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i love you and everyone so very much!!! The void is always and forever there. I am here for everyone as I always was. Send your unconditional love and watch over everyone.
Hey ma,

Everything is going great. I just love working at Argo Lumber. It's a lot of work but my day flies by.i thank you and daddy for watching over me when I was going through those tough times with both my past jobs. I guess I had to go through that to find the perfect job....I love you both so much and miss you both so much. We all miss you ALL. Always watch over everyone. Oh ya, ma, Anna is having one foot done know her...she is scared. Make sure you and daddy are watching over her. Help her heal quickly...guess who is going to go shopping and do the running around? That's right me...oh dio. But you know me ma, I won't go to all the different stores like Anna, I will go to one and just buy knows ma, maybe YOUR SON JOE will show his face during the day and surprise his sister with his company. He can bring them both lunch. Its funny ma he never shows his face here...not even a phone...sometimes I forget I have a brother. Oh well what can you do. Like Anna's only me and her....funny your son remembers us only ????.....forget it.....anyways, love to all.....continue watching us.....xoxoxoxoxo till we all meet again.
love you all!!! forever in our hearts.
Its a beautiful daythinking of everyone with much love and a huge void in my heart.
baci baci baci
Hey Ma,

Thank you thank you thank was such a good day. Ma, I got the new job at Argo Lumber and I know it was you. I couldn't be happier. I just couldn't work for the doctor anymore ....u saw what she put me through. Omg....I'm so happy and Anna I can't explain how happy she is. Ma, did u see today your son...Joey sent me a text and then at end of text put xoxox....yes, I was shocked but it was so nice. Sometimes I forget about Joey because it wasn't like when u were alive....we don't see him much. Atleast when u were here he would call and come by. So sometimes I think he forgets he has sisters, but after that text I guess he remembers. I know he is busy but sometimes it's just nice to know he is there for us....things did change since you left. But one thing that will never change...Joey, Anna and me....your kids....think about you and daddy all the time. We all miss you both so much. See ma, I'm the one that writes to you. Just remember even when I don't mention Anna and Joey's name....everything I write is always always from the three of us. Joey and Anna aren't as good as me when it comes to expressing our feelings. They keep it in...especially your handsome son I'm the one with the mouth so I will talk...anyways, we love you more then the moon and back and you are forever in our hearts....our hearts that will always have a void because we miss our wonderful parents....xoxoxo continue to watch over us always....and thanks for the you both forever and ever....till we all reunite again.....we always think of u both.....xoxoxoxo
Our hearts will forever be feeling the void..we love you all so very much
Anna's Birthday!!!! To our beautiful and loving family in Heaven please take care of us all and send your guidance and watch over all of the family with your loving hearts. The void in our hearts will always and forever be there.with much love to all of you.
Hey ma,

I know Joe was asking me today why I haven't written to you in a long time. Sorry ma, but I just have a lot on my plate right now. I'm trying to look for another job. Things at the office are crazy. Anyways, today is Good Friday and we went to Dolores and Joe place for lunch. It was nice. I had to leave because aunt Rita had invited me to,here place for dinner. We had a wonderful time at aunt Rita's place. I didn't get home till 1:20am...we have a nice time. We had a wonderful dinner. Of course, like always, Zio Roberto and aunt Rita always always bring up you and daddy. It's so nice to here the stories even though I have heard them a million times. Everytime Zio Roberto talks about the stories it brings such a smile to his face. They both miss u and daddy a lot. I keep telling myself we will all meet again in a better and happier place...Easter Sunday we are going back to Joe and Dolores house. Can't wait to see Chiara. Ma, she is just beautiful...what a smart little girl...amazing. I know u both are watching her from above...continue to watch us all...we ALL love and miss you both so very much. Beyond the moon and sun......always in our broken u......xoxoxoxo
forever in our even though your heart is aching smile even though your heart is breakingto you all.with much love.
Its been awhilenot a day goes by without thoughts of you allforever in my heart with much love forever.
Thankyou for taking care of all the family!!! Everyone is home safely. Love you forever and ever. Love you all!!!!
iloveyou all so very much!!!
Hi Ma,

My week is over!!!! Coming home today...out of the week we had about 2 1/2 - 3 days good. Our resort was very nice. Food had good days and bad...I would say more bad then't wait to see Anna and thank you for keeping her safe for me. Xoxo...this morning it's cloudy and windy again. Calling for rain. Ma, did you see all the pictures Nina posted of you and dad? Even me? Beautiful pictures. But boy oh boy do I ever look like daddy. I miss you guys a lot and thought about you both all the time. Anyways, I'm hoping to finish packing, get dressed and go for breakfast. We have to leave hotel by 12:20pm. My flight is 3:15....if all goes well I will be arriving at 7:30pm. Hope the flight is better going home then coming here. Keep me safe....all my love forever....till we reunite again you are both forever in my heart....Ti Amo ....xoxo
Good morning missy....Greetings from Montego Bay, Jamaica....Vinny and I are here ma...we arrived Thursday laste today is our second day in the's already our second day in the sun. Today they are calling for rain. It's already 7am and we are ready for the, my white spots are coming out....oh daddy why did I have to get those spots...remember how dark I used to get? Oh well it could always be, missy here is coming home skinner because at this resort the food yuk......thank God they have popcorn....anyways, take care of over me and Vinny and make sure no rain comes.....tomorrow we are going by boat to Negril...7 mile beach can't wait....u know me and my boats.....I think of you and daddy all the time...actually I think of all of you...but more you and you both beyond words.....xoxo
I haven't forgotten.....I love and miss you all so much....especially you and daddy.....forever in my heart....xoxoxo
The void I have in my heart will go on forever and ever!!! I love you all so so very much. I think of you all the time and miss you like you have no idea. Oh how I wish I could turn back time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
We love you all and not a days goes by that our hearts are not with you all. Wishing the time would or could go back. Smile even though our hearts are aching.
Thinking of you all with much love
i love you all
It's January 8th....4:19am I'm up. To think today we were so happy because u were coming out of the hospital. Then things turned for the worst....something I will never bothers me like crazy. How could you be so happy, smiling....and then instead of coming home you died. How did it happen? Why did THIS HAPPEN? Our lives went upside down. From celebrating u finally getting out of the hospital ....we had to make funeral plans. How crazy life is. How God only takes the BEST. Ma, it's 3 years already, we have carried on with life, NO CHOICE.....but although we have carried on.....we still haven't accepted your death....our tears continue to flow......our hearts are broken and will never mend back together. We all love you beyond words....we all miss you like crazy. Anna, how she wishes while she was cooking in the kitchen u would be sitting in your favorite chair watching her and waiting to sample whatever she made...Joe, how he wishes he could walk in the door Sunday morning and again watch you sitting in your favorite room and favorite chair in the kitchen....and hear you say Joe, you look so handsome....and for him to only say, Ma knock it off. Then there is are the only ONE that knew and understood me. I miss getting my A++ from you....I miss sating ding dong......i miss telling you I'm going to the ZOO and u understood ....I miss you ma so much....2015 wasn't a good year for me.....I needed you so much....but with the changes I guess that was you always by my side saying it will get did....continue to watch over Anna and me over EVERYONE...Joey, Anna and myself miss you a much....I hope to God you are with daddy, Frankie, your parents and your sister. I hope you are free of pain. I hope you always watch over us all.....till we meet again are missed and loved so much.......xoxoxoxo love you forever and ever.....xoxoxoxoxoxo
2016 another new year. You would always say to me. Libby its a new year and thank God we are all has changed..all we have is memories.another new year and we are not the same any more.
Happy New Year to all of you. So glad the holidays are finally over. Hope all of you are watching over us all. We all love you so much and miss you even more. Ma, did you see? Your handsome son texted both his sisters at midnight....I know, I know ....your famous line....I wish I had a was very nice of him....more like very touching....anyways, I'm going to bed now because I'm beyond tired. Today I worked. No worries I will keep in touch....ti amo....xoxo night night...
Christmas Merry Christmas to some of us its smiles and laughter. For some of us there is sadness that fills the air. Tears still flow and the Christmas we once shared has become memories that fills your heart with smiles tears and sadness . Christmas Merry Christmas. Always with love to you all.
Ma, it's over thank just New Years Eve....can't wait. Then it's 2016. Wow!!!! To think January 8th is around the would of ever known. Love you and miss you and daddy lots....night night....ti amo
Merry Christmas to all of, daddy, Frankie, nonni and aunt are all missed so much. Ma, I just got home 245am. I can't explain how this awful day turned out to be so wonderful. Aunt Rita went above and beyond. U would of been so proud of her. She made me pasta with clams, mussels, lobster and crab. It was so good. She bought me my shrimp ring too. Ma, it was so nice. Guess what Peppie joined us too. It was beautiful. Aunt Rita a Zio Roberto had smiles from ear to ear. It was wonderful. Then we went to Tony's brothers house. Ma, they are wonderful. I had a great Christmas Eve. Then guess what? Your handsome some sent me a text of Chiara. They were at Ellen's too. Ma, Chiara is just beautiful . Then, of course, you wonderful son sent me a text to,say Merry Christmas . I know, I know, I was very touched by that. I don't see him much anymore so that was nice he noticed I was missing and he thought of me....tomorrow I won't be with them....I will be with Sandra's family. If Dolores was having it I would of been at their house. I really don't feel like going to Ellen' understand....u always did understand me and I miss that so much. Anyways, I'm getting ready for bed so I just want to let you know I love you all.....especially??????? More then the moon and over us all. Remember YOUR CHILDREN miss you and daddy so much and Christmas, well every holiday is never ever the same...xoxoxo xoxoxo ...send your sisters and their families big hugs and kisses they both miss you all. Zio Roberto saw the picture I have of daddy on my phone and I caught him talking to daddy.....he always talks about daddy and you...all the great times aunt Rita and him had with you both ...all the trips and outings u went's sad for everyone.....please visit soon.....xoxoxo
Sitting downstairs, watching tv....but my mind is on you and daddy so much. How I hate these holidays the most. I could picture you and daddy in the kitchen preparing the wonderful meal. Dad used to love Christmas Eve the most. Remember ma when he would make you make 12 different dishes? Whether we liked it or not we had to try it. were the best cook. I miss our Christmas Eve's made the best fish sauce for the pasta. No one makes it like you. Oh ma, today it's been raining most of the day that's why I think I'm feeling like this. Between these holidays and weather I feel awful.....ok, I have to stop writing understand why....I need a hug from you...and I need you to say Franca everything is going to be ok. Ma, I try and believe that but my heart aches so much these holidays. This Christmas Eve is going to be different. I'm at aunt Rita's....first year without fish but it will still be's not about the food it's the company and I really enjoy going there. I always pick on aunt Rita just to get her going....she is funny ma. Ok missy just help me and Anna get through these holidays you beyond words......xoxoxoxo hugs and kisses to everyone.....xoxoxoxoxo
Missy, plans have changed you know me. Anyways, I was talking with Nina this morning and Nina invited me over Christmas Eve I will be with your aunt Rita. Between us I'm really happy....why? We will play cards after dinner. Not for long ....because then I'm going with Nina and Tony to go see Tony's brother. I know him we all have a nice time I put my order in with aunt Rita ...I kept it very simple for said pasta with olive oil and anchovies and make it a little hot. She never answered but I know she will make it. So no worries ma, Christmas Eve I'm still with family....not my sister but we will be fine. Anna, just wants me to be happy and she knows I enjoy going there. Peppie might be there too.....ok missy....u always said....."Franca you have a mind of your own"....I miss you ma.....beyond words.....having one of those days today....xoxoxo
Missy, plans have changed you know me. Anyways, I was talking with Nina this morning and Nina invited me over Christmas Eve I will be with your aunt Rita. Between us I'm really happy....why? We will play cards after dinner. Not for long ....because then I'm going with Nina and Tony to go see Tony's brother. I know him we all have a nice time I put my order in with aunt Rita ...I kept it very simple for said pasta with olive oil and anchovies and make it a little hot. She never answered but I know she will make it. So no worries ma, Christmas Eve I'm still with family....not my sister but we will be fine. Anna, just wants me to be happy and she knows I enjoy going there. Peppie might be there too.....ok missy....u always said....."Franca you have a mind of your own"....I miss you ma.....beyond words.....having one of those days today....xoxoxo
It's me's Saturday morning 7:06am. Went to bed at 3:10am and already up. Can't sleep for so many reason. No, ma....everything is ok don't worry. Everyone is's the holidays. Yesterday, your handsome son JOE sent me a text saying nonno's birthday he is 106. Ma, who did Joe take after?????? He remembers all that stuff. Hope you all celebrated together....anyways, yesterday Dolores said Ellen is having Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at her place. So everyone is going. Ma, u of all people understand....I won't be there. I will be going to Sandra's place ....I always spend Christmas with Sandra's family. If Dolores was having it at her house Christmas Eve I would of been there. I guess the way this year wasn't meant to be. It's ok. Anna will be there with Joe......that's all that's important. You go where you feel welcome and happy. Sandra's family treats me soooo good and you know that. So although we are apart this year...we are all with people that care about us. Between you and me, Joey and Anna would prefer that you and daddy where here and we'd be spending Christmas Eve like we always did....but things happen....God changed our plans and left us three without our loving parents. He might of taken you BOTH away from us......but your love and memories live forever and ever in YOUR KIDS HEART........continue to watch over us....send us hugs and kisses and please visit this holiday....and remember NO ONE can EVER replace YOU and DADDY.......EVER...from the THREE of US......we love you BOTH more then the MOON and BACK......xoxoxoxo TI AMO......
i love you..not a day goes by without thoughts of all of you..
It's 3:07am. Sunday. I'm up...can't sleep....all I keep wishing for is these holidays to be OVER....I wish there was a way to skip the month of December . Always on my mind and forever in my broken heart. Till we meet again....not a day goes by that I don't play the WISHING GAME....xoxoxoxoxo
Just laying in bed and you all forever and miss you and daddy so over US......xoxoxoxo
Then you heart will be forever brokensmile even though your heart is achingPlease pray for everyone and watch over us send your love your blessings your prayers. Forever in my heart.
Franca always makes sense doesn't she!!!!!! Its so very true the holidays have never been the same since Daddy Johnny Mommy and Gracie Never ever will the be the same Never and it doesn't really matter that we have our families the void in our hearts will forever be there. The holidays and life is never the same since you all left..
Hi ma,

I know, I know you think I have forgotten all about you. But never in a million years will I ever forget. Tomorrow is December 1st and that's when you would put all our Christmas decorations out. Since you left we don't put any out. It's NOT the same. Actually missy NOTHING is the same. How I HATE the holidays. Can't wait till it's all OVER. I hope you, daddy, Frankie, nonni, and aunt Gracie are all together and all watching over us. Help us all get over the holidays especially me and Anna. Everyone else has their own family so they are ok. But, it's only me and Anna....we have each other....and it gets very lonely and beyond sad. So many memories at the house of's sad and happy....but on these special holidays it's really sad. Just promise ma that you will always be with us all.....but especially me and Anna since it's only us. We all love you and miss you and daddy so much. There are no words to tell you how much....even the moon and back isn't enough....forever in OUR hearts......until we meet again......xoxoxoxoxo. We love you........
iloveyouallto the moon and back
I love you all
to the best of the best!!!! Buon Compleano !!!!!! Love you to the moon and back and more
Happy birthday ma........tomorrow is your special day. You will be spending it with daddy, your parents, aunt Gracie and your son Frankie. Behind, on earth, you left all of us with broken hearts and millions of tears. Especially today. I sent you a beautiful message on face book. Forever in our broken hearts.....your family...xoxoxoxoxo. And again I will ask.....WHY????????????? Xoxoxox
iloveyou and miss you so so very much Please pray and watch over all of us.
always with hugs and kisses to you all.
Hello Missy,

I'm back again today writing to you. Today is an awful day outside. Rainy, cold, and gloomy. Winter is around the corner again. I know, your happy I'm finished the truck, so is Anna no worries. Your birthday is coming up. Im sure Anna will take the day off and do what she always does. Mass and comes visits you. Joe will visit you too. Its only me ma....I go maybe twice a year. I'm like you for that. You didn't like going either. Ma, your inside my heart. You, daddy, aunt grey and our nonni...and my brother Frankie that I never knew. I pray all the time. I must admit, you, daddy and aunt grey I think a lot of. I miss nonna and nonno too...but its different kind of understand me, RIGHT? You always did. Whether I was right or always understood me. I'm at work and I will be leaving soon. I'm enjoying my new job...its different but I like it. Thanks for looking over me when I was going through a tough time. I had Anna, and aunt Lib really watching over me and helping me out. Aunt Lib is a lot like you in many ways. She eats like you..ya, that's right, spits all I have to admit the way she worries about me and Anna and the way she is ALWAYS there for us she is a lot like you. No matter what I do...aunt Lib is on my side too. So, we may not see you, or even get to talk to you....but MISSY you come out a lot in AUNT if you could only teach her how to make meatballs because I know she would make them all the time for me...but its ok. Maybe I will learn one day....yaya I know that's really funny. WE ALL LOVE YOU ALOT....YOUR KIDS MISS U....YOUR SISTERS MISS U.....DOLORES AND YOUR GRANDCHILDREN TOO...ALL OUR LOVE TO EVERYONE.....ESPECIALLY...????????XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOO
Hey ma,

Thinking of you all the time. Yesterday there was a lady bug on my car. Stayed with me till I got to work. Then believe it or not in my office today there was two lady bugs on the lights. I told my boss that was you and dad. Michelle is still on her honeymoon she gets back on Monday. I miss our Michelley. Anna, has not stopped since she retired. Always on the go. Continue to watch over her. Your son Joe.....we really don't see him anymore. He is busy. Hasn't been by the house in a long time. Actually ma, still no one comes by. It's very sad. Beyond sad. Nothing we can do. It's me and Anna ....everyone has their own life and their own families. Thank god I have wonderful friends. On Thanksgiving I went to Vinnys on the Sunday and the Monday I went to Sandra's...they all treat me like family. Anna went to Ellen's house. Christmas Day I will be going with Sandra's family...Anna will probably go to Ellen's. I guess we all go where we feel more comfortable. U understand? You always understood me the best. Ok missy like I always say, just because I don't visit you at the cemetery or I don't write as often trust me missy I think of you all the time. Especially both you and dad. Sunday I stayed home all day alone and as you know I spent a lot of time crying about you both. Missing you both beyond words......ti amo sempre......xoxoxoxoxo
Smile..even though your heart is aching..I miss you so much
Love you all so very much!!!!!
Hey ma....

