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Charity Elise SUTTON
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Love and Miss you Sweetheart.
Joni Mitchell /Court and Spark Album
Happy/Pharrell Williams
You Are So Beautiful To Me / Ray Charles
Time will never change my love
For you will always be
The dearest, most important one
In all the world to me
And I will go on living
Just the same my whole life through
For time will never change my love
As it belongs to you.
Your light will always shine.
It's sad and nice at the same time to have you and Mom visiting us Char. If only in spirit we know you're there.
Auntie Car. xo
You are on our minds & in our hearts daily. We miss you so much Little Mama.
Your candle still burns brightly Char. You and Mom continue to light the way to goodness and you are missed.
Carol and David
Miss you my sweet.
Still wish we could meet again. Always in my thoughts, my friend.
Thinking of you today and always.
It's Dec.6.2014, and it's Lisa's birthday. Carol has planned a fun evening and we will sure miss yours and Moms physical presence but we know you are with us spiritually and we will be thinking of you both.
l love and miss you my dear "Little Mama"
Your on our minds and in our hearts.
Thinking of you Charity, Love and Miss you xxoo
Rest peacefully, my friend. You are always in our thoughts and hearts.
I will always remember you sweetheart
As we near the anniversary of your passing I'm reminded of this poem Char: "Do not stand at my grave & weep. I am not there. I am in the winds that blow, the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.
We know your lovely spirits are always with us and we will attempt to do you and Mom proud. Love, Carol.
I was asked to speak at Charity's Celebration of Life. Charity's mother Joy asked me to share my words in this guest book and it is my please to do so.
"While on vacation to Veradero Cuba in 1989, my husband Keith and I met Joy and Charity. We were out for a walk in the resort where we were staying. Joy and Chairty were walking beside us and I asked Joy "how are you enjoying your holiday so far"? She replied, "it's a nice place but we're not too happy with our room. There seems to be somthing wrong with the electrical wiring, the lamp doesn't work, it's dark and there's no ocean view". I told her to put in a complaint and they would probably change her room to a nicer one. When I saw Joy the next day she told me her new accomodations were so much nicer. That day we rented scooters with a group of people and a tour guide from the resort. We went into the Town of Veradero. We had alot of fun on those scooters and finished the day with the group going to a pizza restaurant for dinner. We all met the following day for a one day trip by bus to the ocean where went went snorkelling, followed by a trip to an underground cave where we did some more snorkelling and later a bbq dinner in a village nearby. While sharing in all of this fun with Joy and Charity we found out alot more about them. They lived in Scarborough and so did we. Charity was the same age as our youngest daughter and Joy had a Honda Goldwing motorcycle and so did Keith. Joy's friend George lived one block east of Woodbine Ave, South of Gerrard and I grew up one block west of Woodbine Ave, south of Gerrard. Joy and I used to get together for lunch at Whimpey's and a few times her mom Thora would join us. When Thora passed away, I know how difficult that was for her daughters, Charity and all of her family. Thora was a lovely lady and I know Charity was very fond of her Grandmother. I remember when we all got off the plane from our Cuba trip, Thora was there to meet Joy & Charity. She had such a sweet face and I knew right then this was a friendship that was going to continue. Keith and I were invited to Stump Lake several times to shre in the annual family get together. Charity would greet me with a hug and it was always nice to see her. There would be horseshoes, pontoon boat rides, good food, conversation and Charity with her water balloons!! I captured her in a photo, in a moment of contemplation, waiting for someone to come to the back of the house where she THOUGHT she was hiding. Little did she know that her cousin Lisa was caming around the corner with the hose!! I think Lisa won that water fight. I looked up the meaning of Charity's name and it read "Benevolent", which means "of a kind nature, willing to do good" and that was Charity. When Joy asked me if I would like to say something today about Charity, I felt very honoured. Thank you Joy, Charity, George and family for your friendship and happy memories." RIP beautiful girl, you will always be remembered. xo
Dearest Charity & Mom, Your loving presence was truly missed but, thank-you for such a beautiful Sat., you really came through for us.
Love you always sweetheart!
Charity was a close friend for many years throughout high school. We lost touch. I'm so sorry to learn of her passing. My heart goes out to her family.
You're in our hearts and thoughts each and every day Charbear. Love always, Carol & David.
Precious Little Mama

I miss you so much
Shine On Beauty
In the brightest part of the darkest sky
Through the frame of your smile,
You're outstanding in the stardust
Light years high.
And just when I'm not looking,
You settle on a rose,
Resting lightly in a glass vase
In the sun, on the piano.
Or when I listen to the water
In the river where I walk,
You giggle past and back to me
Around the ancient rocks.
So I steel myself amongst it all.
I turn towards the moon.
My tender palms and eyes will always
Reach for and see you.

