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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Omg Omg Omg your kids......I have no words. Joe surprised flowers much love and thankyou for the gift.I will cherish that forever and ever. Smile............................even though your heart is breaking. I miss you all so very much.
Hey Ma,

Yesterday was a beautiful know your daughter WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND. My earrings, my words.....aunt Lib gave me a beautiful it. She engraved Happy 50th..I love it. Then it was suppose to be me and Anna for dinner because on Sunday we are going to the DOCTOR'S HOUSE where we celebrated your last birthday...75th...who would of ever thought? Oh dear. So me and Anna at Choice and then OUR BROTHER shows up. It was the THREE OF US. Very very nice evening. Oh ma, Joey is SOOO FUNNY...OMG...he is ALL YOU....oh ya...remember when Joey would play music for you...well he was doing it in the restaurant. SO FUNNY...the waiter loved the music too. Joey played one of your favorites. Doctor Chicago??? He was PRICELESS LAST NIGHT. Yesterday Joey came to see all of you...Anna knew by the way the chair was infront of you and daddy. Your son was playing music for you....and showing you pictures of OUR PRICELESS CHIARA...but Im sure you and daddy saw her. You were right by Jonathan's side..YOUR STELLINO BELLO when she arrived HEALTHY AND SAFE..Anna and Joe always come and visit. Ma, I may come twice a year. I don't like going there. Although I dont go I think and pray to you all the time. I miss you so much. Last night at dinner just the three of us. Was weird...because although we have Dolores the kids...ITS REALLY ONLY ME, ANNA AND JOE...well Joe has his own and Anna have eachother TILL DEATH DO US PART...P.S. remember you TAKE ME FIRST...daddy wants to play cards. Nonno plays like Anna too slow. Me and daddy played fast. I miss playing cards soooo much. Now that winter is coming I will be going to Aunt Rita's and playing cards with them...Nina, Tony, aunt Rita and me. We have fun...we play for money...well, ma, yesterday was a beautiful day. Dinner was amazing...YES..YES...YES....ITS WONDERFUL TO HAVE A was nice because the THREE OF US DON'T DO IT ENOUGH. Continue to watch over ALL OF US....especially our new little one...CHIARA...keep her healthy and strong. WE LOVE YOU....AND WE MISS YOU BOTH SOOOO MUCH......but like I and daddy have front row seats.

Hey Ma

OMG you are MISSING SOOO MUCH...Like aunt Lib made it happen. Oh ma, Chiara is a STELLINA BELLA. I have no words for her. She looks like OUR JONATHAN....I still can't beleive he is a daddy. I was just getting used to him being married. Now Joe and Dolores are PROUD NONNI...tonight me and Anna are finally going to see Chiara. I know you and daddy are watching from above. Today ma me and aunt Lib's bday...I turned the big 50 and aunt Lib 65. How I missed coming down the stairs this morning, you sitting in the kitchen...and when I would come down you would say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCINE, and you would raise your right hand and move all your fingers...that was your way of saying HI..I promised I wouldnt cry...but I started yesterday on the truck...then last night...then this morning. Your daughter OMG..OMG....did you see? She gave me a card from you and Dad...then made me a diamond necklace from your RING...omg ONLY ANNA THINKS OF THESE THINGS...THE TEARS ARE FLOWING...THE HEART IS ACHING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TODAY...the sun is out...but later rain...oh ya, aunt Grey Anna got me a card saying FABULOUS..right away I thought of YOU...I miss you alot aunt Grey...NOTHING IS THE SAME WITH YOU AND MY MOM GONE...NOTHING....Anyways, I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH....Mom and Dad how I MISSED YOU TODAY.....
P.S. omg how could I forget YOUR HANDSOME SON told me to drop off my car this morning...he is getting my car detailed. I KNOW ITS SOOO NICE TO HAVE A BROTHER.....between us ma, I KNOW IT IS...I bug Joe....but he is like me WE KEEP EVERYONE'S BLOOD so ma try NOT TO LET IT RAIN....pls....xoxoxoxo send some hugs and kisses to me and aunt Lib...xoxoxoox
Your blessings made it happen!!!!! Not 13th not 15th. Sunday September 14th Chiara your beautiful Great granddaughter was born…..Your stellino bello is a Daddy and beautiful and loving Claudia a Mommy. Mr Handsome Son is a Nonno and your beautiful Dolores a Nonna!!!Wonderful and loving Anna and Franca Great Aunts. We smile…………but there will always and forever be be a void in our hearts. Loving you all !!!! Chiara is born in a circle of love that is enormous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smile even though your heart is aching…………..wishing you both lots of smiles up above with everyone until we meet again with much love hugs and kisses.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND you and miss you both soooo very much.....xoxoxoxo always thinking of you both...FOREVER....
Who would of thought 'BOTH' of you gone!! At least you are together...Ma...Dad...'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY' today.....'ALWAYS'...thinking of you really 'hurts' alot. I miss you BOTH so much....iloveyoulots...xo

Your son is sooooooo funny. This morning I said to him Joe what is today? He said one month to my birthday...hello thats not what I was talking about. Its one week till I turn 50. He was oh ya. Meanwhile, I know your son he remembers everything so he knew. He was being like daddy. lol. So ma I turn!!! I promise that day I don't want to cry. I don't want Anna or aunt Lib especially to make me cry. I just want a Happy Birthday and NO TEARS. On the Monday me and Anna or ordering Choice of the Orient and eating at home just the two of us and watching Dancing with the Stars. Thats good for me. Guess what on that day if Claudia doesnt have her baby before Jonathan was telling me she will have a c another birthday on the 15th. Im hoping it happens on Sept. 10...your anniversary. That would be sooo nice. Make it happen like you did with the bed. This weekend is my last weekend on the truck...I'm hoping and so is Anna. I have a feeling Phil will convience me to go out again. I will see. Today is a beautiful day ma...sunny and warm. Make sure on the 15th there is sun so this way I know your wishing me and aunt lib a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know you will....if you don't I know that means you wish you could and that your missing us soooooooooo much....I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU....I REALLY DO MA....XOXOXOXO
ilovetheorangeblanketitfeelssogoodwhenicovermyselfifeelyouaroundme. Love you all so very much and keep your eyes on us all hugslovekisses

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