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David Alan Bouie
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December 10, 2014
Miss you.....
October 29, 2014
To my favorite, Brother In Law!
I miss your birthdate, but you are forever in our thoughts. Charles and I often laugh about our days filled with laughter when you arrived at the house. mmh, It's funny how life works! Miss you Uncle David
October 16, 2014
Happy Belated Birthday Brother. Always in our hearts...
October 16, 2014
Happy birthday Bouie!! A day late but never forgotten....I miss you my dear friend. May you forever rest in peace.

Love you,
Heather B
October 15, 2014
Thinking about David on what would have been his 40th birthday. My son, Andy Hoskins, who played on the Generals soccer team with David, turned 40 yesterday.
December 10, 2013
Still no day passes that your not remembered. I often burst out in laughter over great memories. I still share your stories with new friends and no get together goes without sharing your memory. Always in my heart, my mind and my soul. Loved by all who miss you!
December 10, 2013
We miss you so much. You would be amazed at how much work your mother has put into her newest love..KMB Salon. It's off to a great start, just missing your role, especially your laughter and all the joy you brought to us and the Caris family, especially your mom. She's enroute to your grave as I type. She never misses your birthday or your anniversary death. We miss you, but we know God had other plans for your life. We'll understand it better by and by.....
December 06, 2013
Dave is still missed by our family: he still lives in all our hearts.
December 05, 2013
I think you from time to time and all the laughs we had and all the secrets that we shared. please forgive me for losing contact with you so many years ago. It says something about your person that I still think of you after all these years. Thank you for some really good times way back when ...
March 28, 2013
Your memories still travel through my thoughts daily. I often laugh out loud when thinking of great times. You are still dearly missed. I will always love you.
December 23, 2010
Always on my mind and always loved. The memories are still endless and I was so worried they would fade. I created a new memory on December 10th this year. I went to meet Kylie Joe Gunnels, Kyle's brand new baby girl. I am sure when she is old enough, Kyle will feel her ears with David Bouie stories. We all love you and miss you.
December 10, 2010
You have been thought of greatly over the past five years. You still come up in conversations with those who were fortunate enough to meet you and work with you. We ALL wish we could have you back. Merry Christmas.
December 10, 2010
My youngest son Preston turns one today and I think about you everytime I look in his eyes. Your memory lives on through your family and friends and into new generations. I love you brother. Peace and Love to your family in this Holiday Season. They should know that your spirit lives on with all the people you touched in your very full life.
December 09, 2010
My dear Friend...I miss you. I will never forget your warm heart and loving spirit. Merry Christmas, Dave...until we meet again. Love you always.
December 02, 2010
Miss you brother. I think about you all the time. I wish you where here to see my little ones they would love you so much. I wish your Family well and I still pray for them. I love you man and Rest in Peace brother. Mario
November 18, 2010
Miss you babe! Think of you often. This time of year seems to be the toughest.