Love Auntie Glo XOXO
You're always in our hearts and thoughts Charbear. Love, Carol and David
Thinking of you on your Birthday sweet Charity, miss you little sister
Thinking of you today and always.
Well Charity, it has been a full year since you were taken from us, I miss you so much and think about the great times we shared often ..Love and miss you Char..xxoo
We Miss You - All our love!!
We miss you Char. Take care of Mom, your Dad and all our furry friends. You'll always be in our hearts dear one.
Love and hugs.
The family has established The Charity Sutton Memorial Award at Durham College to be awarded each year to a student in the Personal Support Worker program who has kept up their marks and is in need of assistance. If you would like to make a donation in Charity's memory you can do so online or print off the form and return to Durham College with your cheque or credit card information. Cheque needs to be made out to The Charity Sutton Memorial Award, Durham College and they will send a tax receipt if you tick the box beside tax receipt requested.
Charity was a student in the program and about to embark on a new career path in which she could help people. She was a kind person as you know and we think this is a way to honour her memory in a way that would make her proud. Miss you Char. Love.
A candle a day, keeps my sadness at bay.

Loving thoughts are with you Charity.
Auntie Glo XO
Thank you for sharing with us, Joy. Charity had a great capacity for making others laugh, and was so accepting of everyone. The world is a far lonelier place without her in it. She truly was a rare gem.
A beautiful person, taught me much about kindness. You are and will continue to be missed. Rest well
My Precious Little Mama,
Charity...Loving and of the three graces in
Greek mythology. Charity was a kind,intelligent and adventurous person who always enjoyed a good laugh.

