. He was so helpful and his advice and sailing tips were very much appreciated. He always sailed with one of his daughters and really motivated women like my wife to sail such a challenging boat. It's because of people like Baird, so helpful and friendly that we have enjoyed the sport so much. We went on to compete against Baird in many more competitions where he would promptly defeat most of the fleet including us and then tell us what we did wrong. A great teacher. Fast forward - When I was sailing in the POW Cup a couple of years ago in the UK, one of the historians of the regatta told us that the last time an American team won a replica trophy was about 45 years ago. I had no idea he was one of the teams until I read his story above. For all the lessons, and your especially your friendship, Thank you Baird. You definitely made an impression on me.
November 04, 2010
I admired (and envied) Baird's willingness to go on sailing 14's to a ripe old age when I felt it necessary to retire to Solings. We were fortunate that he was one of us - and should be proud to have been one with him.
November 04, 2010
We met Baird when visiting Linnea and Joel. We hold in our memories a picture of a man of great enthusiasm and compassion, as well as a fun loving heart, lighting a holiday brew afire to our great surprise. His bright spirit lives. We send our sincerest sympathies.
Cal Ramsdell and Bill Greene (Randolph, MA)
November 04, 2010
Dear Peggy, Linnea, and extended family,

Though I met Baird only twice, he impressed me as a man full of humor, vigor, and conviction. I know that he will be truly missed by all, yet his loving memory will prevail.
November 03, 2010
I first met Baird more that 25 years ago at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club in Long Beach, California, and for years after his smile and enthusiasm for this boat and our sport was infectious and genuine. He was a great man and a great sailor and I am proud to have known him.
November 03, 2010
Dear Peggy,
I am so sorry to hear of Baird's death. I think of his lovely smile and optimistic approach to life; he was such a ray of sunshine! My deepest condolences to you and all your family and your friends with whom he shared that warmth. I am thinking of you and I will keep you in my prayers,
November 03, 2010
I have only known Baird in a limited way and yet admire his humanitarianism. I am pleased and proud of the twin grandsons, Reuven and Jonah, that we shared.
The sailing now will forever be smooth and in untroubled waters.
November 03, 2010
I will miss Baird so very much. It was such a privilege for me to work with him on Icelandic Club business and to share a cup of coffee with him at our Tues. gatherings at the Nordic Heritage Museum. I will miss his sense of humor, curious mind and his goodness. All of my condolences go out to his family.
November 03, 2010
Dear Peggy and Family
Our deepest sympathy to you at the loss of a beloved husband, father, and grandfather Baird. In this time of sorrow our prayers are with you. It was our delight and pleasure to have Baird, Peggy,Lisa and Lily attend the Bardarson-Nordal Family Reunion at Pincher Creek AB in 2001. It provided a wonderful opportunity for him to meet his cousin Sigrún and share stories of his parents, and grandfather. He shared a lot of family information in a witty, delightful manner. Our time together was all too brief. We found him kind, gentle and informative, and can truly understand the love and respect he had gained in his medical practice and with family and friends over the years. Our love and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Sincerely Cousin Gary Bjarnason, wife Sheila, Runa and family, and James.
November 03, 2010
I was lucky to have Doctor Bardarson as my doctor and my friend. When I was raising my kids in the 60's Baird was the voice of reason and commen sense. A little dirt never hurt, you are in pain for a reason, let's see what we can do to help you. Thanks, Doc.
November 02, 2010
I was proud to call Baird my cousin! We shared a bond of laughter, family & our Icelandic heritage. I shall miss him as he left us too soon...I have things I wanted to share with him but will have to wait now until we meet again! My condolences to the family for such a loss here on earth.
November 02, 2010
Dear Peggy, Siri, Karin, Berit, Lisa and Linnea:

I am so sorry you lost Baird far too soon. I feel so fortunate for having gotten to know Baird so well many years ago. I have thought of him often over the years, as he is the best role model I could ever imagine for a father raising a daughter. He was clearly terrific in that role, as his love, compassion, fun, independence, humor, zest for life, etc., live on in each of you.

Baird accomplished everything we all should hope to do: a life incredibly well-lived; and an enduring legacy that so many of us will often reflect upon – and when we do, it will be with a smile and a terrific memory. Baird, quite simply, made a difference.
November 02, 2010
When Dr. Baird Bardarson retired in 1991 after 35 years in medicine, his medical practice that had come to specialized in abortion care, became part of the nonprofit Feminist Women's Health Centers of WA that have continued to provide abortion care in Renton ever since Dr.
Bardarson left. Today the practice known as Cedar River Clinics, a variation of the name given it by the kind gentle humanitarian and wonderful human being, Baird Bardarson. Thanks to Baird's skilled and compassionate care, and understanding manner, thousands of women had reproductive freedom. Please make a charitable donation in Baird's honor to the Women In Need fund at Cedar River Clinics to be used to ensure access to abortion. See and
November 01, 2010
Peggy - I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss Baird, he was such a great person, and one of my most favorite. Erik Bentzen
November 01, 2010
Peggy & other family members.
Our sincere condolences. We will always remember his smile at the many Icelandic Thorrablots & other Icelandic events we attended with him. I met him first when I took my amma to USA 1976 to meet all here family including Baird who was her cousin May you rest in peace.
November 01, 2010
We remember Baird with appreciation and love for his Icelandic heritage. We will miss him on Tuesday mornings where he lit up the room when he entered. His infectious smile warmed us all. May his memory bring smiles to all those who knew him. With love. Sibbie & Emily Kristjanson
October 31, 2010
Baird and I first met and sailed against each other in Annapolis in the 60s and for the next 40+ years either continued to sail or worked together at '14' events, the last time, about 3 years ago. Aloha! He will be greatly missed by '14ers' all around the world.
John D. Hsu, M.D., Downey, California..
October 31, 2010
My deepest condolences. Baird was a hero and a grand human being. I am so happy we got to reconnect last year. The world was graced by his presence and we will miss him.
October 31, 2010
Baird, you were a legend. Live it up there in Valhalla.

John Rahn
October 31, 2010
We remember Baird with appreciation and love for his Icelandic heritage. We will miss him on Tuesday mornings where he lit up the room when he entered. His infectious smile warmed us all. May his memory bring smiles to all those who knew him. With love
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