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August 28, 2015

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August 28, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 18, 2015
Hi son, I've been wanting to write to you but I just couldn't find the words. 2 and a half weeks ago it was 1,000 days and I was going to write to you then, it was on a Friday. My heart broke a million times over. I miss you so so much and I just need to remind myself that I'm that much closer to seeing you again. Markie reminded me of that when 1,000 days happened. It's so hard being here without you, I know that your around I still see and hear the signs you send time and time again, please don't stop. Your brother went on vacation from the 1st until the 12th to Oregon and they (Markie, Cari, Eli and Sara) took you with them all over and had a great time. I missed them, harder without you here to keep me busy. I took care of his animals while they were gone. My cousin is doing better. They have moved her to a rehab hospital in LA and I've yet to go see her. I need to make time. Stay by her side Nick and put in a good word for her to God <3 Well it's late and I need to get ready for bed, I love you and miss you terribly. Your Mom
July 03, 2015
Hello son, Well I'm sure you were there for Rhoda when she got there. I don't know what's going on in this life anymore. Things are just out of sorts since the day God took you home. I miss you oh so much son. Tomorrow is the 3rd 4th of July without you, it just doesn't feel the same anymore. I'm going to Fresno to a concert with Linda the end of this month, then the beginning of August your brother is taking a vacation and going to Oregon and I'm gonna close the shop and do some real cleaning, wash the walls and stuff like that. Have been there 6 and a half years already...time flies even when your not having fun. I still don't understand how life just goes on wihout you. SOme days I know I see you or hear you. I love you! Your Mom
June 23, 2015
Well son another birthday without you! 3rd birthday, your brother made my morning, signing with a candle in a piece of cake with a card and gift card for BB&B, one of my favorite places and then on FaceBook there were over 60 Happy Birthday messages for me. Some of them were so sweet and brought tears to my eyes. I've been going up to West Covina to see my cousin in the hospital. Terri isn't doing well son and I don't know what to do, talk about feeling helpless. Please be there for her when she crosses over, not sure when that will be. God performs miracles everyday and she sure needs one, but in the event that He decides to call her Home to Heaven I know you and Uncle Wally will be there showing her some new dance moves all the way to God's arms. You're in alot of good comapny there sweetheart but that doesn't make me miss you ANY less. 955 days without you today, at times it seems like yeaterday and others it seems like forever. I love when I take pictures in the morning and the orb shows up, I know that's your sign that your here with me. I love you son, see you on the other side <3 Your Mom
June 07, 2015
I miss you 136 weeks today....939 days ugh! I went and saw my cousin Terri yesterday and saw just about everyone else, they all have so much love for you and your brother. I was soooo blessed, my heart was almost full...there is always an empty spot that only you can fill. Someday son we'll be together again. We'll tears are making it hard to see, more soon. Love you son. Your mom
May 11, 2015
Hi sweetheart, Another Mother's Day without you here on earth has come and gone, lots of tears son - I'm sorry for that but I just can't help it most times. I cry every morning on my way to work just missing you, our talks and sharing the sunrise. Mother's Day was tough, the question of "am I still his Mom" has left me and now I have accepted the fact, got downright stubborn about it (imagine me stubborn!! haha)I will always be your Mom no matter how many miles or worlds separate us. I loved my day despite the one big thing missing was you. You always made such a big deal out of that day....I miss that. Your brother took me to dinner last night, just He and I!!! He's starting to make a big deal out of it for me now.....It was so special to me, he gave me a beautiful card and when we went in his backyard for a second there was a white feather on the patio.... thank you!! I put it with Markie's card next to your vase. Well gotta get to work babe, I love you and miss you oh so much, Your Mom
May 07, 2015
Hello you little sneak. I was thinking about you before I went to bed last night. I have been getting all sorts of signals but can't quite figure out who it is from. So I asked a special sign from you. I was sleeping in the back bedroom (bed is much softer for my pulled muscle). I thought it was Gary lightly blowing on me. As you know I jumped up and no one was in the room. When I closed my eyes once again you blew lightly on my arm once more. I never opened my eyes because I didn't want you to leave. Thanks so much for the special visit. Happy face
May 05, 2015
Hi Nick, Well it's Markie and Cari's third anniversary today. The came over tonight and I got them a Opti-grill, they loved it. I was thinking this morning that you haven't been here for all three. What an awful awful thing, I know how much both of them mean to you and you to them. You're so missed son, I love you. Mother's Day will be here soon and I just don't think I can bare it, then somehow from somewhere deep in my soul I know that you are with me, on that day and always and it makes it a little more peaceful. Bonnie got me a beautiful shawl that has angel wings on it and when I wrap it around my shoulders - I can feel you, one of your Nickie hugs. Easter was and is a holiday I don't like anymore. Someday maybe I'll learn to like it again but for now it just reminds me of things I don't want to think about. Until we are together again I'll just keep writing to you here and talking with you, I know you hear me. My heart just aches most times, ya know? I love you, I love you, I love you.........Your Mom
April 26, 2015
Right behind your mom. Been busy but always thinking of you. Happy face
April 25, 2015
Hello son, well it's been a month since I wrote to you. Lots has been happening as I'm sure you know. I just got the necklace that has your handwriting on it in the mail yesterday. I'm considering it a Mother's Day gift to myself from you. This is going to be the third one without you, I wish I could just talk with you, one more hug, one more I love you Mom. I know you hear me, come visit - I miss you something terrible. Love your Mom
March 25, 2015
Good mornin son!
Thank you for the glow in the camera's last night and the dime this morning. I love and miss you....Take good care of Wesley and Iris for me till I get there. Love, Your Mom

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