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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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This is HOW today WOULD OF BEEN. You and Anna would spend the day together. Back in the days you would go up to aunt Grey's and spend the day with her and nonna. THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Aunt Grey would make you a nice lunch her famous potatoes or you would go out for chinese food. The four of you would enjoy the whole day together. Now, today, Anna still takes the day off...she went to mass this morning...she will come and visit you and spend a couple of hours...Joe, would of called you this morning and just hearing his voice the smile and excitment all over your face was priceless!!! The love you had for us, YOUR KIDS OMG...OMG....even when you didnt agree with would always say, NO MATTER WHAT YOU STICK BY YOUR KIDS...and that you did MISSY....I hope today aunt Grey gives you the day off from cooking...I know she will...atleast you will have her famous potatoes. I hope your all celebrating. Down here, IT'S ONE OF THOSE DAYS....wishing we could turn back time...ok ma, my make-up is getting missy just have a wonderful day and remember YOUR KIDS ARE THINKING ABOUT YOU 24/7 AND ESPECIALLY TODAY!!!!....WE SEND OUR LOVE ALWAYS AND BEST WISHES....send some hugs and kisses to us...xoxoxoxo
Happy Birthday!!!!
Love you lots…..all of you
What are your famous words? Franca, when you do do it A++..did you see that breakfast I made FOR YOUR SON? He enjoyed it. Yes, I know ma, Joey lookes sooo handsome. You love that his hair is getting longer...I know ma, I know. lol..So in TWO DAYS your birthday is here. Anna as usually will take the day off work and she will come visit you. No worries your son will go too. Then there is ME...ya, I won't be coming. Although I don't come you know I always think of you and I love you lots. I will come soon to visit you...I promise. Today is another awful day. It's raining and gloomy. Hate these days ma. Anyways, talk to everyone....xoxooxo
p.s...did you see Joe gave me a little something for his breakfast...I told him NO..but then I snatched it will buy lottery tickets BECAUSE U JUST NEVER
loveyoualllots and the void in my heart is profound
This is how it all happened. Ding dong here went to work Wednesday morning in a lot of pain. I really thought it was nothing. I thought the pain would pass. Then Angie was the one Franca go to hospital. So finally listened and I went. Yes, ding dong drove herself. When I checked in the guy said follow the GREEN line so I did. The nurse said sorry wrong department. I went back and he said sorry I'm new you should follow the ORANGE LINE!!! I was like no problem..... I will follow my mom!!!!!!! After being there so long screaming in pain and of course swearing because the pain was unbearable they took me into another room laying down with I.V. And morphine. There was the kindest nurse around looking after me. Just wonderful... The best... Just to find out Friday because Anna called to say how wonderful she was to me and other patients that her name was LISA!!!!!!!!!! How I should of known!! You were good to everyone!!!! Especially your family!!! Ma, the again... The first time they gave me food ORANGE jello was sent to me..... So you were watching me like a hawk!!!! No wonder I got better so quickly. The only thing MISSY you know I hate jello ??. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and that I love you so much... The tears haven't stopped and the heart still aches??
thankyou………….its all about your blessings and I love you all!!!!! Franca is home safe and sound ………and I truly believe its all because of you.
Ma I'm home. U were watching over me in emerg and in my room. Glad I went. I'm strong like daddy. No worries this time fibre fibre fibre for me. Love you so much and thanks again for being all around me. Fyi the nurse that looked after me her name was Lisa. Amazing how you came through all over. Xoxo
Good Morning Everyone,

Another gloomy morning. More rain is on its way. Ma, did you see what I did this morning? I made myself a toasted bagel with cheese and ham. I cut and half and was going to eat it at work. Then when I got to work YOUR HANDSOME SON was in the kitchen. I gave him half. I warned him...I don't make sandwiches like ma and Anna. I said I make mine very plain. Well, missy guess what JOEY ENJOYED IT. What did you used to say to me???? Franca, you don't do it often but when I did things it was always good. So Im sure you would of given me an A++. So tomorrow I may just surprise him again. Lets see what time I wake up. It was nice because it was still warm the bagel. I made it right before I left for work. See ma I can do when I WANT TO you all lots...xoxoxo

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