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April 16, 2014

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April 16, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 15, 2014
Tom, we had a great weekend.
Supper with the family in Manhattan on Saturday and company from Tante Doris on Friday and Sunday.I made dinner for the four of them and for us, we spoke of you, of the years in Germany and Deer Park and later on, after Dad had died, in Hauppauge. It was good to hear the old, almost forgotten stories, of wonderful, happy years, rearing children and then helping to rear the grandchildren.
Nothing had been forgotten, or so it seems.
They left early this morning, around four AM, to beat the traffic.
I know that their trip will be safe. God will watch over them, Prayers are powerful, when prayed by many.
You were missed, as so often when you could not come for one reason or another.
Have peace!
Love always,
April 12, 2014
Good Morning Tom,
it is early in the morning. I am an early riser, always try to get the most out off a day, especially since the hours go by so fast, as I had told you the other day.
It is a little overcast, but it seems as if the sun is trying it's best to come out. We'll see.
I have a lot on the agenda for today.Weekends are for shopping and for fun. Rides in the country, eating out and trying to see things of interest, especially to entertain little Linda Lee. She is so eager to take in the things that appear to be a learning experience, to tell or teach her friends in school what she has learned or seen.
We might have company. Tante Doris will be in town for a few days with Tanya and with two of her granddaughters;however, we had already made plans to be going most of Saturday and Sunday.
I like to plan in advance and do not like sudden surprises, because how can one be a wonderful host if nothing has been prepared?
I have to leave shortly, but before I do, I wanted to leave a little note for you.You are loved and missed. When I see pictures of you, like here on this board, I am very happy and also moved to tears, because you could be here, should be here.
Wish Tom, Jr. had the time to stay in contact a little more. He too must miss you, and I hope he will find comfort speaking with JoJo about you.
May peace be your steady companion.
All my love,

" Often times we go downhill,
starving of sadness and sorrow to the soul.
Coldness embraces the warm body,
as the heart is shiffering of sorrow.
A soothing Northwind can't offer help,
nor can the sweetness of a caring person.
We cannot escape the pain of a loss,
and so we will cry like an injured owl,
a most melancholy cry,
that can be heard by all those, who had suffered deep hurt to the heart.
So, I keep on crying over the loss of my two beloved son's.
April 11, 2014
Dear Tom,

another day of the eleventh.
Another day to remember you leaving us, and it is torture, because I could have helped you, had you told me of your circumstances.
Days rush by so steadily. Twenty-four hours have become like a click that moves the seconds twiced as fast as in the past years of the 2oth Century.
Every person I speak with feels the same. Time just flies, as you have been gone almost for three years.
I know that you are invisible to the human eye, but your spirit lingers on. Often I feel your presence. You have not taken it with you into death. I am accepting your choice;although, it has brought great agony to many, and I'm so sorry for these broken hearts, you had left behind.I wish you could have resisted the urge of leaving life behind, but you became the hostage of your fear, your worries, your pain and your loneliness.
Many hands would have held you back.One more hour and your friend would have been home to rescue you.
One more hour and you would have been safe!
My poor child, I miss you so!
All my love,
April 09, 2014
Good Morning, Tom,

"With the rising sun,
my prayers are with God,
who gifted me another day
with Heaven's goldenrod.

Perhaps my dees are few;
however, He might see
the goodness I bring forward,
in sharing of what is me.

Another day of sunshine,
another day of peace,
another day to love someone,
for sadness to decrease.

I miss your pleasant attitude,
your smile for passerby's,
your independenty spirit,
your private time to cry.

My questions reign forever,
forgiveness makes me free,
heartbroken as my soul might feel,
it's under lock and key.

Rest well, my son, in Heaven,
rest well, forget your pain,
rest well,in God's forever love,
until we meet again!"

