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August 31, 2014

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August 31, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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November 10, 2010
good morning baby~
As you already know we have been having really worrisome news. This morning though is like a beautiful spring day... Filled with hope, love, and inspiration... Everything is so much better! I believe you were here with us, knew what was happening, helping us through it like we, as a family always did for one another, and, as always, you inspire us whether on earth or in heaven. You baby, are our special connection to heaven. It is almost like the main worry (at least for now) vanished in a blink of an eye. And our prayers have been answered.
We love you baby~ mama~
October 27, 2010
Happy belated birthday Karen. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you...still...and always always will, my friend. I miss you sooooo very much in the physical world, on this Earth, but I feel your presence every bit as much - your kind Spirit comforts me more than words could ever say. Love you...Chris
October 25, 2010
Today is your day baby! It is now 1:09 P. M. You were born to us on Oct 25th at 9:09 P. M. It seems like such a short time ago! The time we had together will never be as long as we wished it was.
I guess there must be stages that our mourning and missing each other takes us through. I've had no regrets, until lately. Then I began wondering if there was more I could have or should have done with and for you. Maybe even saved your life ...
Could I have done differently? With the Grace of God I have always accepted whatever came my way in life but sometime's I'm now wandering about.. searching the core of my being, hoping, truly before God... that I did all I could. This may be a part of the grieving process, I don't know... I do know my heart feels like it has been ripped out and now it's as though I can't yet accept there was nothing I could do to change the outcome. In my next breath I truly believe, Like I've always done, that if my love for you was a measure of giving all that I could then I can never wonder if I gave my all... I even have to make my thoughts again recognize that my faith in God stays with us and it is through our faith that I stay relatively strong in my belief in Him that has led me to trust in all that I do, and accept His guidence. I believe that. Yet I still feel so torn at times.
Karen, I've loved you way before you were ever born and I always will. I often smile at so many visions I see of you throughout our lives. I feel such love and protection for you! It is unending. At times almost like if you walked through the door I would think for a moment the loss of you had been a bad dream or something unexplainable but you were still here. instantly I would say Karen! Baby! And all the things mothers would say if they had a "second chance"... and all during that time I'd be reaching out to you to hold you close... Thanking God the loss was not real!
I was so blessed to have you much longer than I thought I would baby!.. I expected me to go first, under the circumstances, many years ago. But I didn't . He kept me here for a reason. I thought it was because ya'll all needed me so much. There was no one else to take my place and no matter what has or will happen in my life I will always thank God for allowing me to be ya'll's mother and to be there for each of you when you wanted or needed me... I hope, as a mother, each of you know I gave as much as humanly possible to put my children first and be the kind of mother God wanted me to be.
Karen, I will always think of you as a inspiration to us all.... With one breath I thank God you were born... With the same breath I feel such pain and loss and blame for all you went through. Then the next moment I realize, again, you were God's creation and He choose us to be your earthly parents. I'm in awe He did and eternally grateful.
Though I ask your forgiveness for bringing you into this world to later have to go through all you suffered, I also am so thankful, and grateful you were born to us! You lived and laughed, loved and cared so much for all of us. You were a wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, friend and child. I thank God, and you, for every moment we all shared.
You are my child baby. You always will be... And because you are I search within myself to try to find an answer as to why God so blessed and entrusted me to be your mother! I guess it was because I love you, and all my children, more than my life and my faith in Him is beyond words .
You will live in my heart and my memories forever Karen...
And... Just in case I haven't told you often enough.. lol. I love you baby...
Happy Birthday Karen!!! ~ from mama and daddy
July 05, 2010
Hi Baby, You are always on my mind but some holidays bring my memories of you so close it's as if time had turned back... You always loved the 4th of July and went all out for the children like you always did on all special days... And they remember all those times that you made their days... their lives... so special.
There were some fantastic fireworks on television this year Karen, and every time one went off I could imagine you watching from heaven.... to me I thought "Oh yessss... a celebration of the birth of our nation but now, when I see it, I'll also think of it as being a celebration of your life... of all you were and will forever be."
And guess what? No heartbroken tears to rip me apart this time... Our shared memories have overcome the tortuous heartache... And now... most times... I can accept that you will always be with us... But... Just above the human level.
With our memories and God's grace I'm learning more and more how to accept life as it is and not as I want it to be. I love you so much baby... I always will... mama~
June 03, 2010
Here I am again baby... I think I will always return to your guestbook.. I wrote the following poem for you today, June 3rd, 2010. I feel so close to you everywhere I am... you are there... I love you baby...

You Are Always There~
When my world... has seemed to end,
And too many thoughts fill my mind;
I think of my blessings of you Karen,
And sweet memories I find.

Those thoughts ease my soul,
My anguish and my pain;
And all the memories we made,
Is soothing...
like fresh , fallen rain.

In these times... of heavenly grace,
When everything seems so right;
I feel lifted higher and higher,
Closer to you..
and God's almighty might.

