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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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The weather has been raining and miserable. You know what this weather does to me? Makes me very sad and I cry work, in my car and in my basement. Please let the sun shine bright this way I know your hugging us and your happy...Having one of those days ma...tears are still flowing strong...have to stop writing...sorry.......xoxoxoo love and miss you and daddy beyond words can say....
Goodnight to you all !!!!!!lovehugsandkisses
Ma that son of yours...what a God, Joe raked our grass and changed our light in the missy wasn't that wonderful???? We are so lucky to have a actually ma, that was really nice. That made me and Anna really happy...i guess he does love his sisters? Lol...ok I'm having a real slow day here...i think I will leave and go around the worries I will be careful....xoxo send Joe a hug and kiss and tell him good job...xoxo
Hi Ma

I'm at James Garden. Not to busy. I'm reading and playing games on my phone. As I'm doing this I'm waiting for a call from you? Being on the truck I think of you even more. How you worried and hated me on the truck. All I keep saying one day one day...i won't have to do it anymore. Your handsome son is texting me pictures of pasta...then another one with bbq...u know your son me and him love our food just like dad...he went by to visit anna...wasn't that nice? Actually ma, Joe doesn't come over much anymore since your not there. To tell the truth nobody does...RUDE,AH? Like me and Anna always say, it's me and her NOW!!! How I wish we could turn back time. Remember ma I would always dream of winning the lottery so I can travel the ship of I still dream of that..but I find myself dreaming more and more of having YOU and DAD BACK...I guess one day we will all be reunited and happy...cant wait to play cards with daddy love to all of you...xoxo

P.s. It's nice to have a brother but even better too have sisters...especially one like ANNA!!! But then again IM NOT TOO BAD EIThER..i keep the blood flowing....xoxo miss you both soooo much....xoxo
love you all so very much….there is excitement in the air, but life will never ever be the same.Never never ever be the same.
Have a nice weekend all!!For some reason
I am missing everyone this weekend. Love to All
Hey Ma,

Well the appointment went well. Im happy. We are going to try and fix everything up. Like daddy Im a tough cookie. We have been opened sooo many times but always make it...IM ALL JOHN URSINI THATS FORESURE....and IM VERY PROUD OF IT TOO.....Today is a nice sunny day. This weekend is suppose to be cold and rainy. Saturday anyways. So no truck on Saturday..YIPPEE....anyways ma.....we love you .......we miss you and dad alot.....constantly on our minds....

p.s.. My appt. was at 11am yesterday....but your crazy daughter guess what time we left? 930am...and of course we took the long way...we did site guess what ma? Going early paid off. The appointment before me never showed up so they saw me early....and of course your daughter said..SEE WHEN YOU GO EARLY????????? and Anna were always early birds for EVERYTHING.....but Im glad I listened for ONCE IN MY LIFE...LOL......

like Franca, we both are the same we write to fast..I meant great grandchild. Angela is due any day now. We have our children grandchildren and what a feeling to have a great grand child ……….loving you all more each day
Happy Birthday to the wonderful and loving you!!!!!! You are and will always have a special place in my heart. The holidays will never be the same never never never be the same. We may have our children but there is a huge void in our hearts and the happiness is a great void in our hearts without all of you!!! We go on with our lives, cook favourite foods , but you all are not there to be part of any kind of celebrations. Elisa you taught me all I know, on Sunday and Good Friday were very very sad days. I thought of Your beautiful family ……..and now a great great grand children, a little princess will be born. Angela is going to pop any day now. Thinking of you all with a void in my heart………as Anna would say Weloveyousomuchandmiss yousosomuch. To you all hugs and kisses thats your saying Gracie……….love with a huge void in my heart for all of you.

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