April 08, 2014
Hello, Tom,

I am sorry for not writing for several days. On weekends I have lots of things to do, mainly because I have to take several people to where ever they have to go. If it is shopping, to the Library, to Religious Instruction,to the Theater, or just for a ride.
The weather has been getting warmer. You know that Spring is here. Flowers are emerging, pretty, colorful and strong. I can't wait until most of the Spring flowers are in bloom.
It will be nice to walk in nature, after we have had such a cold, snowy Winter, as we had been home bound for a very long time.
As always you are on my mind daily. I miss you, Tom, and wish to have you here for a little while, to spoil you.
Have peace!
With deep sadness in my heart I will remain until the next time,
your loving,
April 03, 2014
Dear Tom,

another tragedy struck a place, where you had served as a young soldier:" Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas.
A soldier, not much past his young adult hood had killed three soldiers, wounded sixteen, and then he had killed himself.
He hade been a father and husband, son and by all probability a sibling to people who had loved him, but the tragedy lies in the horriffic act of killing innocent people.
What world changes had happened in the past Century, my dear Lord, why have people turned so violent?
I am so sad, but I also think of the medication this young soldier had taken for his depressions, and I wonder if they had something to do with his character changes.
Well, we might never know.
My prayers are with the families, which have been affected so deeply, so suddenly.
Tom, have peace. I know that you would feel just as sadly about this tragedy, as I am feeling right now.
May God help us all.

All my love,
April 02, 2014

" Dreams take only a few seconds,
no matter how far we had walked,
on the bridges of endless precautions,
where children and parents had talked.

Waters float ever so smoothly,
rainbows ermerge after rain,
sun then will warm all that is cooling,
from the clouds that had cried in much pain.

Memories take hold of ones heart,
as laughter with tears touch the soul,
while the longing appears strong and sadly,
yearning for much self-control.

Dreams are the wishful thinkers,
through magic they play with a mind,
of those who are struggling and lonely,
guiding wishful thinking as a find."

Peace, always!
Much love,
April 02, 2014
Dear Tom,

greetings from the heart.I love and miss you.
Days, living with memories, can't compensate for the loss of you.
I love and miss you very much.
Rest in peace!
March 31, 2014
Hello, Tom,

guess what? April fools day came one day early.Instead of waking up to sunshine, we were greeeted by snow!
The flakes are so huge and the snow comes down so fast, that I fear we will be snowed in again.
I took Michelle to work, after Linda Lee was picked up by the bus, and the streets were dangerously icy already.
I was surprised that the bus came, because it has to climb a steep hill and descent just as steeply, dangerously so.
Prayers are still with and for the world.The 370 flight has not yet been found, mudslides are still being searched for bodies, and earthquakes in California have destroyed some cars, tumbled food and bootles off shelf's, and put lives on hold, scared and unknowingly people fear yet another and more devasting one in the near future.
May our Lord watch over His children and their belongings.
Rest in peace!

" Within the world that God had made,
we often fear His might,
in Weather,changing rapidly,
from Storms to Meteorite.

From earliest life through present day,
chaos ran parallel,
to daily living, acts and deeds,
as far as I can tell.

We love and fear God's willingness,
to punish or forgive,
because we are not sure enough,
when He is pleased, or if?

Blessed are those who know their hearts,
and speak kindly from their lips,
they are wrapped in blind oblivion,
and don't ask for any :" if's ."

Thinking about turmoils around the world, with prayers for those who are unable to do so at this time, or ever.

All my love,
March 30, 2014
Good Morning, Tom,
I like to write certain words in Capital letters, due to their importance to me.
Mornings are the important gateways to another day in the life of all living things, it ccontinues where the night brought dawn.
New beginnings, new expectations, new deeds of good will.
All day and night rain poured down on the roof. It sounded wonderful, soothing, like a lullaby, easing thoughts, putting one to sleep. I will rain again a little later, until tomorrow.
Floods are nearly as common,in certain areas, as Lakes and Streams close to occupancy.
I feel sadness for those, who have to struggle during periods of downpours, always fearing the worst, and often losing a battle all together, because damages are severe, and properties are rarely being able to be sold.
Thank God, each of us, or almost each of us, will have a Heavenly home one day, where there is love, equality and worry free days forever.
Have peace, Tom, and enjoy such amazing gift from our Lord.

All my love,

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