She grew up riding ponies with her cousin Lisa and whether splashing and giggling in rain barrels, climbing the silo, jumping in the hay or building forts with her cousin Richard, there was always fun to be had.
She tolerated the eye patch to strengthen one eye, the
thick glasses and dental braces-all with grace.
She proudly became a Tweenie, a Brownie and Girlguide,
enjoying many parades and camping excursions.
Char enjoyed summer camp where she participated in horse care and riding as well as Arts and Dance.
She later enrolled in a 4 year modern jazz dance class
followed by a performance for a large audience at Malvern Collegiate.
We enjoyed our motorcycle which required customized foot rests and a helmet small enough for Char when she was young. One day, we were making our way to kindergarten in traffic, when I lost balance and the bike started to go over. Traffic came to an abrupt stop. Charity was so embarrassed and mad at me, so with her little hands on her hips, she said "MAMMA!" and trotted off to the sidewalk.
We always loved camping and Alliston was our special spot for many years. Charity and I would stop at our favorite pizza parlour on our way to the campground and she'd hold onto the pizza until we arrived. We'd get set up, then eat. One time, we couldn't finish it all before falling asleep and awoke to our leftovers covered in ants.....a lesson well learned!
Charity, Lisa, Aunt Carol and I went white water rafting on the Ottawa River. Fairly recently, the four of us rented a pontoon boat , touring Balsam Lake. An adventure ensued trying to parallel park the boat in front of a cafe full of onlookers! At last we made it in with help of a seasoned boater on shore.
Charity was such an adventurous traveling companion.
We travelled almost any distance for motorcycle events from Schenectedy, New York to Port Dover, Ontario. We travelled to visit her grandparents in Tennessee's Smokey Mountains, where sometimes she'd stay on for part of the summer. We enjoyed the all day tubing down the river along with fishing. Grandpa Ed was an avid fisherman who
taught Char to fly fish. Over time, she developed a beautiful casting of the best I've ever seen.
One of our trips began by traveling down the U.S. east coast. By the time we decided to to get a motel, there were no rooms to be had, so we went to a State Park. It was late and we were tired by the time we started to set up our tent. We needed some supplies and set out to find the canteen.
The park was quiet and dark by now. We were apprehensive but we found it and made it back safely.
In the morning, Char told me that she hadn't worried at all because she had a good weapon to protect us.
Out of her pocket she pulled a set of nail clippers with the file turned out and she smiled confidently!
Our travels included a fun filled trip to St. John's, Newfoundland with Janice, Elizabeth and Darrel. Another was to Pender Island, B.C., where we lived and worked
for about a year and enjoyed lots of adventures with cousin Gail.
We travelled to Cuba where we became friends with Janice and Keith and together we toured the island on mopeds.
More recently, we took a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico with Lisa and Carol, where we para-sailed, explored the ruins and watched the March breakers go crazy. Lisa and Char decided rather than doing the eco tour with their mothers, they'd go site seeing on their own. They headed to a small town where they found a little restaurant serving local fare. The waiters cautioned them when they ordered the hottest thing on the menu. The girls looked at one another and said "Bring it on!". So the waiters did!! The next day they wondered why their sinuses felt like they were on fire, their eyes were bloodshot and their mouths were full of sores!!
At one time, we lived in a co-operative where each member was required to participate on a committee which turned out to be a wonderful learning experience for both of us. Char volunteered for the Children's Recreation and Landscaping Committee. The Co-op was on the Bluffs and, unbeknownst to me, she and her friends, including Elizabeth and Darrel, would ride their bikes down the Bluffs!! Who could imagine!!
We always had a fire plan where ever we lived. One evening I left to pick up a pizza for supper. The fire alarm went off. Young Charity, in fire plan mode, collected the three cats, placed them in a laundry bag with a tie top and proceeded
down three flights of stairs. It was difficult at times because of the weight of the cats. Once outside safely, a fireman asked why the bag was moving and she said:"Because the cats are mad at me".
Charity volunteered at Providence Hospital where I worked at the time. She assisted with meals and visited the patients who enjoyed having her company. She helped her Aunt Carol do some work for special Olympics and she packed boxes for the Bowmanville Food Bank. Aunt Gloria and she participated together in a fundraiser for Variety Village and what a gala event that was....not to mention the numerous backstage passes Gloria arranged for Char and her friends.
Over the years, Charity worked at a number of positions, but she particularly liked her 2012 summer job, with Tracy's Kawartha Cottage Care. She really enjoyed her friendship with Tracy, Kevin, Carol and Annika and the learning experiences she shared with them in some challenging but fun adventures.
She was accepted into the PSW course at Durham College in September and loved it. She said that her group of co-students were so friendly and supportive and felt that care giving was definitely the right choice for her. She was working towards completion of her studies. then moving north to rejoin Tracey and to begin her work as a PSW in Healthcare.
Char visited George and I over the summer and helped us so much around the house and in the garden. She painted,
picked berries and stacked wood but her sweetest labour of love was in building a stone pathway for the newborn goslings to walk onshore.
The caring and loving nature that Charity showed to all her friends and relatives who are here today at this "Celebration of Life" was evident throughout her life and will always serve as a reminder of her gentle spirit.....
so reminissent of her Grandmother, Thora.

Love Always,
9 mths and we are with you in rememberance. Time has made you stronger and for that you are better and will be making a difference from somewhere else!!! I love you and you will forever be within reach.
I think of you often.
In my thoughts
To Joy, George, Carol, David, Lisa, and Gloria, my thoughts are with you all to this day.You were my family as well and i hope the best for you all with love. 15yrs had passed and my time is reminded of Charity and you all. I am here for you all. With love and rememberance, Jacob Xxx
Rest my friend. Thank you for the time we shared together. It was a pleasure knowing you. You will be missed.
Forever in my memories.
So very sad to hear this news from a fellow high school friend. My sincerest condolences to all her friends and family R.I.P Charity

Bill S
"Do not stand at my grave & weep,
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.
Do not stand at my grave & cry,
I am not there; I did not die."
Be at peace sweet Charity. We'll always love & remember you.
David, Carebear & Lis.
I am saddened to hear of her passing she was a wonderful friend in high school many fond memories of her and her smile we will miss her dearly
R.I.P Charity Sutton-In Memory of (facebook)
How Fragile We Are

Miss You So Much....Love Glo XO
How Fragile We Are

Love You So Much,,,,,Auntie Glo XO
My deepest sympathies go out to Charity's family
To Charity's Family

The tide recedes and leaves behind bright seashells in the sand;
The sun goes down but gentle warmth still lingers on the land;
The music stops and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains;
For every bliss that passes somethuing beautiful remains.

