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August 27, 2014

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August 27, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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July 02, 2013
Just stopped to say I love you.....
June 21, 2013
Hi Mom,
Well the kids have come and gone. You would have loved to have them and I wish you would have been here to tell them more about our grandma and all the things around the city. You were always so good at that. I have been missing you so bad lately, not sure when this will go away. I know probably never but I thought it would get easier by now. Breagha is going to a Swedish camp type thing, I'm sure you would love to hear her stories about that. I'm sure you will be with her each day so you can see all the funny things she does. I have been sick and she is out of town, she tells her grandma there to tell me to get better quick. She is her mother's daughter for sure, so sweet. I love you mom and miss you so much.
May 30, 2013
Hi Mom,
The kids from Sweden come tomorrow...I can only imagine all the fun we would be having with them if you were here. You made everyone's stay so fun when they visited us. So please guide me in a way to show them what they should see....I love you and miss you ever so much.
May 23, 2013
Hi Mom,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY...not sure what's so happy about it, but all the same I wanted to wish it to you. I am having a bit of a hard time this year as you can see...And now with Kinsey graduating nursing school and me missing you there so much. I know how proud you would have been of her...and now you have TWO girls that are nurses. I'm sure you have guided them...and now I think about it being my 50th birthday and how I just know we would be on a trip some place together, a road trip, a plane trip, something and I would be having that great time that I always had with you...I miss those so much. I now in time this will pass, and I know you will help me through...I guess it just brings back so much and when you think your friends are around they really aren't....I miss them as well. Everyone is so busy. See, the one good thing is Jim, thank God for him and his family and kids, they are so good to me and they keep me busy as well. You would get such a kick out of baby James...we had him last night and he was just too funny. If you would have asked me ten years ago how I would be spending my anniversary it wouldn't have been babysitting...but now it's GREAT. (yes, it was our anniversary too last night)...Well mom, just thinking of you and wanting you to know how much I celebrate you these days, especially on our birthday. You were the MOST amazing woman I knew and will ever know I'm you!! :)
May 07, 2013
Hi Mom,
Am just in slump missing you for some reason. Is it because it's almost our birthdays and I will be 50? I know if you were here and well we would be planning some fun road trip, you always made our birthdays so much fun. Kinsey is now graduating from nursing school, you would be so proud of her. She wanted to use your pin but we can't find it for her...maybe you can give me a clue??? Benjamin will be over this weekend, it's opening fishing of course and you know that Greg has to go with his buddies for that one every year. It's okay, it's fun to have Benjamin around. He's gotten so tall mom you wouldn't believe it. Well I'm sure you see him and help guide him so you do know...haha
Anyway, was just thinking once again of you and missing my mom....I miss the whole thing. LIfe is so different now. I know things change and life goes on, but I'm still having a hard time with that one. I will do it though, for you, because you asked me to. I will NEVER forget our conversation in the car the last time you went to the Dr. and he said there was nothing more they could do for you. You were so strong. I don't know how you couldn't shake your fists and be mad because I sure was. But I also know you, it's not your nature. From the very beginning, that very first test you knew you were sick and you fought so hard. I'm so glad you did, so you could see Breagha, see Benjmain a few more years. and be with us. I do wish you hadn't gone through all that pain though. I appreciate all of that, I know you did a lot of it for us. I told you that when you were tired you needed to stop, that this is your body, and don't do this for us any longer. I'm glad it wasn't too long for you to be in pain. It hurts so much to see a loved one in pain, and I know you were in more than you let us know about.
Well mom, I miss you and love you. We will be celebrating your birthday soon!!! Love you.
April 10, 2013
I'm missing you something awful Mom....
March 28, 2013
Missing you more than ever this Easter, missing your fabulous Easter dinner, your happy ways of making everyone feel so loved and special. I miss your smile as you watched the kids look for all the eggs you hid, and you know they never found all your hiding places....I love you.
March 21, 2013
Hi Mom,
Today I'm thinking about Easter. I remember so many fun times you planned for us at Easter, and even the shopping involved before. You always made us feel so loved, and certainly passed that on to your grandchildren. I don't remember you ever missing sending a card on holidays, or a gift when someone did something special. I am only hoping and praying I can be that thoughtful. I try, but come nowhere close to you. However, thank you, thank you for being my mom. I love you.
March 06, 2013
Hi Mama,
Just wanted to say I love you...miss you....thank you....
February 28, 2013
Hi Mom,
Today is just bringing so many memories for some reason, nothing special going on but knowing the special people in my life that are gone is just hurting today for some reason. I wish you were here to shop with me as I pick out all the stuff for the new construction in the house. I know you would be loving it, we would be loving it. I so miss those days...nothing ever can compare to our once a week or more shopping, lunch together, girl talk, shopping, then maybe dinner and a's all so bittersweet to shop now. I know you are there guiding me but it was much more fun "with" you...You would be so proud of your grand kids...and that Eli, holy cow, I can see your smile in my head the way you would be with him right now, such a splitting image of Brad and dad...Breagha is getting so big, and Benjamin...omg, what a boy. You would be proud. He misses you so much, but then who doesn't? I love you mom.

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