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October 25, 2016

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October 25, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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October 24, 2008
Hi Jarrod, it's me Ma!

I have not made an entry in sometime now but it really is inconsequential, as your are in my every thought, and in my heart every minute of every day. I love and miss you so much, and still everyday my heart weeps and tears spill from my old eyes. I want you here with me, with all of us. Life will never, ever be the same.. Finality is so overpowering, difficult to handle at times and it makes me feel very alone. I am still waiting for a beautiful dream with you. Please come to me. I wonder everyday about the fast pace of your life, and question in my mind all the time if you knew somehow, that your life here on earth would be short. Dad and I visited your boards in Sandwich this month when we headed north for your namesakes 1st Birthday. It was awesome. He is blessed to have you as his guardian angel, as we all are. Be sure to keep a good eye on all of us. I love you with all of my heart and soul and being...that will never ever change. Hold on tight to my heartstrings and do not ever let them go.
May Our Good Lord Bless and Keep You Close to Him.
I Love You Forever and a Day.
Your Ma.
October 03, 2008
Hello Jarrod,

It has been years and I miss you so much!! I remember all of fun and exciting times in the good ole windmill on Main street Hyannis, I talked to your sister, so glad I finally got in touch with her, I am in florida, can you believe it finally moved!! I know you are looking down on us all and are the angel on our shoulders. love and miss you more than you know,,,
June 23, 2008
Hi Jarrod well now you and my little brother Paul can be both angels in the endzone.Paul joined all of you Saturday please help him out with his wings I sure would appreciate it. love you and miss you both. There is not a day that goes by without you in our thoughts. Peace and love from Mama Eileen friends and family
April 26, 2008
Hi Jarrod, it's me Ma!

Wow, it has been some time since I have written to you, but I really do have an excuse. First, you are never out of my mind,my thoughts, or the beat of my heart and I feel you with me always. I had surgery...yes again, only this time I had my elbow replaced. Done at TGH, I was in the hospital for a week and have been recuperating for almost seven weeks now. This was a major surgery and it has taken alot out of me. I am still on medical leave from work and I am still taking alot of medication to control the pain but I am recovering and although it is going slow I can already feel the difference. I have been spending alot of time in our front room where you cabinet is and I swear when I am laying in there resting I can feel your presence around me. I am wrapped in my Patriot blanket everyday as I fondly call it my Jarrod comfort blanket which it certainly is. When I have it wrapped around me, it is as if your arms are reaching down from Heaven and giving me a big hug. Here we are coming upon another summer season and getting the pool deck ready for swimming etc. The "boys" have been swimming and they are so funny...still love the pool! They are so awesome and so big....our babies. Speaking about babies....your namesake, our beautiful Jarrod Christopher I was told by his mommy has gotten his first two teeth. They will be coming for a visit in a couple of months and I can hardly wait. I want to have all of them in our home so badly. Things will be certainly odd and different but we will still have a great time. You will be here looking down on all of us from above. I love you so much my heart aches everyday and I will never ever not miss you for even a moment. In the big picture my life is still very sad but I am carrying on. Must keep this short as it is still hard to type but I am with you always as well. Hold on tight to my Heartstrings and do not ever let them go.
I love you deeply forever and a day.
Your Loving and Lonely Mother
February 03, 2008
Hey Jarrod, it's Ma!

What's going on?? Here we sit, Dad Jeff, me, Radar and Ninja watching this defensive slugfest of a football game and at the moment the Pats are down 10-7. Brady and the team are moving the ball but HELP!!!! Five minutes left, Oh MY!! Yours & Jarrod Christopher's pictures are right in front of the big screen. Between the karma from the two of you I expect the win. Today has been a tough day so let's get it going!!!! Highlight of the day is that I have talked with Devi and it was so good. She is such a strong, beautiful young woman and like me she misses you soooo. We will keep in touch and I know it will be good for both of us. Okay, 2:45 left and we are on the 6 yard line and it is 3rd down's a TOUCHDOWN to Randy Moss with 2:42 to go. The stress level is rising and now it is up to the
DEFENSE....DEFENSE....DEFENSE. Go home Eli and spend some time with Peyton. Come on Pats.....shut them DOWN!!!!!! 1:40 to go and the Giants are going for it....oh oh 1ST DOWN....yuck. By the way, pretty funny commercials, huh?? Samuels just missed a pic and now a conversion on 3rd down and they are on the New England 24 yard line. What's up???? HELP!!!!! Oh my good Lord there are :35 seconds left in the game and the Giants have scored>@%&@% CRAP. Okay, now it is up to Tom....can we do it, PLEASE HELP!!!!!! 2nd down and the Giants just flattened Tom....:19 to go and MISS to Moss. :10 seconds and 4th down.... no time left, this is IT. HELP!!!! We are's over....18-1. We lost the biggest of them all....The SuperBowl. I can't believe it. This is horribly sad for every single New England fan. Is it sad up in Heaven too? I am attaching a photo of your baby as he and Radar were getting into the game just like all of us. Gonna go for now.
Hold on tight to my Heartstrings and do not ever let them go.
All My Love Forever and a Day
Your Loving Mother
February 03, 2008
Hi Jarrod, it's me Ma!