Heather Warner
October 14, 2010
I think of you a lot, especially around your birthday. I wish that you would have had the opportunity to spoil my daughter, Alaina Bryce. She is quite sassy.
December 11, 2009
Thought a lot about you yesterday. Still can't believe that you are gone. My thoughts and prayers always go out to your family, especially your parents, this time of year. Rest in Peace,David, rest in peace.
November 12, 2009
Thinking of you my dear friend. Miss and love you always. Rest in Peace.
November 12, 2009
I remember helping pull him and some guys out of the mud on Shelby Drive on an empty lot. I can hear him saying " bruh". He was a lot of fun and one helluva guy. I just found out about an hour ago. Its a downer for the day but God bless his family and all those who had the opportunity to know him.
November 11, 2009
My Condolences to David Bouie. I met him at The Univ of Memphis we were Team mates on the Track Team. We hung out together for most of the time he was at U of M. I just found out about the accident today after doing a seach for him online wanting catch up. He will be missed.
November 04, 2009
Our condolences to the family of Mr. David Bouie.You are in our prayer's.We pray that God will strengthen in this time of sorrow.God bless & keep you, Rev.James A. & Matilda A. Powell
October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday! I remember celebrating your birthday in 2005 at Copeland's restaurant in Baton Rouge-Robinette, Kennedy, myself and your co-worker. I was leaving the next morning to join your brother in Atlanta. We would begin a new chapter in our life--the 40's, never would we have imagined waking up by a knock at the door informing us of your accident. I'll never forget that night...We miss you so much, the saddness in your parents eyes on the date of your birthday and christmas. We are always laughing at something in the past with your...Caris days, family stories, girlfriend drama...you name it--you had a story. I'm so happy, you and Charles had a chance to spend alot of quality time together--just hanging out! We love you.....your sister Kim
October 16, 2009
I've been thinking of you all week. Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend. I miss you today and always!
October 16, 2009
Happy Birthday David, I love you!!
October 15, 2009
I love you and I miss you Dave!
June 24, 2009
Today, my heart is so heavy. I knew David from the University of Memphis. We lost touch several years ago, and there have been many times I have searched for him. I searched for him during those times when I craved his humor and wisdom to ease life's troubles. Today I once again searched for my dear old friend, David. Not because I was sad, but because I missed talking to him. I wanted to share what had been happening in my life and to find out what was happening in his. I found this, and, as I read, hoped everyone was talking of another David. I think of all of the times I went to Baton Rouge to visit family over the years...never knowing he had been there. My aunt worked at this very newspaper for many years. I think it was David that made sure I didn't find this during those sad times. I wouldn't have been able to handle it. Now, I can be sad about my friend, but live life like he always told me to do. "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." ~Abraham Lincoln
March 09, 2009
To David's family. I just heard tonight that David had passed away. My son Andy played on the Generals soccer team with him. We always thought David was a great kid and that he would grow into a wonderful man. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We will hold a special place in our heart for David. I have just sent an email to Andy telling him of David's death. I'm sure that he will be sadden by the loss as well.
December 13, 2008
I miss you my dear friend. I took my daughter, Hailey, to see Santa today....you would have loved it, we stood in line, got a great picture, and then had margaritas. My little brother, Nick, is getting married. Can you believe it? Everything is happening sooo fast, I can't believe how fast time flys. It has been 3 years since we said goodbye, a day I will never forget. I said goodbye to my dearest friend. I think of you daily and wish you were with us to celebrate this time of year. I know you are here guiding us and giving us your love, just wish I could get a hug. I love will love you forever, Dave. Rest in peace, and God bless.
December 13, 2008
Sweet dreams my dear friend. I think of you so much especially this time of year. I will NEVER forget when I heard the news. I didn't believe it for days. I kept thinking it was a mistake and they would tell me they were wrong. But I finally accepted the truth and began to process my grief. Now every December, I feel like I go through it all over again. I do miss the reality of you so much, but I treasure the memories of you always. May everyone find PEACE in those memories this holiday season. Goodbye and God Bless.
December 13, 2008
It was three years ago this weekend that I got the phone call I'll never forget. I thank god that I had you in my life for as long as I did. They say the good die young and never has it been more true that in your case. I pray that your family can find peace this holiday and that your memory will live on in all we do. I miss you bro!
December 12, 2008
I had the CLEAREST dream about you last night. We were hanging out like we used to and cracking up about you being in trouble with your parents. You then looked me right in the eyes and said, "But it's all alright, girl, I'm good". It was so real. It was so unbelievably real. I think about you often, Dave, and feel blessed to have known you and sad that we lost touch. Thank you for visiting me last night buddy and I'm glad to hear that it's all alright and that you are good.
December 10, 2008
It's close to the anniversary, and I really miss talking with you. Your brother misses you dearly, especially the way you made us all laugh day after day. I only wish Kennedy had a chance to really get to know you. I can't wait to tell her of Uncle David's weekly visits to the house after a long day of work---first he would ask for his little Koochibaum, next you raid the snack cabinet, then WHERE'S THE MEAT! Or you and I would talk your brother into bar-b-que---Next he would send us to the store for a slab of ribs, however great minds think alike. We modified the list by serving up self-interest like---4 slabs of baby back ribs, chicken, hot dogs, sausage and pork chops. Funny, you never ate vegetables or beans......only meat! Brittney would say----Uncle Dave leave just a little to take back to school with me. Your brother treasures those rides of taking Brittney back and forth to school during her first year on campus. Oh my! I'm sure she will never-ever forget your sound college advice. Nor will your brother or I, as you advised her and all her buddies. Brittney--party, sleep, hang out---then go to class. But enjoy your college life, especially dorm life. It was great to see you as you interacted with her and her college friends---they would call you Uncle Dave! Your move to BR was a way for you and I to become closer as sister and brother. Whenever we would visit Atlanta or Chattanooga, I got a chance to know the funny side of David, but your move to BR---we really talked! I got a chance to know the real David- I will always cherish those conversations. You shared so much of your inner most thoughts especially about dealing with women and love. It was funny at times, but I got through it. I will forever treasure God's gift of allowing me a season in Baton Rouge with you. Thank you- David for allowing yourself to get to know me. I love you and I miss you dearly. We love you, but our love will never-ever measure up to how much God loves you! Take care and I will see you on the other side.
October 20, 2008
I can't believe that it's been a year since the last time I wrote to you. I think of you often and Mike and I visited you last week. It was a beautiful day in Chattanooga and it reminded me of all the great times we had together. Grant scored his first goal in our soccer game last week and I couldn't help to think how proud you'd be. So many times I catch myself thinking, what would Dave say about this. Just makes me remember that you are still here and present in all of our lives. I miss you bro and God bless your family.
October 17, 2008
I miss you my friend. I know you are watching over us, just wish you were here to meet my daughter, Hailey. She was born on the 15th of August, you would love her. Love you always.
October 17, 2008
Happy Birthday David. I miss you so much and think of you often. So many things happen that remind me of you and things that you would have laughed at or liked. I cherish the memories that I have of you and the moments and the friendship that we shared. I know I will never have another friend like you. Please continue to watch over all of us and kkep us safe. God knows we need it. Blessings to all of you family and friends who continue to love you and miss you.
October 16, 2008
Happy Birthday Buddy...late as usual I know...hehe Still continue to miss you like ___ but know that we will reunite someday:) You are still loved so much and always will be. Hugs to the Bouie family, I know you guys miss him way more than the rest of us. We love you all.
October 15, 2008
Happy Birthday David. It has been some time. I think of you often. After all, you are the funniest guy I know.
Kennedy continues to grow and I know you keep an eye out on us. Everyone does miss you, but we always have smiles about your life and the things you did. I stay busy, you know that, but I take a peek at how everyone touches back to this memo of your life.
Sleep well prince, and see you in the morning.
December 10, 2007
We miss you so much, Dave! I can't believe that you've been gone two years.
October 30, 2007
Amber and Charles,