I'm writing late but today I start at noon. Anyways, like aunt Lib said it was the perfect wedding for the perfect couple. From beginning to end that wedding was stunning. The sun was shining....I know that was you from up above letting us know you and dad were right the next thing is michelley having children. Everyone looked beautiful. We miss you all so much....continue to watch over us....we love you and miss you so much. Oh ya...Anna's last day of work is Wednesday....they had a nice party for her. I couldn't go...but aunt Lib and Joe went....she came home with lots of gifts. So now that she is retired keep her healthy and safe always.....xoxo.
it was a fairy tale wedding!!! Michelle looked like a beautiful princess and Luca the handsome prince. send your blessings from above and keep them safe, I love you more than words can express and your absence was present smile even though your heart is aching
smile even though our hearts are aching love love love and missing you all so very much.
Hey Ma,

It's been a while since I wrote you. Where do I begin? Lots going on. Did you see the beautiful party Luca's parents had for them? It was stunning. Our Michelle was so surprised she started to cry. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. 5 more days and the big event is here. I can't wait. I told Michelle when I see her walk down in church that's were I will cry...she warned me already that she won't look at me because I will make her cry. It's going to be a wonderful day...sad because you and dad are missing. But I know you will be watching over her. Make the sun come out rain ma...ok missy other then that everything is alright. My new job is going great. Anna is retiring the end of month....lucky isn't she? Just help Anna find us the perfect condo....I will miss this house because of the memories of you in it. How you loved YOUR kitchen and bedroom. But I have all those memories locked in my heart. No one can take them from me. I still think of Victory Drive. That house reminds me of daddy so much. How life has are missed so much....we love you so much....we miss you all so much....hugs and kisses to all of you....forever in OUR HEARTS.......keep watching us all...xoxo
love you all to the moon and back
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'FRANKIE'....I went to the cemetary and left you a Happy Birthday balloon from all of US.....NOW is your time to 'enjoy' your day ...with mom & dad...your so "lucky".....iloveyoulots...xo
Mom and dad....happy anniversary....sorry I'm late. No worries I remembered but I haven't had time to write in book. It's 2am and I'm still up. Lots going on in my head and I can't sleep. Always worried about something. It's pouring rain right now. Tomorrow we have three events with the truck so regardless that's it raining I have to be on truck. Ma, no worries it's almost over. Anna is counting the days too. She is so much like you when it comes to the truck. Anyways, two more weeks and our Michelle's is getting married. Another very special day you and dad our missing. I'm ready for her wedding. I'm beyond excited. Send pennies from heaven like you did right before Jonathan's wedding....remember? One more number and I would of been retired and travelling the joking ma I know you hated me going on ships. Ok missy my eyelids for finally getting tired so I'm going yo try and sleep. Love you all especially?????? Just in case happy birthday Frankie...(sept. 13). Enjoy with mom, dad, nonnie and our aunt grey.....aunt I think of you a lot........miss you more....xoxo
Ma & Dad...."HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TODAY"! How I wish you were "BOTH" here...your "BOTH MISSED" more than you will ever know!! Sometimes LIFE just isn't LEFT ALL OF US...WAY TOO SOON. "Iloveyoulots"....BOTH OF YOU....XO
thinking of you all every day !!!!!! loveyouto the moon and back
Hey Ma,

Today is just miserable...RAIN..RAIN...RAIN....but I'm happy its raining today because tomorrow Betty, Tony, Marci,and me are going to the EX..meeting Anna and Aziza there too. We love going opening day. I have been working so hard. THREE JOBS...the doctor's office...Durock (helping them out for awhile) and ice cream truck tomorrow I think I deserve a DAY OFF FOR FRANCA....I know you agree. You hate the truck but its almost over MISSY....our Michelley is getting married Sept. 26th...can't wait. I will cry..but happy and sad tears. Happy because she is marrying a wonderful man....sad because I wish YOU AND DADDY COULD BE THERE. I know..I will be watching from above. I really wish I could believe that. Deep down I want to but its hard for me. Anyways, love to all...miss you all ESPECIALLY??????????? YOU AND DADDY....let the sun shine tomorrow for the EX...lots of hugs and kisses.....and remember me and Anna look happy and do whatever...BUT NEVER EVER FORGET WE THINK OF YOU ALL...ESPECIALLY????????? EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVER SINGLE DAY YOUR ON OUR MINDS.....XOXOXO
Hey ma,

It's getting better at work....lots to learn but I'm liking it. Anyways you came to see me at work today. A patient came in today and her name was Elisa . As soon as she told me I said that's moms name. She was very nice. She wasn't one is like you....ok wait.....Anna is. Xoxo. Ma, you helped me find a new job now help us with you know what.....then me and Anna will be great...remember's me and Anna so please help. Ok missy love you lots and always watch over us.....xoxo hugs and kisses to all of you in heaven....
iloveyoulots thinking of you all
happy birthday Gracie you are with everyone up there!!!! I love you more than words can say. Thankyou for being with me today It felt great. Love love love forever in my heart to all of you.
Hi Ma,

Today was my final MRI. Hoping everything goes well. My new job? Well I have a lot to learn. I have had good days and bad days but I'm hoping it only gets better. Working for a doctor isn't a walk in the park. I'm just hoping it all continues to say good. I just wanted to let you know I love you all a lot and miss you more. Even if I don't write to you remember I'm always thinking of you......forever in my heart...xo
Please send your blessings and prayers to everyone!!!! Love you to the moon and back
To you all!!!!! I love you all so very much and miss you every day of my life until we meet again. Elisa you truly are always around me it truly is a wonderful feeling. Forever in my heart I love you sooooooo
Hey Ma,

I hope your happy as me. Went to sign my paperwork and Monday I start my new job. I'm very excited. Things are going to start changing for me and worries ma, it's for the best. It's time we worry about ourselves and our future. Remember it's me and Anna. Aunt lib and uncle Mario are home safe from Italy. They got home yesterday and of course Anna made her famous lentil soup for their safe trip home. Ok missy....continue to watch over us all. We love you lots and miss you and daddy so much. Always thinking of you and always asking WHY? Xoxo. Forever in our torn hearts.....xoxo
Hey Ma,

Guess what? All us DING DONGS forgot to say HAPPY NAMES DAY TO ANNA. How sad is that? NOT ME, JOEY OR AUNT LIB. POOR POOR ANNA DOESNT DERSEVE THAT. See if you were here you would of reminded us. I said it to her today. I guess better late then NEVER. Anways, I'm still not feeling 100%. I had the weekend off the truck to relax but its my head THE POUNDING is crazy. I just hope to God it all goes away. I'm tired of feeling tired and I'm tired of people telling me I look to pale and exhausted. I know I have to start eating again but baby steps. Just help me get better ma. Continue to watch over me and Anna. We both really need you NOW....alrightie we will talk later.....lots of love always.......xoxooxox
Hey ma,

I'm still at home. Still not well. They say stress could kill you...and that's what I have been under the last few months. Ma, you need to read between the lines ok missy. Anyways, aunt Lib has been texting me everyday. Even before she knew anything about me being sick. Today she even called from Italy just to hear my voice and make sure I was ok. Ma, I need your help for so many things. Please help me and Anna wishes come true. We are so alone me and her....well maybe I'm saying that wrong more me. If anything was to happened to Anna I would have my friends....that's it no family...NADA...except for aunt Lib and aunt Rita. So this is why I say IM READY...Anna will be so good in every way. How I wish Frankie was alive....I wonder what kind of brother he would of been? Well, Frankie looked like you so he would of been a great brother and he would of watched out for his sisters....I'm sure....I will find out one day. At least it wouldn't have been a way one street with him. Please ma, don't tell me to be nice......I'm nice others have to be nice too. It's ok I have a sister that cares and that's all I need. We will be fine and it's time we start thinking about ourselves just like everyone thinks of themselves. You ask once, twice and when u have to keep asking you know that don't care...they just use you for whatever. Time to treat them the same way we get treated? I know you understand and I know you agree and I know more then anything your hurt and you can't even believe it....we'll believe it's been like this since you died...please give me and Anna strength and help us get over all these hurdles. Please let us see a rainbow with the colour orange shining out at the both of us so we know everything will be just fine. Wish us you more and please help me get better so I can do what I have to do.....forever in your daughters hearts........ Xoxoxoxo
Hey ma

What a night I had. Just got out of hospital since last night at 11. Have fever. They had me on morphine and adavan because I needed to calm down. I couldn't breath. They had oxygen on me too. Ma, it's all the stress I have been been going threw. I'm freezing. Have three pjs on and two blankets. My head is pounding. Sooo cold. My stomach was on fire...I threw up all day long yesterday. I was on truck too...when I got back from event Diana took me right away to hospital...then Anna came to watch over me. I was scared especially when I couldn't's a scary feeling. U must of been watching over me. They told me to follow the orange line then put me in room 8. They think a virus. Who knows all I know is I felt really scared. Continue to watch over me ma. Love you lots...xoxo
Hi Ma,

Today is nice and FRESH outside. The sun is trying to shine. You saw last night. What a beautiful evening we had. Monday night Michelley came over and yesterday night Joe and Jonathan came over. We had a wonderful dinner. It was so nice having people in the house. Its been such a long time. Like I tell you all the time its me and Anna....but last night FELT REALLY GOOD...It was NICE...u understand what I'm saying. Both Joe and Jonathan God Bless them both they ate very good that they both were stuffed. lol.....Did you see your son gave his sisters a little something to say THANKS...Joe was playing auntie Gracies favorite songs. Everytime Joe comes over he either plays songs for you or for aunt grey. Anyways, thanks for that wonderful evening ma.....I think me and Anna really needed it. It was wonderful...If it could only happen more often it would be nice. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.....we miss everyone....but I have to admitt...I REALLY MISS MY PARENTS ALOT. XOXOXOOXO
Ma, I knew I didn't want to go yesterday. Why? It was the 8th. I knew it would be bad luck for me. My nerves are shot. What is going to happen now? I don't have a clue. Anyways, like I always say...IM SOOO READY TO PLAY CARDS...the timing couldnt be better. Anyways, today looks like rain and it just makes everything worse. Aunt Lib left for Italy yesterday night. She is gone for 6 weeks. You know how much her and Mario love Italy? Anyways, missy noone won the 649 last night. Thats what I need right now. Oh well missy, love you lots and miss you more....daddy Im ready anytime......xoxoxox
Please keep everyone safe and sending your blessings. With much love forever and ever. Until we meet again.
Ma, it's 1:08am I'm still up. Trying to sleep but my mind is racing. Tonight again I have been throwing up. Wish this would all stop. Help me sleep tonight ma. My nerves are shot. Oh well I will take one day at the time and see what happens....that's all I can do. Ok missy my alarm goes off at 6:05am. Help me you, need you (especially now) and most of all MISS YOU.... Xoxoxo
Ma, I wish u were here. I really need you. I finally made my mind up. I feel like a million pounds has been lifted from me. I'm sure your giving me your support. Please be with me on Wednesday. My stomach has been in knots and I have been throwing up non stop. It has to get better, right? Please watch over me and Anna. I hope I see a rainbow at the end. Also ma, things will change....u know what I'm talking about. FYI always remember take me me and Anna wish you were would of voiced your opinion...but it's ok....I know what to me ma. Things will be a lot know me.....thank God I have a sister. We have each other till we die...please watch over Anna. We love you and miss you so much. Forever in our broken hearts....xoxoxoxo
iloveyou look after all of us down here and keep everyone safe and give everyone peace of mind.
Hey ma,

Hope you made daddy home pasta today. I'm getting ready for bed but I just had to write in the book...did you see this weekend Anna worked the truck with Diana. Anna is so exhausted. Everyone thinks it's easier working on that truck but I can't wait till October when it's all over. Anyways, missy today before going to James Garden I went by aunt Rita's house. Omg I'm still in shock. I finally tasted one of her meatballs....omg omg ma, it's exactly like your meatballs. I was stunned. They were fantastic. So you know what aunt Rita did for me? Packed me a beautiful lunch for the truck. She gave me another meatball and homemade eggplant. Yes, she made them. Then in another Tupperware gave me green grapes, cherries and nectarin. What a fantastic lunch. When missy wants to cook she can cook. By the time I left aunts house I ate four meatballs. Her sauce was amazing. I can't believe how much the sauce and especially the meatballs tasted like yours. Amazing. So aunt Rita said she would make them anytime for me....well I hope today you made daddy meatballs too. Daddy hope you had a good day. I hope you and ma always watch over us. Especially me and Anna. I have Anna working the truck too. Every little bit helps. End of summer we are hoping to re-do the backyard. It looks really bad. Like we always say to each other........we only have each other...sad...but true. With you and daddy looking out for and Anna will be fine....we love you both so much and we miss you both so much. More then you realize....forever in our hearts....xoxoxoxox
I always called u AUNT GREY...I love you and miss you so much. Miss you calling me "GOOF". In my car I still have the keychain you gave me that says "FABULOUS"...I will never get rid of it. I hope you are ALL OK IN HEAVEN...I hope you are ALL WATCHING OVER ALL OF "US"..Aunt I have your bookmarker right by my bedside and I look at it everynight. Too think a couple of weeks ago I was with Anna at you and mom's cousins funeral...and ONE OF YOUR COUSINS called me GRACIE. That was a compliment. Remember even Joey used to call me Gracie all the I love you alot and miss you soooo much...You and my mom understood me soooo well. I told you things that noone else knew....and your famous line to me.....FRANCCCCAAAAAAAA...we had great times, great laughs....we cried too...but overall...its was all good....WHY DID GOD DECIDED TO TAKE YOU AND MY MOM??????? PLEASE ASK HIM...our hearts still ache and our tears flow...they will never stop UNTIL WE ALL MEET to all...xooxoxo you, my aunt, will ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AND LOVED AND ESPECIALLY MISSED.....
I love you Gracie with all my heart ,
June-16-15 were 'MISSED' in so many ways on Sunday and still are....iloveyoulots...xoxox
OMG I love you and Gracie so much I wish I could turn back time.remember today .. remember tomorrow ..Gracie its five years and its seems like yesterday smile even though your heart is aching smile even though your heart is breaking.Please pray for everyone here and keep them safeTi voglio tanto tanto bene

All I can say is unbelievable. What a shower? I don't have words. Everything was just PERFECT...ok almost were missing. Michelley started saying a speech and thanking the guests, her maids-of-honours and wedding party...then a pause came...she looked at me then put her head down...then looked at me words came out of her mouth...then she finally was able to talk...and that's where it all began. She mentioned YOU and how much she wished you were there and how much she missed YOU...omg the tears...I can't even explain. Then another long pause...even before she could talk she was crying. Her speech about Dolores OMG that's all I can say. Everyone was CRYING...not one dry eye was in that hall. Then ma, I understood why it rained. Those where your tears from HEAVEN because I know you would of loved to been there. Everything was so perfect. It was just a beautiful day. Our Michelley looked stunning. You must of seen it all. Then when I kissed her good-bye she said Zia I don't want this day to end. It's only the beginning for her and Luca. I can just imagine the wedding. This time I will make sure I bring Kleenex in my purse. Ma, always watch over your grandchildren. Keep them healthy and safe always. You were soooooo missed today. We all love you so much. If we could only turn back time.....xoxoxoxo
All I can say is God Bless your beautiful and loving was magical.your girlsyour Dolores and your beautiful beautiful Michelley .what a peaceful beautiful day..even the rain made it peaceful..everyone looked elegant.your girls looked like a beautiful precious bouquet You would have not stopped talking about how everything was and looked Michelley you always told me she could speak and write well omg!!!!!! did she ever speak well..and then she mentioned you and make heart started racing and the tears started to the end she spoke of Dolores her loving Mother.omg!!!!! There was not a dry eye in the room .you could feel your presence in the room Smile even though your heart is achingI love you.and miss you and Gracie sosososo much.
Hey Ma,

Today started off ugly. Its rained so hard and the thunder omg. I thought of you (like I always do) you would of been sooo scared. You hated being home alone when it would thunder and lightening especially at night. Today Vinny and me were talking about you. How much you loved your pop and bread. Vinny's dad isnt feeling that well. That's how we started talking about you. She said her dad doesn't listen. I said that was my mom. She knew she couldn't drink pop or eat bread but you would always say JUST LET ME EAT IT...and we did. You are talked about so much. I talk to Vinny alot about you ma. How I miss you and wish you were here. Vinny misses you too. You were a mother that LOVED EVERYONE....SO GOOD HEARTED...WHEN YOU DID SOMETHING OR MADE SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE IT WAS ALWAYS MADE WITH YOUR HEART AND FULL OF LOVE:( Anna is your twin for that. Although I tell her DON'T MAKE ME ANYTHING....she always does:) Ma, me and Anna really miss you. That house is sooo quiet...sooo lonely...WHY? ITS ONLY "US" will ONLY BE ANNA AND ME TILL THE DAY WE DIE....I ONLY HAVE like I always tell ....TAKE ME BEFORE YOU TAKE ANNA...SHE IS THE "ONLY" FAMILY I HAVE.....keep the sun shining FOR OUR MICHELLEY ON rain you lots and miss you more....xoxoxo
Hello Mother.......

I know I know its been a long long time...sorry. Just alot going on right now. Today's weather is just miserable. Its been raining since last night. The whole week is suppose to be like this. Ma, our Michelley...her shower is this coming Sunday. Poor thing is upset because its suppose to rain. So missy you have a job to do...MAKE THE SUN COME OUT ON SUNDAY FOR "OUR MICHELLEY"....let her feel that you are around her that day. Ok missy this weather is helping today...its making my mind wonder and always asking the same question...WHY? Love you all so much....thinking of you and daddy like crazy...come visit....and once again PLEASE BRING OUT THE SUN FOR YOUR GRAND DAUGHTER MICHELLEY ON SUNDAY......xoxoxoxoo
Hey Daddy,

Who would of thought that today was the last time we would see you? We all got a chance to say OUR LAST GOOD BYE TO YOU. It was the last time we got to KISS YOUR FACE....TOUCH YOUR was OUR LAST CHANCE TO MAKE SURE YOU WERE COMFORTABLE. Who would of thought???? Today Remo joined you too. Anna and me went to the funeral home last night. We spent 2 hours there. Talking to all of mommy's cousins. It was bittersweet. Everyone we spoke to had a story to tell about you or ma. Everyone loved you both so much. You must of seen everyone talking about you and ma? All good memories. The funny thing....I ALREADY KNEW I HAD THE GREATEST PARENTS....but hearing other people say it....WAS REALLY NICE...You are missed sooo much daddy. I miss our cards, Wheel of Forturn and all the snacks we would eat while playing cards...God Bless us dad...we ate...bread with oil, our fruit, our popcorn......but the best thing was just having fun with you playing cards....and how mad you would get when I WON....DADDY CANT WAIT TO CONTINUE OUR CARD GAMES....Im ready anytime........ALL MY LOVE TO YOU AND MA.....FOREVER IN MY HEART...XOXOOXOXOXO
Forever and ever in our hearts Johnny. My brother that is what you are to me a brother not a brotherinlaw. I will never forget all the love that you gave to our family. At four o'clock you finally stopped sufferingand the void in our hearts never will go away.You truly are the big chief and will always remain the Big Chief in our hearts.forever.With much love to you and everyone..
for you daddy.....xoxoxoxo
Hey Daddy,

Anna went to church this morning, she is having a mass for you. Today, at 4pm God wrapped HIS arms around you and brought you to HIS garden. I will never forget that day. You were surrounded by your family. The tears that flowed that day are still flowing today. We ALL MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH. We ALL THINK ABOUT YOU. Thank God we have WONDERFUL MEMORIES OF YOU. You are now with mommy, Frankie, aunt Gracie and both nonni's. Daddy, you and mommy continue to watch over all of us. SENDING EVERYONE HUGS AND KISSES AND WE LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH. Today at 4pm candles will be lite for you. Aunt Libby already lite a candle. This morning she invited me and Anna for your favorite....SPEDUCCI and a nice salad. Daddy, I had to say and Anna had a VERY HARD and LONG weekend on the truck. So tonight it will be JUST US having dinner together and we will be in bed early...we are soo tired...TI AMO SEMPRE......XOXOXOXO
Thinking of you love you all and keep a loving eye on your beautiful and loving family. Loving the describes it all!!!!! Loving you each day and loving you all more and more. Forever and ever in my heart.
Nothing is the same 'anymore'. Thoughts still go through my mind when I had to tell the nurse that you were dead. Something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. How I wish you were here....I have no words to tell you just how much I miss you!!!
Thinking of the three women in my life that have inspired me in so many ways. I love you!!!!!!! Happy Mothers Day to you all!!! It was great seeing Joey and Anna today we truly spent some quality time together and they gave me a very special gift! Moments talking about you all!!!! I love you to the moon and back.forever in my heart.
Well missy ANOTHER Mother's Day without you. Instead of spending it with Joe, Anna, Me, Dolores and the kids you will be spending it with Daddy, Frankie, your parents and your sister. I will be on truck on Sunday. Joe is going out with HIS FAMILY....and Anna will be ALONE. She will come and visit you. She may even come visit me on the truck...we will see. I hope you enjoy your day in HEAVEN WITH YOUR FAMILY....just watch over us because our hearts are still broken....the tears still flow...and the VOID IS FOREVER ENGRAVED IN OUR HEARTS......

Such a beautiful hot sunny day. My mind is wondering all over the place. I guess its going crazy because Mother's Day is coming up. Last night I went and bought a beautiful candle for you for Mother's Day. Its in an orange jar. So pretty. I'm on the truck Sunday but I will tell Anna to light it on Sunday JUST FOR YOU.....ok missy...just wanted to drop a line and tell you LOVE YOU LOTS....AND JUST WISHING..............................XOXOOXO
I'm really nice....I'M JUST LIKE MY MOM.....I have HER MOUTH....when we have to use it...we did...RIGHT MA? XOXOXO What a beautiful day it is.....
Franca be nice!!! Iloveyoulots and thinking of you all with loving thoughts.
Hey Ma,

You want to laugh? Omg I'm fumming!! You know that already. This book is for family and friends. I don't tell anyone to read it. If PEOPLE choose to read it OH WELL. Can YOU believe I was TOLD WHO I CAN WRITE ABOUT??????? Ma, if people DON'T like what I write or it offends them TOO BAD. I write WHAT I FEEL. Amazing, THE TRUTH MUST HURT. Your MY MOTHER...I say WHATEVER I WANT. Last night when I got that phone call from aunt Lib...I can't tell you the way I freaked out. PEOPLE TELLING ME??????????????? SERIOUSLY????????????????????? Im just like you ma, we say it how it is...This is a book we(JOE) kept FOR we can talk to YOU....our MOTHER and SAY WHATEVER WE WANT.....NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL ME WHO AND WHAT I CAN WRITE ABOUT.....NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other then ALL is another nice sunny day. I love when its sunny. Your kitchen looks amazing when the sun shines in it. I FEEL YOU ALL AROUND US....WE LOVE YOU MA....WE MISS YOU MA....AND YOU AND DAD ARE ALWAYS IN YOUR KIDS worries we think of our nonni, Frankie and especially our aunt grey...YOUR BABY sister that you missed sooo much when she left cried every single day for her. Now you are all together watching over ALL OF US.....xoxoxoxo
Its been awhile I know but my thoughts and love of you all are in my heart I love you so so very the song goessmile even though your heart is achingyour birthday Johnny.your words were please give me another piece of cake who knows if there will ever be another for meI love you
Hey Ma,

Your "SON" yesterday texts us to tell us is was aunt grey's wedding anniversary. 42 years she would of been married. Its sad. But Tony and everyone has moved on so really?????? Aunt Grey no worries we all think of you alot. I miss our talks. Ma, today is going to be a nice sunny day. Actually this whole week is. Summer is here FINALLY. Things here are so so....nothing new. Same old same old. Its me and Anna..noone still comes over..nothing has changed. Actually life is pretty........(just fill in the blank ma, you know what Im thinking) Today is one of those days. I'm kind of in a mood but I know can tell the way Im talking. Just so much going on in my head. JUST EVERYTHING. Wish you were here because you are the only one that understands...anyways, missy talk soon. I guess when Im in a better mood. love you lots....all my love to all...especially YOU AND DAD...XOXOXO
Hey Dad,

And you once said to me when you were alive....that I would forget about you.....never...ever...will I forget about you!!!!...."Happy Birthday Bello"...."Iloveyoulots" & miss 'YOU' more than you will ever...ever...know....xoxoxoxo
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo missed. This morning Anna "YOUR GOLDEN CHILD" had a mass for you. Sorry I didnt go but I had to come to work. I "think" Joey went not sure. Today you turned 83 years old...HOW I WISH???????? I hope mommy is making your favorite meal....especially ONE nice plate of homemade pasta....ok ok maybe TWO plates of homemade love you alot daddy and miss you even more. How I wish we could play cards....I miss playing so much:( MY LOVE TO ALL ESPECIALLY TO YOU AND MA.......XOXOOXO
When it pours..........hopefully there is a rainbow......