IT's SUPERBOWL SUNDAY..............
Here I sit again watching the Patriots without you in my presence, but most definitely you are here with me and all of our friends and family that are adoring New England Patriot fans. As I watch the pre-game show, I miss your love, laughter and spirit so much. Dad and I sit here parties, no family. It is actually sad. I told you that the next time I wrote I would also send a picture. Well, here it is....for the all-time greatest New England Patriots fan there ever was!!! I will bet that you have Heaven rock'n and roll'n.... after all you are the Patriots Angel in the Endzone. Do your job and watch over the game and all of us. WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!
I Love you forever and a day
Hold on to my Heartstrings and do not ever let them go.
Forever a Devoted Patriot Fan
Your Loving Mother
February 02, 2008
Hi Jarrod, it's Devi. I miss you and think about you often. I know that you are still with me and you are protecting me. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams, it reminds me that you are in a good place and subsides my pain of your loss. I think about your family often and I hold them up in my prayers, I know they miss you terribly. You have so many people that love and miss you, that must make you happy:) I will see you again soon when you come to visit me in my dreams. Until then...
Love always, Devi
January 17, 2008
Hi Darling, It's me Ma.

I awoke this am and the clock read 3:12. On days such as a special day like today, this same scenario occurs again and again. Many years ago when I was pregnant with Jeff and my sister Marie suddenly died at 40 years of age....I remember asking my Dad "how can you live without Marie"? I could not fathom the pain both he and my mother felt at that time. His reply was...."I'm not because she is in my heart and soul and mind". Little did I know that some 31 years later, I would feel that same pain. Insurmountable pain, endless pain, a world of hurt. I have struggled all day today to come with the term of "gone forever". I know you are from my sight and my touch, but you will never be gone from my heart and my mind and my soul. I know too well what my Dad meant when he said those words to me so many years ago. I will never understand the perplexity of pain and loss. Why some suffer so much and others very little. I have an aching heart and the ache will never go away. There is no one on this earth who will ever truly know or feel my pain when it comes to living the rest of my life without you. I need to say it....Happy Birthday!
There, you know... it has been there all day and when I spoke the words of your poems to you again today. as I do everyday, I know you heard me. Your sister brought a smle to my face today when she sent me photos of Jarrod Christopher. He is a adorable and cute. If he has just one pinch of your personality and your caring ways he will grow up to be a wonderful person. He is a lucky little guy because he has a fantastic Mommy & Daddy that love and adore him. I (we) will get to see him soon as me & Dad will be going back home for his Christening. Another family milestone without you. I was so pleased to know that Devi is well, and I am equally glad that she has written in your Guestbook. I know that she was your soul-mate and that you loved her very much. Devi...if you read this...I love you and miss you too. Tonight I made sure we ate lasanga. I brought it home from a restaurant because all day long I felt and knew in my heart that lasagna had to be a part of this day. Shame on me that I did not make it, but I have been so overloaded with work I couldn't find the time. I am going to make some though because your brother told me tonight that he has never had lasagna better than mine and now that all my co-workers know the real story behind the mad lasagna-making Ma...I pretty much have promised them a piece. Radar and Ninja love and miss you but just like me they know we will all be together again one day. On a day that I was always happy, now for the third year in a row I am sad again. This hollow empty feeling will never depart me until I am with you again. I love you with all of my being forever and a day. My car is decked out with my Patriots logos both front and back and the next time I write I am going to add a photo. It speaks for itself. Work your magic and be all of our Angel in the endzone on Sunday. It's the Pats all the way. I heard Tom Brady in an interview be asked this question: Which of your three superbowl rings is your favorite? He replied: The Next One!! Pretty soon Jeff and I will be heading to the tattoo shop together and this time my Patriots tattoo will be for you. Hold on tight to my heartstrings and don't you ever let them go. XOXO 33 times.
May Our Good Lord Bless & Keep You.
Your Loving and Lonely Mother
January 17, 2008
Happy Birthday!!
i sent u a message earlier, but i see its not there. i wanted to wish u a big happy bday. Maddie goes to CCD and she told me that God is looking out for you. Hailey is terrible 3's. we love u and miss u
look out for my son Joey who has been in and out of the hospital
I love you,
January 17, 2008
Wish you were here to celebrate but we know that you are up there dancing and partying. All your friends and family miss you so much.Like I said thought not a day goes by without us thinking of you.
Just want you to know how much you are missed infinity and beyond.
You have a beautiful little nephew and beautiful new cousin.I am 100 percent sure you are watching over them.
Do not forget to be our Angel in the Endzone on Sunday I am sure you won't :-) Rock on Pats a perfect season minus the perfect fan of all time.Happy Birthday from allof us Jarrod.
Peace Love and Happiness
Mama Eileen and family and friends

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