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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hey Dad,

And you once said to me when you were alive....that I would forget about you.....never...ever...will I forget about you!!!!...."Happy Birthday Bello"...."Iloveyoulots" & miss 'YOU' more than you will ever...ever...know....xoxoxoxo
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo missed. This morning Anna "YOUR GOLDEN CHILD" had a mass for you. Sorry I didnt go but I had to come to work. I "think" Joey went not sure. Today you turned 83 years old...HOW I WISH???????? I hope mommy is making your favorite meal....especially ONE nice plate of homemade pasta....ok ok maybe TWO plates of homemade love you alot daddy and miss you even more. How I wish we could play cards....I miss playing so much:( MY LOVE TO ALL ESPECIALLY TO YOU AND MA.......XOXOOXO
When it pours..........hopefully there is a rainbow......

Pls watch over "US"........xoxoxox.....I think I'd rather be with you and dad.......I can play cards with dad and I'd be sooo happy. One day you all.....forever in my heart....xoxo
Hey Ma,

Yesterday was my first day on truck. I had a very busy day at James Garden. Now thats it...7 days I will be working. Its all good. Today the sun is shining the weather is beautiful. You would be sitting in the kitchen by the window reading. You loved the kitchen. Let the sun keep shining...I LOVE IT...ok missy talk love to all especially to you and over ALL OF US.....special hugs and kisses to YOU KNOW WHO....XOXOXOXO
Thinking of all of you in a very special way! Loving you each day more and more and hanging on to our beautiful memories that we all made together. If only we could turn back timepray for us all especially Tony..I truly believe St. Joseph saved his life that Thursday. Not a moment goes by even though our hearts are breaking. loveyoulots.
Hey Ma,

Well missy yesterday was a nice Easter. Sunday brunch with the family at the Terrace. Very nice. Then after that I went to aunt Rits's house. It was really nice. Aunt Rita made articokes....omg ma, they tasted just like yours...amazing. Then of course Tony makes his famous eggplant...omg I ate like a piggy. It was sooooo good. We had a nice evening. Played cards. I lost. Nee, aunt Rita and Tony all won a game. Me, nothing....fishy ah ma? Must of been fixed. lol. Angie went by with Evan too but I just missed her. She had lunch at aunt Rita's place...even Peppie. Aunt Rita was very happy yesterday but also ma in alot of pain with her hip...poor thing. I wish we could always play cards because I miss it so much. I always think of daddy when we play. I miss playing with him sooo much. That was our game. Sitting in the den, eating popcorn, watching Wheel of Fortune and playing cards. Awwwwwwwww daddy I miss you sooo much...I always think of you too. Ok, now Im crying....omg...ok enuf......
Ma, the party is over:( ICE CREAM SEASON IS STARTING THIS now 7 days a week....long hours. Oh well we are starting late so its 5 1/2 months. It will go by very quickly...I hope anyways.

Ok I will talk to you later....continue to watch over all of us.....wrap your arms around Jonathan and Michelley....always, watch of them two. xoxoxoxooxo love to all of you.......especially????????????????? you know what Im talking about...
Hi Ma,

Today is just a beautiful day. Sun is shining and its alot warmer then it has been in weeks. So can you beleive its already Easter. Tomorrow is Good Friday and we are going to Ellen's house for dinner. Then on Sunday we are going for brunch. First year I'm not on the ice cream truck. The weather is going to be awful on Saturday and Sunday. Anna is beyond happy about it. Ma, I hate the truck but I really need it to will keep me busy LONG LONG HOURS but keep me from spending money. lol Please tell Anna not to drive me crazy this year with the ice cream truck. I will be careful and I know you will be watching over me at ALL TIMES so I have nothing to worry about and not even ANNA. Anyways, HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF YOU ABOVE. WATCH OVER ALL OF US...SENDS US LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES....WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SOOOO VERY MUCH....XOXOXOXO nothing is the SAME WITHOUT YOU AND DADDY....XOXOXOXO
Hey missy

It's 12:03am and its your GOLDEN CHIlDS BIRTHDAY. Today, like she always did when you were here she booked the day off work. She was used to spending the day with you, nonna and aunt Gracie. How things have changed sooo much just in a few years. Ma, of course Anna will be getting up early...going to mass and then visiting YOU. She will probably stay awhile and sit there and cry. Please wrap your arms around her and give her the biggest hug and kiss for her birthday. Tonight joe and Dolores and the kids we are going out for dinner....sushi....we all love it. If you were here it would of been chinese or Swiss Chalet. Aunt Grey, Anna misses you a lot!! How she wishes you were both here. Actually ALL OF YOU. Like Cher's song....IF WE COULD TURN BACK TIME. Ok, missy, time for me to go to bed. Please help Anna have a nice birthday sends lots of hugs and kisses to to all...xoxoxo
P.S. Happy Birthday Anna.....your the GREATEST SISTER in the world and I'm glad your MINE....remember ITS ONLY ME AND YOU.....tons of kisses from me too....nite nite and enjoy your day tomorrow.....xoxoxoo

Did you see today...what a laugh we had. Aunt Lib is more and more like you in soo many ways. Anyways, I had to go get some work done at the dentist. I havent seen aunt Lib in a long long time. What a great day we had at the dentist. Then I told aunt Lib I was starving so she got Catherine to go order a pizza. White with cheese and mushrooms. Poor Catherine kept going back because she thought I wanted sauce. No sauce...cant eat sauce. We laughed sooo hard. Im sure you were there. Thinking about it Im laughing sooo much. We all sat in the lunchroom...they all fell in love with that pizza. Then aunt Lib kept cutting the pizza, like the way anna would cut for you into SMALL PIECES...we all kept eating it...It was a lovely day at the dentist. Anyways, tonight going to the zoo. Anyways, missy love u lots....miss you more....HUGS AND KISSES TO EVERYONE....XOXOXOXO

PS. Aunt Lib has helped me out aunt lib...thank you thank you thank you...xoxoxooxo
Hi Ma,

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH...I was sooo scared to tell Anna. Today I went home for lunch and I couldn't even you know I was worried. I could hear you say to me..."FRANCA...SEE YOU SOOO DIS-ORGANIZED, I DON'T CARE IF YOU LOST IT." meanwhile I know you do. I kept talking to you and saying ma, please help me find your you reminded me to look in my purse that I took on my cruise....and sure enough there was your BVLGARI ring. When I saw it, it was like I won the lottery. I left it in that purse. See you remember everytime I travel I always wore jewellery that you gave me or anna JUST INCASE SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ME. I wore the diamond earrings Anna bought me for my bday and I wore your ring. Oh ma, just glad I found it. So did you see in that COLD weather yesterday I went on the truck. Me and Phil worked together because we had a Home Depot event. I know you hate that the season is starting...and so is Anna upset...but MA, I HAVE TO DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO. Our Michelley is getting married this year and also I had to get new glasses and my tooth I need the extra. Its ok, its only for 7 months. Unless, you and daddy send lots of pennies from heaven I can STOP....but until then, I have to do the truck. Me and Anna need the backyard porch done too. The cement looks terrible. So like I say to Anna...babysteps and everything will get done. Ma, continue watching over us.....all of us. Give us strenght......lots of love from ALL OF US.....remember we are always thinking of you ALL.....send US BIG HUGS AND KISSES.....WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND YOUR JONATHAN AND MICHELLY....let them know YOUR ALWAYS WITH THEM.....xoxoxoxoo

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