Pls watch over "US"........xoxoxox.....I think I'd rather be with you and dad.......I can play cards with dad and I'd be sooo happy. One day you all.....forever in my heart....xoxo
Hey Ma,

Yesterday was my first day on truck. I had a very busy day at James Garden. Now thats it...7 days I will be working. Its all good. Today the sun is shining the weather is beautiful. You would be sitting in the kitchen by the window reading. You loved the kitchen. Let the sun keep shining...I LOVE IT...ok missy talk love to all especially to you and over ALL OF US.....special hugs and kisses to YOU KNOW WHO....XOXOXOXO
Thinking of all of you in a very special way! Loving you each day more and more and hanging on to our beautiful memories that we all made together. If only we could turn back timepray for us all especially Tony..I truly believe St. Joseph saved his life that Thursday. Not a moment goes by even though our hearts are breaking. loveyoulots.
Hey Ma,

Well missy yesterday was a nice Easter. Sunday brunch with the family at the Terrace. Very nice. Then after that I went to aunt Rits's house. It was really nice. Aunt Rita made articokes....omg ma, they tasted just like yours...amazing. Then of course Tony makes his famous eggplant...omg I ate like a piggy. It was sooooo good. We had a nice evening. Played cards. I lost. Nee, aunt Rita and Tony all won a game. Me, nothing....fishy ah ma? Must of been fixed. lol. Angie went by with Evan too but I just missed her. She had lunch at aunt Rita's place...even Peppie. Aunt Rita was very happy yesterday but also ma in alot of pain with her hip...poor thing. I wish we could always play cards because I miss it so much. I always think of daddy when we play. I miss playing with him sooo much. That was our game. Sitting in the den, eating popcorn, watching Wheel of Fortune and playing cards. Awwwwwwwww daddy I miss you sooo much...I always think of you too. Ok, now Im crying....omg...ok enuf......
Ma, the party is over:( ICE CREAM SEASON IS STARTING THIS now 7 days a week....long hours. Oh well we are starting late so its 5 1/2 months. It will go by very quickly...I hope anyways.

Ok I will talk to you later....continue to watch over all of us.....wrap your arms around Jonathan and Michelley....always, watch of them two. xoxoxoxooxo love to all of you.......especially????????????????? you know what Im talking about...
Hi Ma,

Today is just a beautiful day. Sun is shining and its alot warmer then it has been in weeks. So can you beleive its already Easter. Tomorrow is Good Friday and we are going to Ellen's house for dinner. Then on Sunday we are going for brunch. First year I'm not on the ice cream truck. The weather is going to be awful on Saturday and Sunday. Anna is beyond happy about it. Ma, I hate the truck but I really need it to will keep me busy LONG LONG HOURS but keep me from spending money. lol Please tell Anna not to drive me crazy this year with the ice cream truck. I will be careful and I know you will be watching over me at ALL TIMES so I have nothing to worry about and not even ANNA. Anyways, HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF YOU ABOVE. WATCH OVER ALL OF US...SENDS US LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES....WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SOOOO VERY MUCH....XOXOXOXO nothing is the SAME WITHOUT YOU AND DADDY....XOXOXOXO
Hey missy

It's 12:03am and its your GOLDEN CHIlDS BIRTHDAY. Today, like she always did when you were here she booked the day off work. She was used to spending the day with you, nonna and aunt Gracie. How things have changed sooo much just in a few years. Ma, of course Anna will be getting up early...going to mass and then visiting YOU. She will probably stay awhile and sit there and cry. Please wrap your arms around her and give her the biggest hug and kiss for her birthday. Tonight joe and Dolores and the kids we are going out for dinner....sushi....we all love it. If you were here it would of been chinese or Swiss Chalet. Aunt Grey, Anna misses you a lot!! How she wishes you were both here. Actually ALL OF YOU. Like Cher's song....IF WE COULD TURN BACK TIME. Ok, missy, time for me to go to bed. Please help Anna have a nice birthday sends lots of hugs and kisses to to all...xoxoxo
P.S. Happy Birthday Anna.....your the GREATEST SISTER in the world and I'm glad your MINE....remember ITS ONLY ME AND YOU.....tons of kisses from me too....nite nite and enjoy your day tomorrow.....xoxoxoo

Did you see today...what a laugh we had. Aunt Lib is more and more like you in soo many ways. Anyways, I had to go get some work done at the dentist. I havent seen aunt Lib in a long long time. What a great day we had at the dentist. Then I told aunt Lib I was starving so she got Catherine to go order a pizza. White with cheese and mushrooms. Poor Catherine kept going back because she thought I wanted sauce. No sauce...cant eat sauce. We laughed sooo hard. Im sure you were there. Thinking about it Im laughing sooo much. We all sat in the lunchroom...they all fell in love with that pizza. Then aunt Lib kept cutting the pizza, like the way anna would cut for you into SMALL PIECES...we all kept eating it...It was a lovely day at the dentist. Anyways, tonight going to the zoo. Anyways, missy love u lots....miss you more....HUGS AND KISSES TO EVERYONE....XOXOXOXO

PS. Aunt Lib has helped me out aunt lib...thank you thank you thank you...xoxoxooxo
Hi Ma,

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH...I was sooo scared to tell Anna. Today I went home for lunch and I couldn't even you know I was worried. I could hear you say to me..."FRANCA...SEE YOU SOOO DIS-ORGANIZED, I DON'T CARE IF YOU LOST IT." meanwhile I know you do. I kept talking to you and saying ma, please help me find your you reminded me to look in my purse that I took on my cruise....and sure enough there was your BVLGARI ring. When I saw it, it was like I won the lottery. I left it in that purse. See you remember everytime I travel I always wore jewellery that you gave me or anna JUST INCASE SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ME. I wore the diamond earrings Anna bought me for my bday and I wore your ring. Oh ma, just glad I found it. So did you see in that COLD weather yesterday I went on the truck. Me and Phil worked together because we had a Home Depot event. I know you hate that the season is starting...and so is Anna upset...but MA, I HAVE TO DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO. Our Michelley is getting married this year and also I had to get new glasses and my tooth I need the extra. Its ok, its only for 7 months. Unless, you and daddy send lots of pennies from heaven I can STOP....but until then, I have to do the truck. Me and Anna need the backyard porch done too. The cement looks terrible. So like I say to Anna...babysteps and everything will get done. Ma, continue watching over us.....all of us. Give us strenght......lots of love from ALL OF US.....remember we are always thinking of you ALL.....send US BIG HUGS AND KISSES.....WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND YOUR JONATHAN AND MICHELLY....let them know YOUR ALWAYS WITH THEM.....xoxoxoxoo
Hey Ma,

I forgot to write to you....yesterday was San Giuseppe...I was a bad daughter/sister...I said it to "JOEY" but I didnt bring him breakfast or anything...I have been slacking off. I know ma, I would say...FRANCINE WAKE UP EARLIER AND BRING JOEY SOMETHING FOR SAN GIUSEPPE...oh well mother...this is ONE OF MANY OF THE REASONS WHY WE NEED YOU HERE!!!!!! Your handsome son looked VERY NICE THIS MORNING....ya ya...your famous line....HE COULD WEAR ANYTHING HE ALWAYS LOOKS Im going to say what Joe would say...KNOCK IT OFF MA....LOL...we love you sooo much and miss you sooo much...DO YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH WE MISS YOU????? Today is Friday and after work I will probably go to the "ZOO" and Anna will go to Joe and Dolores. Weather is getting nicer and you know what that means???????? ITS ICE CREAM SEASON VERY SOON. No, Im not happy about it...but I have to do what I have to do. Today is sunny and nice....I guess your sending down hugs....YOU KNOW WE ALL NEED over all of US....give extra hugs and kisses to YOUR TWO GRANDCHILDREN..JONATHAN AND MICHELLEY...and continue to watch over them....xoxoxo LOVE TO ALL OF YOU.......ESPCIALLY YOU AND DADDY....XOXOXOXOXO
Hey Missy,

It's your STELLINO BELLO'S BDAY...send him some hugs and kisses. Its even Peppie' loved him alot too. Even daddy. Remember in Florida daddy and Peppie would always go out early and have breakfast at Burger King. Peppie, when I see him...which is maybe once a year....still talks about YOUR CHRISTMAS he misses it and he loved it so much. Today is also Emma's bday too. Lots of bdays. Ma, please watch over us all!!!! WE NEED TO SEE SUNSHINE......OR RAINBOWS AFTER A STORM....

We all love you...and we miss you more everyday....xoxoxoxo
Hi Ma...

Its been a long time. Well missy here is home safe and sound. I got home on Sunday but didnt come to work yesterday. WHY? Ding Dong here BURNT HER FACE. Yes, ma....the last day on ship...the Saturday...actually me and face all red and eyes sooo puffy...omg..omg..remember ma, when we used to go to Florida it would happen to the both of is BETTER..but I still look TERRIBLE. The SHIP WAS AMAZING...I went on the balcony at night...I SAW YOU LOOKING DOWN AT ME...I saw this ONE STAR RIGHT AWAY....looking right at were waiting for me..and it was the brighest one...just shining STRONG. Ma, did you see the way the ship was rocking at night? OMG I think that was my favorite part. I never enjoyed a cruise as much as I enjoyed this one. Every port we went to was so nice..just beautiful. My favorite stop was Curacao. I think next year we are going there for THE ENTIRE WEEK. Thanks for looking after me, Vinny, Lina and Tibor. A bigger THANK YOU for looking after Anna. You kept her nice and safe as you did Aunt Lib and Mario. Good job miss muffet....I send you ALL LOTS OF HUGS AND TONS OF KISSES....AND I MISS YOU BEYOND WORDS....FOREVER IN MY HEART....XOXOXO

P.S. WATCH OVER US "ALL".....xoxoox
OH DEAR......(like you would say) Aunt Lib leaves on Sunday too...she is going down watch over her and Mario...xoxoxoxoo

Like aunt Lib said...IM LEAVING...well in two more days. YIPPPEEEE...Ma, did you see Gary this morning? What a guy....him and Angie are just unbelievable...I thanked them no worries. Ma, yes...don't worry about me because if anything was to happen rememeber Im happy...I LOVE THE if you guys want me....thats the best place to take me while on the ship....Worry about ANNA...make sure she safe. Make sure she eats every night. She has Dolores so I feel ok. Joe, who knows about him. He never comes by anymore. Hopefully he will call her. So today is the last day of work. I will try and talk to you while on holidays but if I dont I will when I get back. Meet me on the balcony late at night. I will sit on the chair looking into the dark water and dark sky....with all the stars....YOU WILL BE SHINING ON ME...I KNOW YOU WILL...oh dear now im crying....very emotional today. Ok love you lots....miss you more....AND ALTHOUGH YOU HATE CRUISES.....PLS PLS JOIN ME EVERY NIGHT.....XOXOXOXO
loveyoulots and everyone!!!!!!
Hey Ma,

Did you see? Last night what a wonderful evening. Me and Anna went to Joe and Dolores's house for dinner. Jonathan, Claudia and Chiara were there. OMG she is just sooo cute. SHE IS OUR JONATHAN. Just beautiful. Getting big...she is going to be nice and tall. What a wonderful dinner Dolores made. Amazing. Then of course Joe made his famous bbq.....ribs and mouth is still watering thinking about it. So good. It was amazing. It was a lovely evening. After Jonathan, Claudia and Chiara, Michelley, Anna and Dolores cleaned up everything and we sat around and talked a little. It was a wonderful evening. Ma, thinking of you today (well I always think of you) its beyond cold today...its freezing and you know if I say it must be. All I keep thinking 9 more days...I can't tell you how excited I am to go. Vinny says its our last cruise...she wants to go next year to an island for a week. Some how I will have to change her mind. You know me...if I was rich I would be on a cruise every 3 months day one day. Ok missy continue to watch over all of us...we love you lots....oh ya last night did you hear jonathan and michelley talk about your home made pasta? They miss you too ma. Michelley brought up last week ..she said zia remember when nonna used to say "OH DEAR" could they forget such a wonderful nonna that would do anything for them. Just knowing when they were coming over you would put on your "cooking hat" and start making home made pasta for them. You made the best pasta, sauce and meatballs. STILL NOONE MATCHES YOU...and NOONE EVER you lots....hugs and kisses to everyone........especially????????????? xoxoxo

My FEAR is that you are going to do what nonna did. When nonna died a few years later she missed aunt grey so much that she took...but last night you proved that you are watching over us. Anna had a close call but because you are always looking after us...she was ok. THANKS MA...I know you miss Anna alot but I guess you knew WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT ANNA????? SHE IS ALL I HAVE LEFT. ITS ME AND I can't thank you enough for protecting her. I always tell you...YOU TAKE ME FIRST, because Anna will be just fine....XOXOXOXO This morning when I went to get YOUR HANDSOME SON breakfest this man was looking at me..not ONCE he kept looking at me. He then said, ARE YOU ELISA'S DAUGHTER? ELISA'S AND JOHN'S DAUGHTER? I was stunned and said YES. You will never know who it was? Fausta's brother. He still looked handsome. Ma, when people look at me and see you or daddy in me I can't tell you how that makes me feel. Actually they see daddy alot more in me. I get this feeling...a warm feeling all over me...its like when they ask... YOU AND DADDY are right there saying YUP, THATS MY CRAZY DAUGHTER...LOL...How I miss you both so very much. Today is going to be one of those days....ok love to you all....and once again THANKS FOR BEING WITH ANNA just proved YOUR ALWAYS WITH US...xoxoxoxoo
Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of is a nice day. SUNNY AND ALOT WARMER. Well missy, 12 MORE DAYS AND, you know how excited I am. You know how much I love my cruises. All Im asking is to watch over Anna when I'm gone. The week will go by fast. She has Dolores, I know she will be fine. Its just at nights I know she wont cook for herself so she probably won't be eating. Make sure she does. Ok...we will talk later. Send my love to everyone...especially to............???????? xoxooxoxoxo
Thinking of you with love
February-10-15 could I forget. Did you see last night I MADE DINNER...thats right missy....I cooked for me and Anna. Then to top it off later I made us BOTH POPCORN. I told Anna if ma was here she would give me an A++...but at the end Anna gave me an A++++++++....we miss you lots. House is too quiet...noone comes and visits....not even your son. Maybe Joe shows up every two months if that. Aunt Lib ...never...LIKE ANNA SAYS.....ITS ME AND HER...your memories are all over the house....if you could only join us at dinner or in my dreams it would be sooo nice....Tonight Anna has to cook and make popcorn....but I have to wash the dishes....what did you always say? I was dishes very good. I organize everything belle belle. You and Anna wash dishes the same...everything all mixed up. THATS NOT ME MISS MUFFET. Ok just thought I tell you about last night....but Im hoping you already knew because your suppose to be watching our every you ma...more then u know....xoxoxoox
Hello Ma....

Its me again....actually its either me or aunt Lib that writes in this book. Today is a nice sunny day and warmer. The rest of the week is suppose to get really cold. 19 MORE DAYS.....and counting....can't wait ma. You know how excited I would get whenever I go on a cruise. Just can't wait to have alone time...On the the pitch darkness...with the stars shining...and thats when I will be talking to you. Of course I will be playing the WHAT IF GAME...I tend to always play that game. On Sunday we celebrate Aldo Campacci's 80th birthday. It was beautiful. At Ellen's house. Ma, Chiara how gorgeous is she? Looks like she will have blue/green eyes. She is a STELLINA BELLA....I just really hope that you and daddy can see all this. How I wish you and daddy were here. Michelley is getting married in 7 MONTHS...our little handsome Luca. Why did you both have to miss YOUR ONLY GRANDCHILDRENS SPECIAL DAYS? I just want to beleive so much that your seeing everything from up above and watching US ALL...we love you all sooo much...but like I always say.....I MISS YOU AND DADDY MORE....forever in OUR BROKEN HEARTS.......LOVE JOE, ANNA AND FRANCA..........the THREE OF US ARE CONSTANTLY THINKING OF YOU BOTH...ALL OF YOU...BUT YOU KNOW...LOL...XOXOOXOXOXO
love you and so much more. to you all not a day goes by not a minute goes by without thoughts of you all. forever in my heart I miss you all so so much.
Hey Ma,

Today what a cold cold day. I could just picture you would say I'm staying in "BOD" all day today. I wish I could too. Your son is ok in NYC. Dolores said he is coming home Sunday so watch over him. Ma, I leave soon March 1st. You know me and my cruises. I can't wait. Especially at night I will sit on my balcony and look up in the sky at all the stars...I know you will be THE BRIGHTEST STAR SHINNING DOWN ON ME. You will be also saying Francine aren't you scared sitting there...and my answer will be, NO MA....BECAUSE YOUR WATCHING OVER ME LIKE YOU ALWAYS DID SINCE I WAS A BABY. I say it to myself all the time ...YOUR THE ONLY ONE THAT REALLY UNDERSTOOD ME. How I miss you ma for sooo many different reasons. Ok...I guess this cold weather is giving me ONE OF THOSE DAYS...always on my mind.....and forever in my HEART till we meet again...xoxooxoxo

p.s. still noone makes meatballs like you...when we meet again, I want your sauce and meatballs waiting... ok MISSY? Hi daddy...not a day goes by that I don't think of you too. I miss sooo much about you, daddy. Aunt grey...your another one. WHY? I miss you alot and how I wish you were still here too. Nonno and Nonna I think of you too and miss you lots. Nonna I use your pot all the time to make popcorn...and Frankie? I never knew you. Only by pictures. How I wish I had another brother. But its your turn now with mommy and daddy, nonni and aunt grey. Hope you are all ok...and watching over all of us...LOVE TO ALL...FOREVER...xoxoxo
franca looks beautiful today you were right I love you and keep everyone safe down here.
Hey missy,

Its been a long time but like I say it doesnt mean that Im not thinking of you. You should know I talk to you all the time and always before I go to bed. Anyways, YOUR JOEY is going to NYC today for business so watch over him. The weather here is fine but in NYC isnt the best. All is the same here...nothing knew and exciting...well actually Chiara Rose is being baptized March 8th. Whats the problem? I come home from holidays that day but late at night so I will be missing it. Atleast you and dad will have front row seats...Nonna and nonno and aunt grey will be there too. Ma, Chiara is sooo cute omg....not because she is ours...but truly she is adorable. You are always in all of OUR HEARTS.....WE LOVE YOU ALL SOOO VERY MUCH....BUT MISS YOU EVEN MORE...XOXOXO
i love you all
Hey Ma,

Our plans changed last night. We ended up going to Swiss Chalet instead. Joe, Dolores, Michelley, Anna and me. It was so nice. We went to Swiss Chalet right beside our houses. Yesterday me, Joe and Anna received alot of texts from our friends. Everyone remembered about you yesterday. Then again, who wouldnt remember such a wonderful warm hearted wonderful person LIKE YOU MA. All our friends LOVED YOU ALOT. Today is another cold cold continue to watch over us all and we love you a whole bunch.....oxoxoxoxo
Forever in my heart the void will never never go away. I miss you all so very much. You truly were my "rock" in my life. I can still remember the sharp pain in my heart the shortness of breath the numbness of being here and the not knowing what was around me except the devastating feeling of a loss in my life that is going to be with me until we all meet again I love you so
It began this morning at 320am when Anna called us to tell us CODE BLUE was called on you. We rushed down to the hospital ONLY TO FIND OUT YOU DIED...You were suppose to COME HOME...since then OUR LIVES HAVENT BEEN THE SAME. The VOID can NEVER BE REPLACED. God changed HIS mind and for some reason NEEDED U...little did he know how much WE STILL NEEDED YOU...Anna and Joe are at your mass this morning. The mass was at 730am. They will come and visit you. Its NOT A GOOD DAY FOR wish all WISH....ok missy I can't talk....I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH AND MISS YOU MORE.......WE ALL DO......PLEASE WATCH OVER US ALL.......FOREVER AND ALWAYS YOUR CHILDREN.......JOE, ANNA...AND ME.....XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
love you

Thinking you were happy and excited about coming home. Looking forward to your STELLINO BELLO'S engagement party. I could just see your SMILE..WHY MA???? WHY????? Why did HE change HIS MIND????? Like I say ALWAYS....I will never ever understand. Ok, today isnt a good day...tomorrow will be I need you to wrap your arms around JOE, ANNA AND ME and send us HUGS AND have to give US STRENGHT THESE NEXT TWO DAYS...try and visit us tonight in our sleeps and let us know EVERYTHING IS OK...I can't talk anymore....later ma....xoxoxo
January-07-15 think last year at this time you had a horrible day....right to the next day... early in the morning when you passed left ALL OF US!!! That day...January 8, 2013 will haunt ALL OF US...forever!!! We ALL miss you & love you....NOTHING IS THE SAME ANYMORE.....iloveyoulots....xoxo
Hey Missy....

