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1942 - 2017 Obituary Condolences
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July 17, 2018

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July 17, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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May 19, 2017
I met Gary about 6 years ago while visiting Polly White. Gary was there to help with a project so we decided to invite him and friends, Tom and Millie to dinner. He came back a short time later bringing fresh picked vegetables from his garden and a raspberry pie he had made.

The next year Gary and Polly made a trip to Sanibel Island and stayed in the house next door to ours. We had so many fun times together but Gary was not well, as we had to make an emergency trip to the hospital, and I watched Polly talk with doctors and made sure she was doing everything she could to keep him well. Gary still wanted to help, making small repairs to the rental house. He was such a kind, gentle man, helping wherever he could.

I will always remember his smile and gentleness. I'm grateful that he's not suffering anymore and grateful that I knew him, but very sorry for your loss as he will certainly be missed.
May 18, 2017
I met Gary through my friend and neighbor, Polly White. He was a sweet and gentle man. Polly told him I needed a ramp for my shed and he was right here building me one. I did not know him very long or very well but I could see he and Polly loved each other and had fun together.I would call Polly and ask her what are you doing, and she on many occasions would say, " cooking meals for Gary." Bless Gary's heart he was so sick the whole time I knew him but he still tried to help others. Rest in Peace Dear Gary, I hope they have tractors in Heaven. I will keep an eye on your Polly. Deepest sympathies to Gary's Family and friends that loved him. Sincerely, Karen Cloutier.
May 17, 2017
Gary Wayne Lenger. Where do I begin? We knew each other as teenagers while attending the Pontiac First Free Methodist Church. He would say I was just a baby. Our lives were reunited after 50 years by mutual friends. I was a widow and needed carpentry help. Gary was given the call by our friends, he responded and our six year walk together began.

Gary lived his dash (1942 - 2017) as son, brother, husband, provider (working two professions simultaneously) . Our lives were intermingled as my relatives helped him and Carol build his residence in Ortonville on the most beautiful ten acres. He told me of the many hours of labor reconstructing the land, planting trees that Carol picked from their property, digging a pond, and more. The residence and grounds are a masterpiece. He happily shared his home with me. Even allowing me to redesign some areas, take out walls allowing the outside beauty to fill the entire living area. He hired my son, Dave, to do the work.

Gary living his dash included being a gentleman, and helper to many. His stated goal was simply to be a helper to all. From plowing snow on the entire road, to helping the neighbor with her tractor repairs, helping birth calves, and many other interesting tasks, I could see he had accomplished much by helping others. His nephew, John Petty, told me last week how Gary and Carol encouraged him to become a stone mason.

Gary had a dry sense of humor which could bring much joy. Gary was a lover of southern gospel music, country western, jazz and Cajun. We sang and danced together to the music. He had a beautiful tenor voice, could harmonize, but his whistle along with the music was heavenly. We were able to enjoy the Gaither Vocal Band and Sky Riders in the Sky on a trip to Florida. He spoke of the many trips around the world by plane and horseback. Gary was a world traveler. He wanted us to go to Paris and the Grand Canyon but health prohibited.

There were many conversations regarding our lives and how intermingled they were thru friends and family. He spoke of his daughters with deep-seated love which he expressed on many occasions. He and Pam formed a home building company. His goal for her was the profits would give her a mortgage-free residence. Mission accomplished. He was so pleased Stacey was happy in her new residence in Davison and forming new relationships. He expressed the same pleasure in helping Scott (his son-in-law) form a successful lawn maintenance company (which is now Jeff's, his grandson), and procuring equipment for the asphalt business. Many times he bragged of Scott's ability to paint any equipment and make it look brand new.

Jeff, his only grandchild, was the apple of his eye. It warmed Gary's heart when he was able to teach new skilled trades to him. He expressed with joy the ability Jeff had to grasp new tasks from electrical and plumbing projects, to roofing. He so believed in his enormous potential and tried his best to encourage the development of that potential. He shared old movies with me when Jeff was young dancing and Gary clapping to the tunes. He was proud of his golfing skills and pool table skills and the dirt bike riding (even though it made him nervous).

His sister, Sherry, was almost like another daughter in her younger years because of their father passing away at a young age and the age difference between them.. He expressed how proud he was of her accomplishments as an English professor. Gary always laughed that he was not good at English and Sherry sometimes struggled with math. They balanced one another. He enjoyed helping Sherry and Delbert work on their retirement home here in Michigan.

Lastly ,Gary and I built a relationship not many understood . But we did. He became my confidant, protector, defender, problem solver, traveling companion, and best friend. I am privileged to have been his advocate with many physicians on his journey to better health.

For all who knew Gary as a virile, strong, can do anything guy, we wept together as his health declined. Now, he is in the arms of his Lord and Savior and has been restored to full vim and vigor. I will forever remember him as a gentle soul and his last words to me, I love you, Hon. I believe our paths were meant to cross once more . I am forever grateful to the Keeper of the Stars who brought us together and enabled us to find measures of love for the two of us. Gary, you gave me a happy heart . I love you.

Pam, Stacey, Jeff and Scott, thank you for allowing me to share in his life. May you find peace in the Lord and Savior of your father and grandfather.

Polly (McIntyre) White