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Lenn Lamar Hannon
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May 23, 2010
My thoughts are with you during this time of loss. What a great family you are and one I had the pleasure of knowing while growing up in Ashland. Prayers your way....
May 11, 2010
Dixie and family. We came to know your family via our daughter Ann, many years ago. We send our sympathy on loss of your father and husband. He was a wonderful man who loved the Lord. God bless you all. Pat and Mel Tynan- formerly Ashland.
May 04, 2010
Dixie and Family: Our family's prayers are with you during this time. I remember fondly "Uncle Lenn" being a big senator and how wonderfully exciting it was to know someone with such impact. Our lives were blessed by him before we knew it. I praise God that he is whole and healed. I am reminded of a scripture in John (12:24) "I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." The days ahead will yield the amazing legacy that God designed in Uncle Lenn. Dixie, may your life be blessed many, many times over as you witness this great victory. May your heart be comforted daily during this time. Thank you for making growing up in Oregon a wonderful experience!
May 01, 2010
I just recently heard of Lenn's passing & my heart hurts for you, Dixie & fam. Lenn & I were close when young & I have many good memories of him -& Leroy. I regret that we got busy with life & lost touch. I'm Lenn's cousin, Merle's daughter -our Mom's were sisters. You are in our prayers!
April 19, 2010
Dave Hyde, former preswident, National Federation of the Blind of Oregon. Dixie, I do hope you read this. Lenn was the best friend I had in the Oregon Letislature. Not only would he tell me when we were right, but would let us know when we were wrong. His office was a place I was always welcome, in good times and in bad. Michael Bullis let me know of Lenn's death, and I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to say. He was always there, always listened, always gave advice, and helped celebrate both victories, and losses. He taught me how much fun politics can be, and that true friends are those who will fight with you, and share your feelings, no matter who wins. I remember giving him an award for his service many years ago, but he gave me much more.
April 15, 2010
Hannon Family you are in my thoughts and prayers.
April 14, 2010
He was a wonderful man that did alot for this state. He will be missed by so many,who all loved him.
unknowen but cared.
My thought & prayers go out to his family...
April 12, 2010
I'm glad Mr. Lenn Hannon was pro-life. Carol King.
April 11, 2010
Simply a good man who kept his word and did his very best. A man who put his family first and his community a close second. Lenn readily admitted that the heart and soul of what he did was personified in Dixie. One of the great one-two combos in history of our area and we all benefited from it.
Dennis & Sandra Slattery
April 10, 2010
Adair just called me with the news that Lenn has "gone home." I remember so well when Lenn came to the Senate and we served for a good number of years together. He truly established a remarkable career. We always considered the Hannons good friends and in fact still remember Dixie when you were our "official baby sitter." Lenn is at peace and we are richer that he walked this way. May God bless you Dixie and your entire family.
The Rev. Fred Heard+
April 10, 2010
Dixie and family: You are in our thoughts and prayers. We have been blessed to have you and Lenn as our neighbors in Salem. Our lives will be continually touched by memories of Lenn's friendly, warm smile and his unselfish calling to serve others and the state of Oregon. We will always stretch our limits and comfort zones by asking ourselves "How can we live our Christian lives in service to others like Lenn has?" As we all do that, Lenn's spirit will live on forever. We will help carry the torch Lenn lit for us.
April 10, 2010
Hello Dixie, I was saddened to hear of Lenn's death. I hope you are holding up. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed. We go back many years - walking to Lincoln School together with Leroy. My ex worked with Lenn at the City and was also sorry to hear of Lenn's passing. May you and your family be at peace and know that Lenn is also.
April 09, 2010
As we grew up in Ashland being friends, neighbors and students it was very apparent early on that Lenn was committed to serving.
Lenn wore many hats all in honesty and true dedication to family, church, local community and state.
It is with respect and gratitude that we extend a special thank you to Lenn and Dixie too for their service.
David & Sally Everett, Ashland, Oregon
April 08, 2010
You will be truley missed.
Sue Christensen
April 08, 2010
Dixie and family, We were sorry to learn of Lenn's death and want you to know you all are in our thoughts and prayers. You are very special friends and we will always remember our times together with Lenn, you and the kids. Hopefully we will be able to see you this summer when we are in Oregon. Love and Prayers, Fred and Hazel Cave (Tucson, Arizona)
April 07, 2010
Dixie, my heart and prayers are with you. Lenn left a wonderful legacy of leadership and statesmanship. He was such a great supporter of the Oregon State Police and it was a pleasure working with him.

