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September 02, 2015

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September 02, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
August 27, 2011
I just discovered the loss of one of my favorite people in the world today. Mr. Moore taught me 9th grade English. I remember I couldn't WAIT to get to his class because he was so funny and smart. He made learning fun. The best thing I ever heard from a teacher, came from Mr. Moore. He said, "You can write." He sponsored me for Journalism in High School, and I spent 15 years as a news reporter and then editor. I even got to interview him a few times. He gave me such a precious gift, and although I have missed him for many years, I miss him more today. God bless you all.
January 09, 2009
I still don't know what to say. I miss dad so much. He taught me about politics, treating others well, wine, cards, trivia, golf and humor! (yeah, he let me watch Benny Hill, MASH the movie and Monty Python at a ripe young age!)
I know I still had so much more to learn from him-he went too soon-but I have to be thankful for the time we had together.

Thank you all for your love and support during this time, it has truly made the most difficult of times easier.

I ask all of you to please tell my daughter all of the great stories of dad-help me teach her about her grandfather, the greatest man I knew.

I miss you dad!
January 09, 2009
Weeks ago I wanted to express my anguish at the death of my friend, colleague and leader but I could not seem to find the right words. I thought that maybe time would help me and I could articulate how deeply saddened Jade's death has left me.

Actually, even after all this time, I am still at a loss for the proper words. Would that I had the quick wit and wisdom of Jade, I would be able to properly describe how empty I feel at the prospects of not seeing or speaking or listening to him again!

His leadership will be sorely missed and his warm, wonderful, extraordinary personality will not be able to be found in another.

My sincere sympathy to his family.

Jade, GOD rest you and keep you and Thank you for everything.
January 07, 2009
I've been a building rep for about 10 years and as a guidance counselor have had the good fortune to be able to speak with Jade both on the phone and in person concerning personal issues affecting my job at various schools seeking reliable, trustworthy, honest advice and answers. I was never, never, never disappointed. Although I did not know him socially, the impact his passing has had on me has been unbelievable. I feel a tremendous void where he used to be and hope and pray that there is strong leadership material out there to fill that void because I think we are going to need it! God bless everyone in Jade's family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
January 06, 2009 helped me in my hour of need and I will always to grateful. I know the Lord has set a place for you at His table. Thank you for being such an inspiration of faith and love. To the family: My thoughts and prayers are with you.
January 05, 2009
A glorious chapter of the Pinellas County Teachers Association has come to a close with the devastating death Jade Moore, our executive director. What is hard to express in words is the rare quality of man he was, which was immediately obvious to those of us blessed with the opportunity to meet him in person and work with him. He was a true leader, and yet truly humble. He was the sort of person that, upon entering a room, made one feel happier, more hopeful, and delighted at his very presence.

What is also difficult to express in words is his sense of humor, the twinkle in his eye before he bust out with a witty one-liner. He was ever-present, always working, always doing his utmost for teachers and students. There was a reason that he rose to the top of the PCTA leadership; he excelled. Many people knew Jade Moore better and longer than I, and may be more expressive than I, but it must be that he was a great man if I can be so aggrieved even though I knew him for so short a time.
January 04, 2009
Jade, these tributes testify to your having touched the lives of thousands, in such positive, helpful ways. What a blessing you have been to your family, church, Presbytery, vocation, friends and teachers in this area.
You were more than cheerful; you had (and passed on) the joy that comes from being confident of the love of God for you, and your love for God. You lived it! And in a delightful way.
You were one of the best and strongest moderators of the Presbytery of Tampa Bay, ever.
You did so much in the whole office relocation process, not the least keeping our hopes up when things sometimes looked bleak.
Thank you for a great life, well lived, and we'll see you later!
With love, gratitude, and admiration, Betts and Martha Huntley
January 04, 2009
What a loss to his family, the Pinellas County School employees, the community and everyone who knew, respected and loved Jade Moore. He left us way too soon.

When the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club put on its annual dinners, Jade always made time to write some of the funniest skits and songs for the event plus perform. He had one of the quickest minds of anyone I've ever met and a sense of humor that
was extraordinary. Jade was able to find the silver lining in any situation. My thoughts and prayers are with Sue and his daughters during this very difficult time.
January 03, 2009
Jade Moore has been the most influential person in my professional life. He has been my mentor and my touchstone for the "proper" way to behave professionally. I became a teacher at the age of 39 and had raised 4 children of my own. I became a faculty rep by default, not having any idea that it would require sitting through RA meetings which would add hours onto already long days. I became an avid fan of Jade and what he was asking us to do.

At my son's home in California, the teacher's in my granddaughter's high school had been working without a contract for several years. I heard all kinds of accolades about their accomplishments from the podium that night which prompted me to write a letter to the editor asking why they did not pay the teachers more if they were doing such great things with the students. I identified myself as a teacher activist from the state of Florida. A teacher contract was approved at the next election. My son thought the letter I wrote made the difference. I am so thankful that Jade chose to stay with PCTA when he had the opportunity to go to work at the state level. I know they get good people, but I am not too sure about our good fortune.

It broke my heart to hear of Jade's death. It thrilled me to read of his activities in his church. Yes, I can imagine some of the meetings that are taking place right now. For sure, Heaven will never be the same. I was really looking forward to attending the service today, but a severe cold made me think better of it.

I do want to wish Sue, Jennifer and Michelle my deepest sympathy. I am sure that they have been overwhelmed with love and food offerings from PCTA and Church members. I pray that loving memories will soon replace the sorrow for their loss. One good thing with Jade, his memories have to be loaded with laughter, also. I am also so very thankful for that granddaughter he cherished. God bless and keep you all.
January 03, 2009
May your family find solace in the many fine and selfless acts of wonder that you have shared and done on behalf of so many.

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