Everyone is home safe from Turks. You see your HANDSOME SON? What a nice tan. Michelley and Dolores got some colour too. Its nice everyone is home. In two more days you left us....the crazy part WE DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! We thought you were coming home. How crazy LIFE IS MA. Alrightie missy, I will be talking to you. Anna is having a mass on Thursday early morning. Yes, your darling Anna took the day off work..will be going to mass and then of course coming to visit you. No worries your son will come and visit too..he will play your favorite song/songs. Then me...I will just write in this book and pray at night like I always do. We MISS YOU LOTS....MORE THEN YOU KNOW....ok having one of those evenings...need to go later missy......xoxoxoxo love you xoxoxoxoo
i love you
who would have ever thought you would be gone so quickly you were coming home but I guess they needed you to be with everyone in Heaven. I love you and miss you more than words can express
Laying here in's Saturday and its 12:10pm. Anna is downstairs cooking. I'm laying here thinking in 5 more days it will be two years. I can't believe it ma. Like I say.....I will always ask WHY? Not a good day today...but we have to make the best of it. I'm going to the ZOO I love and miss you sooo much. Xoxo always on my mind and always in my broken heart....xoxo
Forever in our hearts with thoughts of memories love and happiness. To all of you we smile and go on but not a moment goes by without the void in our hearts ………………..
Only God knows how much we all miss you!!!! Hugs and kisses to you all
Thinking of all of you with much love hugs and kisses
Ma & i 'miss you' BOTH!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a Merry Christmas....well you know what I mean...THANK YOU for helping out again. Tomorrow we at Joe and Dolores house for Christmas Eve it will be a nice evening but no worries WE WILL BE THINKING OF YOU NON we always do. Can't wait to see Chiara...Ok missy I will be talking to you like need to start preparing for Christmas Eve too because you know dad used to like 12 different chop chop and start all of you soooo much......xoxoxoxoxoo
Love you all so very much the holidays will never ever be the same. You standing at the door and saying how everything looks perfect and what are you cooking it smells so good…….only God know what a void I have in my heart for all of you……….

Still having one of those weeks. Christmas is coming closer and closer. Its one week today. I wish so many things right many...Im sure you know what my wishes are too. I need you to help you always said FAMILY...FAMILY the most important..."YOUR" children were ALWAYS YOUR NUMBER would do ANYTHING TO MAKE "US" HAPPY..even if you didnt want too or agree with us...U ALWAYS MADE US HAPPY....Wish every"one" could be like you...
You ALWAYS KEPT PEACE AND that you are GONE........EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED....its beyond sad and I know you must be sad too..."we" keep trying...but we have no strenght anymore...we can't what Im asking PLEASE HELP.....try to turn this MISERABLE CHRISTMAS INTO A HAPPY ONE....THATS ALL WE WANT....PEACE AND HAPPINESS......

fyi....Dolores is doing Christmas Eve..daddy's will be nice..Jonatha and Claudia will be there...and of course CHIARA'S first, she is just beautiful..she is going to be look at Chiara you see "YOUR JONATHAN"..."YOUR STELLINO BELLO".......ok ma.....pls you lots...and miss your more............xoxoxo

What a day...what a we ever need you here......nothing is giong right...its going to be a MISERABLE CHRISTMAS......
xxxxx00000000love hugs and kisses
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNO.....actually I thought it was yesterday but of course mother YOUR HANDSOME SON JOE ....showed me his phone and it said Nonno's bday 105 years old. You know your son and his dates...oh dio. Anyways, today LOTS AND LOTS OF looks pretty outside. Oh ya ma, I almost forgot to ask. Monday night did you and dad come and visit? Anna thinks Im nuts but ma, I was in bed I felt someone tickle my foot. I remember moving my foot. But they when I looked up someone was standing at the foot of my bed smiling...I couldnt really make out face...I thought it was Anna...but she said it had to be you and dad...WAS IT?????? anyways, missing and love you both.......enjoy nonno's bday and make your famous homemade pasta....I would love to see dad swallow the pasta....he loved pasta...but then again what doesnt dad, me or joe love....we eat like daddy...xoxoox
Hey Ma,

I'm so happy. Saturday I was telling Anna I really wanted the Christmas music box out. Remember I bought that for you and you LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH.Last night when I got home I notice the Santa Clause Christmas tin that you loved so much in the kitchen...when I saw that I went straight to living room and saw the music box. OMG YOU DONT KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MADE ME...Then this morning I went to turn on BUT NO MUSIC just the lights...and I kept trying and trying finally got the music going and then THE LIGHTS DON'T GO ON ANYMORE. Please help me with the lights. That was your favorite. You loved that music box and having it out just feels soo nice. The holidays are coming real fast....always watch over us please...we all miss you sooo very much...but you know me...I really miss YOU AND DAD the MOST....forever and ever in YOUR KIDS BROKEN HEARTS...we LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH...XOXOXOXO
loveyoulots and we all smile even though our hearts are aching.
I love you all
Ma, my mind is wondering all over the place. Christmas is almost here and as the days go by it gets more depressing. Looks like Christmas Day I will be spending it with Sandra's family and Anna will go to Ellen's house. Like I said before...wish I could be away for the holidays. Joe, Dolores and everyone else is going to Turks for the holidays. I know your happy that "JOEY" is going. He hates flying like you and Jonathan but he is doing it FOR HIS FAMILY. It will be nice. Let him know how happy you are that he is going. Other then that...its the same old same old...yes, missy having one of those days AGAIN. Noone understands until they lose THEIR PARENTS.I will talk to you soon.....ciao for you all lots...and miss you more as everyday goes isn't the same anymore...especially for me and Anna..anna especially because she was so used to you always being around I would still travel and do my things because I knew you were in great hands. When I had to step up...I ALWAYS DID....I will never forget getting A++ from you...xooxoxoxoxo
Ma, its the weekend. Today is really cold outside. Winter is coming early this year. Plans this weekend nothing much ...going to visit Vinny. She is moving again. Other than that....nothing really. Like I have said before in my emails...I JUST WANT THESE HOLIDAYS TO COME AND GO. Not too sure what plans are for the holidays. You remember usually Christmas Day I spend with Sandra's family because me and Sandra always take off for New York City...but this year NO NEW YORK. I might still go there. As long as I know Anna goes to Ellen's with Dolores and Joe...I will be fine. I will spend Christmas Eve with Anna and OUR FAMILY...Joe, Dolores and the kids. Even when you and daddy were alive remember Christmas Day I always spent with Paul's family. Christmas Eve WAS ALWAYS MORE SPECIAL IN OUR I think as long as I am with everyone that day...Christmas Day I will probably go to Sandra's. Everything is up in the air right now. I will tell you something ma.....if missy here wins a lottery I WILL BE GONE ON THE HOLIDAYS.....probably a cruise or know you used to say YOUR LIKE YOUR FATHER...alrightie everyone....miss you all alot...and love you even more.....p.s..aunt grey you have been on my mind alot lately. I miss talking to you and you calling me GOOF OR IDIOT...I have great memories aunt...and I STILL LOVE YOU LOTS.....and miss you sooooooo much too....ok having a day...ciao for now...
Just wanted to let you know...although I don't write in the book everyday...there isnt a day that I don't think of you and dad atleast a million times...I always play the "WHAT IF GAME"...I guess I will never stop until we meet again. Hate the holidays.....wish I was going away. Ma, it gets dark by 5pm now. Its awful. Today is really windy. Missy, help us smile because lately we have been feeling down in the dumps. Are smiles are FAKES..especially with the holidays coming up. Wish I could blink and it would be all over. Just continue to be with me and Anna over the holidays and always.....oh ya...your son could I forget about him? I guess because its only me and Anna...well thats we always say to eachother...our famous line...WE ONLY HAVE EACHOTHER....LOVE YOU AND DAD LOTS AND WE MISS YOU EVEN MORE.....xoxoxoxo
love you all. Chiara is beautiful!!!!!!
loveyoulots and not a day goes by without thoughts of all of you, Smile even though your heart is aching.
ding dong meant to say UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN...and I wrote UNIT....ya ya typing faster then Im thinking....THATS ME MOTHER DEAR.....XOXOXO
Missy, I know your really happy today. You were sooo happy when you saw YOUR HANDSOME son come join his sisters for dinner. It was a simple dinner but it was really nice. Ya, you know Joe playing your songs at the dinner table...oh dio..then ma, Im funny did you see Joe gave BOTH HIS SISTERS A LITTLE SOMETHING...very nice. Of course, Im like a central vacuum I took it right away..but YOUR ANNA of course didnt want it. But you know me...I scooped up mine and Anna' worries I gave it to Anna. I always tell her..if Joey OFFERS JUST ACCEPT...LOL...actually ma, he has been really good lately...its weird. Ok ok...ya ya...WONDERFUL TO HAVE A BROTHER...have you seen me lately? Making breakfast EVERY MORNING FOR HIM? Yes, that means WAKING UP EARLIER..and I have been doing that FOR YOUR SON...what a SISTER...Today is suppose to be a nice let the sun out. Can you beleive its already November....omg time is flying by. To think in 2 months it will be 2 years? WOW...I still can't believe it. YOUR KIDS MISS YOU ALOT. Joe and Anna always visit you...and Joe says everytime he comes to visit you he plays music...I think he plays it for nonna too. I never forget what nonna said to me/us...when she dies she wanted us to honk the horn in the cemetary to say THAT SHE HAS ARRIVED. When I think of everyone that we have lost I just can't beleive how unlucky we have been. First Frankie, nonno, daddy, nonna, aunt grey then YOU....WOW...we had great times together all of us...great memories..memories that will last forever, just like the LOVE WE HAVE FOR ALL OF YOU, IT WILL LAST FOREVER AND EVER...UNIT WE MEET AGAIN.....keep watching over all of us....tons of hugs and kisses to all......xoxoxoxo

Aunt Lib forgot...YOUR A BEE'S NONNA to Chiara. Ma, I have to admitt not because Chiara is ours but what a beautiful little girl she is. When I see pictures I see YOUR STELLINO BELLO JONATHAN...she looks exactly like him. What a sweetheart she is. Anyways, hope your day was nice yesterday. Did aunt Grey make her potatoes? Today is Halloween and its just miserable. RAINY, GLOOMY AND WINDY. It will be like this all day long. Tonight I will be taking Emma out for Halloween. She is really excited. Yesterday ma, everyone remembered your bday...Marci, Vinny, Diana. They all wished you a happy birthday. You know Vinny, she always called you Mrs. U......and Marci sent a message to me and Anna that made me cry. Then there is Diana that also thinks of you alot. She always remembers the way you would ask about her brother and her mother. She remembers the soups you would always make her. She also tells me all the time...your mother is the only one that understands the pain I'm in...only your mother. You touched alot of my friends hearts. They all loved you so much. But, then again, I never heard of anyone saying anything bad about you....IT WAS ALWAYS....FRANCA YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT was nice to hear...but seriously, I KNEW I HAD THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. So loving to did everything from your heart whether it was making pasta for your grandchildren or making soup for one my friends. IT WAS ALWAYS MADE WITH LOVE....LOVE....LOVE.....that is why MISSY ITS SO HARD.............THIS IS WHY NOONE WILL EVER EVER FORGET YOU. THAT DON'T MAKE MOTHERS LIKE YOU....WELL VERY FEW. BUT YOUR ON THE TOP...all my love forever........continue to watch all over us.....xoxoxo

p.s. Im bad!!! I bought Joe breakfast...again brings me, I kept saying NO ...NO.....HE DIDN'T ACCEPT NO...SO I TOOK worries Lotto tickets will be bought...xoxoxoo love to all...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA!!!.....nothing is the same anymore....i really do miss you have no idea.....iloveyoulots...xoxoxoxo
Loving you more each day that passes!!!!Your special day the day you were born!!!! We love you so much and we hope you are celebrating up there with everyone. If only we all could turn back time…………………Happy Birthday to a Mother ,Grandmother ,and sister who always no matter what kind of day it was……..made our hearts smile…….I love you so. Now you are with your wonderful Husband Mother Father Sister and with Frankie who finally has a chance to spend time with his Mother.

This is HOW today WOULD OF BEEN. You and Anna would spend the day together. Back in the days you would go up to aunt Grey's and spend the day with her and nonna. THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Aunt Grey would make you a nice lunch her famous potatoes or you would go out for chinese food. The four of you would enjoy the whole day together. Now, today, Anna still takes the day off...she went to mass this morning...she will come and visit you and spend a couple of hours...Joe, would of called you this morning and just hearing his voice the smile and excitment all over your face was priceless!!! The love you had for us, YOUR KIDS OMG...OMG....even when you didnt agree with would always say, NO MATTER WHAT YOU STICK BY YOUR KIDS...and that you did MISSY....I hope today aunt Grey gives you the day off from cooking...I know she will...atleast you will have her famous potatoes. I hope your all celebrating. Down here, IT'S ONE OF THOSE DAYS....wishing we could turn back time...ok ma, my make-up is getting missy just have a wonderful day and remember YOUR KIDS ARE THINKING ABOUT YOU 24/7 AND ESPECIALLY TODAY!!!!....WE SEND OUR LOVE ALWAYS AND BEST WISHES....send some hugs and kisses to us...xoxoxoxo
Happy Birthday!!!!
Love you lots…..all of you
What are your famous words? Franca, when you do do it A++..did you see that breakfast I made FOR YOUR SON? He enjoyed it. Yes, I know ma, Joey lookes sooo handsome. You love that his hair is getting longer...I know ma, I know. lol..So in TWO DAYS your birthday is here. Anna as usually will take the day off work and she will come visit you. No worries your son will go too. Then there is ME...ya, I won't be coming. Although I don't come you know I always think of you and I love you lots. I will come soon to visit you...I promise. Today is another awful day. It's raining and gloomy. Hate these days ma. Anyways, talk to everyone....xoxooxo
p.s...did you see Joe gave me a little something for his breakfast...I told him NO..but then I snatched it will buy lottery tickets BECAUSE U JUST NEVER
loveyoualllots and the void in my heart is profound
This is how it all happened. Ding dong here went to work Wednesday morning in a lot of pain. I really thought it was nothing. I thought the pain would pass. Then Angie was the one Franca go to hospital. So finally listened and I went. Yes, ding dong drove herself. When I checked in the guy said follow the GREEN line so I did. The nurse said sorry wrong department. I went back and he said sorry I'm new you should follow the ORANGE LINE!!! I was like no problem..... I will follow my mom!!!!!!! After being there so long screaming in pain and of course swearing because the pain was unbearable they took me into another room laying down with I.V. And morphine. There was the kindest nurse around looking after me. Just wonderful... The best... Just to find out Friday because Anna called to say how wonderful she was to me and other patients that her name was LISA!!!!!!!!!! How I should of known!! You were good to everyone!!!! Especially your family!!! Ma, the again... The first time they gave me food ORANGE jello was sent to me..... So you were watching me like a hawk!!!! No wonder I got better so quickly. The only thing MISSY you know I hate jello ??. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and that I love you so much... The tears haven't stopped and the heart still aches??
thankyou………….its all about your blessings and I love you all!!!!! Franca is home safe and sound ………and I truly believe its all because of you.
Ma I'm home. U were watching over me in emerg and in my room. Glad I went. I'm strong like daddy. No worries this time fibre fibre fibre for me. Love you so much and thanks again for being all around me. Fyi the nurse that looked after me her name was Lisa. Amazing how you came through all over. Xoxo
Good Morning Everyone,

Another gloomy morning. More rain is on its way. Ma, did you see what I did this morning? I made myself a toasted bagel with cheese and ham. I cut and half and was going to eat it at work. Then when I got to work YOUR HANDSOME SON was in the kitchen. I gave him half. I warned him...I don't make sandwiches like ma and Anna. I said I make mine very plain. Well, missy guess what JOEY ENJOYED IT. What did you used to say to me???? Franca, you don't do it often but when I did things it was always good. So Im sure you would of given me an A++. So tomorrow I may just surprise him again. Lets see what time I wake up. It was nice because it was still warm the bagel. I made it right before I left for work. See ma I can do when I WANT TO you all lots...xoxoxo
I do not understand why my messages do not show up! I wrote to you for Joey than Michelly for their birthdays. I love your kids so very much……..they are always around in some way. They seem to know……….when I need them………their voice their visit makes my heart smile. Loving you each day more and more and feeling the strong void in my heart that you and Gracie are not here. But just when the day is done something orange will appear……and my heart smiles for that moment. I love you I love you I love you both so so very much and not one moment in the day goes by without thoughts of you both and everyone else up stairs. Baci e Abbracci per sempre.
Hey Ma,

Its been awhile since we talked. The weather has been terrible. Gloomy and rainy. Its dark by 5pm now. I always think of you and daddy alot...even aunt gracie but with the weather like this I even think more about you guys. Aunt Libby really misses you. You need to visit her because she needs someone to talk too. She misses your talks and your visits sooo much. Since your gone so many things have happened and keep happening....some are good things and some are sad things. All I'm saying is watch over aunt Lib and send her a hug and kiss. She needs you ma...but like I always think...AFTER A STORM THERE IS ALWAYS A RAINBOW....AND THAT RAINBOW WILL COME OUT....I HAVE TO BELIEVE....because I know your watching over us and you will let that RAINBOW COME OUT....on a happy note Anna, Dolores and Michelley went to see Chiara last night. OMG MA, WHAT A STELLINA BELLA....she is Jonathan...just soo cute omg. I'm sure you and daddy watch over Chiara all the time. She is healthy and just beautiful....oh ma, today is another awful day...I'm getting into one of those moods and I hate when that happens...but noone understands until they have lost their parents....please continue to watch over us everyday. Oh ya, your handsome son I brought him breakfast almost everyday last week but this morning NOTHING...thank God he didnt even feel like anything...maybe tomorrow lets see what time I wake up...I remember in the morning when you didn't see me get up you would say Francine....get up.... your going to be have to get JOEY BREAKFAST...sometimes in the morning I still hear you say that and I get out of bed saying ya ya ma...ya ya....ok like I said having one of those you all and miss you guys sooooooooooo much....xoxoxo
Ma & Dad,
Now that you are BOTH gone....NOTHING is the same anymore. Everyone says it 'gets' better...but NO it doesn't. The VOID is a horrible feeling and the emptiness is always there....
'ILOVEYOUBOTHLOTS' ....missing you BOTH more & more each and every day....right down to the second...xoxo
sent a message and it does not show…….go figure… you all
FYI ma, I text Joey this morning and said, birthday boy what would u like for breakfast? He first said muffin then later text back and said toasted western...yes, ma........ITS NICE TO HAVE A BROTHER...LOL..I forgot to give Joey a kiss...oh dear I guess I will tonight..anyways, join us for dinner tonight....tomorrow is OUR MICHELLEY'S BDAY...29 YEARS time flies...I can't believe its almost going to be two years for you. How we miss you and daddy sooo much..xoxoxo

IT'S YOUR HANDSOME SON'S BIRTHDAY TODAY...and ma, he looks really nice today. You will see him because knowing Joey he will come by and visit you today. He will play the music and he will play the wishing game like we all do. You would of called Joey at 7am today. The sun is shining so I guess that is you wishing Joey a happy birthday. Tonight we are going out for dinner...Sushi...Ginza. We all love that place alot. Ok missy watch over Joey today send him a sign that your wishing him a happy birthday...we love and miss you all so very much......keep the sun shining....xoxooxo
Hey Ma,

I have a few things to tell you. First today the weather is awful. Chilly, gloomy, and raining.
So missy did you see your HANDSOME SON came over Sunday morning LIKE OLD TIMES. Not as early but still early enough. I was still kind of sleeping. But once he started playing ALL YOUR FAVORITE SONGS I came downstairs. Anna made him a beautiful breakfast. It was nice seeing him Sunday morning but still it felt very weird. You used to look sooo forward to seeing JOEY EVERY SUNDAY MORNING. You would always wake up earlier to make sure you had your shower, put on your eyeliner and HAVE YOUR HAIR PERFECT. You would sit in the kitchen waiting to see JOEY WALK THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR..when you saw him...YOUR FACE LITE would always say, HI JOE....DON'T YOU LOOK HANDSOME? YOU ALWAYS LOOK HANDSOME....and Joey would answer you.....MA, KNOCK IT would both sit there, talking, stuffing your the paper, listening to your music...we have soooo many memories many that it hurts thinking about them because I just cry and I right now I can't even see because Im crying...oh, its one of those days......Joe's bday is in two days and Im sure he will come and visit and play music for enjoy that day with Joe....ok ma, I can't write you....and God only knows how much we miss you ..................xoxoxoxo you are always in our hearts and forever thinking of you......xoxooxo
What a beautiful Chiara!!!!!!!!!! Jonathan has his own loving family now………….pray and watch over everyone!!!!! Always with much love hugs and kisses to you all.
Hey Ma,

Another beautiful day. The sun is shinning and its so warm. Keep the sun shinnng because WE ALL STAY HAPPY WHEN ITS OUT. Ok missy LOVE TO ALL...thinking of you always....xoxoxo
Good Morning Mother dear.....