You must realize after reading all these entries, how much David is missed and loved by so many people. My prayer for you is that you find peace in knowing how many lives David touched during his brief time here on earth. David's smile, laughter, and loving ways continue to remain in so many hearts.
October 29, 2007
It has been a while for me to get to where i could write something.There are so many things that me and david did and places we have played soccer.My son was born October 7, 2007,Christian Michael Scott. I took him to to see you david and let him know that you were my brother in everything we did, a lifetime of great memories,i love you man and miss you.Since you have been gone some days have been easy and some days have been hard,i still can't believe you are not here to share in my happiness with my newborn,i will miss you brother and i will see you again.Christian will play soccer for the both of us.My prayers go out to Mr. Bouie & Mrs. Bouie & Charles,we will be okay and we will see david again.Love all you guys,keep in touch.Peace David,see you in the next, my brother.
October 25, 2007
Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind in some way. We spent a lot of fun weekends playing golf after we graduated and I always feel your presence when I tee it up to this day. I know you're looking down on me and my family and helping to guide me in the right direction. Thank you being in my life. I miss you but take comfort in the fact that I will see you again. Mike Scott had a baby boy born on October 10th of this year. I'm sure he will have an extra passion for soccer and golf as your gift. To the Bouie family, all my love and prayers.
October 24, 2007
Remembering you on this day!
October 24, 2007
Remembering you on this day!
October 15, 2007
Your are never forgotten David! Happy Birthday to you my friend! To the Bouie family may God grant you peace in knowing just how very special Dave was to all of us who knew him. I am sure Dave wants us to celebrate his birthday and not be saddened on this special day. Love and Hugs to you all!
October 15, 2007
You were the best!
October 12, 2007
Happy Birthday, David! I miss you good buddy!!
January 16, 2007
David, not a day goes by that I do not see something or moreso do something that would strike up your laughter. I cherish the times we were able to share and enjoy the times you would really like to have. By the way, I still wear those penny loafers and kahki pants you hate.

Love your brother Charles
December 12, 2006
I thought of you often on Sunday as I have so many times this past year. Every time I drive past the church where we said goodbye to you. And every time I visited or heard about a Notre Dame function. WE had so many memories there and so many of us grew into a family. A family that you were such a part of. Although we have all gone in so many seperate ways, we will forever be connected through those friendships. I am so glad I had you as a friend through so many years. I miss you and think of you often. I know that you are in a place full of love and hope. As we prepare for Christmas with the chaos of the season, I hope we can take moment to thank God for all the blessings in our lives because I know you were a blessing to all of us.It's amazing how a person can touch so many lives in living and in death. I love you and I miss you. Merry Christmas to all.
December 12, 2006
What can I say, I can't believe you've been gone for a year already, the cliche of "time flies when your having fun", does not apply here. Dave, you are so deeply missed, my world does not seem nearly as full as it did with you in it, I miss you my dear friend. I thank you for the time we had together, those were some great times, and look forward to the time we meet again. To all of David's family, I hope your holidays are filled with love and happiness, I will keep you all in a special place in my heart, right next to my memories of David. Love you always Dave.
December 10, 2006
David, my love, you are still with me every minute in my heart and mind, even though it has been a year without you in person. I know you have been watching over me since that horrifying night. I am grateful for the things that you have sent to me and the subsequent successes that have followed. I thank you for the small fortunes that I like to blame you for this past year.
I thank you for the friends you and I had made before you passed. My phone has not stopped yet today. You are remembered endlessly and loved ever so strongly.
And I thank you most of all for the love that we shared. The kind of love that I was so fortunate to know that so many people miss in their lives.
I wish for your family a time of understanding and peace. Amber, Mike, Charles, and Kim, you are in my prayers and thoughts everyday still. I want you to know that David has influenced so many people and their actions for the better this year.
I miss you, David, but I truly believe we will see eachother again someday. I love you.
December 10, 2006
Charles and I really miss talking with you, you brought so much laughter and joy to our lives in Baton Rouge. Your big brother loved every minute of having you around, especially the many cook outs on Sunday afternoon. We had our own way of convincing your brother to cook, and you could eat some meat!!! We miss you and Kennedy often prays a special prayer for her dear old Uncle David.
December 09, 2006
As we approach the anniversary of your passing, I know I speak for all of your friends and family when I tell you not a day goes by that we don't think of you and remember your spirit. You are greatly missed. We will never forget you. To your family I hope that the holidays can be a time rememberance and not mourning. Take comfort in the amount of lives that Dave touched by reading this guest book and know it is only a small portion of the lives that he changed. I feel blessed that he was a part of my life and I will cherish his memory. God bless all of you this holiday season. Love always. JP
November 29, 2006
I have many memories of David playing soccer and enjoying life to the fullest.The many times he wanted to take care of my daughter Marissa like a big brother and the times he wanted to show her the ropes to adulthood. David was full of life, always a joy to be around. His laughter and heartfelt spirit is greatly missed by all who knew him.
October 27, 2006
Happy Birthday my best Buddy!!! I don't go a day without a thought of you crossing my mind. I miss you very much, but I know you are watching over me. Wish you were still here to celebrate many more birthdays!! Love you always Dave....
October 25, 2006
Happy Birthday! David
Charles, Kim, Kennedy & Brittney
October 12, 2006
David's birthday is Sunday. I encourage all that loved David to spend a few moments thinking about your favorite David Bouie story. I last saw David in July 2005 when my mother and I were in New Orleans for a girl's getaway. David met us for dinner at of Emeril's restaurant Saturday evening. David’s stories kept me and my mother laughing throughout dinner. After David left my mother told me that David and I reminded her of the main characters of Will and Grace (of course – David was straight)… :)

I never realized the similarities until my mother pointed them out. David was one of my few friends who I knew that I could tell absolutely anything. He was like a brother to me. Sometimes I was the astute older sister and he was the knucklehead younger brother. Other times he was the wise older brother and I was the naïve younger sister. I could always count on David to tell me the truth (even if I didn’t wanna hear it). We used to argue like siblings, but I knew that he was only telling me what I needed to hear. But, David wouldn’t let me stay mad at him for too long.

We’d have long conversations about absolutely nothing important. I used to feel bad for running up his cell phone bill. I am thankful for the friends that I met through David like Mario and Molly. David’s friends are your friends. He had this unique way of bringing folks from all different walks of life together. Everyone loved David.

I miss my buddy, Dave. Thanks for letting me share one of my David stories.

