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August 22, 2014

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August 22, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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September 21, 2013
Always thinking of you and remembering our time together. You are missed so very much!
May 06, 2013
To my Dear Mom, I told you before you passed just how much you meant to me and your words of advice were always welcome. Over the years we had come to an understanding about our relationship. The past is the past and we took up like nothing had ever happened. You always had such a great sense of humor and would always keep us laughing. At your Granddaughters wedding in Utah, while we waited for Julia and Andrew to emerge so that we all stood outside waiting for the Bride and Groom to run through the line we created and as we waited to throw our bird seed at the happy couple you raised your cane with a happy little whistle and pretended to clink swords with the person opposite you and you pretended that we were all in a military procession for the happy couple to run through. You had us all laughing and we all just melted away with laughter, you always knew how to entertain everyone and keep the parties lively!

At your Grandsons wedding while he was presenting you with a rose, you motioned him to come back to you as he had just stepped away to present the rose to the other Grandmother that was in attendance of the Bride and you "last tagged" him while he bent over to see what you were saying to him. He had a hard time keeping a straight face for quite a time after. When Dad asked when the ceremony would be over and you stated not until the Fat Lady sings and we all could not contain ourselves when the lady got up to sing right after with half her dress caught up into her crease of her rear end and while we were all trying to muffle our laughter you managed to put the innocent face on that you were so good at and everyone else looked at us with the glaring stares and you sat there all innocent looking and we all had hurting stitches from our sides from trying to stifle the laughter that was coming from each of us. Over the years as the family grew bigger all the Grandchildren always knew you would be good for keeping things going and everyone laughing with the outlandish things you could think of as doing to entertain everyone.

We all know that you finally understood at the very end that we would keep Dad safe and always look over him and protect him, we are all aware of what took place just prior to your passing and just know that he has all of the rest of his children looking out for his well being and welfare. We are so sorry that we did not catch onto it sooner. I pledge to you and God that Dad is in good hands. All my Love to you, your daughter, Janice
April 21, 2013
To my grandmother,
I want to thank you, For all your support through the years as my mother, sister and I lived only a few houses down the street. Your words of encouragement, love and devotion you provided over the years. Everything from Carolyn and I walking over to the house after finishing our homework, to sharing a conversation or asking us, "How was our day," To you want a coke, It's in the fridge. I remember my sister and I going to lunch whether it was Furr's, Red Chile, Curly's, Sierra or Hometown Buffet for me it was opportunity to be with you and I loved how you would introduce us to the Cook's, the Waitor's or Waitresses, in your voice, "This is our grandson and granddaughter, Antonio and Carolyn" sometimes she would tell them we were, half mexican with blonde hair and blue eyes... I will cherish the days like stopping at Pic n' Save, Kmart and the 99 cent store, You would pull from your purse a dollar for each us and tell us to go grab something for yourself, just so we could grab whatever our little heart's desired.
Memories are in my heart, mind and spirit forever, I made every opportunity to visit, draw, paint, stay and play the piano to help you work on a puzzle or answer crossword question or stay with you guys because you were my grandparents, I loved you both, Im sad to see you go, Grandma, However, I know your with your with you mother and father and many other family members and now your at peace. But, I will say this I remember the times we use to play tag at your car, during the holidays, To see who the last one ,was going to be it, you were so good at tagging others and driving off.

The last time, I saw you was last April you looked great, I gave you the biggest hug and kissed you goodbye. I thought their would be another, but I made sure I gave you all my love than and said GoodBye for the very last time. I starred out you as I drove off and I cried like I was leaving you forever, but I know your watching over us. Mom, Eli, Carolyn,Alyssa, Lisa and I, Love You and Miss you. Antonio Xavier Uzeta
April 18, 2013
I have so many wonderful memories of my Mrs. Holmes. She taught me how to appreciate the sounds of the morning and I remember being in the backyard with the turtles and baby chicks. I'll never forget when she made me a summer or bathing suit top out of a bandana or painting Cheryl and my nails or us begging her to give us another facial. We always felt special and loved. It would take pages to fill the memories that my family has shared with this loving lady. I am so blessed to have had her a part of my life. Though it may seem a lifetime ago that we spent a whole day together she has never left our hearts. Praying for Gods comfort to all the family. We love you. She will be truly missed here but now present in the arms of Jesus being welcomed home. I know my sister Cheryl is there giving her a Big hug.
With love Jody Johnson-Purcell and
Carl & Bev Johnson
April 18, 2013

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