Last night was sooooo nice. Tony made a great bbq...aunt Rita made really good potatoes...excellent. It was a very nice dinner. Then did you see? What a cake they bought for me. Ma, baskin favorite Rocky Road...but Nina got them to deccorate in ORANGE AND POKE-A-DOTS...and these fancy candles. SOOOO NICE. They also got me my favorite....lululemon gift card. So nice ma. NO CARDS:( its ok in the winter we will play. Today missy its a beautiful sunny day. Yes, guess what? Sunday Im on the ice cream truck:( Phil wanted me Saturday too but I have bday plans Sunday I will go on the truck. Keep the sun shining because it makes us all feel better. Love you lots...miss you more.....and watch over all of us...xoxooxo
Hey Ma

What a beautiful day today is. Actually all week and weekend is going to be warm and sunny. Tonight Im going to aunt Rita's for dinner. Tony is making bbq steaks...can't wait. We will not be playing cards thats only for the winter. This is for my bday. We are having a little party at aunt Rita's house. It will be really nice. Other than that..everything is the same here. We are still missing you and dad...well everyone alot. You are constantly on our minds and we are constantly wishing we could turn back time....anyways, I will write you tomorrow to let you know how dinner was...but I will give you will be wonderful because whenever I go to aunt Rita's house I have a wonderful meal and alot of fun...we all send hugs and kisses to everyone....
love you lots all of you

I dont know where to start. Yesterday morning started off with alot of rain and I was thinking to myself THATS MY were sad because it was my birthday brunch. But when it counted the MOST....the SUN CAME OUT...AND YOU WERE AT THE PARTY. It was just beautiful. Although I kind of knew I was still SHOCKED TO SEE SOME OF MY FRIENDS and of course I CRIED. Ma, YOUR SON....MY BROTHER said a BEAUTIFUL SPEECH. Of course I cried. He mentioned you and dad and everyone else too. It was beautiful...The over all day was just a wonderful surprise. Ma, guess what? YOUR HANDSOME SON.....HE PAID FOR MY PARTY...I know I could hear you now...see FRANCA IT'S SO NICE TO HAVE A BROTHER....I wish I had one. You always, always said that to me. I didn't know Joe paid until last night when Anna told me...I was stunned but Joe is like me...WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, WE COME THROUGH...yes, ma don't worry I thanked Joey for ..The best part of the day IS WHEN U JOINED US...WHEN I SAW THAT SUN SHINING IN AND SOOOOOO WARM I KNEW IT WAS YOU...u were watching over all of us and that warmth I felt...THAT A WAS BIG BIG HUG FROM YOU AND DAD...I know it was.XOXOXO So ANNA AND JOE......THANK YOU BOTH FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY...IM BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A FANTASTIC SISTER AND BROTHER...I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH....xoxoxoxoxoxo
Ma, continue watching over all of us...we love and miss YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH.....
Ma, this Sunday we are going to Doctor's House for my brunch. It won't be the same without you. To think we celebrated your 75th birthday....who would of thought your last???????? Well, on Sunday bring some sunshine in the room so I know your there too. Do something so I know BOTH YOU AND DAD ARE CELEBRATING WE US....I have a busy weekend ahead. Tonight Sandra is having the girls over...Saturday going to Newmarket and going out for dinner with Vinny, Lina, Tibor and Luana....then Sunday brunch...then its all over. Ma, I know I said NOMORE TRUCK...but I might work a couple of weekends before going to Montreal. Its not long days like the summer. I will see. I told Phil NO already but I will see. I know your glad the truck is over. Ok missy join us on you lots.....xoxoxoo
Hi Ma,

What a beautiful night we had last night. After work me, Anna, Joe and Dolores went to see the baby. God Bless her...she is just beautiful. OUR LITTLE PRINCESS...I still can't believe Jonathan is a daddy. After we left Jonathan's place we went to Dolores for a bbq. It was so nice. Joey makes a fantastic bbq...omg. The steak he made MELTED IN YOUR would of been too red for you but for me..AMAZING PERFECT. We had such a wonderful evening. oh ya, in Chiara's room there are all butterflies on the wall. Painted on. So of course, we thought of YOU LIKE WE ALWAYS DO. So, you will be watching over her while she is sleeping and keeping her safe. How we wish you could of been a part of all this. I keep trying to convience myself that you see EVERYTHING....and you being the best mom YOUR WATCHING OVER EVERY SINGLE ONE OF you...miss you.....xoxoo
Omg Omg Omg your kids......I have no words. Joe surprised flowers much love and thankyou for the gift.I will cherish that forever and ever. Smile............................even though your heart is breaking. I miss you all so very much.
Hey Ma,

Yesterday was a beautiful know your daughter WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND. My earrings, my words.....aunt Lib gave me a beautiful it. She engraved Happy 50th..I love it. Then it was suppose to be me and Anna for dinner because on Sunday we are going to the DOCTOR'S HOUSE where we celebrated your last birthday...75th...who would of ever thought? Oh dear. So me and Anna at Choice and then OUR BROTHER shows up. It was the THREE OF US. Very very nice evening. Oh ma, Joey is SOOO FUNNY...OMG...he is ALL YOU....oh ya...remember when Joey would play music for you...well he was doing it in the restaurant. SO FUNNY...the waiter loved the music too. Joey played one of your favorites. Doctor Chicago??? He was PRICELESS LAST NIGHT. Yesterday Joey came to see all of you...Anna knew by the way the chair was infront of you and daddy. Your son was playing music for you....and showing you pictures of OUR PRICELESS CHIARA...but Im sure you and daddy saw her. You were right by Jonathan's side..YOUR STELLINO BELLO when she arrived HEALTHY AND SAFE..Anna and Joe always come and visit. Ma, I may come twice a year. I don't like going there. Although I dont go I think and pray to you all the time. I miss you so much. Last night at dinner just the three of us. Was weird...because although we have Dolores the kids...ITS REALLY ONLY ME, ANNA AND JOE...well Joe has his own and Anna have eachother TILL DEATH DO US PART...P.S. remember you TAKE ME FIRST...daddy wants to play cards. Nonno plays like Anna too slow. Me and daddy played fast. I miss playing cards soooo much. Now that winter is coming I will be going to Aunt Rita's and playing cards with them...Nina, Tony, aunt Rita and me. We have fun...we play for money...well, ma, yesterday was a beautiful day. Dinner was amazing...YES..YES...YES....ITS WONDERFUL TO HAVE A was nice because the THREE OF US DON'T DO IT ENOUGH. Continue to watch over ALL OF US....especially our new little one...CHIARA...keep her healthy and strong. WE LOVE YOU....AND WE MISS YOU BOTH SOOOO MUCH......but like I and daddy have front row seats.

Hey Ma

OMG you are MISSING SOOO MUCH...Like aunt Lib made it happen. Oh ma, Chiara is a STELLINA BELLA. I have no words for her. She looks like OUR JONATHAN....I still can't beleive he is a daddy. I was just getting used to him being married. Now Joe and Dolores are PROUD NONNI...tonight me and Anna are finally going to see Chiara. I know you and daddy are watching from above. Today ma me and aunt Lib's bday...I turned the big 50 and aunt Lib 65. How I missed coming down the stairs this morning, you sitting in the kitchen...and when I would come down you would say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCINE, and you would raise your right hand and move all your fingers...that was your way of saying HI..I promised I wouldnt cry...but I started yesterday on the truck...then last night...then this morning. Your daughter OMG..OMG....did you see? She gave me a card from you and Dad...then made me a diamond necklace from your RING...omg ONLY ANNA THINKS OF THESE THINGS...THE TEARS ARE FLOWING...THE HEART IS ACHING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TODAY...the sun is out...but later rain...oh ya, aunt Grey Anna got me a card saying FABULOUS..right away I thought of YOU...I miss you alot aunt Grey...NOTHING IS THE SAME WITH YOU AND MY MOM GONE...NOTHING....Anyways, I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH....Mom and Dad how I MISSED YOU TODAY.....
P.S. omg how could I forget YOUR HANDSOME SON told me to drop off my car this morning...he is getting my car detailed. I KNOW ITS SOOO NICE TO HAVE A BROTHER.....between us ma, I KNOW IT IS...I bug Joe....but he is like me WE KEEP EVERYONE'S BLOOD so ma try NOT TO LET IT RAIN....pls....xoxoxoxo send some hugs and kisses to me and aunt Lib...xoxoxoox
Your blessings made it happen!!!!! Not 13th not 15th. Sunday September 14th Chiara your beautiful Great granddaughter was born…..Your stellino bello is a Daddy and beautiful and loving Claudia a Mommy. Mr Handsome Son is a Nonno and your beautiful Dolores a Nonna!!!Wonderful and loving Anna and Franca Great Aunts. We smile…………but there will always and forever be be a void in our hearts. Loving you all !!!! Chiara is born in a circle of love that is enormous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smile even though your heart is aching…………..wishing you both lots of smiles up above with everyone until we meet again with much love hugs and kisses.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND you and miss you both soooo very much.....xoxoxoxo always thinking of you both...FOREVER....
Who would of thought 'BOTH' of you gone!! At least you are together...Ma...Dad...'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY' today.....'ALWAYS'...thinking of you really 'hurts' alot. I miss you BOTH so much....iloveyoulots...xo

Your son is sooooooo funny. This morning I said to him Joe what is today? He said one month to my birthday...hello thats not what I was talking about. Its one week till I turn 50. He was oh ya. Meanwhile, I know your son he remembers everything so he knew. He was being like daddy. lol. So ma I turn!!! I promise that day I don't want to cry. I don't want Anna or aunt Lib especially to make me cry. I just want a Happy Birthday and NO TEARS. On the Monday me and Anna or ordering Choice of the Orient and eating at home just the two of us and watching Dancing with the Stars. Thats good for me. Guess what on that day if Claudia doesnt have her baby before Jonathan was telling me she will have a c another birthday on the 15th. Im hoping it happens on Sept. 10...your anniversary. That would be sooo nice. Make it happen like you did with the bed. This weekend is my last weekend on the truck...I'm hoping and so is Anna. I have a feeling Phil will convience me to go out again. I will see. Today is a beautiful day ma...sunny and warm. Make sure on the 15th there is sun so this way I know your wishing me and aunt lib a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know you will....if you don't I know that means you wish you could and that your missing us soooooooooo much....I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU....I REALLY DO MA....XOXOXOXO
ilovetheorangeblanketitfeelssogoodwhenicovermyselfifeelyouaroundme. Love you all so very much and keep your eyes on us all hugslovekisses

What happened to the sun? ITS POURING RAIN, LIGHTENING AND THUNDERING. Remember you used to be so scared especially if you were home alone. Days like this make me, Anna and aunt Lib very sad. So please turn our sad faces into smiles...let the sun out. OMG how could I forget...did you like the new tablecloth Anna bought? She knew you would....ok missy hurry and change this weather the tears are flowing and Im at work ....ok we will talk later......ciao for now...
Hey Ma,

This morning the sun is shining bright. So nice. Well mother dear ice cream season is almost OVER....THANK GOD...Anna is counting the days too. This weekend was a long weekend so I worked all 3 days. I worked 43hours this weekend...IN THREE DAYS. How do I feel ma? You know...but like I say...I have to do what I have to matter what. ITS ONLY ME AND ANNA....WE HAVE NOONE...One more major event Sept. 12, 13 and 14...then Im calling it quits...HAD ENOUGH...If things go my way ma, IM HOPING TO GOD NEXT YEAR NO TRUCK...I need away from it ALL. You know ma, you ALWAYS hated me on the hated when summer came because you would say...NOW ITS TIME FOR THAT CRAZY worried about me 24/7 when I was on that truck. You would call me all the time. Your famous lines, did you eat? Are you busy? If I would tell you I wasnt busy you would say GOOD...just come home!!! To this day I miss your phone calls on the truck. Ok, looks like its going to be one of those days AGAIN......oh wait, forgot to tell you. Jonathan said Claudia's due date is Sept. 10th wouldnt that be nice if SHE was born on your anniversary? Oh well we can only wait and see. LOVE YOU...MISS YOU....and ALWAYS WISHING I COULD TURN BACK TIME....XOXOXOXO

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.......TI AMO SEMPRE................
I'm having one of those days……..missing you all so so so much I love you so so from the bottom of my heart!!!
once again I was typing faster then my brain was working. Meant to say WATCHING GOLDEN GIRLS...NOT WAITING....sorry ma....but u know me best...........xoxoxoo
Ma, today going home at lunch felt so weird. I always eat in livingroom and I always used to look at your bed and picture. Looking there today and seeing the loveseat didnt seem right. I think of the days I used to come home and you would be laying on it and me sitting on couch waiting Golden Girls. Golden Girls is no longer on tv and your no longer there I hate it. Not sure what is going on with me today...but its an awful day ma...just awful.....xoxoxo
Hey Ma,

Today Im having one of those days...anyways, Anna just emailed me and the man that bought the bed for his mother...he said she had such a peaceful sleep last night. Im so happy that this bed helped someone that was like you in so many ways. My heart is really aching today and I can't explain why???? All I know is its one of those days. I wish the pain would go away but it only seems to get worse....ok ma, I will talk to you me have a better day please....xoxoxoo
Good Morning Everyone....

What a morning...the sun is shining and ma, you made it happen..THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. Happy Birthday to ME.....Ma, the bed is gone. The people that came to get it were sooooooooo nice. What a beautiful family. You would be so happy. Their mother sounded like you...VERY PICKY..They called me yesterday to make appointment and came over just after 6pm. Although it took sooo long to sell, when it did sell, IT HAPPENED SO FAST. Yes, of couse me and Anna had OUR MOMENT. We cried and cried. It was like it was like losing you all over again. It was like selling Victory Drive. It took so long, and when we sold it THERE WAS A BIG EMPTINESS. It looks weird without the bed. Missy, I really need to thank Nina ma. She was the one that said to me, Franca send me pictures let me put it on Kijii and Craigslist. I said to her, Nee whoever looks at Craigslist. She said nevermind trust me. Well ma, Nina was right. The people that bought it their brother in Florida went on Craigslist and found YOUR BED. So send hugs and kisses to Nina. So Nina a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO YOU CHICKIE....Also aunt Lib thanks for trying too. I can finally admitt I believe YOU ARE WATCHING OVER US..AND HELPING US. I guess although you haven't come in my dreams you listen to my prayers and you read this book. You loved reading. Continue to make the sun shine and ma, I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN. Tears still flow heart still aches...and the void in my heart...I HAVE NO WORDS!!!!! Forever thinking about you ALL and LOVING you ALL.....xoxoxoxoxo
Thankyou thankyou thankyou for making some things come true!!!!! Thankyou for always being around us………I love you so very much and forever in our hearts!!!!
Ding dong made ANTOHER mistake...meant to say SELL not SEE....told you my mind is somewhere else today:(
Hey Ma,

Today is going to be a very humid day. Anyways, aunt Lib tried very hard to see the bed. NOTHING....looks like that bed will be part of the living room furniture. Oh well this is life. If I had money I would donate day...I keep playing my lottery.....anyways, ma everything is the same down here. We are always thinking about you all and missing you more...I feel one of those days coming on today....not sure whats going on in my mind..but whatever.....anyways, miss you and love you lots....hugs and kisses to everyone.....daddy, aunt grey, nonna and nonno and Frankie.....xoxoo
Hey Ma,

The sun just came out right now so I just had to write to you. Its so nice when the sun is shining bright. Ma, you have to help me...Anna went away for a few days and I need to do something. Ma, I have to get rid of your hospital bed. Its almost two years. Ma, noone understands. I already hate being in that house. MEMORIES....I go up and down those stairs and I always SEE YOU ON THOSE STAIRS WITH THAT were sooooooooooooo scared that day. It was only me and Dolores that saw you. If Joe or Anna had seen you OMG....even aunt Lib...I always say thank God it was me and Dolores. That day IS ENGRAVED IN MY HEAD FOREVER. I keep seeing you on those stairs and you saying...I THOUGHT YOU WOULD FIND ME repeats in my head 24/7. No one can understand because THEY WERE NOT THERE....only Dolores. Im writing this to you and I see you on the stairs saying that to me..its like it happened yesterday. So ma, Im asking FOR YOUR HELP...Pls help us get rid of your bed. THE MEMORIES HURT SOOO MUCH...I look at that bed all the time and I see you laying on it...IN PAIN..or saying Franca, my legs hurt sooo much. I look at that bed AND ITS SAD MEMORIES...not happy memories. I need it out of the house ma....pls pls help. I have asked everyone AND NOTHING....WHY???????? They don't live THERE.....why would it bother anyone? Please for my 50th find someone that needs it....we DON'T NEED IT ANYMORE....I want happy memories in the house...NOT I wish we could move...Ok its one of those days ma. I had to vent because YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT EVER UNDERSTOOD ME..


Glad I took after you for this. See the entry I wrote for aunt Grey's bday...well of course it NEVER SHOWED UP. So once again I opened my mouth and surprise surprise...ITS THERE NOW....Lol...anyways, aunt Lib and I had lunch the other day. She came to the house on my lunch hour. It was really nice. She brought us so many nice things from Italy..ORANGE...ORANGE AND MORE it all. Especially the cover up. You would of loved that. Its a peachy orange with it. Can't wait to take and trip and wear it. What aunt Lib doesn't realize when she walked to the door to say good-bye to me...she doesn't think I noticed her look at your picture with have on the table. I could see in her eyes how much she misses you and wishes you had been there having lunch with us. She thinks of you ALL THE TIME. But, then again, WE ALL DO. Like me and Anna say, noone understands until they go threw it. This week is awful weather. RAIN MA...LOTS OF RAIN...I'm thinking its raining so much because YOU ARE MISSING US ALOT. Aunt Lib turns 65 and I turn 50 this year....U R NOT HERE FOR THAT. We aren't doing anything. LIKE I SAY...."IT'S JUST ANOTHER YEAR OLDER AND ANOTHER DAY"...oh dear having one of those days AGAIN...anyways, we will talk again. I'm just happy aunt Grey received her bday wishes from me....LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU ALL......XOXOOXOXO
Had a wonderful lunch with Franca today!!! You again were around us. Love you all so very much ………….until we are together again send your blessings and watch over us all .
Hey Ma,

First things first...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AUNT GREY....Of course I forgot...sorry. Thank God for my HANDSOME WONDERFUL BROTHER...I received a text from him yesterday saying it was your bday and your 61. Joe remembers EVERYTHING...EVERYTHING. Then he came by to see you. Sorry I have not been there since you were buried. He sent me a picture. Its beautiful and the picture of you...omg aunt you look amazing..I think Tanya looks just like you although everyone says its Frankie. Im still shocked your gone. I just don't understand why you and my mom went so soon. I continue to ask GOD WHY? The answer I always receive IS YOU BOTH ARE ANGELS...HE only takes the BEST....will we ever get over your deaths? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. Hopefully we do meet again. I hope you all celebrated yesterday. Ma, hope you made your famous sauce and meatballs. August is almost over...what does that mean ma? ICE CREAM SEASON IS ALMOST OVER...counting the days. Im beyond tired of doing that truck...LOVE YOU ALL...MISS YOU ALL....AND CONSTANTLY THINKING OF EVERYONE.....
p..s... aunt I still have FABULOUS hanging in my gave me that and I will forever have it hanging there. When I look at it I always hear you say GOOF too I miss you aunt Grey....oh dear ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE DAYS...........oh dio...xoxoxoxo
Gracie's Birthday! Love you both so much,forever and ever in our hearts.
My Dear Elisa, thank you for being around me on Thursday….you must have truly known how much I love you and miss you all. The walk……that was you……three kilometres ………….what a surprise it was……..thankyou ……it was worth the feeling and the tears. Forever in my heart and Gracie you are a shining star please look after all of us I love you……….to you all up there…… is never the same no matter what goes on down here on earth. Through laughter and tears we will always be together in our hearts.
Ma, let the sun out. Too much rain today. Anyways, aunt Lib is home. You would of been her first phone call. You would of said..."Libby Im happy your home safe, but it was too long"...and you would of told her you missed her and loved her alot. Ok, I'm not really in the mood to talk...this weather ma...OMG ITS POURING AND GLOOMY......and I feel like the weather today...miss you you more.....forever in my heart....not a day goes by that I don't think of you and daddy.....xoxoxo
Hello Mother.....