- Denise
August 31, 2006
I recently found about David through another cosmetologist in Atlanta, Georgia. David was my salesperson for Douglasville, Georgia area. I wanted to let the family know, we appreciate you and your son for providing us with the best service. David would always come by the salon when I needed products immediately, he was always on time. I thought I should let you know, David will be missed and I will always keep your family in my heart. If there is anything I can ever do please let me know. It is time for someone to be there for you. Dionka Sims
August 05, 2006
I've known Amber for many years she's been a vendor for my business and a friend.I met David and Charles later on.David and I always talked and laughed when he came in my salon. We would have those inspiring conversations about life he also became a friend he will be truly missed. To the Bouie family stay strong and trust God.
April 02, 2006
You know, it is amazing at how any of our lives can change suddenly at any moment. Gods will, while we don't always understand it, is just that, GODS WILL. We use those very words when we pray the Lords prayer. "thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". While we will all miss David's smile and kind voice. lets always remember that we live to die, but we die to live life eternal with our heavenly father. I don't share those words often but I believe that David was enough of a renaissance man that he would have approved
March 14, 2006
Dear Mike, Amber, Charles, Kim, Thank you for allowing the David's book to remain online. Not a day goes by that we do not think of or mention David's name. I thank God that David was known by our family and enriched us by just being on Earth with us. I pray that each day will bring peace to your family and also to Carrie. May God bless each of you and know in your hearts that David went first just to prepare our place.
March 13, 2006
It is has been two and a half months since I looked at David's guest book because it has been too hard to bear. I gave out the web address tonight to one of our dear friends here and talked myself into coming home and looking at the entries again. It is amazing how the entries have grown. Now, I am so glad to have pulled up the site today because it gives me peace to see that David still influences so many people even in his passing as he did so every minute of his life. I miss you my love and it gets harder every day without you. I wish you could be the one to tell me what I should do next just like you have for the past two and a half years. My heart breaks from your absence here. I want to send my last pieces of strength to David's family and friends who are still in need of strength themselves.
January 05, 2006
We knew David from the time when he was a youngman playing Soccor at high school. He excelled in Soccor and other sports. I loved talking to him about Soccor.
January 01, 2006
Dear Amber, Charles and Family,

All of Benny and my memories of Notre Dame include David. I cannot remember a time that he was not in my van going to a soccer game or coming to the house to be with John Paul. He was an incredible blessing to our family. He continued to be a wonderful friend to John Paul through the years. Thank you for sharing him with us and thank you for letting us be a part of his beautiful home going. May his loving spirit live on in our memories and inspire us all. God Bless You!
December 29, 2005
December 28, 2005
Dear Family and Friends,

It was my honor to call David my friend for so many years. I counted them today...thirteen to be exact. I wish I were as "wordy" as Dave, this wouldn't be so hard.
I have three daughters and my wish is that each of them will find their own David to share life's experiences with. To say he was one of a kind is quite an understatement. He was a free spirit who always lived for the day. Always living life to it's fullest.
He's been there to pick me up on my worst days for so long now. I wish I could pick up the phone and call him today to let him know that one of my very dearest friends left me before I was ready for him to go. He would know just what to say to get me to lighten up and smile a little...he always did. May God comfort you and fill the void in your hearts. I love you David. I look forward to seeing you again.
December 23, 2005
I met Dave through Chris and Heather Bowen. I was stationed in Ft. Rucker Alabama and visited them many times in Atlanta. I enjoyed Dave's sense of humor and zest for life. I am truly saddened and upset that this has happened. There is an emptiness and void without his laughter. It is hard to accept and understand but I truly believe that we will all see him again. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who he impacted and loved him.
December 22, 2005
Dear Amber & Mike,
David and my son, Maurice, grew up together, both at home and school. David was always a joy to be with..I loved to see him eat. He always enjoyed my fried chicken. Amber and Mike, David will always be missed from our presence but the Lord needed another Angel in Heaven. David was really a special person and I will always love and cherish the memories he made in my life and that of my own son. Take care and may the Lord forever bless and keep you in his loving arms.
December 22, 2005
Dear Amber & Mike,
David and my son, Maurice, grew up together, both at home and school. David was always a joy to be with..I loved to see him eat. He always enjoyed my fried chicken. Amber and Mike, David will always be missed from our presence but the Lord needed another Angel in Heaven. David was really a special person and I will always love and cherish the memories he made in my life and that of my own son. Take care and the Lord forever bless and keep you in his loving arms.
December 21, 2005
Dear Carrie,
I am so sorry for your loss. Please, if there is anything at all that we can do, please don't hesitate to ask. We will be praying for you and for the Bouie family. I love you dearly.
Laurie, Stephen, and Jackson Shows
December 20, 2005
December 19, 2005
Amber and Charles, I know it must hard on you two to lose a child but know that my prayers and thoughts are with you, your other son, and family. Just remember that God does not make mistakes, but an Angel was needed.
December 18, 2005

It is my prayer that God continues to bless and keep you safe in his care. Our prayers and love are with you and your family.

God Bless You
December 18, 2005
Dear, Carrie Our the deepest sympathy our thoughs are with you. I didn't know him personly. But you have help us with crystal so much for her wedding that I had to say something. We are so sorry for your lost,may God be with you and your family and his.Claire, Crystal,
Heather, Nicole Ashmore
December 18, 2005
To All who loved David Bouie and to those who never met him,
What a fabulous being he was and will always be. When you think you can't deal with the grief and loss you are feeling...think of that beautiful smile. It will hold your hand and get you through. And for those of you who didn't get the chance to meet David...he was an original and had a solid heart and soul. Something we should all strive to have in this world.
All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
December 18, 2005
To the Bouie Family:
The opportunity to make David's acquaintance back in 1995 at the University of Memphis was a blessed one! David was a kind and respectful young man which you do not always see in men our age. I am certain that words have no way of expressing the pain and sorrow that you must be feeling at this time. However, do know that God needs fine angels, and that your family now has one of the best to watch over you!
Call on the Lord to get you through this trying time. David will be sadly missed!
December 18, 2005
Mike,Amber,Charles,Kim and Family:
My prayers are constant for all of you. I will always remember the eyes of the little boy who grew into a handsome man. I thank God you don't have to wonder where your baby boy will spend eternity and I pray some were saved from his homegoing. Our families have known one another all my life and I am grateful for knowing your strength. You are a beautiful family and you will get through this. Remember Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.
December 17, 2005
I had just started working at David's Bridal when I met David. He was a good-spirited, funny, fun-loving person. He was the person I could joke with about parochial shool. He was a wonderful man. Mr. and Mrs. Bouie, you guys are in my prayers.
December 17, 2005
December 16, 2005
To the Bouie family:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.

