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Dave Brubeck
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Dave Brubeck

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February 25, 2017

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February 25, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
December 05, 2015
Rest Dave, until you hear at dawn,
the low, clear reveille of God.

Thank you for your service to this nation.
July 07, 2015
I'll slways love your music, your honesty. I have in mind you rwfused to play somewhere because "someone" did not approve a negro muscitian of your group.
November 21, 2013
very shocked and saddened when I heard of the passing of a true giant. listening to his monster hit "Take Five" tears came to my eyes not only by Dave's playing but also the smooth sax of Paul Desmond. thank god that his sons are taking over his legacy of playing his great music. I am glad that we will always have his wonderful music to remember him by. may the god of love pour out his blessings of comfort on his family at this very sad time. Rest in Peace Dave, a REAL AMBASSADOR of this great music
June 13, 2013
A true inspiration - and long lasting inluence on many - around the world. His sons will carry on...the traditions and create new pathways.
Thank you Master Brubeck. AlaTurk
Becky Friend - voice/flute-jazz NYC
May 22, 2013
r i p
April 22, 2013
I saw him play a few years ago in Newport during the Jazz Fastival w/his Son and Grandson. What a true gentleman he was.
March 28, 2013
I am 18 years old and saw the Take Five Album Cover at an Apple Keynote event where Steve Jobs was speaking (It was on an Ipod or Iphone Steve Jobs was holding and he actually played it in front of the audience). I looked into the album cover and found Brubeck's music. I can not stop listening to Take Five and Bossa Nova. R.I.P. Dave Brubeck and may your music live on forever!
March 02, 2013
Take Five Forever! Rest In Peace, Mr. Brubeck. see You On The Other Side.
January 09, 2013
Dave's honorable life was indeed a life well lived. Dave's music has had a wonderfully profound impact on my family: thirty years ago, as a teenager, I discovered my dad's Brubeck LPs that he discovered 30 years prior, when he was a young traveling musician. And now my sons and I continue to play the music and the dream lives on. Godspeed Mr. Brubeck!
January 07, 2013
My father brought Dave 's music to my attention as a young girl and my life journey led my son and me right into the center of the family. Dave and Iola were a huge inspiration in our lives, including us in their family of music. I am incredibly grateful for this amazing blessing and for my close friendships with Danny and Chris. They were also very supportive to our lives(Demian and me). I posted 2 tributes on FB which many friends are reading and responding to and I sent 2 messages to Chris and Danny. I was so devastated yesterday and today and have to drive two miles to get reception and have been on a learning curve with all of this as well. My heart goes out to Iola, the wind beneath his wings, his soulmate and strength....a great team they were....and all of his brilliant and talented children...Chris, Danny, Darius, Matthew, and Cathy. I love you all and I hope you will be able to read my other posts. There are many memories that I could recall. I will do so at another time....a bit at a time.So much love....Zan Oh.....
It was through attending NCSA with Danny Brubeck that Demian and I became members of the Brubeck "tribe"....many wonderful memories and many incredible concerts. Oh and, last but not least my best wishes to Russell Gloyd who was always there for us all, and to all of Dave's great musicians.
PS... One of the memorable things Dave said to me that I always treasured was that some of his favorite musical experiences were playing with his sons. I was fortunate to be able to share that sentiment with his sons many years ago. It meant a lot to them, as they were not aware at that time of how happy it made Dave to make music with them. I might as well add to this story one other brief one which I included in my other tributes. When Dave and Iola attended University of Pacific, Dave told me that when he saw her across campus he said, "I am going to marry that woman."
.And the rest is history! God bless you all! Love again and again and again....Zan P.S. If I could begin again, I would rewrite this entire passage brilliantly. But I do not know how to do this here because I cannot see the entire piece as I am writing. I've only just begun this form of communication recently because my tendency has always been to pick up my guitar, write a song, or play the piano rather than get on line, thus, my tribute is not at all organized but straight from the heart. I am also sitting in a car 2 miles from home in freezing weather.
Now all of this time has passed and it is January 7th and the unfinished original tribute I was trying to post on Dec. 5th or 6th just now appeared out of nowhere. I did not know how to access it and thought I had lost it. Let me post it now before I lose it again...Special love to you, Iola.

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