What a miserable weekend. Lots of rain. You know what the rain does to me and Anna. Please let the sun come out. I had a busy weekend on the truck. Especially Saturday I worked 19hours on the truck. Yes, I know you can't wait till its all over. Neither can me and Anna. This whole month busy with events. Tonight me and Anna are going to have dinner and relax. Probably fall asleep early. I forgot to tell you last week after Joey gave me that money I brought him breakfast the following day. He was SHOCKED. Time is flying by...its already August. Next month I turn 50 years old...OH think when I turned 40 daddy wassn't was me, you and Anna at Victory. Now when I turn 50 I don't have either one of you. I would of NEVER THOUGHT.....NEVER...Joey, Anna and me would be without parents this early....omg I need to stop writing..NOT A GOOD DAY.....PLS LET THE SUN OUT....XOXOXOXOXO
Hey Ma,

I could just hear you now. You would be giving me your famous A++. I remembered to take out the garbage this morning. Omg it was funny..I found myself TRYING TO MAKE GARBAGE JUST TO GET RID OF IT. Something YOU AND ANNA ALWAYS DID. So when I get home I will HAVE TO BRING IT IN TOO...oh, did you SEE YOUR HANDSOME SON TODAY???? For no reason comes to my desk and gives me money. Yup, I grabbed it soooo asked what it was for and he said JUST BECAUSE..yaya ma, NICE TO HAVE A BROTHER. I have been bad lately. I haven't bought him breakfast in a long time. No worries I will surprise him one day soon. Today looks like another FALL DAY. Its gloomy and looks like rain. Oh ma...what can I say that I HAVEN'T SAID A MILLION TIMES OVER? OUR LIVES WILL NEVER EVER EVER BE THE SAME...NO MATTER WHAT...NEVER......looks like its going to be one of those days today....xoxo
Oh ma of all the weeks to have rain non-stop. Anna is away downtown for work. Means I'm home alone. This weather doesn't help because I will be downstairs PLAYING THE WHAT IF GAME. It will be very lonely. This weekend on the truck I was at James Garden but no money.....Saturday not bad but Sunday was terrible. Its almost over ma, I know you and Anna are happy. No worries so am I. This weekend have a busy weekend and its going to be late late. I will be on the truck long long hours. Just thinking about it..its making me nuts. In two days I work anywhere from 30-40 hours...depending what is happening on the weekend. This month ma, we have alot of festivals...Can't wait to go away to Montreal for the weekend.....anyways, please let the sun come out.....THINKING OF YOU ALWAYS.....LOVE YOU LOTS....WATCH OVER US ALL...XOXOXO
Only me, and I know I'm late in writing. But ALL IS FINE WITH STROKE....allergic reaction to my meditication..YIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE...I guess daddy isn't ready to play cards with me. I guess he is scared of LOSING...daddy always said I played cards like a This weekend is calling FOR ma, you know what that means???? I will be miserable. If it rains I may not be on the truck. But that always means NO MONEY. Oh well. Last night ma I made me and Anna these fantastic chicken burgers on the bbq...they were sooo good. Amazing. We had it with a salad and mushrooms. We enjoyed our dinner. Although we enjoyed our dinner we still MISS AND THINK ABOUT YOU SOOO MUCH. I think you would of liked the burger...I know I know its not a HOT DOG but you would of liked it. So starting Sunday ma I will be home ALONE until Thursday. Anna has to go away for week. So it will be very lonely and my mind WILL BE WONDERING LIKE CRAZY...I will be playing THE WHAT IF GAME.....I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALOT...DADDY, I ALWAYS THINK OF YOU TOO...FOREVER IN MY BROKEN HEART......xoxoxoox
Ma, I told aunt Rita about what happened to me...omg so like you. She is so worried. Texting me and telling me to stop the truck. I told aunt no worries I will be fine...IM STRONG...Im surprised ma, YOUR brother...text me today to see what the doctor said? I was stunned. I told him I will know more on Wednesday. That was nice of Joey. He caught me totally off guard. Anna was a nervous wreck but like I told her....they only take the ma, I will be around for a long long, love you both lots....I will write to you Monday.xoxoxo
p.s. tell your sister not to worry..tell her I will be just fine...she needs to look after her knee...xoxoxo
I guess you and dad are watching over us. Daddy, how can I be soooooooooooo much like you???????????? I have one more test next Wednesday. So far I think everything will be just fine. The doctor was happy with the stress test. So between us I really don't think I had a mild stroke. I guess you and daddy don't want me? Daddy has nonno to play cards with. This weekend I have big events on the ice cream truck so I can't take the time off. We have salsa and Brazilfest. No worries I will be fine.. Today is a beautiful day, nice and hot and SUNNY...........ok ma and dad...continue to watch OVER ALL OF US. We love and miss you both sooooooooooo much....xoxoxo
Ma, thanks.....I was soo heard me this afternoon talk to you? I really believe it....although it wasnt exactly the amount...IT WAS STILL GREAT....thanks ma.....and to think your like Anna and don't even understand lottery....THANKS SO MUCH....xoxoxo
DING DONG....TYPING FASTER THEN THINKING.....MEANT TO SAY "WITH US" NOT "WE US".....the sun is trying to come, pls come out...put smiles on our faces because our hearts are in pieces. They will never be put together until WE ARE ALL TOGETHER AS A FAMILY AGAIN.....UNTIL THAT DAY PLS WATCH OVER US ALL.....XOXOXOX
Good Morning....

Its a very gloomy day today. Dark and raining. HATE THIS WEATHER. Ma, last night was such a wonderful evening. Aunt Rita made me pasta with olive oil and garlic it was so good. Then Tony made a bbq...fantastic...with grilled eggplant and peppers my mouth is watering all over again. Then I bought zio Roberto the birthday cake. Ice cream cake. The five of us ate it ALL...we were like 5 little piggys. lol No cards last night, aunt Rita's knee still isnt a 100% so she laid down and me, Nina and Tony outside just talking. WHAT A WONDERFUL EVENING I HAD. Once again zio Roberto mentioned dad and said how they got along so well. Between "US" ma, you know thats true. I could see that zio Roberto misses dad just like aunt Rita misses you. It was happy tears. I will be going back again to play cards but thats more in the fall and winter. Before summer ends I will be back at aunts house for another fantastic bbq HOSTED BY TONY....Missy, please let the sun out today. Tonight its me and Anna. Of course Im making the bbq. I know when me and Anna are sitting there eating we BOTH ARE THINKING OF YOU AND WISHING YOU WERE SITTING IN YOUR CHAIR WE US. WE LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH AND MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU REALLY KNOW....forever in OUR HEARTS....xoxoxoxo
Ma, ding dong here made another mistake...zio Roberto is 82 years old. He was born same year as daddy know me, type faster than I again to you all...I LOVE YOU AND DADDY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH XOXOXO
Hey Ma,

Long time since I wrote to you. Anyways, same old same old. Aunt Lib is in Italy and continues to text me and Anna. She is ok but has her moments thinking of you....all of you. She misses all of you. Today in Zio Roberto's bday he is 83 years old. Tonight I'm going to aunt Rita's for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Not sure if we are playing cards because I'm tired. So we will have dinner, cake and just sit around and talk. Its should be nice. Aunt Rita is making pasta but I told her I can only eat mine with butter so she said she will do that for me. Its going to be a simple dinner but it will be very nice. This weekend coming Im really busy on the truck..have two major events. Salsa on St.Clair and Brazilfest. So continue to watch over me when Im on that CRAZY TRUCK. Season will be coming to an end soon. I know, your happy and so is ANNA. Ok send birthday wishes to zio love to all....especially you and daddy....xoxoxo
Hey Ma,

Now I know the reason for the RAIN yesterday. YOUR HANDSOME SON came to have dinner WITH HIS ONLY TWO SISTERS. OMG was soooooooooo nice. He walked in and said, "WHERE'S MA"? I said, upstairs in her room...HOW I WISH YOU REALLY WERE THERE...that is ONLY A DREAM. I made him pasta...YES, I DID. You know which one...our favorite....PASTA AGLIO E OLIO..but guess what after I did it and was about to serve DING DONG HERE FORGOT THE GARLIC....oh dear. So I fried it up right away and added it. I think Joey was impressed. I could of done it better but next time it will be perfect. I can't explain how nice it was to have him there. The three of us talking and laughing...SOOOOO NICE...yaya...its nice to have a Before he left he gave me and Anna a little something...You know your daughter she wouldnt take it...but I SNATCHED IT UP SOOO, the sun is shinning and I think thats because of are really happy THAT YOUR SON CAME TO SEE HIS "ONLY" SISTERS...did you hear, Joey was playing your Italian songs, and of course like always I started dancing around LIKE A aunt Gracie would say. Today IM FEELING OK....better than usually...If I could only lose 40lbs I'd feel 100%....tonight after work I have to go work the truck we have a major event and any extra cash is always good. Had an expensive month. You and daddy have to send pennies from heaven again.... JOEY, ANNA AND MYSELF MISS YOU AND DADDY MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY.....WE THINK OF YOU BOTH 24/ Anna said, NOONE UNDERSTANDS THE VOID AND HEARTACHE...xoxoxo FOREVER IN "YOUR CHILDRENS" HEARTS........TI AMO SEMPRE....XOXOXOXO
Nothing stays the same....yet...we have to 'accept' the things that we can't change....IT IS SO has to go through it to 'truly' is just soooo SAD!!
'ILOVEYOULOTS'....the hurts just never goes away.....xoxoxo
Aunt me and Anna missed your name day yesterday. Sorry. It doesn't mean we don't think of you...we do and we miss you lots. Anna misses your phone and her would be on the phone till late at night. Things have changed her aunt, Im sure you see it. If you were here IT WOULD BE SOOOO DIFFERENT. Aunt just watch over everyone....all of us. Now your all in heaven..I hope all pain free and happy....we love you.....
The weather is awful today. Rain on and off. Having one of those days.....hate these days. Mind wondering and I'm playing "THE WHAT IF GAME" AND THE "WHY" game.....

I hope we all meet again because I really miss you BOTH.... sooo much. I need a hug and kiss. I miss you all...but, IM MISS MY PARENTS MORE....sorry....I LOVE ALL OF YOU ALOT....XOXOOXOX
forever in my heart……you all will be.
all I can say is orange is always around me……..I bought an orange ladle its always to do with food and the kitchen……I love you all and forever in my heart I love you all so so very much……...
Hey Ma and Dad,

Last night Anna and me went to aunt Libs and Mario's place for dinner. What a wonderful evening. Sandro, Michelle and Elle surprised us. Well, I knew it was a surprise for Anna. Ma, Elle is JUST BEAUTIFUL. I have no words for her. Sandro? Is tall, and handsome and THE NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. What a fantastic father he is. Michelle is a wonderful mother too. Anyways, we had a laugh with aunt Lib. Omg she is sooo funny. Just like you with POP NOW. Never laughed so much. Mario said he is seeing ALOT OF YOU IN AUNT LIB NOW. Last night with the POP omg...I hope you saw it all. It was really nice being there...FELT LIKE HOME...A SAFE PLACE...aunt Lib is leaving a week today for Italy. Yes, for 6 weeks. Remember how you missed aunt Lib when she would go? You would always say to aunt Lib when she got home....Libby it was sooo long, Im happy your home safe and you would tell her how much you missed her and loved her so much...her and Mario. When she gets home we are going to do it again. Today is a beautiful day. Warm and sunny. I know, I know I should feel great and happy. I feel ok. Missing you and dad sooo much I can't even explain anymore. I will always say gets harder instead of easier. Watch over us all...we all love and miss you all sooooooooooooooooooooo much....xoxo always always in OUR HEARTS AND MINDS....
Hey Daddy,

Well guess what? I FORGOT..HAPPY NAME'S DAY DADDY!!XOXOXO Funny thing me and Anna were outside talking and she was looking at my FEET...she said must be nice to have nice feet...I said THESE ARE DADDYS...she then said Dolores was saying Anna and Joe are all MOMMY...and ME........IM ALL YOU!!!!! I eat like you....I have your feet, plus my favorite WHITE SPOTS...but like I said to favorite thing I got from you were my EYES...I look at pictures of you dad and I truly AM YOU...the face, my eyes, eyelids, structure of my body. Then I think of the picture you had of your parents hanging in your bedroom on Victory..I AM BUILT LIKE YOUR MOM. Oh well its all good. Today is an awful day. Gloomy, looks like rain again. My back has been hurting all week. Im just tired of working that truck. Counting the days for it to be all over with. Anyways, like Anna said we always think of you and mommy all the time. Like I have said a million times, everyone has their own and ma were me and Anna's life. Lets hope we do meet again..I really don't know what to believe anymore.....our tears still flow and our hearts still ache...that will never ever go away....
To the Best of the Very Best Loving you is so easy………forgetting you………NEVER NEVER Happy Name Day!!!!
Bello....Happy Name Day!!!! Funny thing you once said to me and I will never forget thought that I/WE would forget about you shortly after...never...never...ever...would you be forgotten...mind you...things sure are not the same...they never will be...but I/WE always 'think' about you & talk to you. You are 'ever' so missed!! "Iloveyoulots'...xoxoxoxo
Everyone...sorry Im really behind. Although Im behind IT DOESN'T MEAN I FORGOT..Daddy WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH on Sunday. Like your "GOLDEN DAUGHTER" said, she spent the day on the truck with me...OH DIO...I will never forget dad, remember when you said "FRANGA" I drive the truck and you serve...I wish we would of done it. But your health wasn't the best. Dad, me and Anna missed you did Joe. Aunt Grey, I always told YOU EVERYTHING...things I NEVER TOLD OTHERS. So I will tell you this missy....I thought today you died. I got confused. But of course my WONDERFUL, HANDSOME AND GREAT BROTHER...said to me yesterday night me and Anna had a little wine. As I was drinking it did you hear me talk to you? Anna, also lite a candle for you. Aunt, I can't believe 4 years have gone by. Did you see how EVERYTHING IS SOOOOO DIFFERENT????? If you were here it wouldnt be like this. You are MISSED BY US SOOOO MUCH. I ask God about you too.....WHY SO EARLY....You are another one that didn't deserve what happened to you. But aunt I knew....I asked you....we talked....I still can't beleive. Ma, you always cried and always talked about your baby sister. You would always say how pretty aunt grey was...her lips, her hair and her smile. Now your with your sister, daddy, Frankie and your parents. You all are down here...are spread apart. ITS NOT THE SAME. Not even close to being the same. I feel me and Anna are alone. No one comes around...the phone doesn't ring...its just such AN EMPTY FEELING..I can't really explain it. Anna and I just feel it. I guess everyone has their own life and families. Anna's famous line..."FRA, ITS JUST ME AND YOU FOREVER"....she is right...but too bad forever doesnt exsist....we are here on BORROWED TIME....and one day WE WILL ALL JOIN AGAIN AS A FAMILY....I hope to God that is true...not going to be a good day today....I feel it...oh dear....LOVE YOU ALL...AND MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER EVER KNOW...XOXOXO
today at 11:55 you slipped away, always in our hearts forever.Hugs and kisses and from the bottom of my heart I love you so……………….
Zia Graziella...
4 years today....I really do miss have no idea!!!! Nothing is the same anymore...iloveyoulots'...xo
Father's Day just isn't the same any more. I spent the whole day with Fra yesterday...just her & I. Just another day....I 'miss' you so much. And you always thought that we would forget about you...NEVER...EVER!!! 'Iloveyoulots'...xo
Thinking of you all with much love. Tomorrow Gracie, its for year since you slipped away from us all. It has been four years of a hearts with such sadness. A heart that is empty…….a heart that misses you all so much!!!!!Why why why………it was too soon……..I love you all so so much.
your handsome son took me out for lunch today!!! Your kids one of a kind ……………I am having a difficult time……..Gracie your 4th year will be here in four days. Only God knows how much I miss you. I love you all……………until we meet again…………..even though this heart is aching.
Just thinking of you and dad alot today. Could be this miserable day today. Father's Day is coming up. Another sad day for me and Anna. Oh well, continue watching over us. Always thinking of you both.xooxox
opps...made a mistake..meant to say Joe sent a picture of aunt Lib with Miss O'Neal and NONNO. It was beautiful...

What a day I had yesterday. First of all the weather. Rain and just miserable. Yes, and I was on the truck. Making NO MONEY. Anyways, while on the truck what did I decide to do? I decided to go by 74 and 76 Gilbert. Can you beleive I took pictures of aunt Rita house sent it to her and Joe. Of course, YOUR SON knew right away that was aunt Rita's house. Then I decided to go to Blackthorn. What a mistake that was. I went to 242 took another picture and just BALLED MY EYES OUT. So many memories. Of course I sent picture to aunt Rita, aunt Lib and YOUR SON. I can't believe Joe. As soon as he saw it he said, nonno's house. Can you beleive Joe even said THEY STILL HAD THE SAME RAILING? OMG...YOUR HANDSOME SON REMEBERS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe had sent me a picture of nonna, Miss O'Neil and aunt Lib on her wedding day. I dont remember aunt Libs wedding day..Joe said I was only 4. I remember aunt grey's wedding. Ma, all the memories going threw my head yesterday I can't explain. I sat infront of nonno's and all these flashbacks. I saw myself downstairs washing nonna's pot. I saw that ceramic black cat that nonna had in the livingroom. Then I saw nonno and nonna in their backyard in the garden. What at day. My tears were flowing like the rain. How I miss everyone soooooooooo much. My heart was aching. I was picturing nonno taking us to Earlscourt park then to Harvey's. Remember we could either pick a burger or fries...we couldnt have guess too expensive back then. Oh ma, HELP US. We miss you and dad so much. We miss nonno and nonna. Aunt Gracie was taken from us tooo early. Think of her sooo much too. Omg another one of those days. The sun is out but its not helping me today. Watch over us always. WE LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH. The VOID will never ever go away....
Today is "YOUR DOLORES AND YOUR SONS 33 YEAR ANNIVERSARY" wow how time flies. Today YOUR HANDSOME SON said YOU WISHED HIM A HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. He said you always talk to him. HELLO MISSY.........I'm still WAITING...Today is just a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Ma, I know you hate when I do this but today I'm wearing MY NEW ORANGE TOP AND WATCH. You would of loved them both. You always said to me, don't wear anything new on Fridays and I would listen. But today with this weather and because Im going to Niagara Falls after work to see a concert I just felt like wearing it. I feel like your hugging me. So don't get upset...everyone loves my top and watch. What would you say? Franca, buy once ....but buy good. So you know me...........I DO.....remember back in the days ma...we would go every Saturday to our favorite store Salon Femme. I miss so much. Anyways, tonight after concert I will play a little so Im hoping you bring me luck. Also, guess what? I'm not working the truck tomorrow. That's right...I deserve a day off from that crazy Although tomorrow is going to be really nice weather I really shouldn' lets hope I win at the casino so I don't feel guilty taking the day off. Knowing me ma, I will wake up and go on truck. Anyways, watch over all of you lots...miss everyone....especially you and daddy....xoxooxo
What a beautiful sunny warm day. Right now you would be in your kitchen with the blinds open and reading one of your magazines and listening to the radio. Either it would be your Italian tapes or your favorite station on the radio. Sorry I forgot your station...not CHFI it was something that started with a 7....Anna would know because she listens to it all the time now. I enjoyed when you would put on the Italian tapes. Remember I would dance around the kitchen myself. You would say "OH FRANCINE YOUR A NUT"...I remember ma.....Why am I having sooo many bad days lately? My mind constantly wonders and I just begin to cry because I think of things. Anyways, tonight me and Anna both have running around to do so we should be home around 630pm. Whoever gets home first starts the bbq. Our famous line now ma...WE DONT NEED TO RUSH....its ONLY ME AND ANNA.....THATS IT...its beyond sad but THIS IS PART OF LIFE. Between you and me ma....Im going to try and be home later this way Anna starts the, hope you are all fine. I miss you all sooooooooooooo much....always always thinking of you and dad alot. It really bothers me because I dont dream of you both. WHY? Alright watch over us....send us all kisses and hugs....aunt grey I was thinking about you the other day when you would always call me "GOOF" I started to laugh in my car thinking of you. Aunt I miss you alot too. You are still a very special aunt to you lots and miss you....xoxoxo
only Franca…….she is one of a kind!!!!! We love her soooooo!!! It will be four years soon that we lost Gracie……I pray and hope you are all together up there. Keep your loving arms around us……….and keep the sun shining ………love hugs and kisses to you all.
It was a beautiful weekend. Sun was out. It was wonderful having you around. Feels so much better when I see the sun. Are you proud of me this morning? I surprised YOUR HANDSOME SON TOO. I text him and asked him if he wanted breakfast. He was shocked. I brought him a nice grill cheese. He enjoyed. What else can I say? Its the same old same old around here ma. Very quiet and we miss you more and more as the days go by. Coming home from work at 515pm when I open the kitchen door Im used to you sitting in your chair by the window and asking me a million questions about Joe, Dolores, Michelley and Jonathan. Back then it would drive me crazy, but now HOW I MISS ALL THAT. Its sad. Oh dear crying again. The sun is out and why am I feeling like this? Must be the emptiness I feel. Ok talk later....ciao for now....xoxooxo
Loving you all so very much………the void I feel in my heart….it will never ever go away………..
LOVING YOU AND REMEMBERING YOU AS THE 'BIG CHIEF' WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER REMAIN IN ALL OUR HEARTS. YOU WERE AND ARE THE BEST! we all love you so……………the most loveable and giving man…… us all husband father brother and friend you gave your heart to everyone!!! With much love to ……………..forever and always.
12 years yesterday....and you would say to me that 'WE' would forget about you after a few years...
'NEVER'...'EVER'...I miss you so much!!
Hey Ma,