David and I met at the University of Memphis 13 years ago. I can only tell you that I was blessed during that season to call him friend. His smile "teeth or no teeth", his laugh, his advise, and his stories will be greatly missed. But because I called him friend and had such a love for him, he will never truly be gone, he will always live in my heart.

Mr. and Mrs. Bouie, you and your family are being uplifted in prayer by the Vereen family, we love you all.

Thanks for the love and laughter "Davey".
December 16, 2005
Charles & Kim Bouie & Family, It sadden me to hear of your loss, but know that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Your hearts are heavy at this time but know that God heals a broken heart and he will never leave you nor forsake you. May the memories of David strengthen you and keep a smile on your faces for you know memories can
last a lifetime and he has made a lot to carry your through. May God continue to Bless each and everyone of you and I will keep you in my prayers.

Love You and Take Care
Charlene & Cherie Williams
December 16, 2005
David was our neighbor and friend, we met him through Carrie. I heard Carrie talk about him so much before we met David, and although it was a short time that we knew each other, I could totally see why she was so crazy about him!!! He was an awesome person! You could just tell by looking at him that he loved and lived life to his fullest! His optimism was contagious! He sure did leave a great impression on everyones heart! Your family is in our prayers!
December 16, 2005
I never met David, but my daughter, Heather, is a dear friend of Carrie Bowman and Heather spoke of Dave quite often. She would always speak of his kindness and sense of humor.

To David's Immediate Family: I know you are very proud of your son/brother for having impacted so many lives in a positive way.

To David's Family of Friends: You all are so blessed to have known such a wonderful man. From the employees of Joe's Crab Shack, where he hung out with his friends, to his co-workers at Men's Warehouse, I pray that God will guide you through this difficult time as you remember and honor your special friend.
December 16, 2005
To Mr.Charles and Amber Bouie:
For a while I have been at a lost for words, because I can only imagine the grief that you and your family are enduring at this time. However, God has placed these words of sympathy upon my heart to express to you...
This may be a time that you are questioning God and wondering why,
He called David's name so early in life.
God has been more than pleased with David's performance here and earth,
and God says this is the perfect moment for David's rebirth.
Think of this as a celebration,
for David's new heavenly location.
David's physical presence will be surely missed by many,
Because he was such a loving person and just that friendly.
God tells us that the flesh is temporary.
It's our spirit that remains alive.
In knowing this I can assure you that he will permanently be apart of our lives.
At times you have to take the good out of a bad situation,
let's try to make this a Homegoing celebration,
because in all factuality,
life and death is reality.
We would rather be going with David,
we just wasn't strong enough for God's army yet,
and David, he made it!
David is now a soldier in the army of God protecting you, while you continue to fight life's battles.

Mr. and Mrs.Bouie, my prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong and I love you dearly.
December 16, 2005
I cannot even begin to process the loss of such a dear friend. Through our years together at Notre Dame, David and I became very close. I always knew that David would be there for me as well as anyone who needed him. As someone already mentioned, he knew no strangers. Though our visits over the years had been few and far between, everytime we saw each other it was as if no time had passed. I wil truly miss the gift of his friendship that God blessed me with. His love for people and love for life was an inspiration to me everyday. I am truly going to miss one of the greatest friends I've ever had. God bless you David, and may He hold you in the palm of His hands.
December 16, 2005
To Charles and Amber Bouie and family, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all of you during this time, and to also let you know God will never leave you nor forsake you, he will see you through this, continue to trust him. Caris of Columbus (Big Pat)
December 16, 2005
To The Bouie Family,
May your own precious memories be a comfort to you now and throughtout the days to come. We are praying that God will comfort and strengthen you during this time. Sending our love.
December 16, 2005
To The Bouie Family,
May your own precious memories be a comfort to you now and throughtout the days to come. We are praying that God will
comfort and strengthen you during this time. Sending our love.
December 16, 2005
I consider it a huge blessing to have been able to be friends with David in High School. He had such a light-hearted spirit and an absolutely amazing smile. He could cheer you up no matter how down you were. My heart goes out to his family. He was truly a gift.
December 16, 2005
To the Bouie Family,
My feelings for David go back too far and too deep to accurately convey how much I cared for your son and brother in this context. We attended the same highschool but only become close afterward as we stumbled through adulthood together, trying to figure out our place in the world and what life was really all about. We enjoyed it to the fullest along the way and analyzed every piece of it we could put into words. He was a beautifully complex person full of wonderful intricacies who never failed to surprise and intrigue me over the years. You can see David had a love for life and people like no other. I know he would be mad as hell at all of us for being this sad. Over the holidays, we should all do something he loved and embrace life in the same bold fashion that he did.
With my deepest sympathy, love and respect,
Molly Cate
December 16, 2005
I am sorry for your loss. David was one of the most talented, witty, and friendly people I have known. He was a natural leader and a great person, and was respected and admired universally.
December 16, 2005
Although I had not seen David since our reunion, I can still see his smile and feel the infectious happiness he brought with him wherever he went! I am deeply saddened by his loss, which has touched so many people in so many places. What a wonderful thing it is to be remembered so fondly! I am praying for all of David's family and friends. God bless!
December 16, 2005
To Charles, Amber and Family
I pray that the Lord will comfort and strengthen you during your time of bereavement. The prayers of myself and my family are with you.
God Bless and Keep You.
December 15, 2005
To David's family, friends, and his sweetheart:

My husband and I first met David a few years ago through or dearest friend Carrie. The thing we enjoyed most while hanging with David was listening to his animated stories, which were mostly about his family & close friends. In the short amount of time that we knew David, we feel he touched our lives more than he could ever know. It is rare to meet a person that would open their arms to you in conversation...as if you were family.

