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April 24, 2015

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April 24, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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June 29, 2014
Tobias, It's hard to put into words, how I miss you. Your a good man and overall a joy to know. I thank you for the time we had outside Laurens weeding. Your word were so helpfull. It just doesn't seem fair. I will continue the conversation we have each night. I think of you every day and wish I had been a better Dad. Again I'm having trouble putting into words just what you meant to me. I'm sure you noticed the potting bench you had in mind. I believe you influenced me while I was making it. Thanks!!!
June 28, 2014
This time last year you were sticking up for me & my wedding visions. You always stuck up for me & took care of me, no matter how big or small the reason. You made me laugh & made me feel understood.
My wedding weekend was the last time I got to see you & if I only knew I'd never see you again, I would have never let you leave. I miss you more than I ever thought humanly possible to miss someone. I love you Toby! Being your sister is something I will always be proud to say.
June 28, 2014
I never realized a year could pass both slowly and fast at the same time. How does that happen? It does though. I miss you, son-in-law!, every single day! You were so loved by all of our family! I hope you and Daytona are having some good hikes. I think of you that way with him. It is tough on all who loved you, but we are finding our way. I smile more now with my memories of you. My heart sends you love!
June 27, 2014
Visiting again, Toby. Its been almost a year now. We think of you often. We miss you. We know its going to be especially difficult for your family as July 7 comes along. They are always in our thoughts and hope they know how much we love them.
January 19, 2014
Although we lost touch in early childhood, I hold dear some of those earliest memories, and seeing some of the guestbook pictures brings back more great memories of you. I remember the two of us leaping off the roof of your garage, you showing me the power of the sun's rays focused by a magnifying glass, starting Karate together, and I am pretty sure we spent some time terrorizing Graem as well. Sorry Graem! I also credit you for introducing me to my all time favorite band during an awkward early teen visit while our families got reacquainted, but it was great to see you again. I still think of you when I listen to Tool. You were taken too early, bud. It would be great to reunite once again, and introduce our families and I am certain we would have found more in common. You were my first, best friend, I won't ever forget that. My heart goes out to Anne, Dick, Mike, Erin, Graem and Lauren, extended family and everyone who's lives are affected by your absence. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers as well.
January 05, 2014
We think of you and your family daily. For many years our families have been the best of friends. Our hearts break for them.
Some of our best memories are of times we spent together. Watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind with you and Max, your Mom and Dad, your Uncle Paul and Auntie Tuija. Karate at the Y where you and Max did some somersaults as proof you were coordinated enough to enter classes at 5 and 6. Marshmallow roasts and riding Scimitarra.
We've enjoyed sharing Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings. We are so appreciative to have had the chance to spend time with you and Erin at Tuija's on Easter. Of course we had no idea that would be our last visit and its cherished all the more.
Toby, you grew into a wonderful man, one devoted to his family. Few of us can say we are 'one-of-a-kind' people and that is exactly what you were.
Thanks for sharing your life with us Toby. We miss you!
November 17, 2013
Tob, my brother, man I am having so many "I wish I would have" moments right now! heart is breaking and I'm not sure if I can put it into words as to how or even why it hurts. My soul aches, I hope to be a tenth of the man that you were. I regret a lot of things, I wish I was a better brother. Please be my big brother still, I need you now more than I ever have. I wish I could have admitted that earlier in my life. I want so badly to make you proud. I want so badly to love like you loved and to be loved like you were loved. I guess we're closer now more than ever. I promise to do what I said I would do and I promise to live a life of no regrets. I'll finish what was started. Man, I miss you. Know that I will strive to be the best man I can be. If I can be excited about one thing, that one thing is that I can live a better life because you lived yours.
November 13, 2013
What we remember about Toby was his thoughtfulness for other people. Toby was the poster child for that "do unto others..." quality we sometimes see in people. One example we remember about Toby was when his grandmother, GrandMary (Dick's Mom), was celebrating her 100th birthday. Mary received a letter of congratulations from President Obama. This letter didn't just happen. It was the handy-work of a thoughtful person--Toby who wanted to bring joy to Mary on her special day. We sure miss this wonderful guy!
Barb & Jerry, (Toby's aunt and uncle)
September 22, 2013
Toby, Our paths crossed quietly at the cabin from summer to summer for many years, and your presence will be missed there for many more. I have fond memories of our summers growing up at the lake. Your spirit lives on there with those of us whose life you touched along the way. May peace be with you.
September 08, 2013
I have known Toby for somewhere around 25 years. He and I spent many an afternoon goofing off up in the hills and forests around his family's lake place. I'm a couple of years older than him, and I'll never forget taking him out on his first 'snipe hunt'. Oddly enough, when he returned to the cabin, his snipe bag was empty, but he had that classic grin on his face when he figured out that he was just tricked. He was, as always, a great sport at all of the little pranks I pulled on him. One afternoon up at the cabin, he and I built a lean-to. All of the kids in the surrounding cabins in the bay slowly started pitching in and helping us. It was a great afternoon in the shade of the trees as kids, with no cares in the world. We would have campfires almost every night, roasting marshmallows, telling scary stories and getting the iron fire poker red hot in the fire and then putting into the lake just to hear it hiss. Many nights were spent camping down at the point or sleeping on the boat. Speaking of the boat, I also remember the first time Dick let he and I take the boat out by ourselves. We pretty much felt like the toughest guys on the lake.
I remember him spotting for me as I waterskied. He was always willing to get up at the crack of dawn. Of course in retrospect, when you were a 14 year old guy, 'the crack of dawn' was probably somewhere around 11am. He took to the wake board like a duck to water, and it secretly annoyed the hell out of me, because I never really could get the hang of that thing and it came so easy to him. As I had the arrogance that comes with being a couple of years older, I was supposed to be the best at everything. =) I also watched him kick my butt at snowboarding as well.

Toby, I will remember that you were ALWAYS up for an adventure, whatever it was, yet at the same time, you were also very content sitting with a book. Our paths sadly have not crossed in many many years, but as soon as I heard the news, many great memories of growing up very quickly came to me.

Rest in peace old friend, and know the world is a bit sadder without you in it.

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