Yes, I'm tried. Got home late last night and up early early this morning. Was on truck at 715am. What a life...anyways, today at 4pm daddy left us. I remember that day like it happened yesterday. Although I'm on the truck I never stop thinking of you BOTH!!!! Our lives have changed. Especially anna...she was the one that took care of you and daddy..I helped but NOT like anna. Remember you always gave me A++...ok having one of those days....anna had mass for dad today. she will be visiting you both afterwards. Love you both...and I really want to believe YOU are me become a believer...xoxoxo...
Hey Ma,

Last night I had a moment. Anyways, Anna was upstairs watching tv and me downstairs. Both wathing DWTS. Of course I had my craving to make MY FAMOUS POPCORN IN NONNA'S POT. Once I made it in a SMALLER BOWL I put some for Anna with a bottled water and brought it up to her room. She was excited and shocked. I thought of the times when I would make it and you would always ask for some. You would say Francine I will have some. If you were downstairs in the kitchen I would give it to you. But whenever you were in your room I WOULD NEVER. You knew the reason why? I would want you to sit up and eat it and you said you were fine laying down. I was ALWAYS WORRIED YOU WOULD instead Anna would leave you your cheezies by your bed just like your mother used to have. I gave the popcorn to Anna ONLY because she was sitting up...if she wasn't I would not have given to her either. Then I went downstairs to wash NONNA'S FAMOUS POT THAT MAKES THE BEST POPCORN. I bet "JOEY" would know how old that pot is. All I remember is washing that pot downstairs at Blackthorn. Nonna used to make her fabulous sauce in it. I surprised her by washing all the dishes. Nonna never ever forgot that day. She always brought it up to me. So thats why I kept NONNA'S POT. So as Im washing the pot I couldnt STOP really hit me.....YOUR GONE FOREVER...YOU AND DAD...all we have our wonderful MEMORIES....I wanted to bring you popcorn soooooooo much...oh dear...what a day today...can't stop crying. I really realized as I was washing the pot and crying...ITS ONLY ME AND ANNA....until the day WE ALL MEET and Anna better go together. Or if you take me first THATS OK.....Anna will be JUST FINE...she has alot of people that care and worry about her....BUT FOR NOW...ITS ME AND MY SISTER...UNTIL GOD CHANGES HIS MIND...Ok missy, the sun is out I should be happy and smiling....but today just isnt a good day..xoxoxoox ALWAYS ON MY MIND...AND FOREVER IN MY ACHING HEART......XOXOXOXO
The orange pot the only one how did you know…………you are always around me………love you
i miss you all so much and love you thank you for being there for me. love you all more than words can express.
The sun is shining and its nice and warm. I guess the sun is shining bright because thats Miss O'Neil telling aunt Lib she is at PEACE AND WITH YOU ALL. She is PAIN FREE like you, daddy and aunt grey. She wants aunt Lib to SMILE like Miss O'Neil always did. Im sure she smiled right until she left everyone. I can't explain how sad it is....but I want to believe so much that everyone is with everyone in a much better place. Miss O'Neil I can't explain enough how much aunt Lib and Anna were trying to come and see you....but I think its better this way because aunt Lib will always remember your SMILING FACE. You meant the world to she meant to you..OK AUNT LIB....SMILE EVEN IF YOUR HEART IS ACHING....everyone is FINE...THEY ARE ALL TOGETHER......remember how much Miss O'Neil enjoyed life...and she doesnt want anyone crying....SHE WANTS EVERYONE SMILING AND CELEBRATING.....thats what they are doing in HEAVEN, is busy making her famous sauce and meatballs...and lets not forget, THE BEST HOMEMADE PASTA.....WE WILL ALL MEET SOONER OR LATER...WE WILL BECOME A WHOLE FAMILY AGAIN....LETS HAVE FAITH IN GOD....Im trying sooooooo hard.....

Missy, when are you visitng me in my dreams??????? KEEP THE SUN SHINING...WE ALL FEEL BETTER....XOXO

Today is the 13th (you hated that number for so many reasons) its rainy, gloomy...its an awful day. Now to top of the day MS.O'NEIL died this morning at 1:57am..I know you all welcomed her with open arms. She was a VERY BIG PART in aunt Libs life, but she was family to ALL OF US. We could never call her by her first name Erin...she was AND WILL ALWAYS BE MS.O'NEIL to US AND ESPECIALLY AUNT LIB. I didn't call aunt Lib yet because she lost ANOTHER PERSON SOOOOOOOOOOOO DEAR TO HER HEART...first aunt Grey, then you...NOW HER GRADE 5 TEACHER...that wasn't just a teacher to her...she was a FRIEND..AN OLDER SISTER...BUT MOST OF ALL SHE WAS FAMILY...wrap your arms around aunt Lib today, I could just imagine...she will be a basketcase..MS. O'NEIL you are now pain free and your with your second parents, my nonni and my aunt over us all .....but especially aunt Lib right now.
LOVE TO ALL OF YOU......R.I.P MS. O' mom will cook for all of you............xoxoxoxo
Ma... I missed you so much yesterday...on Mother's Day!!!....actually everyday right down to the second. Fra and meee spent the whole afternoon together...I guess that will be something we will do 'forever' I always say to Franca's mee & you....'forever'...thank God we have each other. I came to visit you yesterday and bought you ORANGE BUTTERFLIES....your favorite colour!! I could have spent the whole day at the cemetary....but once I spent time with you my day was complete. I really do miss you and have no idea! xoxoxoxo
Happy Mother's Day to the BEST MOM in HEAVEN!!!! Love you soooooooooo much and miss you more....xoxo
Happy Mothers Day to the most important women in my life…….I love you so so much and miss you beyond words.Forever in my heart.
F.Y.I.....I checked my tickets this morning...NOTHING...oh well I meant to work. Anyways, I notice the entry I wrote the other day showed looks like rain and a little cold. Ma, last night me and Anna had dinner. What a dinner. bbq of course. Guess who made it? Thats right missy...MOI!!!!!!!! Anna had appointments so I started everything...yes she was impressed too. We had a nice dinner...JUST THE TWO OF US..we still talk and miss you at dinner. Anna said you would of like the chicken...but I said NO...Ma, would of wanted her boiled hot dog instead. We miss you a dinner. But then again, WE MISS YOU 24/7...its "us" me and Anna. Oh dear, having a moment. Ok ma, like always we will talk again later....

p.s. the sun is trying to peak threw...


omg....Ma, I guess you and dad were watching me this afternoon. I can't believe at lunch I went to buy all my lottery tickets, poker, 649, lottario, lotto max...and guess what I did? I left my lotto envelope at the store because I was too busy scratching a ticket. I came to work and PANIC...right away I told Dolores and had to fly back to the store....Can you believe it was still on the table were I was scratching my ticket? THANK I hope because I found them that means they ARE WINNERS...LOL must of been dad watching because he played lottery tickets. You never it was, you dad or both of you THANK YOU.....XOXOXO

p.s. wrote in the book yesterday afternoon and of course why would it show up? Missing and loving you both sooooo much...

Today the sun is shining...its a beautiful day. I should be happy. I went home at lunch, ate in the living room looking at your picture and bed and I just couldn't control myself. I was crying non-stop. Everything going threw my head. Yaya MOTHER'S DAY IS COMING UP......BIG DEAL!!!! Its just another day. Once again ma, I WILL NOT BE SAYING HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO NOONE....I HAD ONE MOTHER...ACTUALLY ONE FANTASTIC, LOVING, CARING your in HEAVEN. Noone will ever replace I don't care if I hurt anyone's feelings but noone will hear HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY FROM ME...I will only tell you in my prayers. Yes, aunt Rita just had to tell you all before...she likes to drive me When I read "LEE" it brought back memories...aunt Rita always called you "LEE".. Anyways, I hope today becomes a better day for me. I guess it was seeing your picture and the bed that just sent me over the top. The house too....sooo many memories. GOOD AND SOME BAD...those stairs haunt me forever and ever.....I just hope seriously that you are watching over us....seriously....MISS U TONS ....XOXOXOO
I know it is early......but it really bugs Franca....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL especially MA....Lee cook a great dinner for her okay!!!!!
It's 11:32pm watching TV in the basement. I'm laying on couch and just thinking about the whistle I bought you on St.Clair when Italy was playing soccer. I saw that orange whistle and I just had to have it. I remember giving it to loved it. I will never forget the first time I heard you use it...omg!!! I was watching TV and I heard the whistle...I never ran up the stairs so fast...flew into your room just to see you laying in bed laughing and saying HI FRANCINE and waving at me. I didn't know whether to scream or laugh. I was so scared. But seeing you having fun with that whistle I would laugh and then say U DING DONG! How I wish I could see that again. All these thoughts going in my head and I'm crying and WISHING!!! Why did u give up? I ask myself all the time. It's funny loved Joe, Anna and me soooo much. All three of us had a different relationship with you. U understood us like noone will ever understand us. Especially ME!!! The three of us miss you unconditionally. You and daddy. Oh dear! If only...

Love you..
Miss you...
Till we see each other again.xoxo

P.s. No truck tomorrow it's going to rain. I know your so happy.

Hope you visit me soon. Still waiting...hurry please it's been long enough. xo
I love you so very much!!! Miss you more than words can say!! Thank God I have your wonderful and loving children!!!! You too Gracie I love you……..miss you…………went to see your beautiful and loving daughter…………..gave her a sparkling G. from you for her wedding anniversary. Always and forever in my circle of love.
Oh dear there I go again...another mistake....meant to say Mario a nonno......oh well you who know me ...know I sometimes type faster than I to all....

p.s. ma, the sun came OUT...YIPPPEE ...feeling a little better but THE VOID AND TEARS WILL NEVER EVER GO AWAY......

Send aunt lib congratulations....she is a nonna again.....and mario and nonno.....Angie had her baby.....opps I forgot but I think its another baby boy...HEALTHY AND STONG....yesterday she had the baby.....and missy from above send aunt Lib a HAPPY ONOMASTICO....send her a hug and kiss.......xoxoxo she misses your morning phone would be the first to call send hugs and kisses.....all of you.....
The weather has been raining and miserable. You know what this weather does to me? Makes me very sad and I cry work, in my car and in my basement. Please let the sun shine bright this way I know your hugging us and your happy...Having one of those days ma...tears are still flowing strong...have to stop writing...sorry.......xoxoxoo love and miss you and daddy beyond words can say....
Goodnight to you all !!!!!!lovehugsandkisses
Ma that son of yours...what a God, Joe raked our grass and changed our light in the missy wasn't that wonderful???? We are so lucky to have a actually ma, that was really nice. That made me and Anna really happy...i guess he does love his sisters? Lol...ok I'm having a real slow day here...i think I will leave and go around the worries I will be careful....xoxo send Joe a hug and kiss and tell him good job...xoxo
Hi Ma

I'm at James Garden. Not to busy. I'm reading and playing games on my phone. As I'm doing this I'm waiting for a call from you? Being on the truck I think of you even more. How you worried and hated me on the truck. All I keep saying one day one day...i won't have to do it anymore. Your handsome son is texting me pictures of pasta...then another one with bbq...u know your son me and him love our food just like dad...he went by to visit anna...wasn't that nice? Actually ma, Joe doesn't come over much anymore since your not there. To tell the truth nobody does...RUDE,AH? Like me and Anna always say, it's me and her NOW!!! How I wish we could turn back time. Remember ma I would always dream of winning the lottery so I can travel the ship of I still dream of that..but I find myself dreaming more and more of having YOU and DAD BACK...I guess one day we will all be reunited and happy...cant wait to play cards with daddy love to all of you...xoxo

P.s. It's nice to have a brother but even better too have sisters...especially one like ANNA!!! But then again IM NOT TOO BAD EIThER..i keep the blood flowing....xoxo miss you both soooo much....xoxo
love you all so very much….there is excitement in the air, but life will never ever be the same.Never never ever be the same.
Have a nice weekend all!!For some reason
I am missing everyone this weekend. Love to All
Hey Ma,

Well the appointment went well. Im happy. We are going to try and fix everything up. Like daddy Im a tough cookie. We have been opened sooo many times but always make it...IM ALL JOHN URSINI THATS FORESURE....and IM VERY PROUD OF IT TOO.....Today is a nice sunny day. This weekend is suppose to be cold and rainy. Saturday anyways. So no truck on Saturday..YIPPEE....anyways ma.....we love you .......we miss you and dad alot.....constantly on our minds....

p.s.. My appt. was at 11am yesterday....but your crazy daughter guess what time we left? 930am...and of course we took the long way...we did site guess what ma? Going early paid off. The appointment before me never showed up so they saw me early....and of course your daughter said..SEE WHEN YOU GO EARLY????????? and Anna were always early birds for EVERYTHING.....but Im glad I listened for ONCE IN MY LIFE...LOL......

like Franca, we both are the same we write to fast..I meant great grandchild. Angela is due any day now. We have our children grandchildren and what a feeling to have a great grand child ……….loving you all more each day
Happy Birthday to the wonderful and loving you!!!!!! You are and will always have a special place in my heart. The holidays will never be the same never never never be the same. We may have our children but there is a huge void in our hearts and the happiness is a great void in our hearts without all of you!!! We go on with our lives, cook favourite foods , but you all are not there to be part of any kind of celebrations. Elisa you taught me all I know, on Sunday and Good Friday were very very sad days. I thought of Your beautiful family ……..and now a great great grand children, a little princess will be born. Angela is going to pop any day now. Thinking of you all with a void in my heart………as Anna would say Weloveyousomuchandmiss yousosomuch. To you all hugs and kisses thats your saying Gracie……….love with a huge void in my heart for all of you.
The candle is waiting to be lit tonight for you. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".... Mass was in honour of you this morning. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"........ Funny thing you would say to me that I would 'forget' about you...never...ever....not a second goes by that I think....I/we have no parents....we 'always' think of you 'DAD' & 'MA'. You are both missed more than you will ever know.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY............Hi Ma....

Your GOLDEN CHILD ANNA had a mass for you this morning daddy. She went before going to work. I hope ma is making you homemade pasta your favorite. Actually you have alot of favorites so whatever ma makes you, you will be happy. Daddy aunt Rita sent me a Happy Birthday wish for you today and she also misses playing cards with you...I miss playing cards, eating our fruit and especially our Italian bread with olive oil and cheese. Most of all daddy I JUST MISS YOU......You and Ma are the greatest parents in HEAVEN. You are loved and missed soooo much. More than you BOTH REALIZE........



HAPPY EASTER to ALL OF YOU. Holidays are NOT THE SAME ANYMORE without you and dad. They are STILL VERY SAD. Good Friday we went to Dolores and Joe's house. Very nice time we had. Then on Sunday I went on the truck. Busy day at James Garden. Wasn't it nice Nina and Tony came by. WHY? Tony made me fresh bbq lamb and they came to bring to me. Lamb, potatoes and aunt Rita made something...articokes with was really good. For a mangicake ma, I was No worries I text aunt Rita to thank her. She then said I SHOULD TRY HER STUFFED PEPPERS...So one night I will go over for her stuffed peppers and then we will play cards. Later Aunt Lib text me saying she made lamb and was thinking of me. She wanted me to go pick it up. I couldn't I was on the truck. Then it was funny ma both aunt Rita and aunt Lib both text me to see if I was home yet safe. I didnt get home till 1030. I was beyond tired. Today after work Im going home and relaxing. I will probably fall asleep early. Anyways, I just wanted you to know you are missed alot. But I have Anna and BOTH YOUR SISTERS ALWAYS CHECKING IN ON ME.....especially when Im on the truck. Tomorrow for dads 82nd birthday what are you making? HOMEMADE PASTA? Enjoy....I will talk to you BOTH you lots and miss you more......

p.s. I made a mistake my appt. is this Wednesday so I will be off work. Watch over me...well actually all of US....xoxooxo Just be with me on Wednesday....

YOUR JONATHAN is having a BABY GIRL. OMG...can you beleive? Me and Aunt Great aunts. Joey and Dolores are WHY??????? You both will be watching from above and sending down your love, hugs and kisses. Guess what? Baby is due September 15th....WOW....HAPPY 50TH TO ME...BECOMING A GREAT much happening to OUR FAMILY and WHY????????? You both should of been here to ENJOY IT hurts sooooooooo much....

Ok I just had to let you know...but I bet you both knew already.....keep watching over all of us....I need you on the 28th of this you and miss you more...xoxoxoo

Just got home its 11pm. I'm beyond tired. It was a good day on truck. The only thing I was hungry and had no food. Noone came by today. I guess it's better noone came by this way I didn't cheat on my diet. Right now ma I could eat a horse.'s all good I will just go straight to bed. Today I was very lonely on the truck and when that happens my mind wonders. I think of everything.....anyways, I'm going upstairs to BOD...goodnight....wish you were here....xoxo
Elisa thank GOD for Franca!!!!!mShe keeps us smiling !!!! How I wish we could turn back time………………how I wish…………..Loving you all and keep your love around us always.

I'm here at James Garden. I'm frozen. The sun went it and it's cloudy and cold. I know what you would say, Franca just come home Phil can do the this time I agree. No worries ma, it's going to be an early day. You must of been happy to see that Nick came by and brought me lunch. So I ate. Not a lot just a little. On another here waiting for your phone call but my phone isn't ringing. God only knows how much I miss those phone calls. Tonight going out with Vinny, Pat,and worries they are picking me up. Ok ma, I will talk later to you like I always do. Continue watching over me...xoxo

It's 230am. Just got home. Had a nice evening either the girls. Now it's time to sleep because I have an early day. Your on my mind..I hope all is well up in heaven. Down here we all try our best but to be really truthful are hearts still ache and the void seems to be getting worse. Constantly wishing I could turn back time. Always asking myself how could this have happened? You were coming home!!!! I try and make myself happy by saying your with daddy, Frankie, your parents and your baby sister aunt Gracie. You are all together eating, playing cards, being a mom to Frankie and talking all day with your sister. I'm laying here in bed so quiet wishing I could hear you from across the hall sleeping. All I hear is silence!! It's very lonely without you in this will never be the same....nooone's sooo sad....soo I always say...HOW I WISH....xoxo forever in my heart....pls help me sleep..pls come wrap your arms around me and tell me it's going to get better...
Hey Ma,

The weather is finally nice. Its warmer and sunny. Yes, missy that means tomorrow Im on the ice cream truck. This is where its going to get hard again for me. Missing your phone calls. U would ask if Im busy..if Im eating? If I wasnt busy you would say, Franca just come home to BOD. Last night I didnt have a good night ma. First I was downstairs watching tv but I kept looking at my phone and all the pictures of you. When you were happy, smiling, great....then when you left us. So sad to see how your leg was. Then when I finally went to BOD I was tossing and turning and thinking of you still. I was talking to you and asking you to come into my dreams ....OF COURSE YOU DIDNT LISTEN TO ME...I want to beleive you are watching over us soooo much. I want to believe that you still WORRY about me on the TRUCK...I want to know sooo much but I have NOONE TO ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS. Oh ma....ok..ok....breath Franca....its one of those afternoons for me too. Audrey is coming to pick me up. We are going to Visit Shannon and Tracie. You loved all three of them. But, then again, who didnt you love? You had nothing bad to say about anyone. You always found the good in people. If you only knew how much I miss and need you still.....ok missy....I will talk to you again. Watch over me tomorrow...I will be at James Garden. Love you more than you know............xoxoxoxoo my love to everyone.....
I love you all so very much and always thinking of you!
Good Morning Ma

Today is a gloomy day. Its suppose to rain all day. Guess what I did? This morning I was ahead of schedule and I text YOUR HANDSOME "JOEY"...and of course he was shocked. Actually he said WOW...GRILL CHEESE PLS. So of course I brought it to him. I know..ITS NICE TO HAVE A BROTHER....yaya sure....Anyways, tonight Im going to Sandra's house. Saturday Aunt Rita's...and YES MA ON SUNDAY I THINK THE ICE CREAM TRUCK...the weather is going to be nice and sunny so I might go out for a trial run...I know I hate the truck. But I have to do what I have to do ma. Hope the summer is nice and hot. We had a really rough winter. So much snow and really cold. Ok enjoy your day with dad, frankie, your parents and aunt Gracie. Always thinking of you always....all my love....xoxoxoo

ding dong here made a few mistakes...first I repeated myself twice by saying he said he said....and I meant to say FUSSY not FUNNY...people that understand me will know I made the mistakes....always we will talk again...xxoxo
Hi Ma

Guess what??? I text your SON this morning and said ANYTHING? Of course he said he said SURE GO AHEAD. So I brought him grill cheese. I know that was nice. Then guess what ma, Joe gave me money. I didnt want to take it..but he TWISTED MY ARM...LOL....LOL...its ok me and Joe have this relationship. Anyways, this Saturday Im going to Aunt Rita's for dinner and we are all playing cards. Me, Nina, Tony and aunt Rita. It will be fun. As for know I always tease aunt Rita I say you and aunt Grey cook mom and aunt Lib are Italian cooks. She gives me that look but you know me..ya ya aunt Rita. Thank God Uncle Roberto isn't funny. Actually he misses your cooking. He talks about it when I go there and says he loved when you cooked for him..Oh well one day we will all meet again AND YOU CAN COOK FOR ALL OF US. I miss your meatballs and stuffed peppers. But I miss you more.....p.s. I really think Saturday Tony is aunt Rita will make my water with ice and lemon..and cut up the little salami. But Tony will do everything else. Its funny ma, I love bugging aunt Rita...she tries and acts mad at me and then says she isnt playing cards....but she is the first one sitting down and shuffling the cards with her money ready to play....I cant wait till Saturday night....ok come and visit us. I know daddy will be watching us...daddy and aunt rita always played cards together...and you and zio Roberto would sit and talk...or you would be cooking...OK MISSY....I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU....continue to watch OVER ALL OF US OK? XOXOXOXO
i love you all so much and miss all of you so very much.