~ Greg Willeford, Salem, Oregon
April 06, 2010
Dixie, I just heard the news regarding Lenn's passing and extend my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. My rememberances of Lenn date back to our early years at Lincoln Elementary School. He was a loyal and gentle friend over the years. This was the side of Lenn that everyone saw while he served in Salem.
April 06, 2010
Dixie & Family:

I was sorry to hear of Lenn's passing. I'll always remember him taking me to a Portland Trail Blazer game many years ago. He will be missed by many and I pray for you and your family. He is now home!
April 06, 2010
Lenn was one of the truly great statesmen to ever serve in the Oregon Legislature. He was honest, forthright, and found a way to bring people together; which stands in stark contrast to the divisive politics of today. You always knew where Lenn was on an issue.

Personally, I found his counsel invaluable. All Oregonians will miss him.

Dixie, we're sorry to hear of Lenn's passing, but we know he's in a good place.
April 05, 2010
I am so very sorry to hear this news. I will never forget how Lenn got personally involved in an issue I was having with property taxes and estate settlement. He agreed with my case and fought for justice. He was the most reasonable and personable legislator I have ever dealt with, bless him. I send you my sincere condolences.
April 04, 2010
Dixie & family,
Our love to each of you. We treaure the fond and pleasant memories. We are remembering you in prayer. May God give you strength in these day.
April 04, 2010
So sorry to hear this. Love you, Dixie! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the family.

Rick Cave
April 04, 2010
Dear Dixie and family,
So sorry to hear of Lenn's illness and death. I'm sure Kent was there with open arms to welcome him to heaven. May God's love and peace be with all of you in this time of grieving and loss. Thinking of you and your family with special thoughts and prayers.
April 04, 2010
My thoughts and prayers to the Hannon family.
April 04, 2010
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
April 04, 2010
I've followed the political career of Lenn Hannon for decades..and have been struck by his infallible 'common man' attitude. He has been what we needed for a long time in Salem. I'm sure he'd join me in encouraging involvement in government, to become engaged in the democratic process and to serve your fellow citizens. Mr.Hannon will be missed, but somehow, not forgotten. Ashland needs to memorialize their tireless statesman. Good on you, condolences to his family, and my thanks for sharing him with Oregon, especially southern Oregon. God Bless.
April 04, 2010
Lenn and I go way back to when we were kids in Ashland. We shared lots of good times together. He will be missed. I send my love to Dixie and her family.
April 04, 2010
My sincere condolences to you and your family Dixie.
April 03, 2010
Hi, Dixie.

Lenn was not only a friend to me, he was a friend to Mt. Ashland. He was also an incredible legislator and friend to Southern Oregon. I feel blessed to have known Lenn over all these years. Quite a guy.
April 03, 2010
Dear Dixie and kids,
I felt privileged to be involved with you and Lenn and also your children. My sorrow is that of everyone who was touched by him. He was a challenge at times, but had a great outlook.
I miss you all, and treasure my times I had with you.

Bruce E. Johnson, M.D.
April 03, 2010
I knew Lenn in the early seventies when we worked for the city of Ashland street department. He trained me how to do all of the street and curb painting. He also trained me how to make street signs. I will never forget his advice and expertice. He had a big influence on my life and I will never forget his kindness. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
April 03, 2010
I am saddened to hear of Lenn's passing. Lenn was a terrific person for the region and state.
Love to you and family.
Phil Pifer, Jacksonville OR
April 03, 2010
Dixie: I have known Lenn and his family since we attended church together in the 1950s. If you remember his father built our store building on Ashland Street.
Lenn had invited our children to be pages for him in the Legisature but we never got around to that.
You have visited in our home and I remember your daughter's name is the same as our daughter's name.

I have followed his career with interest for years.

Much love to you, your family, and Lenn's brother LeRoy.

