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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hi Ma...

Its been a long time. Well missy here is home safe and sound. I got home on Sunday but didnt come to work yesterday. WHY? Ding Dong here BURNT HER FACE. Yes, ma....the last day on ship...the Saturday...actually me and face all red and eyes sooo puffy...omg..omg..remember ma, when we used to go to Florida it would happen to the both of is BETTER..but I still look TERRIBLE. The SHIP WAS AMAZING...I went on the balcony at night...I SAW YOU LOOKING DOWN AT ME...I saw this ONE STAR RIGHT AWAY....looking right at were waiting for me..and it was the brighest one...just shining STRONG. Ma, did you see the way the ship was rocking at night? OMG I think that was my favorite part. I never enjoyed a cruise as much as I enjoyed this one. Every port we went to was so nice..just beautiful. My favorite stop was Curacao. I think next year we are going there for THE ENTIRE WEEK. Thanks for looking after me, Vinny, Lina and Tibor. A bigger THANK YOU for looking after Anna. You kept her nice and safe as you did Aunt Lib and Mario. Good job miss muffet....I send you ALL LOTS OF HUGS AND TONS OF KISSES....AND I MISS YOU BEYOND WORDS....FOREVER IN MY HEART....XOXOXO

P.S. WATCH OVER US "ALL".....xoxoox
OH DEAR......(like you would say) Aunt Lib leaves on Sunday too...she is going down watch over her and Mario...xoxoxoxoo

Like aunt Lib said...IM LEAVING...well in two more days. YIPPPEEEE...Ma, did you see Gary this morning? What a guy....him and Angie are just unbelievable...I thanked them no worries. Ma, yes...don't worry about me because if anything was to happen rememeber Im happy...I LOVE THE if you guys want me....thats the best place to take me while on the ship....Worry about ANNA...make sure she safe. Make sure she eats every night. She has Dolores so I feel ok. Joe, who knows about him. He never comes by anymore. Hopefully he will call her. So today is the last day of work. I will try and talk to you while on holidays but if I dont I will when I get back. Meet me on the balcony late at night. I will sit on the chair looking into the dark water and dark sky....with all the stars....YOU WILL BE SHINING ON ME...I KNOW YOU WILL...oh dear now im crying....very emotional today. Ok love you lots....miss you more....AND ALTHOUGH YOU HATE CRUISES.....PLS PLS JOIN ME EVERY NIGHT.....XOXOXOXO
loveyoulots and everyone!!!!!!
Hey Ma,

Did you see? Last night what a wonderful evening. Me and Anna went to Joe and Dolores's house for dinner. Jonathan, Claudia and Chiara were there. OMG she is just sooo cute. SHE IS OUR JONATHAN. Just beautiful. Getting big...she is going to be nice and tall. What a wonderful dinner Dolores made. Amazing. Then of course Joe made his famous bbq.....ribs and mouth is still watering thinking about it. So good. It was amazing. It was a lovely evening. After Jonathan, Claudia and Chiara, Michelley, Anna and Dolores cleaned up everything and we sat around and talked a little. It was a wonderful evening. Ma, thinking of you today (well I always think of you) its beyond cold today...its freezing and you know if I say it must be. All I keep thinking 9 more days...I can't tell you how excited I am to go. Vinny says its our last cruise...she wants to go next year to an island for a week. Some how I will have to change her mind. You know me...if I was rich I would be on a cruise every 3 months day one day. Ok missy continue to watch over all of us...we love you lots....oh ya last night did you hear jonathan and michelley talk about your home made pasta? They miss you too ma. Michelley brought up last week ..she said zia remember when nonna used to say "OH DEAR" could they forget such a wonderful nonna that would do anything for them. Just knowing when they were coming over you would put on your "cooking hat" and start making home made pasta for them. You made the best pasta, sauce and meatballs. STILL NOONE MATCHES YOU...and NOONE EVER you lots....hugs and kisses to everyone........especially????????????? xoxoxo

My FEAR is that you are going to do what nonna did. When nonna died a few years later she missed aunt grey so much that she took...but last night you proved that you are watching over us. Anna had a close call but because you are always looking after us...she was ok. THANKS MA...I know you miss Anna alot but I guess you knew WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT ANNA????? SHE IS ALL I HAVE LEFT. ITS ME AND I can't thank you enough for protecting her. I always tell you...YOU TAKE ME FIRST, because Anna will be just fine....XOXOXOXO This morning when I went to get YOUR HANDSOME SON breakfest this man was looking at me..not ONCE he kept looking at me. He then said, ARE YOU ELISA'S DAUGHTER? ELISA'S AND JOHN'S DAUGHTER? I was stunned and said YES. You will never know who it was? Fausta's brother. He still looked handsome. Ma, when people look at me and see you or daddy in me I can't tell you how that makes me feel. Actually they see daddy alot more in me. I get this feeling...a warm feeling all over me...its like when they ask... YOU AND DADDY are right there saying YUP, THATS MY CRAZY DAUGHTER...LOL...How I miss you both so very much. Today is going to be one of those days....ok love to you all....and once again THANKS FOR BEING WITH ANNA just proved YOUR ALWAYS WITH US...xoxoxoxoo
Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of is a nice day. SUNNY AND ALOT WARMER. Well missy, 12 MORE DAYS AND, you know how excited I am. You know how much I love my cruises. All Im asking is to watch over Anna when I'm gone. The week will go by fast. She has Dolores, I know she will be fine. Its just at nights I know she wont cook for herself so she probably won't be eating. Make sure she does. Ok...we will talk later. Send my love to everyone...especially to............???????? xoxooxoxoxo
Thinking of you with love
February-10-15 could I forget. Did you see last night I MADE DINNER...thats right missy....I cooked for me and Anna. Then to top it off later I made us BOTH POPCORN. I told Anna if ma was here she would give me an A++...but at the end Anna gave me an A++++++++....we miss you lots. House is too quiet...noone comes and visits....not even your son. Maybe Joe shows up every two months if that. Aunt Lib ...never...LIKE ANNA SAYS.....ITS ME AND HER...your memories are all over the house....if you could only join us at dinner or in my dreams it would be sooo nice....Tonight Anna has to cook and make popcorn....but I have to wash the dishes....what did you always say? I was dishes very good. I organize everything belle belle. You and Anna wash dishes the same...everything all mixed up. THATS NOT ME MISS MUFFET. Ok just thought I tell you about last night....but Im hoping you already knew because your suppose to be watching our every you ma...more then u know....xoxoxoox

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