We miss you David! Our sincerest prayers go out to all of you. Carrie we love you, be strong for us.
December 15, 2005
David was the most laid back person i knew... maybe thats why he got along with my husband so well. We will miss him so much... his wardrobe advice, his golf games, and his koolaid. All my prayers go out to his family that I never got a chance to meet... David was the best... he will be missed so much. Words cannot describe. Carrie we love you and we are here for you.
December 15, 2005
To Charles and Kim,

My heart was saddened to hear of your loss. I pray that God will bless and keep the entire Bouie Family at this time and always. It is with great sympathy and love that my family extend to you our deepest condolences.
December 15, 2005
Dear Charles, Amber, family and friends:

David was one of my oldest and dearest friends. There are no words to express my sympathy for your loss or descibe the void in my heart his death has brought. I can only pray that my son will be as fortunate as me to ever have such a great friend. David touched so many lives in such a positive way. I know his spirit will live on in all of us. Until I see you again...Godspeed Brother.
December 15, 2005
Charles, you and your family are in my prayers.
December 15, 2005
To David's family: My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I attended High School with Dave and will never forget his laugh and smile.
December 15, 2005
December 15, 2005
To the Bouie family,
David was always like an older brother to me, my adopted older brother. His death leaves me, for once, at a loss for words. I cannot adequately begin to express how deeply sorry I am for the Bouie family and for all those who loved David. I pray that God gives you all the strength to focus on the wonderful times and blessings David brought to all our lives. God bless.
December 15, 2005
To Charles, Kim & Family,

I am sorry for your loss. I will include your family in my prayers.
December 15, 2005
My deepest sympathy for the Bouie family. David, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and let perpetual light shine upon you.
December 15, 2005
To David's family & friends:

My family has been truly blessed to have had Dave in their lives. Our daughter, Heather, and Dave became best of friends during their freshman year at Notre Dame and have remained close ever since. My sons, Michael and Nicholas, thought of Dave as a brother; they always shared laughter and fun. My husband, John, would talk about soccer with Dave for hours on end; their passion for the game was amazing. I loved Dave as a son and appreciated his love for my cooking and chocolate chip cookies. Our son-in-law, Chris, and Dave became good friends and shared their passion for life. Our extended family knew Dave and had the privilege of sharing family gatherings with him. Dave was always so kind; his charm and caring personality won over many hearts. Dave was a wonderful person; needless to say, my family will hold him in their hearts forever. Godspeed and farewell, Dave.

Beverly Boeschen
"Miss B"
Chattanooga, TN/Atlanta, GA
December 15, 2005
To the Bouie Family: Nothing that is loved is ever lost...No one who has touched a life, who has brought beauty to the world, is ever truly gone. Those we cherish will always live on in memory. Our deepest sympathy to you all.
December 15, 2005
My prayers go out to the entire Bouie family and all of us who loved David so much. Reading through these entries confirms something I used to say to him often, "You are wonderful!" And he was.

Dea. Bouie (Charles/Mike), Mrs. Bouie (Amber), Charles, Kim, and Kennedy, just know that I will never forget David or you for shaping the wonderful person he was.
December 14, 2005
May your memories and God's love give you strength and comfort you at this time.You are in our prayers.Gary & Beverly Curry
December 14, 2005
TO: Mike,Amber,Charles,Kim and Kennedy

Words cannot express the joy David brought to Caris. I always looked forward to seeing him. David could always make me smile.He will be truly missed.David never met a stranger.He is now at peace with his Father.David lived his life one day at a time.I believe David enjoyed every day of his life.To the family,please be strong.I know David is okay.May God continue to richly bless your lives.
December 14, 2005
To the friends and family of David,

I met David only two years ago through my best friend, Carrie. She was always talking about David and it wasn't until he finally moved to Baton Rouge that I understood why she loved him so much. There was never a dull moment with him around. He could light up anyone's day just by walking in a room and smiling. Although David's life was short, he touched so many lives and with that he will live on forever. We love you and will miss you Dave.
December 14, 2005
To The Bouie Family,
My dearest sympathies are with you at this time. David was the best friend one could ever have. Our friendship and love had remained strong throughout the sixteen years we knew each other. David was loyal, honest, caring, the kind of person you just wanted to be around always, he could always make you laugh. David and I grew up together, experiencing life, it's ups and it's downs, I can't imagine growing old without him. Thank you, Mr&Mrs. Bouie, for David, he was truly a gift from God, and I will forever miss him, David will always remain a part of my life.
I love you Dave.
December 14, 2005
Charles, it was truly sad to hear about the lost of your brother; my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family in this time of sorrow.
December 14, 2005
a LIFE fully lived shines on in the HEAVENS, a STAR giving hope to still-searching SOULS. Those who loved life and lived it fully teach us the most about death--to accept that it comes, to meet it with courage, to believe that such spirit can never be stilled.

Mr & Mrs. Bouie,Charles, & Kim,
I did not personally know David, but from all the entries he was a STAR that will trully be loved and missed by all. Search deep within and know that he is one of God's own now. For he was here for only a short time, but touched the lives of so many people. May God bless your family during this painful time and give you the closure that you need.
December 14, 2005
Kim and Charles I am praying for you and your family. Only trust in the Lord and he will give you the strength you need in your time of sorrow. Thank God for the time you had with him and the memories you have made. God bless and keep the Bouie family. Tommy Charles your former co worker and church member.
December 14, 2005
Charles, Kim, Brittney, Kennedy & the Bouie Family

God brings people in our lives at a time when we least expect them to be there. God put David in your lives in Baton Rouge for a reason and for a season. I know this loss is great just remember the good times you had with David. Our family prayers are with you. If ever you need us please feel free to call.

