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July 10, 2014

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July 10, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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July 09, 2014
Good morning,Tom,

sadly, I am the only one writing to you at the moment.People don't have the time to write or the memory of you is still too sad to deal with it.
I am happy for the opportunity the write a few words on a regular basis. It gives me some peace to remember you in prayers, in thoughts, within my heart.
You are not dead in spirit. The soul is everlastingly part of our Universe, part of Nature, part of our thoughts in memories.
I love and miss you, Tom.
Rest in peace.
Lots of love,
as always,
July 08, 2014
Dear Tom,
a week has gone by withut me writing to you.The fourth of July was a day of rest'although, we had company. One of Michelles friend with her five children and husband, came for a visit. The husband was kind enough to help me out with some of my plumbing problems. He is a Plumber from profession. He had saved me lots of money, and did not even wanted to take what I had offered. He thought it was way too much. Well, I know better. Plumbers are very expensive. He had been a God send/sent?
I had very little time to write, in fact I was in great pain. I had fallen on the front steps, because of the cat and many bags of food I was carrying.This morning Monique, Tiffany and one of Tiffany's friends went to MV. I was suppose to also go with Linda Lee, but the little girl wanted to stay with her Mom, and since I hardly can't walk it would have been a vacation without much of interest to me and to the rest of the family. Germaine and Marilyn are also there. Kiki invites them yearly.She enjoys the many guests she caters to all through the year.I had wanted to garden with Kiki. She is disappointed that I could not come this year.
I know they will be having lots of fun in MV.It is a beautiful place to visit, and Kiki's house is gorgeous, large and comfortable. The beach is just minutes from her house, close enough to walk or take the bike.
You would have loved it there. Kiki wanted for you to visit, to stay awhile, to see the wonderful and interesting land and seascapes. Dine in one of the small or larger Restaurants.Talk to some locals, or to the many Tourist's from around the world. It would have been one of your most treasured vacation adventures.
THere are so many things of interests to see, or to seek peace, stillness and solitude, watching boats sail by, as they slide slowly through wind and waves.
In your imagination, all things would become islands to your senses,as breezes would warm your skin and the moistness in the air would add to your content.
You would be happy. A man in charge of his feeling, calm and worry-free.
I had wished this peace and happiness for you, Tom.
Rest and the company of God, your Dad and your brother.
All my love,
July 01, 2014
Dear Tom, I just read this poem and did not realize how many mistakes were made. Linda Lee was talking and singing right into my ear. No wonder I could not concentrate.
I am so sorry.

Here is another poem, written on the same day.

" Far away, on the rugged slopes
that stretch to reach the sky,
I can see fog decending where no trees block the light, and vineyards appear, their vines seem to sag under heavy red and green grapes, bending toward the earth.
A few patches of trees and shrubs stand out,green and small, they almost look lonely in the vastness of fertile land.
A little stream runs through it, as a group of dugs swim by. The air smells of wet earth when the wind blows itin.
It almost has an odor like sap, not bad and not too good either, it depends on what people perceive as pleasing.
Nature to me is a riddle.Difficult to understand the flow of it, in the magnificent beauty or harshness, in the good, the bad, the hot and the cold, but it is nevertheless a miracle of God's creations, which His children love."
Peace to you, Tom,

loving you always,

God's world appears to be at rest.
Stillness, without the sound of life is mystifying and rare.
June 30, 2014
Dear Tom,
I wrote this poem a few weeks ago.
Perhaps you like it, perhaps I even posted it before.

" I see God's Beauty....

I see God's majestic beauty
in dawn, in dusk, at night,
in all that comes with certainty,
as gifts, to my delight.

The sweetness of a moarning breeze,
a rising bird that sings,
the floweers offering nectar
and all that nature brings.

The mighty oak with leaves so green,
the grass so lush and moist,
the rippling of a mountain brook,
and logs that loggers hist.

I love when children run and alugh,
play tag or hide and seek,
by ice caream from Mr. Softy,
or wding in a creek.

I see Good's beauty in all things
with heartfelt happiness;
Especially when watching
a parents doting caress...."

Peace be yours,
Much love,
June 29, 2014
Dear Tom,

it is one of those perfect summer days.Sunny, warm, not hot, not humid. Weather to please the world.If we could be as perfect, what a wonderful universe we would have.
I think of you always, and can still see you in the gaze of my eye's, distinct and unchangable, like the memory of you I hold so dear, and no reality can elude me or move me to a distant place, away from the treasured moments of our togetherness, so long ago.
Perhaps through my sorrow I have created you not always as you were, but how I had perceived you could be.
Time does give us the ability to see things through rose colored glasses, and I think it is a wonderful gift from God.
Just as forgiveness. We are angry, we might even hate, then we think things over, find fault in ourselves and are finally able to forgive others as ourselves.
I hope that you saw me as a loving Mother, because I truly loved you every moment of your life, even then, when I felt it difficult not to say a harsh word, when you did something of disapproval.
Rest in peace, Tom.

With all my love,
June 28, 2014
Dear Tom,

"As clouds appear, solid and white, lingering on an otherwise azure sky,
I know that you are watching, looking down on the earth you had left happily for a better tomorrow.
I can understand how wonderful you must be feeling among the best of the best.
You had arrived, a little too early;however, your time on earth had been completed, not to God's, but to your own will.
I envy your courage, but becry your predicament.A call would have been the answer, the savior, the helper.
You knew that I would have been there to rescue you.How I miss this last call you had never made.Oh, Tom, I miss you so."

Peace be yours, always!
All my love,
June 28, 2014
Hello, Tom,

today is Michelle's Birthday. She is now 46, getting older, but does not look her age. Her spirits are high. Linda Lee keeps her on her toes and busy. This is a good thing, otherwise she would be watching too much TV, not getting any exercise.
I will take her , Linda Lee and Monique out for dinner tonight. Right now they are at a Birthday Party for one of Linda Lee's girl-friends.
The weather is sunny and hot. I had plans for outdoor work, but I will postpone it until the sun goes down.
We, as always love and miss you.
Peace be yours, now and always,

much love,
June 26, 2014
Good Morning Tom,
today is Malik's Birthday. He is now twenty-four. I so well remember when he was born. I was at the hospital and heard his first cry.Still is the cute kid he had been way back then.
As you know it would be great to have you here.
You are loved and missed.
We have not heard from little Tom and JoJo.With the grace of God they are well.
I have to let you go, but will write soon.
All my love,
June 25, 2014
Hi, Tom,
you are always on my mind;although, I don't write here, I like for you to remember how much you had been part of my life, and how much I have always loved you, looked up to you and now miss you.
Have a happy Birthday. We had graced Heaven with balloons tonight, in honor of your special day.
May peace be yours always!.
With much love,
sister Monique
June 25, 2014
Dear Uncle, Tommy,
I wish you a very happy Birthday, and I want you to know that I love you.Oma has told me so many wonderful things about you. I know that you would have loved me too. I will see you oine day in heaven. Say hello to uncle LeRoy and to my Opa.
Have a big piece of cake. Oma said that in heaven everything is wonderful and possible, even if you are dead on earth.
Linda Lee

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