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September 01, 2015

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September 01, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 31, 2015
Hello, Tom,

"God had made this world a clustering sphere,
of magic wands, for us to share.
A firmament of vibrant dust,
where clouds, and rain, and sun will lust.
God rules His land,each groove and hill,where wisdom lies,with grace and skill.
Where nature frames sun's great escape,
for us to cherish tree's soothing shade.
Pleasant and various glide our years,
through love and kindness
have we found our Peers.
However,the best of Earth and Air,
shall be the man devout in prayer."

Peace be yours,
always much love,
August 29, 2015
Dear Tom,
my thoughts are roaming around in my head, still wondering if you have found peace in the beyond. Prayers said, do not bring answers to a searching, hoping,questioning soul.
If the power of love could bring you back, you would be here instantly, enjoying the last days of Summer and family gatherings.
Rest and wait for us to be together again. In Heaven time is not counted by the hours,weeks, months or years, it is surely counted by God's miracles, unknown to us as of yet, it is a secret and yours to keep.
All my love,

" Love, Friendship, Grace and Charity
are all the gifts of time and heart,
of everything that's noble and of giving souls,
that care and share about what time is offering
in years to come.
One touch of nature makes the whole world one,
as we are made and moulded out of the clay God had created
throught love,dust and time...
We are and will remain one."

Think of it Tom, and argue my position,as you always were so perfectly able to do...
Love you so much!
August 27, 2015
My dear Tom,
not every day is made for writing;although, my heart is always yearning for you and my thoughts never stray too far from remembering you with love.
I still have such problems walking and need assistance, because my balance is off and I feel as if I would fall again, without a hand, a rail, a wall, a shopping cart.
I need an MRI and perhaps physical therapy.Otherwise life is going smoothly. Shool will start on the 8th of September and Shanksville is calling us.The Memorial building will be open by then and other facilities as well. They had a fire in one of the building down town, where all of our gifts,of LeRoy and the other victims we had given to the Memorial fond, were stored. All has been lost. I had given about 45 items,special things of LeRoy's youth and adulthood. I was heartbroken when I had been informed of the misfortune. I still mourn for every item, because I had given them with the greatest of sadness, not wanting let go of what I had left of my beloved child.They had asked for more afterwards, but I declined. Although, it was to remember LeRoy for the Publics sake in years to come, adding to History, I will not give more, because I had given to other institutions also, especially to the Memorial in Manhattan, who will share LeRoy's legacy with that of the many thousands lost on 9-11-2001.
I try to meditate when my heart is aching too much for the loss of you, LeRoy and Dad, and now Kristel. Such deep sadness has befallen our family and that of the McKenna's. I mourn for her children. They look so beautiful, so loving, and I know that they muss miss their Mom terribly. I am also so sad that the both of us did not know anything about Kristel and her little family.
History has left great gabs, and perhaps things that were said, were so unfair and unfavorable.
I wish that you had found God's forgiveness for taking your own life. He knew that your were troubled, He knew that you called out to Him, because you were such a good and giving perhaps, filled with faith and trust, and I also know that you were hurt, because He did not come to your rescue, or did He?Was the end His rescue?
I love and miss you so much,Tom, always hoping and wishing you were here, wishing that I did not be part of your pain, your hopelessness, your sorrow and your disillusions.

" Four years have past,
since you have gone,
fours years and yes,four summers.
Soft breezes often fill the house,
which needs repairs of plumbers.
You were the perfect handyman.
No job has been too large.
You even worked on Duplexes,on cars, boats and a barge.
I still can hear your laughter, son,
see smiles, and yes, go on,
to brag about your happiness
when helping, or have fun.
Have peace and know you are loved on earth,
find peace in your rebirth."
All my love,
August 10, 2015
Hello, Tom,

"We took a trip beyond the wood
where flowers bloom today,
where sun shines in the morning mist,
alluring our way.

Beyond the meadows where the cows
are grasing in the morn',
and horses running full of joy,
where happiness is born.

I had been calmed by summers breeze;
My world was a delight,
as every little breath of mine
touched me with strenght of life.

And so I wandered in my mind
while driving with the sun,
to past rememberance when you were
a child of tricks and fun.

And yes,I am ashamed at heart-
for I forget some time
to thank my Lord for all His gifts
that He let me be mine."

Peace be with you!
All my love,
August 09, 2015
My dear Tom,
I had opened a account for your daughter Kristel.Hopefully friends and relatives of hers will see it and contribute to it. I am sure that she had many friends who had loved her, wishing she were here and like to talk to her as if she still were here.
I found out that she had worked for Starbucks the early morning shift.It was early morning when she had her car accident and died instantly. It had been the day of my Birthday. It is so sad that I never could tell her that I loved her through distance and obstacles, created due to circumstances in life's so many unfair situations.
I love and miss you.
Every day I think of you, your brother and Dad, and wish that life could have been extended for each of you. You were all so young still when death knocked on the door,taken you away from us.
Yesterday I had another very bad fall.A careless person left his bike in a very small foyer at a store.When entering the foyer somehow the bike fell against me,making me fall down, hitting my head against a large glasss door, and if it would not have been plexcy glass IO surely would have been cut into pieces.The bike hurt my back and shoulder badly when it fell on me, pinning me to the floor, bruised both of my arms, and both of my kneecaps are swollen and bruised. But I am grateful that I was protected from real glass falling on me. Michelle and three other people helped me up, put me on a chair and the manager filled out an accident report.Tomorrow I have to see my Physician for x-rays, because my head and other parts of my body are really hurting and I have to make sure that nothing is broken.I'm glad that there were cameras right by the door, so everything is recorded in case my injuries are getting worse and I need more health care.
Have peace and protect us from further injuries to any part of the family/friends, etc.