Diane Schnezler
Very sad to hear the passing of a great friend back in High School. My condolences to Joy and the rest of her family.
Hi, Sorry to put this Message on here, but was looking for info about Charity's Memorial, can't seem to find any info about it anywhere, there are some old friends, that would like to pay there respect to her and Family.
thank you.
Hi some Old friends of Charity are trying to find out more info about her Passing, and when her Memorial will be, does anyone have more Infor, and yes she did go to Monarch Park high school,i'm soo sad to hear this, what a great person she was, we use to be old room mates in toronto, some friend here are also trying to find out more info as well. she will be missed
So Sorry to Hear about Charity, she was my First roommate when i was 22 years old,have fond memories of her, my heart go out to all her Family & Friends, will miss her.
Rip my friend
So sad to hear about my old roommate Charity. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Such a pure of heart woman who only saw the best in people. Rest in peace sweet Charity.
My deepest condolences go out to Charity's loved ones. She was truly a beautiful person, who touched the hearts of many people. Rest peacefully my old friend.
My deepest condolences to all that were touched by her kind heart.
Rest in peace my friend.
Can one of Charity's friends or family please let me know if she went to Monarch Park Collegiate in Toronto? Some of her old school mates have tried to locate her, and stumbled across this guest book. This is very sad.
In time,
beyond the falling snow;
you will shine bright again.
In the brightest part of the darkest sky
Through the frame of your smile,
You're out standing in the stardust
Light years high.
And just when I'm not looking,
You settle on a rose
Resting lightly in a glass vase
In the sun, on the piano.
And when I listen to the water
In the river where I walk,
You giggle past and back to me
Around the ancient rocks.
I steel myself amongst it all.
I turn towards the moon.
My tender palms and eyes will always
Reach for and see you.

Love Auntie Glo XO
We miss you terribly little one. You have a very special place in our hearts that will always be yours. Be at peace dear-heart. Love, Carol & David
We miss you so much Charity, you left us so early, its like yesterday to me, when we were just Kids playing with the ponies at Mom's (our Grand mother)farm, I know that you and Mom are together now, i love and miss you so much
Many good times. Jason
You'll be with me were I roam.
Jason Rau . Toronto.
Shine bright Charity,
I love you!!!
My thoughts and prayers are with Charity's family and my brother Jacob.
It was a pleasure to have had Charity in my program. She was a special lady with a soft and kind heart. She will be truly missed.
I'm so sorry for you lost. my nephew Jacob Loved her very much. Bless her Soul Amen
Charity was a nice person, made my Nephew Jacob Laurin very happy had their ups and downs like any other couple. Bless her soul Amen
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jacob and Joy.
You will always be in our thoughts....we miss you charity!
you will be greatly missed

one of your classmates
Our sincere sympathies to the family and to Jacob whom we know meant a whole lot to.
Don and Armande Croke
What the heart has once known, it shall never forget.
Signing with love from one of your classmates.
My condolences to Charitys family... She was a great class mate she will be missed and we are all in the class doing this for you <3
You were an amazing woman and an amazing classmate u r deeply missed
A very sweet soul <3 My deepest sympathies to her family.
From your BFF Chris, Your neighbour from Oshawa.

I miss you so much!

May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead.
I am so very sorry for your loss. Charity was a wonderful classmate. I pray for your family and hope you find comfort in your happy family memories.
I am a fisherman, and you were my fish!!!
You were Loved and will not be forgotten.
TJ Reeves
Michelle early my friend. Thinking of your family at this difficult time. I shall remember the good times we had. Miss you .
To your family my deepest sympathy.
My heart was filled with sorrow the day I heard you passed.
My memories of you will always last.
Gone too soon.
Fly with the Angels “Little One”!
Charity may your spirit soar high and your heart remain pure. You were loved and will be remembered.
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