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Howard C. Gilbert D.D.S.
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November 15, 2013
Howard was a good friend of my husband Matt who passed away in 2000. They were fellow dentists together in the Medical Dental Bldg. in Seattle. And he was a good friend of mine also---so kind, eager to help especially after Matt died. One spring he travelled to Priest Lake by himself to act as a gardener and trim all the shrubs and take away the underbrush from the lakefront of our cabin.

We all had a great trip together in their small RV to Mexico - driving down the Baja, seeing all the sights and taking the local ferry with the Mexicans, their chickens and pigs from LaPaz to Topolabampo and up to Arizona. Quite an experience - not many would have driven that route...but Howard wasn't fazed.

How nice to have known such a special man - my condolences and support go out to Marlene and her family.

Nancy Hanford
October 15, 2013
Howard was and Man amoung men. Rex talks about all the great times Marlene and he had. I wish I could have know him longer but I know his kindness and wonderful smile will always be remembered. Love Rex and Anna Moubry
October 14, 2013
It was about the time of this photo Uncle Howie and I first met. He was home on leave and I was a new born. This photo is the kind young nephews bond to: look at that Dennis Quaid grin and the Gregory Peck eyes and the way his sailor hat sits.

A few years later when I'd visit Howie and Grandad at their dental office in the Medical & Dental Building and he and I would go to lunch in Frededrick and Nelson, I would be amazed and proud when all the young women would be staring at us.

A large part of my growing up was at Indianola and Unc was there with Grandad to teach me to fish, row, shoot and otherwise hang out at the Beach.
My first camping experience was an overnighter with Howie at Denny Creek, the genesis of my lifetime of mountaineering and story swapping with him. I am still slightly in awe that he climbed the Olympic Peak skyline as seen from Seattle. And he also held a REI card numbered in the 800's.

He and my mother Barbara were exceptionally close. There are many photos of their growing up years in which you can see their mutual admiration. It was with the most tender compassion that he wiped her lips in her final hours.

We kept in touch over the years at Skunk Bay,Yarrow Point, my mothers house and the last 10 or 15 years RV'ing with Marlene and Jo in Ea Wa checking out family, land and lore
around Walla Walla and Eureka. He was the best keeper of the burial sites the Gilberts, Cattons, Chambers and the Manhards.

The last few years we tried to get together as often as possible. I think we both wanted to talk about family and deepen our shared interests and respect. He shared some of the difficulty he had growing up in otherwise idyllic Magnolia. The War years played large for him as it did with most of the 'Greatest Generation.' He told service stories that cast himself as a bit of a rebel which played well to Lt. Miller. Our conversations gave him the chance to have a last and clarifying word on his life. In essence and fact those last words were of his love for Marlene and no regrets for his well lived life

Bo Miller
Maternal nephew
October 06, 2013
I love reading these tributes to Howie - or Unc,as he preferred to be called by me.

My first real memory of Unc was more than 60 years ago when I gave him a little piece of cardboard the size of an index card with tacks. He acted like it was the best gift he ever received!

He did so love the outdoors - I especially remember a hike through an abandoned tunnel at Snoqualmie Summit.

He built my mantle and railing for photos in my hallway. Once there was some abandoned wood and I called him - he built what he called "Mary's Bridge" in the backyard.

We were great email buddies, mainly pets and nostalgia - and remembering and honoring Veterans Day as well as Memorial Day and the service he and my father gave to our country.

I am going to miss our time with Unc and Marlene. And Marlene will always be part of our lives. So much laughter!

Unc meant so much to my side of the family and his very special bond with his sister, my mother.

What I take away from these tributes is how loved he was and how he toucned so many lives. He will be missed and thought of often.

He had a wonderful life - as he would occasionally respond in an email -

Good one!