Larry Sweem
April 03, 2010
We first became acquainted with Lenn's involvement in public service when Jerry and Lenn were both active in the Jaycees in the 1960's. Both Lenn and Dixie are to be commended for their many years of public service to the citizens of Oregon. We send our condolences to Dixie.
Jerry and Linda Evans
Jacksonville Inn
April 03, 2010
Lenn was always very kind to me when I worked with him, Trenton & CW. He was humble, yet tough at the same time. He will be missed - My prayers are with his family.
April 03, 2010
Dixie and family,

I'm sorry for your loss. It was an honor to call Lenn a friend of our family. I know my father dearly appreciated his friendship.

Your family is in my thoughts during this difficult time. I wish you much love and peace.
April 03, 2010
I extend my condolences to Dixie for her loss. Lenn and I had a hard time finding common political gound on some subjects, but he never disagreed without a smile on his face and a warm handshake. I'll miss him
April 03, 2010
Dixe, I am so sorry for your loss. I will always have fond memories of Lenn.
you will always be in my heart and my prayers.
April 03, 2010
Lenn, all of Southern Oregon was impacted by your selfless devotion to public service. Thank you.
April 03, 2010
An Oregon legend who will be missed by all of us. I am profoundly saddened by his passing. He was the epitome of what a politician should be. Highly respected by those of us who knew him. My condolences to Dixie and the family.
April 03, 2010
Integrity. That describes Lenn as well as any word can. I am privilaged to have know him. Thank you Lenn for the work you have done for our state and us as its people. Thank you Dixie for allowing us to borrow him for those years. We will surely miss Lenn.
April 02, 2010
Lenn, the entire state of Oregon thanks you for your unselfish dedication to our beautiful state.
Dixie, kids and grandkids, hugs and love to you all!!! Thank you for sharing Lenn with us all.
Those of us that grew up with Lenn, in Ashland, are truly blessed.
Prayers are being said for each and every one of you.
Much Love....
April 02, 2010
To the Family of Mr. Hannon..
I am so sorry for your great loss.
Mr. Hannon was truely one of a kind and will be missed by so many people.
You have my deepest sympathy.
April 02, 2010
Our thoughts are with you and your family.
April 02, 2010
Our hearts are moved at the passing of such a wonderful man. Our prayers are with you all at this time. May the Lord comfort you. We will all miss Lenn.
April 02, 2010
Lenny was one of my closest friends. We were both managers of the football and basketball teams in the late 50s. His brother, Leroy, is a dear friend. I attended Lenn's wedding many years ago to Dixie. Lenny's dad was the minister and his mom Irene assisted. Earlier in 1960 Lenny, Leroy, Jim Susee, and I attended a campaign speech by Candidate John F Kennedy. I think that speech inspired Lenny to run for public office. As the year's went by, Lenn became(what my dad said tonight) as one of the best public servants in Oregon history. My wife and I send our heartfelt condolences to Dixie and her family, Leroy, and the many friends that will miss him terribly.
April 02, 2010
Lenn was a great supporter of rural communities and would always have time for me when I stopped by his office in Salem to discuss their issues while I was a resident of Butte Falls. His leadership in the State of Oregon will surely be missed. My thoughts go out to Dixie and his family. God Bless
April 02, 2010
The "Class of 61" has lost one of our own and I am saddened by Lenn's homegoing. Dixie, my prayers also go out to you and your family. I have such fond memories of Lenn that it would take volumns to write them all. As manager of our basketball team Lenn wrapped my ankles many times and took good care of the team. He was a true servant: of God and his community, who he served so faithfully.
April 02, 2010
Lenn Hannon was truly one of the most conscientious leaders in recent southern Oregon history. I enjoyed working with him on several issues over the years and always found that even when he couldn't help or, didn't agree with me, that he listened and took the time to explain his position. When Lenn could help, he did so swiftly and with verve. Lenn Hannon did many great things for our region and will be long remembered. My condolences to Dixie and his family. RIP Lenn, and thank you.
April 02, 2010
it has been a long time since we have seen you but can only say that mine and Darrell's prayers are with you and your family. May and Darrell Plankenhorn
April 02, 2010
My predecessor in office, Jim McClean had a good working relationship with Senator Hannon. Our sympathies go out to the family

Ron Jones IBEW LU 659 Business Manager
April 02, 2010
I met Lenn when he first ran for office. He was an honest, dedicated, and hard working man. He worked hard to do what was right for his family, the State of Oregon and his country. He will truly be missed by so many.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Dixie and their extended family.
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