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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hi Ma

I'm sitting here at James garden and waiting for your phone call. By now you would of called to see if I ate my lunch yet. Well I haven't. Just sitting here wishing so many things and crying. First and foremost wishing you and dad were still here. It's so lonely and empty. Today Anna is at Dolores's pool. Joe was busy and doing WHATEVER. Oh ma looks like a slow day at the park today. Everyone is enjoying the long weekend except me always on the TRUCK. It's ok my cruise to Italy is just around the corner I can't wait I need a break too. Working 7 days straight for 6 months is starting to get to me. You understand you hated the truck and the long hours I put it. Oh well I just keep saying ONE DAY ONE DAY. Today is sunny but windy a little cool. Next Sunday at this time we will be at Claudia's shower. Ok ma I will talk to you getting hungry so I'm going to eat some lunch. Love u both so much and miss you more as everyday goes by.i can't believe it's almost 7 months..:(
Good Morning Ma,

This week the weather is terrible..LOTS OF RAIN. Last night I went on the truck. Yes in that pouring rain. Me and Phil went to Downsview Park for Edgefest. I remember last year when I did that event you kept calling me because it was raining and lightening. You always hated being home at night when it was lightening. I told you, Ma, don't worry the lightening will stop. It did stop and you were fine. This weekend is the long weekend. Of course I will be working, Saturday, Sunday and the Monday. Its almost over ma. My last day is going to be Sept 15th. We have the Ukrainian event Sept. 13, 14 and 15th so I will be working it like I do every year. I almost forgot to say THANK fixed the tv this morning for me. OMG you know how much I love my tv downstairs. Joe was going to look into it for us but then this morning IT "joey" was ANGEL that fixed it...THATS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess you knew that even though "joey" said he would look into would of probably taken him awhile and you know how much I LOVE MY BASEMENT AND MY TV. Oh the sun is trying to come, we miss you lots and we think of you all the time. YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT? Ok I will see you at lunch today. ALL MY LOVE FOREVER AND EVERY....not a day goes by that I don't cry thinking about you......
Already July 31st, its been alittle over six months since that day that God decided to take you.Sometimes it just seems like a very bad dream. Your smile, your laugh your everything is missed so very much. The colour orange is so popular this year, you are everywhere we go. When Anna had her appointment you were there. The two orange chairs by the door before we went in....................Elisa my dear Elisa why why why !!!!!!At times I am so angry at times I am so sad and at times I wish I could hear your touch your hand, kiss you and wish I could hear "tata" I love you, have a nice day, oh Libby I worry about my "girls" Anna works too much, France on the truck.Joey has Dolores and beautiful Michelly and my Jonathan, he is so handsome. The memories are there but nothing can replace the real you. Its real its real you are not with us . Please pray and send blessings from up above to all of us .Love to you all and please remember not a day goes by without a tear in memory of you all.I love you so...................
Good Morning Ma,

I know its been a few days...aunt Lib text me yesterday saying YOU HAVEN'T WRITTEN TO Ma.....So this morning I said I better write. Anyways, aunt Lib took Anna to her appointment. I worked the truck. Saturday was a terrible day. Anna said Joe came by the house yesterday. Wow amazing he hasn't come by in such a long time. Of course, I was on the truck so I missed him. No worries I see him at work EVERYDAY.....lucky Claudia's shower is around the the corner and the wedding is in 2 months. WOW time is flying bye. In a million years I would of NEVER EVER thought that YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE TO SHARE THAT SPECIAL DAY. Its still a SHOCK to believe that you left US. Sometimes I just think its a BAD DREAM. Like I always say......WHY???? Why did God change his mind? You were coming were happy, laughing, eating and beyond excited about coming home TO YOUR "BOD" AND YOUR "KITCHEN" AND OF COURSE TO "US". I think Im going to be HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS......oh dio..alright ma I will see you at lunch anyways and Anna should be home too today so we will have lunch together. Ok love you all and miss you all so much.................especially YOU AND DAD......xoxoxoxooo
Love you and thinking of you all the time. Its Sunday and Franca is on the truck, I will touch base with her later. I will see Anna tomorrow, send your love and blessings to all . Smile even .........................................................though your heart is aching.
Goodmorning! Thinking of you both with much love and this is for you both!! A sister is someone more special than words.. She is love mixed with friendship. A sister is a hand within your hand she is the only one who truly understands. She is honesty and trust enfolded with love. She is your helper,your guide,and a feeling deep inside your heart that makes you wonder.............what you would ever do without one no one is loved so much.............I love you both so so so much.
Hey Ma,

Your sister is home safe and sound. She called Anna and she text me. Guess what aunt Lib isn't coming for dinner tomorrow so NO CHOICE OF THE ORIENT. Next time ma. Me and Anna will have whatever. Today is a nice day outside. Ok ma I will see you at lunch today and we can have our chat and watch our Golden Girls. See you you lots...miss you more...
Im home and..............................................lpve you
Hi Ma and Daddy

So did you enjoy the stag? It ALL went well and it was amazing. Daddy, Im just like you...just hearing about ALL THE FOOD my mouth was watering. Then especially when the porcetta came out at 11pm...Daddy, me and you would of had a FIELD, you too!!!! Did you see Joe and Jonathan? They were soooo happy. Joe was a proud FATHER but I know deep down he was missing and thinking about you. You would of had such a great time playing cards and ESPECIALLY EATING. Well ma the next is Claudia's shower. All I can say and keep saying IS WHY? Today auntie Lib is coming home from Italy. THANK GOD. Atleast we will see her every Wednesday. The house is lonely...Maybe now that the stag is over Joe will come by and visit us. Today is a so so day outside. Im really tired I had a busy day at the Brazilfest. Ma, I can't wait till the ice cream season is over...I have had enough. Tired of working 7 days a week without a break. Ok my dear parents we will talk over aunt Lib and make sure she gets home safe. Just thinking ma, aunt Libs first phone call would be to you...telling you that she is home. I guess we will be her first call now. Aunt Lib is coming over for dinner Wednesday and guess what? We will have your favorite Choice of the Orient. So come join us for dinner on you all....but missing you and dad more than words can say...............forever living in my heart......THE TROUBLEMAKER.....

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