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April 26, 2015

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April 26, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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May 21, 2013
Last night was the first night I didn't cry myself to sleep. I almost feel guilty for that, but I know you wouldn't want me to sit in a shell-like version of myself forever. Today I went with mom to run some errands..SSA, VA, Vital Statistics..she just couldn't do it alone. She really misses you. So does Aunt Carol. So do I....
May 20, 2013
I spent the last couple nights at Jamies, and kept occupied, and was actually feeling a little better. Now that I'm home again the night has once more turned into the 3am Twilight hour as I find myself consumed with feelings of guilt and emptiness. I'm sorry I didn't spend more time with you. I'm sorry I wasn't more patient. I'm sorry for all the times you asked me what was wrong and I shut you out with a, "Nothing." I'm just sorry....
May 17, 2013
I look at pictures of you, and I still find it so hard to believe that I'm never going to see you again. Jamie and I stayed up last night talking..I was finally able to share some funny stories about you..the "Get Low" from Christina's graduation..the "Tinky Winky" song from Christmas shopping..and I showed him what the "Sumo" is. It was nice to finally be able to think of you and not cry. I still miss you terribly though..I can't believe how much. I never thought it was possible to miss someone so badly.
May 16, 2013
It's been two weeks since you left..since you were taken away..since you went to be with your parents..since you went to lay in the arms of our Father. Any way you want to say it..it's been two weeks since our lives have been turned upside down. I'm trying so hard to come to a place where I can think of you with happy thoughts and fond memories. But I'm only able to think of you and cry. Hopefully one day soon... On your birthday we placed the Eagle statue in your yard. Mom, Jamie & the kids, Richie & Carla, Terry, Lynda & Karina, Sandy & John, and Gram were all there. It was nice. Gram suggested we say the Pledge of Allegiance, so we did. I hope you heard us. The kids and I stopped by the cemetery that day on our way to dinner to visit you. It was odd, and felt uncomfortable. I was literally talking to the wall. Actually, I guess it should've felt pretty natural. LoL Ahhh I miss joking with you and picking at you. I love you. <3
May 15, 2013
I thought I saw your face in a cloud while I was driving. Then a tree ran between us and in a blink you were gone..again. I look for little signs of you everywhere, so desperate for some sense of you..aching to find a way to fill the hole in my heart..longing to find some sort of comfort. I had a hard time today, and felt very alone. I know there are people I can talk to, but it's not the same. You were the one I turned to when my world went awry. How am I supposed to get through the most devastating experience of my life without the one person that made me feel like I could conquer anything?
May 14, 2013
Rick, as you watch over us, pay attention saturday night. The salty old group of Seabees you used to drill with will be meeting for dinner. We will hoist our glasses in your honor, as well as the others of the group that passed before you. So if you bump into Al Teeter,Don Gilbert, Phil Munson,Al Hicks, Jim Huntley, or Tony Rocchi, tell them to listen up too. You're missed, brother.
May 13, 2013
Happy Birthday, Daddy.
At some point today I will be able to look toward the Heavens and say that with a smile. Right now I can only say it through the tears. I am so sad. I just miss you so much. Aunt Carol is doing surprisingly well. I told her I wasn't going to wish her a "happy" birthday..it seems somewhat trite at this point..but that I love her and am thinking of her. Mom is okay. She bought you a nice Eagle statue that holds a flag before you passed..it was at Grams' house. We're going to place that in the front lawn today. And we're going to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. The Eagle is gorgeous. You would've loved it.
May 12, 2013
Today is Mother's Day. It was hard. Jamie & I took mom and Winnie to lunch. That wasn't too bad. Then we went to Grams'. That's when it got difficult. When we went downstairs to eat and you weren't there. When I looked around remembering the last time we were all down there. Easter. You were with us. When I went downstairs and put down my phone and drink, my initial thought was "Where is dad gonna sit?" and I started to cry. I almost went upstairs, but I know that the firsts of everything are going to be hard. So I stayed downstairs and forced my way through it. Last night Jamie & I hosted a Burn the Blanket Bonfire. We burned the blanket that both you and Uncle Jack died with. It was so liberating. I felt such sweet release after we were done. We got a couple of interesting videos. You would've really enjoyed watching them. From the videos and pictures, it appears as though we had company last night? But perhaps you already knew that.. Your birthday is tomorrow..another hard day. But somehow we'll get through it. I love you. I miss you.
May 10, 2013
I hate this time of day..when the silence gives way to reality, and I become a captive audience to my thoughts. I am reminded that you are gone..that I will never see you again..that I will never hear your voice again..that I will never again feel your arms around me..never again will I hear you tell me you love me or hear that almost irritating, "Remember..." as I'm getting in the car. It's almost impossible to remember anything happy right now..I am so consumed with pain..it crowds out the happy places that once filled my heart. And the pain turns to bitterness. I want it back. I want it all back! All the time we're supposed to have. When Nat? graduates High School. When Tiffany? graduates college. When Jamie & I get married. When your first great-grandchild is born. This isn't how it was supposed to be. I miss you so much.....
May 08, 2013
I wrote earlier today. I don't see my entry. I'm wondering if the Powers That Be at legacy.com found something "inappropriate" in my entry. It normally only takes a couple of hours to show. Probably just as well. I was all over the place today. One minute I was okay, then I was crying, then I was tearing my house apart, then 30 seconds later I was okay again. It was crazy. I don't know..perhaps it will still show up. Today was the day that we honored your final wishes and entombed you in the wall for eternity at the National Cemetery. It was a hard day, but we got through it. Though initially I didn't want to go to the clubhouse after, I went. I was glad I did. Jamie would've made me go anyway, the same as I made him go to Bernie Murray's after his dad's funeral. It rained today during your graveside service, and only during the service, the same as it did at Uncle Jack's. Owen says it's because both you and Uncle Jack were crying because you miss us. It makes me wonder.. Though the whole family is feeling this loss, our name does more than reveal who we were born from..it defines our character. STRONG. We'll be okay..eventually... I love you Daddy. I hope we have done everything you would have wanted. May you eternally rest peacefully.

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