Stay strong in the Lord.
Belinda S. Richard & Family
December 14, 2005
To the Bouie Family:

Please accept my deepest sympathy in your loss. David was a fine young man with a good heart.

I had the pleasure of having dinner with him just a few months ago with my daughter, Denise. In that short meeting, I learned that David knew how to enjoy life. He had a hearty laugh and wonderful stories to tell. He was also a great listener. Perhaps it will comfort you to know that even though his life was much too short, it was apparently a good, happy, and full life that touched many.

He will be greatly missed.
December 14, 2005
To the family of David,
My heart felt apologies go out to you in this time of your loss. I went to school with David and became friends with him through our time together on the soccer team. May God bless you and your family and aid you through this difficult time.
December 14, 2005
I was sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. We will keep your family in our prayers.
December 14, 2005
Charle, Kim, and the Bouie family, I never had the opportunity to meet David, but after reading the comments from David’s guest book, he sounded as thou he was a delightful man to be around, and a man that extended his heartfelt kindness to everyone he knew. Charles, Kim and the Bouie family, I am sorry that David passed away so unexpectedly, I pray that those who David left behind, God will give you the peace and strength to continue.
December 14, 2005
We know your pain and are deeply saddened by your loss. We know that God will strengthen you and help you during this time of sorrow -- call on Him.

Praying for your comfort and peace,
Bill and Frankie Kirby
December 14, 2005
To Charles,Kim and Family,
Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
We Love You,
The Lawsons (Huey, Albertha, Brian and Leisa)
December 14, 2005
I was very saddened to hear the tragic news about David. David was a year older than me in high school, but we got to know each other through track and football. David was a gifted athlete, but more than that, he was a good man. I know that we'll all miss his wonderful personality, loud laugh and great smile.
December 14, 2005
To Charles and Kim,
May God bless you and your family. We are so sorry to hear the lost of your love one. We never got a chance to meet David but words were spoken very highly him.

The Austin's
Mario, Patricia, Chelsea and La Jessica.
December 14, 2005
May you soon discover that through memories in your heart, you and the one you dearly love never really part. And may it make your sorrow less difficult to bear knowing friends reach out to you in sympathy and prayer. May God bless you and your family.
December 14, 2005
I am saddened beyond belief. David and I were very close friends in junior high and high school, but had lost touch over the years. But I never forgot how great a friend he was to me. We used to get in sooooo much trouble from both of our parents for staying on the phone so late every night. He was a great confidante during those years and helped me become the person I am today. Thank you David....I know that such a great person is with God and has found peace. My deepest sympathies go out to the Bouie family.
December 13, 2005
To the Bouie Family: I want to extend my deepest sympathies to your family. I was very fortunate to have David as such a special friend that dates back to our high school days. I will forever miss the friendship David and I shared. God Bless your family.
December 13, 2005
For everyone who loved David, I pray to God to give each of you strength. My heart is so heavy without David. He was a man of honor, respect, style, humor, laughter, and love. His most proud characteristic was being like the quarterback, the one who led the team and everyone always wanted to be around. I loved him for that and for so much more. He made me a better person in the few years that we shared together. I want Charles and Amber, their son, Charles, and Kim to know that they are in my prayers and are part of my heart always. To our friends, thank you so very much and bless you all. To my love, David, I miss you desperately.
December 13, 2005
To Charles, Kim and Bouie Family. Our heart goes out to you and your family. Let God give you all peace that passes all of your understanding because He is the Prince of Peace. We will continue to lift you and your family up in our prayers. We love you. Adam, Artilla, A.J. and Aaron Thompson
December 13, 2005
I am so very sorry about the lost of your son and our brother. I have never known a person that has ment so much to so many different people. David's laugh and smile whould light up a room and you can't help but to feel good. I thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bouie for my big brother and best friend.I will miss him so much.
Love always, Mario
December 13, 2005
Dear Bouie Family,
You cannot know how deeply sorry I am for your loss. I had the priviledge of meeting David as an employee of Joe's Crab Shack. He and I became instant friends. He was a charming and vivacious man. He never met a stranger. He quickly became part of our family at the restaurant. We are all feeling the loss of a beloved friend. Our prayers and thoughts are with you in your time of sorrow. He may be gone from the physical world but he will always be with us in our hearts.
December 13, 2005
December 13, 2005
Bouie Family,
We love you all and God is the best comforter. You are in our hearts and prayers.
December 13, 2005
To:Charles, Kimberly and The Bouie Family,
Our hearts are with you during your time of sorrow.
We never got a chance to meet David, but we've heard great things about David and his family.
May God continue to bless all of you.

The Brokenberrys
Ray, Tracy, Caylon & Dyamond
December 13, 2005
Charles and Kim, I was so sorry to hear of your family's loss. I will keep you in my prayers.

December 13, 2005
To the Bouie Family:
David was truly gem. I am honored to call him my friend. I am gonna miss him so much. He was always there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on.

I will cherish my memories of David.
December 13, 2005
My heart and prayers go out to you, Charles and all of David's family and friends at this sad time in our lives. God has His plans for all of us and it's not for us to judge or try to figure out. Remember all the good times with David and the funny stories. The stories you have shared with me were great. Your pain will ease, but your memory of David will remain strong. If there is anything that I can do for you guys, let me know.

All my love and prayers to you and yours...
December 13, 2005

It is so hard to find light in a tragedy such as this. I appreciate David the most for the wonderful friend he has been to my sister Denise. He's always been there to listen to her when times were tough, and could make her smile when she needed it the most. I appreciate David so much for that. I will always remember David as that one person that you could invite to absolutely an party because no matter who was there, David would fit in.

