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Karen Leah Casper-Slamans

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June 29, 2016

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June 29, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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October 04, 2015
Hey momma you have alot of company up there with you now. Grandpaw,grandmaw,uncle benny and aunt karen.I love you and miss you. Joey
January 13, 2015
Hi Karen it's Tony. I'm a day late but I know you have met your brother yesterday. Now you have your dad and brother to keep you company for now until we all meet again. I miss ya'll and will see you soon. Tony your "Big Brother" as you use to say. :>)

P.S. of course Gail says hi and misses you too.
October 24, 2014
Hey Karen - it's almost your birthday - only a half an hour (Gulfport time) to go as I'm typing this message.
I was in Gulfport in August and I got to meet your daughter Elizabeth for the first time, August 23, 2014. It was wonderful!!! She is beautiful - just like you! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm thinking about you, I always do think about you..and wanted to say "happy birthday"! I'm sure the birthday cakes in Heaven are the best birthday cakes...I wish I could bake you a cake - but I'm sure the ones Up There are much better than anything I could bake for you! I love you, and I miss you so much...I'll be talking to you soon...
April 26, 2013
hey momma i been thinking about you alot lately. i just wanted to say i miss you and dylan and ashlynn do to...
December 25, 2012
I miss you...just wanted you to know. The night sky is filled with stars and the one star that means the most to me...is you. Peace my friend...
October 25, 2012
Hey friend, just wanted you to know I am thinking of you on your birthday. Hugs! I miss you!
Love you
P.S. Thanks for everything....and thanks to your family for this special place I can leave a word or two.
February 16, 2012
Karen, I pray there is a heaven as we believe it to be.
I pray daddy is there with you. Of the two of you I know each of you will be there for each other .. lighting up the others world. And, I believe you are both so beyond what we think or feel here on earth. I imagine it is a place beyond my comprehension of peace in all things. I hope so.
Somehow baby I'm still not completely able to come to grips with the loss of you... I've always thought you were so like me baby. You believed in the good in everyone. Some may have said, as they said to me, we believed in the good of others too much. That we looked at life through "Rose colored glasses". That we did not see life as it really was. But we did. I think we see life as it is at it's worse and I have faith that if only I believe, to the best of my ability, in God, my Higher Power, I will one day feel and see that peace for eternity .. So hard to explain but I know you know what I truly feel and am saying~ It does not mean you, or I, did not {or do not} see life as it is. We did. I still do. And we were so blessed to find God's grace in everything. No matter how bad things were, we always knew things could always be worse if we did not have our religious belief and each other.
I'm so honored to be your mother. You never faltered and never said "I can't"... You lived ... not simply existed ... You were and are such a great daughter. You were and will always be the best mother in the world to your children.
Baby, You had such pure love for others. Even as you were suffering and knew you were dying... you left a message for us; simply saying "Tell mama and daddy I love them." And I know I've said this before , but that truly nearly tore me apart. I had asked over and over if you gave anyone a final message for us... Or any last word. Always I was told no. I'm sure you know that it was because of the pain of losing you some of what happened was blocked out of many's minds because it was too painful to remember. It was a year before I knew you left those words for us. Somehow I knew if it was possible you would have said "tell mama and daddy" something .... And I kept wondering and mourning. When I learned you did leave a message for us it gave me more pain but yet some closure because I KNEW you had left us a message. And you did. To me it meant you knew we were right there with you and we had our precious last words in this world. It was just like you to be thinking of us in your final moments. I literally almost fell apart. Then, almost instantly, I thanked you and God for allowing me to know your words to us. Thank you baby. Thank you God. How blessed we were and are to have a child like you!
Karen, you are an inspiration to all who knew you; know you... Your children and grandchildren, your mama, daddy, sister and brothers, your almost sister and sisters-in-laws, all your nieces, nephews, God-children, all your friends..You touched all our lives so deeply and will continue to touch our lives. You, "our" Karen, will live on in our memories forever.
I love you baby, mama~
December 25, 2011
Dear Karen
I thought of you today, but that is not so new, I think of you and miss you often. I keep looking to the sky - hoping to see you "winking" at me to let us all know you're watching in your wonderful way from afar. My world still knows of your absence, but my heart feels you're still very much here.
Merry Christmas Karen. You are and always will be missed this day and everyday.
Love you, girl!
Christina - (the kid down the street from you who moved to Alabama & then California - who hasn't been a kid for a long flipping time on any street; wink!)
December 24, 2011
Karen, I think of you each day and wonder,
do garden's grow in heaven?
Do trees, plants, flowers and roses grow?
Like you tenderly grew, here on earth?

I wonder if you've seen your daddy?
Can you make each other smile?
I know God welcomed him with open arms
for God knows the inner and outer us and see's us
through every trial.

Did you recognize each other right away? Or does that take time?

If either of you laughed or came near to one another-
the happiness you share... being together once more...I can only imagine, and smile, as your
auras reached out and instantly knew the other.

You would somehow say... "THERE'S my daddy"; and he would quickly bend forward, laugh and say in his special happy way...
"Heyyy" As his arms reached out to hug you.

You would both be so happy to see each other!
You would weep... and he would hold you close and say' It's ok baby, it's ok."

Here on earth we are blessed knowing you and daddy are together this Christmas while at the same time you are with us. watching over us.

"daddy" will always' remain so proud of His son's, daughters, grand-children and me. He loves each of you... Just as each of you love
and have always been so proud of him.

One day we will all be together again with all the rest of our family.
It will be like it was when everyone came here... 'home for Christmas'...
Together~ filled with laughter and love... When life was so very special..

Right now neither of you will ever suffer again. And that thought gives us peace.
This Christmas that is our wish... Our prayer~ I love you baby, mama~
October 27, 2011
To: Susanne Bacchetta
I'm so glad you wrote your loving thoughts about Karen. She spoke so often of you and yall's friendship. I'll contact you soon... Karen's mama~

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Light of our Lives.. Love of our hearts!! You are missed soo Much!!!

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