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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hey ma,

Everything is going great. I just love working at Argo Lumber. It's a lot of work but my day flies by.i thank you and daddy for watching over me when I was going through those tough times with both my past jobs. I guess I had to go through that to find the perfect job....I love you both so much and miss you both so much. We all miss you ALL. Always watch over everyone. Oh ya, ma, Anna is having one foot done know her...she is scared. Make sure you and daddy are watching over her. Help her heal quickly...guess who is going to go shopping and do the running around? That's right me...oh dio. But you know me ma, I won't go to all the different stores like Anna, I will go to one and just buy knows ma, maybe YOUR SON JOE will show his face during the day and surprise his sister with his company. He can bring them both lunch. Its funny ma he never shows his face here...not even a phone...sometimes I forget I have a brother. Oh well what can you do. Like Anna's only me and her....funny your son remembers us only ????.....forget it.....anyways, love to all.....continue watching us.....xoxoxoxoxo till we all meet again.
love you all!!! forever in our hearts.
Its a beautiful daythinking of everyone with much love and a huge void in my heart.
baci baci baci
Hey Ma,

Thank you thank you thank was such a good day. Ma, I got the new job at Argo Lumber and I know it was you. I couldn't be happier. I just couldn't work for the doctor anymore ....u saw what she put me through. Omg....I'm so happy and Anna I can't explain how happy she is. Ma, did u see today your son...Joey sent me a text and then at end of text put xoxox....yes, I was shocked but it was so nice. Sometimes I forget about Joey because it wasn't like when u were alive....we don't see him much. Atleast when u were here he would call and come by. So sometimes I think he forgets he has sisters, but after that text I guess he remembers. I know he is busy but sometimes it's just nice to know he is there for us....things did change since you left. But one thing that will never change...Joey, Anna and me....your kids....think about you and daddy all the time. We all miss you both so much. See ma, I'm the one that writes to you. Just remember even when I don't mention Anna and Joey's name....everything I write is always always from the three of us. Joey and Anna aren't as good as me when it comes to expressing our feelings. They keep it in...especially your handsome son I'm the one with the mouth so I will talk...anyways, we love you more then the moon and back and you are forever in our hearts....our hearts that will always have a void because we miss our wonderful parents....xoxoxo continue to watch over us always....and thanks for the you both forever and ever....till we all reunite again.....we always think of u both.....xoxoxoxo
Our hearts will forever be feeling the void..we love you all so very much
Anna's Birthday!!!! To our beautiful and loving family in Heaven please take care of us all and send your guidance and watch over all of the family with your loving hearts. The void in our hearts will always and forever be there.with much love to all of you.
Hey ma,

I know Joe was asking me today why I haven't written to you in a long time. Sorry ma, but I just have a lot on my plate right now. I'm trying to look for another job. Things at the office are crazy. Anyways, today is Good Friday and we went to Dolores and Joe place for lunch. It was nice. I had to leave because aunt Rita had invited me to,here place for dinner. We had a wonderful time at aunt Rita's place. I didn't get home till 1:20am...we have a nice time. We had a wonderful dinner. Of course, like always, Zio Roberto and aunt Rita always always bring up you and daddy. It's so nice to here the stories even though I have heard them a million times. Everytime Zio Roberto talks about the stories it brings such a smile to his face. They both miss u and daddy a lot. I keep telling myself we will all meet again in a better and happier place...Easter Sunday we are going back to Joe and Dolores house. Can't wait to see Chiara. Ma, she is just beautiful...what a smart little girl...amazing. I know u both are watching her from above...continue to watch us all...we ALL love and miss you both so very much. Beyond the moon and sun......always in our broken u......xoxoxoxo
forever in our even though your heart is aching smile even though your heart is breakingto you all.with much love.
Its been awhilenot a day goes by without thoughts of you allforever in my heart with much love forever.

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