"If sickness calls and sadness falls,
just being near can bring some hope.
A listening ear,wishes from the heart,
makes life much easier to heal and cope.
God, our Master, taught love and mercy,
He paused to mend a broken wing-
One never knows when the time may come,
when you need someone for love to bring.
And if I'm weary
with too much to bear,
with thoughts of sadness,
and so much despair,
be there to help,
be there to care,
hold on to my hand,
so that I know you are here."

With lots of love,
August 03, 2015
Dear Tom,
" When I need someone to talk to,
I will think of you.
Remembering the many moments
your words were sincere and true.
With eagerness you had always helped me
when I had lost my way;
In the days of deepest sorrow you were there to stay.
You had weaved such lovely colors
in your gentle speech.
Never leaving thoughts or shadows,
which I could not reach.
You had been the son I yearn for,
now that you are gone;
Heartbreaks are my healths destruction,
more than I had known.
Rest in peace, might God forgive you,
as you chose to leave,
may He hold your hand and love you,
knowing how we grief."
All my love,
July 22, 2015
My dear Tom,
I had written to you several times prior to today;however, this computer is very slow and needs upgrades. At times just b efore I am ready to submit my note it all washes out and is gone in an instantly.
It makes me sad and perhaps even a little angry.
Sadly I had found out a few days ago through your son, that Kristel had died in a car crash last November.I am so very sorry for the family, for her children, if she had any. There are pictures on your page, but I do not know it it is Kristel, nor her children,. People often submit somethings, far away from the truth. I only know that it is very sad. I had so loved knowing her, but the circumstances were not in our favor, for one reason or another. People are of much blame, but rarely honest enough to blame themselves. It is always against others. We live in a world of violence, dishonesty and blame.
Hold her in your arms, now that you can.I love and miss you.

" When the days are ending,
moon begins his route,
stars are shining brightly,
peace appears throughout.

Dreams are made of wishes,
blessings might come true,
faith and trust are with us,
for the world and you.

Might there be some stillness
in your heart and soul,
erasing heartbreak and worry,
restoring self-control.

As the day is ending,
let prayers be your guide,
thanking God for caring,
lifting your mournful plight.

Solitude and beauty
in nature's waterways,
may enhance your wish for living,
and your hope for peace and grace."

For you, Tom, as you had loved my poetry.......
I wonder why!
June 25, 2015
My dear Uncle Tommy,
I wish you a very happy Birthday. Tell God to have a cake for you with many candles. I like chocolate cake the best, but I can deal with vanilla cake also, if there is no chocolate cake around. I bake with Oma and Auntie Monique. Sometimes Tiffany will bake with me if she had time. She works and goes to College. I got my Report card today.Twenty-eight Excellents and most everything is above grade level. I am eight years old, the youngest in my class. I will go into fourth grade in September. I can't wait, but I am glad it is Summer vacation since today. We had a fun week in school. All fun and games, no lessons. It was so cool.I am going to a pool party and and then a sleep-over. My very first. I guess I am a big girl now.Oma tells me that I am still her little girl, only Mom treats me like a big girl.She even makles me help her around the house. I don't mind. Everybody has to have chores, but sometimes she is lazy, I think, because she makes me do things she does not like to do.I will never make my children do things. I will have a maid for them.Okay,I have to run. The party is starting soon. I love you. Can you see me?Oma sais that Grandpa, Uncle Le Roy and you are watching over us when God has other things to do. Tell him I love himn and that I pray at every meal and at night, first for the family and you and then for the whole world, because when I am good I will go to Heaven and then I will meet you. This will be soooo cool!!!!
Happy BIrthday.
Niece Linda Lee
P.S.Go to sleep when you tired, because then Uncle LeRoy and Grandpa will be watching over us. x0x0x0x0x0x
June 25, 2015
Good Morning, Tom,
I wish you a happy Birthday in Heaven.Lets celebrate with Dad and with your brother LeRoy. We will join you in years to come, when it is our time to enter the House of God's Kingdom.
Meanwhile remember that you are in our hearts. We love, miss and always think of you.

"Life continues,
we don't know what to call it when the pain is deeply imbedded in once soul,but the sun keeps on shining as if nothing in life had changed, as if happiness is blooming within ourselves, no matter what consequences had entered our hearts, leaving a wound, that never appears to heal. What do we call the pain that is with us through all times, because losses have changed our way of living dramatically, but we are unable to share our sadness with those ,who had never experienced the pain of sorrow, of mourning,of giving back to God what had been only on loan?What do we call it, when the mark of suffering is unseen to the eyes of others?
Do we still call it pain, when our hearts are bleeding, but there are no visible traces?
Life continues, and all your Birthdays have to be celebrated without your loved onces.Happy Birthday, Tom. Balloons will be flying for you. Perhaps you can see them.
Peace be with you,always."

All my love,
June 23, 2015
Dear Tom,
two days ago was Fathers day. You would have been remembered with calls and cards, had you been still with us. I'm sure that Tom,Jr. had thought of you, wished to celebrate with you as in the years gone by.
We will be together again, I'm sure, and happiness will reign.Peace be yours always.
With love and sadness,

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