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1926 - 2017 Obituary Condolences
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December 14, 2018

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December 14, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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October 29, 2017
I will always remember Uncle Bill as having a smile on his face. He had the ability to make you feel important no matter what your age. I met him for the first time when I was 9 or so and he endured endless games of cards with me over the course of the weekend and we laughed and had such a great time that it left a wonderful memory I'll never forget. I got to see him several more times through the years and another great memory was when he met us in New York and he and my Dad stayed up all night telling jokes and were still laughing it up the next day. Some of the best pictures I have of Uncle Bill are when he is laughing. I'm so glad for the times I got to share with him. Even though I know we'll see him in heaven I'll be praying for all of you as you adjust to the absence of him in your life now. He will be greatly missed.
October 28, 2017
I have so many wonderful memories of Uncle Bill as he and my Uncle Bob were like big brothers to me and my sister, Juanita, from the time I was 5 years old through age 8. They came & stayed with us often in Owaneco. They came home on leave from the Navy & brought their hammock with them & would swing us in it & play games with is. I remember them helping Daddy dig a well in the chicken yard but they never got to water. We loved playing croquet together in the big yard we had.
I loved him being there for my daughter, Diane, especially since he lived closer to her then we did often times and could check in on her and let us know how she was doing. It meant as much to him to be a part of the big events in her life as it did to her. I still remember the first time he met her
she was just 1 1/2 years old when we surprised him at his shoe store in Indy - & bought her some shoes. My parents came in the back way. He thought I looked familiar & then they walked in. That was fun. So many happy memories.

Then when our Mother (his sister, Margaret Doris) was sick for so long he came as often as he could to see her & it gave my daughter, Joann, and her children, Abby, Michelle & Michael a chance to really know him. He always admired the love that was showered on Abby and knew she had a special place in all of our hearts and because of that she had a special place in his too. Though I think we all held special places in his heart. We were his family.

I have more memories but these are just a few.

I miss him a lot. We talked every couple weeks for the last couple years.

He was full of life & love. Family was everything to him. Everything.
October 28, 2017
I forgot to mention that my Uncle Bill also came for my 25th Jubilee of Vows in Palatine, Illinois, with his daughter, Sarah, and Tim and Ashley which also gave me the chance to get to know them. That also helped to make my Jubilee very special. Besides having my immediate family come for it - to also have him with his family there was awesome and a real gift from the Lord! He was pretty much the same then even though he told me he couldn't believe how old he was getting to be. He never seemed "old" though. And once again he took an interest in everyone and everything. Asked all kinds of questions. He was always joyful and his faith meant a lot to him. He wasn't preach-y but he just lived his relationship with the Lord and was happy to share it with others if he thought they were interested. But the fact that he lived what he believed was also a great witness. Sorry this is so long but he really was so special to all of us who had the privilege of knowing him over the years. He radiated love - God's love. No wonder he was so hard to resist! Thank you Uncle Bill!!! And my sympathies to Bill, Sarah, and Jonathan and their families and to Ashley who he was particularly close to! You are in my prayers and I'm so glad I had the chance to get to know you!
October 28, 2017
"Uncle Bill" as we knew him was my grandmother's brother. I never really got to know him until he came out to Phoenix to be with his mother when she was dying. He was so good to my sister, Joann, and I. It was like I had known him forever and he, us. I remember hating to see him leave. He was so much fun to be with, and really seemed to be sincerely concerned and interested in us. I remember he gave me some advice that visit that I held on to through my teenage years. After that he was there for all the BIG events of my life - my confirmation and college graduation, visited me as a postulant as a Little Sister, then he came for my first and final Profession, and visited me in-between. I was glad to get to know Bill and Dru when I was at our Home in D.C. and to get to see him then too. He was always a huge support. He would listen and encourage. We would always have a few laughs. I tried to return the favor by listening and encouraging too when he was in need of it. The joke was always that he was going to write to me. I think maybe that happened once or twice but he was always going to do it. Just never arrived to do it. Thank God for telephones! I loved him dearly and will miss him terribly but I know we will be reunited again in heaven and that will be wonderful! Thank you Uncle Bill for always being there and for being such a huge support and cheerleader for me. I love you so much! Keep praying for me Uncle Bill! I count on it!