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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Thinking of you all with much love
i love you all
It's January 8th....4:19am I'm up. To think today we were so happy because u were coming out of the hospital. Then things turned for the worst....something I will never bothers me like crazy. How could you be so happy, smiling....and then instead of coming home you died. How did it happen? Why did THIS HAPPEN? Our lives went upside down. From celebrating u finally getting out of the hospital ....we had to make funeral plans. How crazy life is. How God only takes the BEST. Ma, it's 3 years already, we have carried on with life, NO CHOICE.....but although we have carried on.....we still haven't accepted your death....our tears continue to flow......our hearts are broken and will never mend back together. We all love you beyond words....we all miss you like crazy. Anna, how she wishes while she was cooking in the kitchen u would be sitting in your favorite chair watching her and waiting to sample whatever she made...Joe, how he wishes he could walk in the door Sunday morning and again watch you sitting in your favorite room and favorite chair in the kitchen....and hear you say Joe, you look so handsome....and for him to only say, Ma knock it off. Then there is are the only ONE that knew and understood me. I miss getting my A++ from you....I miss sating ding dong......i miss telling you I'm going to the ZOO and u understood ....I miss you ma so much....2015 wasn't a good year for me.....I needed you so much....but with the changes I guess that was you always by my side saying it will get did....continue to watch over Anna and me over EVERYONE...Joey, Anna and myself miss you a much....I hope to God you are with daddy, Frankie, your parents and your sister. I hope you are free of pain. I hope you always watch over us all.....till we meet again are missed and loved so much.......xoxoxoxo love you forever and ever.....xoxoxoxoxoxo
2016 another new year. You would always say to me. Libby its a new year and thank God we are all has changed..all we have is memories.another new year and we are not the same any more.
Happy New Year to all of you. So glad the holidays are finally over. Hope all of you are watching over us all. We all love you so much and miss you even more. Ma, did you see? Your handsome son texted both his sisters at midnight....I know, I know ....your famous line....I wish I had a was very nice of him....more like very touching....anyways, I'm going to bed now because I'm beyond tired. Today I worked. No worries I will keep in touch....ti amo....xoxo night night...
Christmas Merry Christmas to some of us its smiles and laughter. For some of us there is sadness that fills the air. Tears still flow and the Christmas we once shared has become memories that fills your heart with smiles tears and sadness . Christmas Merry Christmas. Always with love to you all.
Ma, it's over thank just New Years Eve....can't wait. Then it's 2016. Wow!!!! To think January 8th is around the would of ever known. Love you and miss you and daddy lots....night night....ti amo
Merry Christmas to all of, daddy, Frankie, nonni and aunt are all missed so much. Ma, I just got home 245am. I can't explain how this awful day turned out to be so wonderful. Aunt Rita went above and beyond. U would of been so proud of her. She made me pasta with clams, mussels, lobster and crab. It was so good. She bought me my shrimp ring too. Ma, it was so nice. Guess what Peppie joined us too. It was beautiful. Aunt Rita a Zio Roberto had smiles from ear to ear. It was wonderful. Then we went to Tony's brothers house. Ma, they are wonderful. I had a great Christmas Eve. Then guess what? Your handsome some sent me a text of Chiara. They were at Ellen's too. Ma, Chiara is just beautiful . Then, of course, you wonderful son sent me a text to,say Merry Christmas . I know, I know, I was very touched by that. I don't see him much anymore so that was nice he noticed I was missing and he thought of me....tomorrow I won't be with them....I will be with Sandra's family. If Dolores was having it I would of been at their house. I really don't feel like going to Ellen' understand....u always did understand me and I miss that so much. Anyways, I'm getting ready for bed so I just want to let you know I love you all.....especially??????? More then the moon and over us all. Remember YOUR CHILDREN miss you and daddy so much and Christmas, well every holiday is never ever the same...xoxoxo xoxoxo ...send your sisters and their families big hugs and kisses they both miss you all. Zio Roberto saw the picture I have of daddy on my phone and I caught him talking to daddy.....he always talks about daddy and you...all the great times aunt Rita and him had with you both ...all the trips and outings u went's sad for everyone.....please visit soon.....xoxoxo
Sitting downstairs, watching tv....but my mind is on you and daddy so much. How I hate these holidays the most. I could picture you and daddy in the kitchen preparing the wonderful meal. Dad used to love Christmas Eve the most. Remember ma when he would make you make 12 different dishes? Whether we liked it or not we had to try it. were the best cook. I miss our Christmas Eve's made the best fish sauce for the pasta. No one makes it like you. Oh ma, today it's been raining most of the day that's why I think I'm feeling like this. Between these holidays and weather I feel awful.....ok, I have to stop writing understand why....I need a hug from you...and I need you to say Franca everything is going to be ok. Ma, I try and believe that but my heart aches so much these holidays. This Christmas Eve is going to be different. I'm at aunt Rita's....first year without fish but it will still be's not about the food it's the company and I really enjoy going there. I always pick on aunt Rita just to get her going....she is funny ma. Ok missy just help me and Anna get through these holidays you beyond words......xoxoxoxo hugs and kisses to everyone.....xoxoxoxoxo
Missy, plans have changed you know me. Anyways, I was talking with Nina this morning and Nina invited me over Christmas Eve I will be with your aunt Rita. Between us I'm really happy....why? We will play cards after dinner. Not for long ....because then I'm going with Nina and Tony to go see Tony's brother. I know him we all have a nice time I put my order in with aunt Rita ...I kept it very simple for said pasta with olive oil and anchovies and make it a little hot. She never answered but I know she will make it. So no worries ma, Christmas Eve I'm still with family....not my sister but we will be fine. Anna, just wants me to be happy and she knows I enjoy going there. Peppie might be there too.....ok missy....u always said....."Franca you have a mind of your own"....I miss you ma.....beyond words.....having one of those days today....xoxoxo

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