Thank you so much David for sharing that light of yours with so many of us. You will be missed by many.

December 13, 2005
Charles & Amber

I am sorry to hear about David. You have our deepest sympathy.
December 13, 2005
Charles & Kim
With deepest sympathy my prayers are with you and your family. Love
December 13, 2005
Charles and Kim: I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet David before you left Baton Rouge. Like his big brother, he had a wonderful personality, a big heart and a great sense of humor. He will be sorely missed. Know that your friends are thinking of you and your family in these difficult times. Please do not hesitate to call if there is anything I can do.
Luv Ya, Rollynn
December 13, 2005
It's hard to believe that David is gone. I am honored to call David my friend. I will always carry fond memories of David with me. My thoughts are with your family.
December 13, 2005
To Charles & Kim,
My prayers are with the both of you and your family. Although I didn't get a chance to meet David,hearing all of the joy he brought to you and your family I know that he's bringing joy to everyone he sees and greets in Heaven. Robin told me he asked about getting together to play golf; although we didn't get that opportunity the next time I am playing my thoughts will be of him as I try to make that hole in one. May God bless you and your family.
December 13, 2005
I am terribly saddened by the sudden loss of David. He was a dear friend of mine and I will miss my traveling buddy. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends as we all try and cope with the loss of such a wonderfully spirited person.
December 13, 2005
To Charles and Kim,
My thoughts and prayers are with you through this very difficult time. I know how much it meant to me to know that you were there for me during my difficult time a few months ago. I can only hope that my genuine concern, and those of all others, will help you through this. May you and your family find peace.
December 13, 2005
My deepest condolences in the tragic loss of your son and brother. May God keep you in his loving hold.
December 13, 2005
To Kim and Charles and family: Please accept my sympathy for the loss of David. I know you will miss him tremendously. I also know that you will celebrate David's life and thank God for the joy that he brought into the lives of all who knew him. May the Lord have mercy on David's eternal soul and grant him peace. May all of you who survive him find comfort in the knowledge that David is at home with his Heavenly Family and all is well! Love and hugs to all of you.
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4
December 13, 2005
I am so fortunate to have known David for the few months that I did. He was the shining star wherever he was. He left such an impression on us. We should cherish the time that we were able to spend with him and remember him for the great things he brought to our lives. Always a smile :) Every time I think of David I will smile, that’s the impression that he left on me. My deepest sympathy goes to Carrie and their families. We Love You DAVID, Shine on us forever more. GOD BLESS
December 13, 2005
I will never forget the first time I met David. When he walked into The Men's Wearhouse for his interview, I knew we would be friends forever. David is one of the most caring and dedicated friends I have ever known.
In the short time David lived here, he touched so many lives. He will be missed dearly.
With love,
December 13, 2005
To Charles and Kim-
You know you guys are just like family to us. We pray that you find peace and comfort in God's loving care, as you go through this difficult time. Remember - earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.

We're with you in spirit,
Janice, Mr. Frank, Lana and Nicole
December 13, 2005
Eventhough I never met David, I have only heard wonderful things about him. Just remember he will always live in your heart. May God bless and keep you and your family.

Cheryl Shelby
December 13, 2005
I am so sorry to hear of David's tragic death. While I didn't know David, I remember having a converation with Charles about his brother moving to Baton Rouge. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. May God bless you and be a comfort to you in this sorrowful time.
December 13, 2005
I had the privilage of going to high school with David. He was always smiling and an all around great man. His laugh will never be forgotten and will be greatly missed. To the family, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
December 13, 2005
Charles and Kim,
May God be with you during this difficult time. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

December 13, 2005
My thoughts and prays are with you during your time of sorrow. I know words can't help you now. Just remember the memories you hold close to your heart.
Gina Cutrer
December 13, 2005
May God Bless and keep you and your family.
December 13, 2005
I never met you, but your big brother and Kim were so proud of you I felt like I did. Everyone knew about Charles' "little brother". May your soul rest in eternal peace with Our Father. May your legacy live on through the memories of your family and friends. May God's hand reach down and help your family begin to heal.
December 13, 2005
My deepest sympathy is extended to Charles and family, in the sudden death of your brother, David. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
December 13, 2005
To my dear friend and family, we wish you much comfort from us during this difficult time of your life. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love, Tammy Tasha & Torrence
December 13, 2005
Our hearts are saddened with pain with the sudden passing of David. He will really be missed. David became apart of my family when our families were joined together through marriage. But I feel like I've known him forever. Once you've met David it was instant like. He could get along with anybody. He had just that type of personality. David kept us all laughing and that's how I'll always remember him; with a smile on his face being David. I loved David. My prayers go out to the family and may God continue to give you strength while you're going through. God Bless
December 13, 2005
To Charles and Kim Bouie
While I did not know your brother David, you are two of the most dear people in the world. I pray God's peace and comfort in your life at this moment. Stay strong and God bless

December 13, 2005
Uncle David,

Thank you for listening and the great advice --college style. I will never forget whenever my friends came over, and they always wanted my parents to go in the back but you could stay. You were the "coolest" uncle.......Thanks for riding with us to take me back to college, you made the ride exciting.........
December 13, 2005
Words can't express the joy David brought to our lives in Baton Rouge. You knew the laughter and the fun was beginning when David arrived. David brought so much happiness into our lives in Baton Rouge in a time when we needed it the most. I know Charles was so happy, when his little brother arrived in BR. Thank you David and I love you very much!!!
December 13, 2005
david was not only a co-worker, but a very close and dear friend. i am so very saddened by the events of that friday night. david illuminated a room just by walking in. he was the most vibrant, compassionate, and endearing person i have been fortunate enough to work with. i will always remember him. as will all he touched. god bless.
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