God listens,
and hears my every plea,
He speaks to my soul...
and answers my every prayer;
I feel you so close and safe Karen,
You... and He... are everywhere.
love by mama~
Author: Kathleen Casper
April 22, 2010
Good Morning Karen~ I look at the web page made for you and the girl looks so like you... And hearing Elvis singing How Great Thou Art as the page opens makes it complete... I wrote you a personal "letter" that I know you already know what is in there... I decided not to put it in the guest book but instead to save it for your personal web site... I'll still, though rarely, write you in here, though mainly it will be on "your" site... The other day I found out with all you were going through, your last minutes on earth, you drew from all that was left within you and said... "tell mama and daddy I love them".... Even at the last moment of life you thought of us... I will always be so in awe of you baby... All that you were... all you will forever be... I still cry... I think I always will... But mingled with my tears of sorrow that you are gone is my enormous total love for you... and my one salvation is I do believe you are with Jesus in Heaven. We will meet you there in the not so distant future... I miss you baby every day of my life, and when the tears stream down, I can hear you say... Don't cry mama.... I'm alright"... And I cry silently more.... You are such a part of me. Your last message to us was, again, "tell mama and daddy I love them"... And to you baby I am asking God... Jesus and his mother Mary... to please hold you close and tell you mama and daddy got your message... It touched our hearts and soul's deeper than anyone can imagine... and to please bless you and keep you surrounded by their love and our love... I miss you so much Karen... And I love you more than I can ever say... You, our little girl, will always be my baby and my inspiration... Through eternity, mama and daddy~
March 26, 2010
We sure do miss you Aunt Karen. Thinking of you always.....
December 27, 2009

Karen, these last few day's my thoughts seem to easily drift away,
I function, I live, and though I laugh, at times I feel I barely exist;
Then this morning, while still deep in the night, I gazed toward heaven,
And Baby, I saw such an amazing sight.. A light, shinning out of the mist.

It brought back the night you were buried and a raging rainstorm covered Gulfport and Biloxi,
As though there was uncontrollable weeping because you went away...
So I Goggled the weather,
Praying your gravesite was dry, a sign you were ok, and behold!! A light...
In a single dry pathway, straight from heaven to Southern Memorial Park where you lay.

A gentle touch of peace, but not contentment, began to grow, and just as suddenly, it was gone..
screaming without sound tore through my brain and body, I couldn't accept what I knew to be true;
We can never again confide our deepest thoughts, and I can never again ease your hurt,
And earthly pain. I will never again hear you laugh, or call me "mama"... Oh Karen my baby, I MISS YOU...

But in God's mercy, (though sometimes my faith slightly waivers), My belief is still strong enough...
To where I turn begging to Him and in return He seems to give me a touch of salvation;
Yet, I want more! I want peace, contentment. Not when I die... but here.. now... And because I know
Wanting is just wishes, it leaves my heart, my brain, my belief, filled with trepidation...

I try to overcome any questions of my faith.. and without doubt 99 9/10 % of my faith remains strong,
While the 1/10 % of doubts leaves me in agony. Wondering why I can't just totally accept everything!
Is it because so much was written by man? Or because slowly, so slowly, little things emerge as truth,
I totally believe in God, in a Higher Power. I believe without Him life would be worth nothing.

I believe there is and was Mary, Joseph, and Jesus but I sometimes wonder ... was all perfection?
In Their every thought, word, and deed? If They were human did they not have one sin, one human fallacy?
Like we humans have? I yearn for an unanswerable truth while I'm here,on earth, meanwhile my belief's...
Still keep me strong enough to turn to God, to "Them" for blessings of peace..regardless of the intricacies.

And if They erred, as humans often do, As long as They obeyed God, that does not make Them unholy...
To me... If it were true I would probably feel They also felt and understood on an earthly level what I feel ..
Yet, I would know God blessed Them beyond compare with sanctity and gift's that only He and They can bestow...
And I do believe Jesus took you to be by his side in Heaven because he love's you so. To me that is real.

And so this Christmas I pray for you to be in peace... To know we love you more than words can say,
That we too find peace, stay faithful, and accept whatever comes our way...

Karen, just know every bit of my times of struggling to accept you are forever gone has been worth, every agony to have had you, "our" Karen, My baby, for each day, every moment since you were born....
God did bless each of us... Merry Christmas Baby, I love you... mama~
December 19, 2009
Merry Christmas Karen. I miss you. You are in my thoughts often, and close to my heart always.
October 25, 2009
Happy Birthday Baby!
Words can't tell you how sweet the memories are;
Of every thing we ever did,
We touched hearts, together or apart, near or far.

And now through forever,
our worlds have no boundaries;
Our souls touch,
And through our souls we feel and see.

Something's, little things, big things,
Remind me of you;
Happy things, sad things, all things,
Everything, no matter what I do.

Today I've thought a lot about your 16th Birthday,
I don't know why but it's been with me all day,
Maybe it's the "Lil Tagalong cheerleading" doll your sister found,
She looked so much like you, Sweet, precious, lovable in every way.

Life sometimes seems like an illusionary dream,
unreal because you can't hold onto it,
Yet so very, very real,
Because we can't totally let go of it.

Like a fairytale, and you're my little princess,
You, sparkling with beauty, and dancing all around;
bring laughter, music, singing...
Can you hear that? Can you hear the sounds?

Today is a special day for me, for us,
The day you were born, such a gift I can't describe;
I remember the ride home with you from Jackson,
How I looked at you.. with so much love I started to cry.

You were 3 days old, we were bringing our "little girl" home,
Words of the song "You're the reason I'm living" entered my mind;
You looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and I started singing.
"You're the reason I'm living.. You're the breath that I take." God was so kind.

He gave us you.
And now, no matter how life evolves, or what the future brings;
The wonder of you, of every part of life we shared;
I will always know we were blessed... And baby, my heart still sings.

Time is passing quickly, slowly.
We love you...
Author: Mama,
Kathleen Casper

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Light of our Lives.. Love of our hearts!! You are missed soo Much!!!
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