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August 23, 2014

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August 23, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
August 20, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: cuardaitheoir firinne a.k.a. truth seeker
Paul Walked Tall by Patrice M., original poem
Paul walked tall,
Paul walked proud;
Paul could certainly entertain a crowd.
Paul walked in style,
You could see Paul's face;
You could see Paul's smile.
Paul walked with capability & compassion,
Paul added a crew;
So, Paul could do all that he could do.
Paul walked intelligently,
Paul had a great deal of persuasion;
Paul helped to solve a problem, an equation.
Paul walked across the land,
Paul projected positivity, like a happy song of a band;
Paul, certainly "THE MAN."
Angel Paul and Angel Roger continue to watch over their families, friends & well-wishers.
August 18, 2014
Your memory has touched so many people. It's hard to believe these many months have gone by. May you rest in peace always. May your daughter continue to grow into a lovely woman. And, may your memory always be kept alive.
August 16, 2014
I will miss u very much u are my actor and u will always be in my prayers and I loved u in the movie fast and furious as brain o conner and iam sending my prayers to the walker family
August 11, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: original idea for the 'Fast & Furious' movie franchise
Fascination by Patrice M., original poem
The phenomenon of the 'Fast & Furious' ...
A fascination to have onlookers quite curious;
Locals that will scream & shout,
Knowing what street racing is all about ...
Looking for a chance at synchronized racing action,
Looking for a chance at synchronized racing satisfaction;
That high adrenaline; that high skill,
That inner drive; that inner will.
Knowing who you are in that 'F&F' car,
Just like your peers, on a par;
A winning spirit, like racing legend Richard Petty!
To triumph, like Brian, Mia, Dom & Letty!
Perfect diag-Nos-tics, to race that distance,
Peak mechanical performance, with no marred resistance;
Getting those strategies to work, to get it done,
Mega-horsepower charging, getting those races won!
August 07, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: a multi-colored prism of light that shines so bright
Blithe by Patrice M., original song compilation
"We Are The World 25," Various Artists
"My Country," Randy Newman
"If Only Tears Could Bring You Back," Midnight Sons
"Saving Amy," Bonnie J. Baker, Brantley Keith Gilbert
"I Believe," Skip Ewing, Donny Kees, Michael Heeney, Clint Daniels
July 28, 2014
Almost 8 months and I still can t believe you are really gone!!!For the pain I feel, It s like I lost a member of my family! I think about you every day...and I pray for your soul every night before going to bed! It s incredible how your passing touched so many people around the world! I love u with all my heart beautiful ANGEL and I hope I ll meet u one day up there!
July 26, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: 'Eight Below' survival guide Jerry Shepard, with a team of 8 sled dogs namely: Maya (lead dog), Max, Old Jack, Dewey, Shorty, Truman, Buck & Shadow* The Fastest & Furriest by Patrice M., original poem
In Alaska in March, the fastest & furriest sled dog team gathered for the Iditarod** feat (paws) of might,
This historic event broadcasted via satellite;
The fur-ocious competition so great,
The Siberian Huskies & other breeds swift and first-rate.
The sleds packed with essentials,
Forgoing inconsequentials;
The weight totally a factor,
Taken in to account by a skilled sled packer.
The dogs instincts ancient based,
Hundreds of miles & several days for the race, so fast-paced;
The teams fur-vently driven,
The reins controlled by the mushers, persistent prowess a given?
In the frozen tundra of spruce forests & mountains ... a picturesque snowscape,
So famous that Alaskan*** landscape;
The fastest & furriest will have to do better than the rest,
The Iditarod, the ultimate test.
Many mushers do protect themselves from the harsh elements e g. snow blindness,
The weather there, not exactly known for its kindness;
Hundreds of sled dogs ... their happiest, pleasantly beguiled,
After all, they have all answered the 'Call of the Wild'**** !!!
Shadow*: in actuality ... an Alaskan Malamute, a larger breed
Iditarod**: very first race in 1973
Alaskan***: Anchorage, Alaska to Nome location
'Call of the Wild'****: a novel by author Jack London
July 26, 2014
To Paul Walker,
You were a very talented actor. You were just great in the movie the Fast and the furious. My prayers go to your family and friends. Lisa Weiner
July 18, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: a super happy man, like a superhero, a 'Superman'
Happy as a Meadowlark by Patrice M., original poem
Paul laughed & he smiled,
Paul was totally in the moment all the while;
Paul gleamed & he beamed,
Paul was always happy it seemed.
Paul kept calm. He kept cool,
Paul sparkled like a diamond, a jewel;
Paul brought joy to so many,
Paul ... worth a fortune, a pretty penny.
Healthy on the inside,
Healthy on the outside;
Paul kept trim,
Millions liked (currently like) him.
Paul kept on the move,
Paul wanted unfortunate situations to improve;
Satisfied with simply the ordinary?
Nah! Paul wanted things to be extraordinary!
On Earth, what could have been?
We will never know;
So many people wanted (currently want) Paul,
To be in the motion picture e g. 'F&F' ... the show!
July 15, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: knew how to act. He did not act out irresponsibly
Social Media Idealism by Patrice M., original poem
Socially acceptable interactions, no dishonest distractions;
Respect towards others in society, no rumor mill impropriety;
Apropos etiquette, no nonsensical rhetoric;
Moral responsibility, no antagonistic cruelty;
Mentoring emphasis, no alienation malevolence;
Ethical boundaries, no baseless quandaries;
Remarkable courtesy, no remedial absurdity;
Beneficial contents ... no taunting, tainting malcontents;
Attainable maturity, no defiant insecurity;
Knowledge of people's true intentions, no objectionable deceptions;
Resourcefulness, no unremorsefulness;
Prudence, no misleading influence.

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