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March 21, 2018

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March 21, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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November 20, 2010
To my dearest son, OH how I miss you. The holidays coming again, reminds me of you more. Having you come to Moms for Thanksgiving for the past (to many to count) years. You would bring Rachel to her moms and you would come here or vise versa. But yall would always end up together and with your friends. I was told that your buddy David asked about you last night. He misses you. I only wish that yall could have spent more time together. I will try to find the picture of yall to give to him. I also promied Breann a picture of you. Cody says she still dreams of you and ask about you. Glad you can come to her in her dreams. She really liked you. That is soo sweet. Matt also said he misses you, as well as Cody, Brad, Chappy and the rest of your friends and family. It still seems so unreal. But again, I think I know the reasons and I know you now know them. GOD would never let us down. Well time to say GOODBYE again for now, I will always and forever love you. MOM
August 17, 2010
My darling SON, I miss you so much. I have finally had dreams of you. It was so real. I know that you are ok. I know why GOD took you. I know that you are finally at peace. Please help me to find answers to everything that is in my heart and on my mind. Please never let me forget your loving touch, your beautiful smile, your handsome face, your crazy laugh, and most of all how you loved life. I will try to continue to write to you as often as I can. I was honored to be your MOM. Yes, we went through hard times but we did it together. We may have not accomplished everything we tried, but GOD knows we tried. I hope and pray to see you again, I know I will. That is what the BIBLE says. Just know how much I love and miss you. MOM Love you always and forever
July 25, 2010
To my darling Son, I am sorry it has been so long that I have written to you. As you know Im sure, Paw paw is not doing well. We try to keep MawMaw busy. I have not forgotten you. I know you know that. Please give me more signs that you are OK. I truly know you are, but I miss seeing that beautiful face, that shy smile, and that laugh that is unmistakeably yours. Yours friend miss you too. I try to visit your grave as often as possible. I hope that you can still hear me talk to you and know that I love you more each day. I will see you again. I am happy that you are no longer struggling and free of the pains of this life on earth. Just wanted you to know, I have not forgotten you. Please continue to watch over me and the rest of our family. Keep watch over PawPaw, MawMaw and Tammie especially. I will soon hopefully start feeling better and getting back to my old self. I still miss the idea of being able to call you are Rachel and see what is up. I miss picking you up every morning that I did. It gave us time together that we hadnt had in awhile. I know GOD did this for us. With all my love, I love you forever and always. Stay sweet my dear boy, you had lots of friends who really cared. MOM
April 03, 2010
Tomorrow is Easter and it seems like yesterday you were here. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. I think of all the good times, the times we shared when you were young, the hard times and yes there were plenty but through it all there were lessons to be learned. I still need signs and want to know that you are ok. At times in my heart I truly know that you are and other times my mind just sends me places where I would rather not go. I know the devil is trying to get me to stop believing in GOD but I trust that you are in GODS hands and where you belong. Safe, pain free and happy. Those are the things Ive always wanted for you. I will continue to write and think of you. I love and miss you always and forever MOM
February 15, 2010
Well here we go with another holiday you enjoyed so much. I know that you will be there in spirit with all your friends. Cody misses you so much and is having a hard time these days. Please ask GOD to grant him mercy to make him feel better. I know that you are in a great place and looking after all of us, especially PawPaw and MawMaw. It is very hard on both of them right now. But with the help of prayers, it will all work out. I recently read a book called the Shack. It really helped me see the true meaning of salvation and what GOD can do. It also gives meaning to why things happen. I will continue to read and learn more of the bible. I think of you each day and remember the fun loving person you were. I miss you always and forever MOM
January 03, 2010
My loving Son, Well here it is 2010. I would have never thought that you would not be here. Christmas was hard and New Years just as bad. I still have on my phone your text message telling me (Happy New Year MOM) GOD that meant so much to me. I will never erase it. I thought all day long that if you and Rachel were still here what plans you would have been making with your friends. I know it wasnt the same for any of them. They miss yall so much. We all do. It just dosent seem real. All I as for is that you are OK and with GOD. Please continue to show me signs that you are, even if it is through others that you give it to. I miss you with all my heart and think of you everyday. Til I see you again, Love you always and forever MOM
December 20, 2009
My Dearest Blake, today was bittersweet. Linz, Chrystal and I put a Christmas Memorial for you at the tree closest to where you were. I made it YOUR tree. I think you would like it. It was created with lots of love for you. GOD I miss you so much. Christmas is coming and I need you to help me get through this time of year. I will never forget you! You come to me every now and then at the corner of my right eye. You are right there, and then it hits me. It will be quite awhile before I see you again. I take every chance I can to get on here and write to you. I am still writing (in my mind) all night long poems and letters to you. If I could only know that you are truly alright. I am fighting I guess with my faith. I know deep down that this was GODS plan to call you home to him. I just cant get it in my mind right now. Maybe denial or just not wanting to let go just yet. Please continue to send me signs. Let me know you are OK. I love and miss you with all my heart. I will think of you always and keep you close to my heart. Til I see you again, Keep that beautiful smile and cheerful attitude that everyone loved so much. Love you always and forever MOM
December 07, 2009
Well Blake here it is 6 months since the night in June when it all happened. It seems like yesterday. I can not begin to tell you how I sit and wait to hear your voice or want to call you. It just seems so unreal. I visited you today. I miss you so much. I still write poems and letters to you in my mind everynight. I hope you hear them. It is everything I ever wanted to tell you and wish I still could. Thanksgiving was so hard. All mawmaw had to do was mention the homemade rolls and then I lost it. I told her that was one time for sure that you were there with us. Now I have Christmas to go through. They say the first year is the worst. I dont know. I hope that with time it will get better but I will never stop loving or missing you. Please help me to get through this. Love you always and forever MOM
November 17, 2009
My dearest Blake, I visited you again today. Maw Maw and I went. They miss you so much. I went to visit your sisters. They are all doing good and miss you as much as I do. I am still trying to put it all together as to what happend, but I guess it is just me trying to get closure. I know you are in good hands now. Linz started a new Myspace Memorial for you and Rachel. I think you would be proud to see how yours friends miss yall so much. I am trying so hard to keep your memory alive. Memory, wow, a bittersweet word when you think about it. Of course that is all I have now, sweet memories of you. I love you my son and miss you so much. Keep looking after us. Love you MOM Always and forever
November 06, 2009
My loving Son, I miss you more each day. Never a day goes by that I dont think of you. I write letters and poems to you every night. Do you hear them? Do you see my tears? Do you hear my prayers? I love you more than you would ever know, but I know that God loves you too. That is why he took you. Your headstone came in. I put a butterfly next to your cross in memory of Rachel. I know you would have wanted me to do that. Linzy and Brad came to the grave site for the blessing of the graves. I have to go for now, but you are never far away from my heart or my thoughts. Til I see you again, I love you dearly. MOM

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