Mary Miller Evans
October 06, 2013
I light this candle in memory of all of the known and unknown random acts of kindness that Howard did in his lifetime and to ask everyone who reads this to please do one random act of kindness today in Howard's memory.
October 06, 2013
My dearest Marlene and family, the day I learned Howard had passed I was strangely taken aback. Though he was sick and we knew his time was near, somehow I just thought there would be more time. The first thought through my mind when I heard he had passed was, "The world just lost a good man." Howard's goodness was genuine, simple, and dependable. I remember telling Howard about buying my first bicycle when he wished me happy birthday in a phone call to me on my 40th birthday. I said, "I just bought myself a birthday gift. It's a red, 12-speed, Schwinn bicycle and I'm going to learn how to ride it and then I'm getting myself one of those handlebar bells that goes brrreenngg, brrreenngg so I can ring it as I ride." A few days later, I received a package in the mail. The return address: "Howard Gilbert, Seattle, WA". Inside was a chrome, handlebar bell that went "brrreenngg, brrreenngg" when I pulled the handle. That was Howard. A simple, honest, good man given to random acts of kindness. I'm proud to say he was my brother-in-law.
October 06, 2013
I am so happy to have had Howard as a part of our family. He was a wonderful husband to my mother and a great stepfather and grandfather. He was always there whenever anyone needed support and we will all miss him.
October 05, 2013
I am so blessed to have had Howard as a part of our family and as my stepfather for the past 25 years. Howard would quietly do thoughtful things for people and never wanted any fanfare or fuss about them. Howard would wash my car, buy me mace (when I had to go into work in the dark) or shine my shoes ("because someone like you should have polished shoes".) He would never announce he was doing these things they would just happen and usually I would have to inquire to find out how they had occurred. Howard did these sorts of things for many because he was a thoughtful, caring and good man. Howard always saw the best in a person, which seemed to make others want to be their best self, if someone like Howard thought so much of them. I know that was true for me. We are all better people for having had Howard in our lives. He is and will continue to be deeply missed. There is a little less warmth in the world without him in it.
October 02, 2013
We're a bit late to the guest book, but Howard was one of our fathers best friends and a great friend of our entire family. He will always be in our memory. The Harrisons
September 28, 2013
Howard was a very special man. He was a wonderful husband to my Mother and brought her joy and happiness. He was always doing thoughtful things for people. He put together a tackle box full of all the tools I would need as a young single mother living on her own. Howard was a reserved man but put up with the traditions of our family. He took me and my daughter up in the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. Mom & I had so much fun, singing Christmas songs and laughing the whole way up to the special spot we would find that had the perfect tree. I don't think Howard knew quite what to make of us. Howard helped me learn how to tie knots when I was taking the Basic Climbing course with the Mountaineers. He would send me articles on hiking, climbing and skiing. He was always so interested in hearing about my adventures. I will forever be grateful to Howard for spending an evening with me in the hospital when my daughter got a hanger stuck in her eye. I was so afraid and he didn't hesitate to come sit with me until I knew my daughter was going to be alright. He was such a humble man that he didn't understand why that meant so much to me. I am so grateful that Howard was a part of our family and I will miss him deeply.
September 28, 2013
Marlene, my father was lucky to have you in his life and to be loved by your family.
He taught me a great respect of the outdoors, skiing, hiking and fond memories of hunting with him in eastern Washington until he couldn't make it last year.
He was an outstanding dentist, every time I have my teeth cleaned, I get compliments on the gold work he did over thirty years ago.
I wish my children could of gotten to know him better.
Howard L. Gilbert, Fox Island, Wa
September 27, 2013
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
September 24, 2013
Howard was one of the most interesting men we have ever known, if you wanted a tour guide of Seattle and the surrounding area, he was the best! He was always a great host and treated us like royalty when we visited. We all went on the Rattlesnake Winery tour, of course he had to be the DD so we could taste all the wine. The four of us went to Whistler Canada for a few days and had such a wonderful time. We had so many outings and adventures with Howard and Marlene, there are too many to list. Before I left to go to Disneyland, a few days before passed, he slipped me a 20.00 bill, he wanted to make sure I had a couple of drinks on the plane. Even during his last days he was always thinking of others. Marlene was so fortunate to have had such a great man in her life. I was honored to have been there when this beautiful gentleman left this world. We were even more honored to have had him as part of our lives! He will be deeply missed.
September 20, 2013
Howard was one of my best friends, the kind of friend that always had good advice and took time to listen. Howard lived life to the fullest; he was my inspiration to travel the country and see the world. He accomplished so many things in his life. I loved to listen to all his stories, all you had to do is ask and he loved to reminisce. Howard was a man of principle; he was strong, proud and very patriotic. He loved his county and served the nation in so many ways. He served his community proudly and volunteered his time to help others. Howard was my children's grandfather, Tony and Jessica loved him dearly. When my son was about two years old, Howard crafted a handmade wooden shot gun and gave it to Tony for his 2nd birthday. Tony open his special gift, his eyes lit up, he pulled the gun from its wrappings, ran inside and put on his boots, ran outside and jump off the porch, and with a big grin turned to Howard and said “I'm Going bear hunter” , Howard smiled with enormous joy. It's very hard to lose such a wonderful part of my life. I will miss my friend, and think of him often and maybe if everything works out, I'll reach the summit of Mt Rainer one day, open a cold can or Rainer beer and make a toast, to one the finest men I've ever known.
September 18, 2013
Grandpa Howard- we promise to never forget you. We promise to keep your memory alive and we promise to always be there for grandma and take care of her. Daylen. Wants to tell you " you will always be in his heart". We miss you Grandpa to the moon and back. Love, Roy Wendy, Mari, Raina and Daylen
September 11, 2013
My Grandpa was the best grandfather anyone could ever ask for. I will always remember him for going to my soccer and basketball games, the special brick he got for me at the train station with my name on it, and even the time he drove some friends and I around the town to toilet paper homes because none of our parents would take us. :) He's one of the most thoughtful and caring men I've ever known, and I'm glad to have so many wonderful times with him. Grandpa you will always be missed! "LIKEWISE"
September 11, 2013
Marlene, and families- Howard will surely be missed. Althought he had not been out to Seattle Skeet and Trap Club for awhile, he left his mark. Howard worked on our safety rope fence with his special knots, which are still there.Howard was always there to help. most fondly Kathy Olson Vice President
September 10, 2013
Howard sent me several referals when I first started out in Dentistry on the 14 th Floor of the Medical Dental Building. It was very much appreciated at the time. All the best to his family! DR. Al Brown DDS, Capt. USN/USNR
September 09, 2013
I'm so sorry for your great loss. I was a signalman in the Armed Guard and a shipmate of Howard's on the S.S. Wm. Prouse on it's trip around the world which I'm sure he related to you. A sincere regret to your family.
September 09, 2013
To all of Marlene's family,

Thank you for all of the loving support of my Dad and your Mom!

September 08, 2013
We're there for you, Marlene...
Katie & Tony
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