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Robert Paul Kieffer
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May 06, 2015
Dear Bob,

I just found out about your passing and am so very saddened. You were a man of many virtues and this world will never be quite the same without you in it. You were the idyllic gentleman and friend.

Thank you for being a small part of my world and breathing life back into me when I needed it the most.

Rest in peace to one of the greatest men I have ever known!
August 24, 2013
This morning, as I thought about what to prepare for my daughter's lunch I remembered one night when Dad said he would make my lunch for school. Glad to be relieved of my struggle, I went to finish my homework. The next day,11:15, I opened my brown paper bag to find a bag of salt and a boiled egg with a winding poem written on the shell in his black ink pen and familiar handwriting. I was so hungry but didn't want to crack my lunch open. I read it over and over, trying to memorize the words before recess.
I love you Dad. Your words are written in my heart.
August 20, 2013
Thank you all for sharing your love of Bob. He was my best friend and he always will be. Please share stories and photos if you wish. There is always more to share.
August 18, 2013
To the entire Kieffer family, you are in my thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. So very sorry to hear about the death of your Dear Father.

With Sympathy,

Barbara Dalton
August 07, 2013
For a wonderful man whose wonderful qualities are shown thru his kids. May your light continue to shine!
August 07, 2013
Great neighbor to our family. Can remember many nights the two Bobs hanging on the patio. Good memories. Nice family.
August 07, 2013
I would like to extend my condolences to the entire Kieffer family on the loss of their beloved Robert. I knew him as Bobby....Ellen introduced me to her kid brother when I was in high school and our friendship lasted through college. Since Ellen and I went to an all-girls high school, Bobby attempted to educate us in the "other world". He did a great job! Throughout the years, Ellen kept me posted on Bob's life, and I thought of him often with fondness. I know that he will be sorely missed, but those that knew him, no matter how brief the time, will never forget him.
August 07, 2013
Fortunately,I had the guilded privilege of being Bob's neighbor in
Bel-Nor for years. I always had the feeling that Bob could move a mountain if he wanted to. He had such a breezy style of freedom and self-reliance and, to me, was the very picture of a free, independent and unrestrained guy always moving forward. We had many stimulating backyard discussions about politics,life, neighborhoods, our families, the Catholic Church, the military, golf, history, literature, philosophy and just about anything and everything. Bob knew more people than anyone I have ever seen and was indomitable in body and spirit. He worked tirelessly in his back yard garden which overlooked the Normandy Golf Course. Many times I would see him working away oblivious of time or weather. He chased the squirrels, watered his plants faithfully, and would have a spat every now and then with golfers who managed to drive their golfballs into his well-groomed back yard or, worse yet, climbed his fence to retrieve their golf ball. His unwavering strength, fixity of purpose and his steely will contrasted elegantly with his deep compassion for those less fortunate. I remember his little red sports car that he proudly drove around the neighborhood, the time his young son, Jordan, climbed into the family car parked in the driveway, released the gears and I watched in horror as Jordan rode the car straight into his Dad's other parked car on the street and the lively discussions that followed this unfortunate event. A flurry of neighbors and the Bel-Nor police arived on the scene quickly as Jordan climbed out of the car with scarely a bruise and we all said a prayer of relief. Rest in peace, my good neighbor, and as you stroll through the fairways of heaven in the lazy light of the morning sun, try your best to be kind to golfers less skilled. Thank you, Bob, for your presence with us and for your extraordinary kindness to me and my husband as we suffered through the agony of his terminal illness. I shall always remember your encouragement and delicious lasagna that you made for us during those trying times. Thank you, my dear neighbor, you were the voice of reason many times, and I am truly grateful for the time spent with you on this earth. My prayers are with your family during this time of loss. May the comfort of your memories bring you peace.
August 06, 2013
I could write a book about Bob Kieffer, my dear friend. It's been years since we've been together, but when I heard the news of his passing, I felt a deep sense of loss. Bob and I were part of the Flora Place and 39th Street gang. We partied and played sports and talked trash all through grade school (St. Margaret of Scotland), high school and college. Bob holds a technicolor place in so many of my memories. When I was in basic training, Lt. Bob would come down to Ft. Leonard Wood, in uniform, to literally spirit me from my barracks for a night at the officer's club. That flood of memories reminds me of what Bob meant to me and my family. I keenly recall our reciprocal visits with Bob, Mary Jane and the kids. One summer they visited us at our summer home in Wisconsin. When we moved to Florida in 1988, Bob and I only saw each other on rare occasion. Still, Bob never drifted too far from my thoughts about Flora Place and our wonderful neighborhood. I spent many nights at the Kieffer home, joining Bob's family for dinner and razzing sessions, especially from big brother Tom. Richard called me "Georgie Boy," and talked to me endlessly about the baseball Cardinals. Ellen (Mary Elllen to me), and Barbara and Tony, the glamorous couple in Southern California, were part of my world. Bob and I took a train from St. Louis Union Station to Los Angeles Union Station before we turned 21 to stay at the Micelli home and play act in what we considered Hollywood style. I could go on, but I wish Bob's family, especially his children, could see his life in a documentary. It would bring tears, laughter and astonishment. Bob lived large and swept us into his boisterous world. Despite his adventures, Bob was a serious thinker who loved to read widely and discuss emotions, politics and history. He befriended me when I was a newcomer to Flora Place, and stood by me whenever I needed him. Rest in peace, Bob.
August 06, 2013
I will pray for Bob. The whole Kieffer family has my deepest sympathy. At our 50th reunion Bob and I talked, and as always I walked away feeling good. That was always the way it was with Bob. We sat across from one another in our sophomore yr. in Geometry. He kept me going and awake in this class.
Rest in piece Bob with the Lord's blessings.
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