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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hello beautiful

Thank you for the sign that you showed me a couple days ago
Are you sure that is what you want me to do because I would do anything for you

The best day of my life was with you
The worst day of my life was with you
Because that was the day that I lost you my beautiful amazing Jeannine
And every day we were together and every day since there isn't a day that I don't think about you and miss you and love you and want you with me

So my love I will try to do what you showed me you want me to do. But please don't be upset with me if I can't do it. But I'll try.

Love you so much
Miss you so much
All my love Brad xoxo143
Hi baby

You know what happened
You know what I need
Please help me and make it better

Love You WWW
Need help sweetheart

Dad not doing good. He needs your help and Heather's help.
I can't handle losing anyone else right now
I'm not doing good. So high blood pressure
Light headed. Arm numb. And having bad thoughts.
I'm still not over losing you. Never will be.
Then losing Heather. Was to much. Destroyed me.
I'm scared of what I might do if I lost dad right now.
We need to go fish and have fun together.
He worked to hard all his life to not be able to enjoy years of happy retirement.
You both know that. You both worked hard everyday.
And you both should be enjoying yourselves with us.
But I pray your both so happy and enjoying an eternity of heavenly bliss
But right now help dad. He needs another 10-15 years still at least.
If you need someone take me. I'm broken and destroyed inside.
Dads like the both of you. One of the great ones I'm just a body on earth.
So. Either help him or take me too.

Love you both forever
I need a miracle.

Hope you can help me

I love you so much

Love brad
Good night my love.

Everyday I look into any cloud
I see your very beautiful face
If I'm happy I feel I'm not allowed
I feel ashamed and full of disgrace

What could I have done differently
What other things would I have to say
Can you tell me how to set myself free
To help me get thru each and every day

Your in my thoughts 1000 times at least
From wake up till my eyes finally close
Need to get rid of my heart break beast
But I am broken and it's what I chose

Sweetheart, will you please help me
Free me of this emotional hurt and guilt
Show me true happiness, let me see
A life I can start and slowly be built

To help me move forward without PTSD
Remove bad thoughts,throw them out
Let me smile and my heart truly free
No more days of sadness or self doubt

Good Memories of u. All the good ones
To be healthy and free of any pain
Enjoying life and your delicious buns
And be happy and loving and fun again

All my love Brad.
Good morning beautiful

Well. It's my birthday today. The big 50 and so far it's been pretty good tonight I'm going to moms for a bbq

Drove home from Edmonton yesterday. And I remembered all the things we saw and did on our trips there. Plus in every cloud or in the mountains I see you there. You will be forever in my heart and thoughts sweetheart.

I would like to thank you for 3-1/2 amazing wonderful years we shared together. You showed me what real love is. How you get excited to go home. Every morning you wake up beside your true love is the best day ever. You made me feel like I was ontop of the world and nothing could ever bring me down. Thank you for that.

I loved the way when you'd see your dad and his eyes would just light up so much and you could see the love he has for you. For all his kids. Your dad is one remarkable guy Actually all your family. You just brought out the best in everyone. That's who you were. That's why we miss you so much.

I will never be the same again thou. As Spencer said when you left us. Dad , something broke inside you and has wrecked who you were. But I'm working on getting better. I am having more good days then bad days now. Which is a good thing. And a start to recovery.

I sure wish our places were reversed. Because the world needs more Jeannine's but someone needed you in heaven so you went to help them. Because that too is who you are. The most incedible woman in the world.

Have a wonderful day my love
Love you forever and ever
Always on my mind and in my heart
Love your bubaloo
Happy Mothers Day Swwetheart

Just wanted to wish one of the best moms ever a happy Mother's Day.
I am sure your up there having a blast with your mom and heather.
Having fun laughing and having tea or whatever you like doing. I just really wish you are happy sweetheart. I want that more than anything.

I love and miss you so much. You were everyone's world and we all miss you so much.

Say hi to your mom and Heather and give them a big kiss for me. And hold yourself and give your the biggest hug in the world because that's what I'm going to do when I see you.

Love you forever
Love Brad xoxo
Hard day beautiful

Drove to Victoria and every time I always think of you. From the day I picked you up to start our lives together and all the trips we shared going back there. Our holidays with kids in Victoria to working together on jobs and everything in between. I miss you so much sweety

I remember us talking and saying how lucky we both were to be so in love and have each other forever. Until the end of time. And never have to worry about growing old alone as we would always be together forever. You still are in my heart and thoughts every day and forever. You rocked my world each and every day my love. Never forget that. You were and still are my soul mate.

I'm not doing so great these days. My health getting worse by the day. I need to get healthy again. Some people sure pump me up when I'm down. Your sister for one. When she calls she so positive like you were. And of course your dad. He is a truly remarkable man. Someone everyone should look up to and admire. I need to visit him more often. But I have been sick for so long that I haven't had a chance. And my mom and dad worry too. So I'm really hoping that me and Spencer start to get healthy soon. We both need someone to kickstart us thou. You know erskine men. Lol

Well gorgeous I hope your having the time of your life up there and everything and everybody is amazing and fun and your world is full of laughter. Give your beautiful mom and beautiful Heather a kiss and hug from me and tell them how much I miss you and them.

All my love always
Brad xoxo 143
Hello my love

I know you gave me one miracle already with mouse but I'm asking you for your help with one more miracle. And you know what it is so please help me get it done. It would make me feel so much more at ease.

Thank you. I love you

Hello beautiful

You did it. Thank you. Mouse pulled thru and is fine now. Yay.

Thank you for helping my mom and making mouse better again. I can't stand to see my mom sad or hurt. But they are happy again and have another chance to do the things they want to do or say.

A chance I wish I had. Because I would of done anything for you sweety. Anything in the world. As you were my world.

But one day we will meet again in heaven and I'll tell you then how much I love you and still have and will everyday of my life.

All my love always and forever
Brad xoxo 143

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