What a lovely dinner the three of us had. Yes, we stuffed ourselves like had a so so day. She had her moments. Anyways, its nice to know your always around us. Today is another sunny day. Its wonderful when the sun is out....anyways, we will talk later....ciao for now....xoxoox
A very special and loving child was born today!!!! Your daughter Anna. You are around her today keep your arms around her and send her love hugs and kisses. We love you all and the void in our hearts will be with us forever . Thinking …………smile even though your heart is aching.
Ma and Dad

Its your GOLDEN CHILD'S BIRTHDAY TODAY...right now she is at mass. Then she is coming to visit you both...well everyone. Tonight YOUR WONDERFUL HANDSOME SON....and ME are going to take Anna out for dinner. Thats right ma, Choice of the Orient. It will be nice...BUT SAD AT THE SAMETIME. To think its only THE THREE OF US NOW. We started off with 6 and slowly GOD has chosen THE BEST...Frankie, Daddy and then YOU. Its VERY SAD FOR "US". We miss you and love you all so much. Today pls send Anna some hugs and kisses. Its a beautiful sunny day SO I KNOW THATS YOU MA. Thats your way of showing Anna your STILL SPENDING THE DAY WITH HER. Keep her smiling and happy today. NO TEARS PLS....ciao for now......xoxoxooxoo PLS VISIT US when we go for dinner. Would you like some chicken balls? lol....xoxo
We would have done so much together...but instead I will do it by myself. My day will will start of going to mass and then coming to visit you & Daddy. We just take day by day now....because nothing will ever be the same. God only knows how much I miss you. See you soon....
Ma, I told you I was tired. I meant to write....Anyways, last nights company and dinner was fantastic.....I made a mistake on previous note. Also Im shocked Joey didnt text me in the morning...but the funny thing was he came to my desk and just looked. I guess he thought I WAS GOING TO BE NICE AND SURPRISE ma relax.....maybe is a little cold but the sun is shining nice and bright. Nice FRESH DAY....ok ma we will talk later......miss you all......especially you and daddy......xoxoxo......
Ma it's 130am I can't sleep. U were on my mind alot tonight. Now I'm tossing and turning. Anyway, last dinner company and dinner was,help me sleep I'm in morning...p.s. your son better not text not picking up anything...since I'm going to bed late I won't be able to move fast in morning..i will be too tired...xoxo....nite nite
hi we had a beautiful dinner last night!!!!!! Love you all with love hugs and kisses.It was great with everyone ……………thoughts of you all……… were all present in the room. Love you lots.
Hey Ma,

I dont know what wrong but Im having one of those afternoons. Not sure if its because of Anna's bday and I know she will be a right off that day. Pls ma look after her and help wipe away her tears that day. Ok tonight we are finally having dinner together. Last week no time. Oh ya, we are going to aunt Lib's again for dinner. I told her not to over cook again. So of course I put my order in. She is making lamb again the sameway and mushroom risotto. Both my favorites. Come join us. Ok missy....miss you lots...xoxoxo
Thinking of all of you with much love and tears.........forever in my heart. It was St. Joseph on the 19th......and all I did was cry....thank God Joey is such an important part of our lives.Remember,Daddy was so proud when he was born because he was named after him. Our first of a generation to be........and now Jonathan is going to be a Daddy. Please take care and be that special star that shining on all of us. With much love
Ma, this beautiful sun today is soaking up the tears that still flow to this day...I love when the sun is out....ESPECIALLY WHEN IT SHINNING IN OUR KITCHEN NEAR YOUR CHAIR.....I FEEL YOU......if you really ONLY KNEW HOW MUCH YOUR MISSED.....Im having ONE OF THOSE DAYS MA......oh dear....xo
Hi Ma

Today is a beautiful sunny day. Really nice. I cant beleive they are calling for MORE SNOW. Today your "SON" looked very handsome. I didn't say anything to him because he would answer KNOCK IT OFF....actually he only used to say that to you...remember? March is almost over. Time is just going so quickly. Before we know it Jonathan's baby is going to be born and OUR MICHELLEY will be getting married. You and Dad are missing so many things that we would of LOVED YOU TO BE A PART OF. Everyone says to me your WATCHING FROM UP ABOVE. Ma, I wanna believe it ...but find it too hard to believe. Im still asking GOD WHY? Im getting NO ANSWERS....Missy NOT EVEN FROM YOU.....Guess what tonight Im going to Sandra's house we are having AN OYSTER PARTY.....STRICTLY excited. Yes, I know...IM LIKE DAD AND JOE...WE LOVE OUR OYSTERS...actually ma WE LOVE EVERYTHING....LOL....Anna's bday is coming up. Another bday without you. You and her would spend the day together. Im sure she will come and visit you. Unlike me that never comes. I know THATS RUDE!!! I may not go there but I talk to you all the time..and I mean all the time. I miss you and love you more......xoxoxoxo We will talk later today...ciao.....
opps I made a mistake...i wrote thing instead of THINK...
Good Morning Ma

Today is Jonathan's birthday. 31 years old. Our little Jonathan. Yesterday we were all at Dolores and Joes house. What a nice day we had. Just beautiful. Claudia is looking very nice. She has a little stomach. She feels good too. So everything down here is ALRIGHT...on these special occasions we all miss and thing of you and daddy alot. Wishing you could be with us. Remember YOU BOTH are always ON OUR MINDS.....we love you both soooo much and miss you even more......
we had a beautiful evening! everything I made I thought of you and how we would make things together, or when you would come over and make such a big fuss over thing everything! Missing you all so very much and hold close to my heart our beautiful and loving memories……...
Good Morning Ma

Well what a night last night. The food aunt Lib made I think she thought you, dad, nonna, nonno and aunt grey were coming too. So much food. It was beyond fanastic. She made everything I wanted....started with melon and prosuttio...fresh bread great ripe tomatoes with cheese. Omg it was so good my mouth is watering thinking of the food. My lamb was amazing. She fried it like you used too. She made pasta was non stop. Amazing. Me and Anna felt like ROLY POLY WHEN WE LEFT..oh wait she made potatoes, ribs, peppers...I didnt eat any of that. was all about the lamb. Fanastic dinner. We enjoyed our night with aunt lib and Mario. Aunt Lib gave me a dessert to bring to Joey this morning...blueberry and of course HE ATE IT and Joey have dads appetite. Anyways, ma I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful dinner and time we had. Oh ya, aunt Lib gave me nonna's passport. I have to go see aunt Rita and give it to her. Aunt Lib promised her that. Aunt Rita doesnt even know I have it yet. She will read your book like she does everyday and she will be surprised. Then she will text me....Aunt Rita texts me every morning and night. Ok missy we will talk again. WE ALL MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH. PLS COME AND VISIT ME...IM STILL WAITING...XOXOOX
Hey Ma,

Wow we had another snow storm last night. Its been alot of snow this year. Wish I was in St.Maarten still. Tonight me and Anna are going to aunt Libs for dinner. I gave her a list of things I would like to eat. Well actually what dad would like to eat. I keep adding to the list. lol..I just told her to make sure NO MEATBALLS and use NO ROSEMARY...I won't eat anyones meatballs..and you know how much I hate rosemary. Today its really cold but really sunny which is nice. Sunday we are celebrating Clauida's and Jonathan's bday. We are going to Joe and Dolores house. Other than that nothing new...nothing exciting....just want you to know Im thinking of you and dad alot.....miss you both sooo much.....
Hey Ma,

IM BACK............not happy to be back. It was a wonderful trip. I just loved St.Maarten. I would go back again in a heartbeat. Maybe for my 50th. But like Vinny says, I ALWAYS CHANGE MY MIND..LOL..the weather, the atmosphere, the food...everything FANTASTIC...My flight going and coming amazing. Coming home I slept all the way. I was tired. No worries ma...I saw u? Twice on the beach a BUTTERFLY came flying around me and vinny. To tell you the truth I didnt notice the first time Vinny noticed and told me. She was like Franca look MRS. U is around us....Vinny always called you MRS. U. It sad to say but the only person I truly missed was ANNA. I thought about her every single day. I was worried about her. I came home and she was just fine. I got a nice tan but alot of white spots too...I told Joey this morning that I kept wishing why he didnt get this instead of know you hate when I say that...BUT YOU KNOW MY MOUTH.....Daddy I took after you soooo much....oh well what can I do. Anyways, I thought about you and dad alot too. Especially ma I went to see the ships...omg sooo nice. I want to go on a cruise again too. I would think of much you always worried when I went on a ship..and you would always say...YOUR JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER...LOL.....anyways, I love you both sooooooooo much.....thinking of you always......xoxox

p.s. MIchelley picked her date...Sept. 26-2015 OUR LITTLE MICHELLEY IS GETTING exciting....xoxoo
We love you all up there !!!!!!Thinking of you always with voids in our heart. We love you so so so much. Miss you ssssoooo much!
Well Elisa....Franca's vacation is almost over....Please watch over her on her return know how scared she is of flying. Love to all and Happy Women's day to you,Mom and Gracie
Elisa, did you seeI had lunch with Joey yesterday, yes it was wonderful !!!!!I love him very much!!!! As you would say Joey looked so handsome today and your heart would smile!!! Loving you so very much and missing you all. The void is always and forever in my heart.
ELISA......Watch over Missy.....Okay?
I love you more than words can express and miss your smile, sincere words , your uncondional love, and most of all your being.
Glad you and everyone were looking after
Ma, what a good morning it is. Im just thinking thank God Im ok. As much as I wanna play cards with dad I just wasnt ready yet. I play cards with aunt Rita, Nee, Tony and me...Its alot of fun too. Last night we had a great dinner ate like the THREE LITTLE PIGGYS...LOL....beyond stuffed.. Today Anna, Aunt Lib, Aunt Rita...WE ARE ALL HAPPY...they we ALL SO WORRIED ABOUT ME. I brought your WONDERFUL SON BREAKFAST TODAY....I didnt all week so since I was in a HAPPY MOOD I DID. I leave Sunday for St.Maarten. Me and Vinny. So excited. Then ma, THE ICE CREAM SEASON IS COMING VERY CLOSE. Im happy and sad about that. So this trip Im really going to enjoy...this is it till 2015....oh dear...anyways, LOVE YOU ALL ......miss you ALL...and pls come visit and continue to watch OVER ALL OF US....xoxooxo
Thanks ma....I'm ok....yippee...we are going for Chinese. Aunt Lib is joining u better join us too....I'm so happy everything is ok...thanks for watching over me...continue to watch over all of us...xoxo
Hey Ma

Today Im going for my appointment so pls be with me. Hopefully everything is ok. Anna is coming with me. If its good news we are going for chinese I know how much you like chinese so Im sure Im going to be ok. Or daddy u will have to get the cards ready.....Ma, last night aunt lib came over..I wasnt home but she brought over THIS BOOK. She didnt know Joe extend the book so she got the book printed and made for us...OMG ..OMG....ITS has everything we wrote in it from day one. Its hard cover. With all the pictures everything.....IT BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES. No worries I texted aunt Lib and thanked her and Mario..We miss you all so much...I really miss you and dad alot...your always on my mind...ALWAYS...Last night when I went to Ida next door I kept talking about you...I was talking about your fall. How much I had wished I came home for lunch that day. Thats haunts me so much...even what they did to your leg haunts me. I continue to look at the pictures on my phone. IT BREAKS MY of ALL PEOPLE DID NOT DESERVE IT. I love you so much...and miss you even more....FOREVER IN MY HEART...XOXO
We hide our tears when we say your name,
But the pain in our heart is still the same.
Though we smile and seem carefree,
There is no one who misses you more
than your FAMILY.
I love you!!!!!Miss you all!!!!!!! With much love hugs and kisses!!!!!!
I love you all! What a year it is going to be for your beautiful family. The birth of a great grand child!!!!!! Michelly's wedding!!!!!!!! 2014 is a wonderful way to start the year!!!! Send your blessing and watch over us !!!!!!!!!! Always and forever with much love hugs and kisses.
Hey Ma and Dad,

Our little princess got engaged on Sunday...Michelley and Luca are finally getting married in Sept. 2015. Amazing. What a year so far. Jonathan and Claudia having a baby and Michelley got engaged. Joey and Dolores are busy parents right now. Its all exciting and sad at the sametime. How we wish you and daddy were here to celebrate Jonathan's and Claudia's first baby and Michelley and Luca's engagement. I really hope you will be celebrating with us from up above. We always think about you both but it hurts more when special occasions like this come up and YOU BOTH AREN'T famous question WHY???????? I love you both so much and miss you more as the days, weeks, and months go bye....forever in my heart ...xoxoxoo
With love to you all !!! I am sure there is love peace and togetherness with all of you!
Where do I begin? Ma, you would be so proud of me today I BROUGHT YOUR HANDSOME SON BREAKFAST...but wait!!! As Im walking in Durock and down the hall I could smell JOEY'S cologne...then when I saw him..OMG OMG.....his hair looked amazing...Yes its long the way you LOVED IT...he was wearing a nice white crisp shirt with his jeans...YES AS MUCH AS I HATE TO ADMITT.....YOUR SON LOOKED VERY HANDSOME...You would of even told him....AND JOEY WOULD OF SAID, " MA, KNOCK IT OFF".......but another one of your famous line......NO MATTER WHAT JOEY IS WEARING HE ALWAYS LOOKS HANDSOME....ya..ya...ya.....enough about your son..I ate all the figs he brought me and I cut up two pricky pears but forgot to bring to work today. I forgot because I was rushing around so I would get YOUR SON HIS VALENTINE'S DAY we are having a little flurries but its ok..its been a long winter. I leave soon a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Aunt Rita text me this morning wishing me a Happy Valentine's nice. She texts me every morning and always sends me nice pictures. She is like you...tells me to dress warm and be careful and if Im going out to drive safe and don't come home have so MANY MOTHER'S...but between ME AND YOU MA..........NOONE....NOONE...NOONE WILL EVER EVER EVER REPLACE YOU.......LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS........enjoy your day in HEAVEN WITH DADDY, FRANKIE, NONNI AND YOUR BABY SISTER AUNT GREY....make some homemade pasta with your famous meat sauce and your famous meatballs. I miss that sooo much. NOONE MAKES MEATBALLS LIKE YOU....I don't eat anyones...Funny both your sisters wanted me to try their meatballs and I told them both NO...I had to say it a MILLION TIMES NO...they both said I make them soo kids love them....yadda know my mouth...I told them both I WON'T LIKE THEM I ONLY LIKED MY MOTHERS...yes, ma, I said that. YOU KNOW ME I HOLD NOTHING true. Your meatballs melted in our mouth. Oh dear now Im craving YOUR daddy eat some for me pls....I ate the figs and pricky pears for you.......MISS YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH I JUST CAN'T EXPLAIN IT ENOUGH......HAVE A GREAT DAY....xoxoxoxoox
Ma & Dad,
Wishing you were both here.....we would have done so much all together....
omg ma......YOUR HANDSOME SON...just brought me a bunch of prickly pears and figs...omg I already ate two figs....ITS SOOO NICE TO HAVE A these prickly pears are would of just loved them. Even the figs...its ok daddy I will eat for you too...I ALWAYS EAT FOR YOU....IM YOUR TWIN...AND IM PROUD OF IT TOO.......ok I just had to share the news....I could see you know ma...smiling away and so happy that JOEY did, Im beyond excited....ok later....Im still waiting for you to visit me...I talk to you every night going to bed thinking you will come and visit...ONE DAY YOU WILL....U JUST HAVE you all.......miss you....always thinking of YOU AND DADDY.....xoxoxoxo

Hey Ma

Someone was a little to early saying HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY....its tomorrow NOT TODAY...Anyways, I haven't been such a good girl...WHY? Your SON has been asking for breakfast and I haven't been bringing it. YAYA ma, I should wake up EARLIER....sure!! NOT today was the first he didnt ask for anything so I was really trying hard to bring him something..BUT OF COURSE I FELL BEHIND NOTHING...ok ok I will try for tomorrow but I CAN'T PROMISE YOU ANYTHING...Lol. Its a long weekend this weekend. Can't wait. Going up to Vinny's early Saturday morning and we are going OUT AND ABOUT....I spoke to Jonathan this morning Claudia is feeling really good so far and guess what ma? Claudia wants to know what she is having...So as soon as we know I will let you know. Jonathan wanted it to be a surprise but what can you do. Anyways, hope you are all doing well. We miss you all sooo much...but sorry to say...I miss you and daddy more.....You know me ma, I say it how it could hear you now....FRANCA THAT MOUTH OF LOVE TO ALL......always thinking of you all...but, of course, I think of YOU AND DADDY MORE......XOXOXO...NOTHING IS THE SAME......
Hey Ma and Dad.....

Isn't it FANTASTIC?????? Jonathan is going to be a DADDY.....Joe and Dolores are going to be and Anna GREAT AUNTS.....yipppeeeeeeeeeee....we found out last night. How "WE" wish you and daddy could enjoy this too. I guess from HEAVEN ABOVE YOU WILL. Ma, YOUR STELLINO BELLO and OUR JONATHAN.....unbelievable.....ITS THE GREATEST NEWS.....The baby is due in never know just maybe ON MY BDAY....AND AUNT LIBS....could you imagine? Or maybe even Frankie's bday. Regardless ITS A VIRGO...I will be able to keep you updated. Did you see this book we will have FOREVER AND EVER....WISH WE COULD OF HAD YOU AND DAD FOREVER AND EVER.....but like you ALWAYS SAID.....DESTINO...DESTINO.....ok missy we will talk you lots and ALWAYS ON MY MIND....ACTUALLY YOU AND DAD ARE ALWAYS ON "OUR" MINDS.....YOUR KIDS.....XOXOOX
I was so excited, I meant to the word say the word say, and your presence . You all must be smiling with the good news about Jonathan and Claudia, Joey our Joey is going to be a Nonno and our beautiful Dolores Nonna. Your little stellino is going to be a Daddy. Thankyou for allowing us to truly smile yesterday………….even though there will always and forever be a void in our hearts for all of you . Tonight when I look outside I will count the the seven most sparkling stars and say "Goodnight, Frankie, Daddy, Mommy, Johnny, Gracie and You "with much love hugs and kisses from all of us!!!!!!!!! Its a New Year and a New beginning for Life.
You presence in this book is a feeling of life and communication.!!!!!!!!!Omg I have goose bumps…………You are still here your picture and you!!!!!! I love you sooooooooo thank you Joey Anna and Franca our Ma is for sure smiling and watching over us all!!!!!!!!!!
omg omg omg we are going to have you with us until we meet again omg omg omg we can still communicate with you!!!!!! You must be smiling up there and see Libby my kids my kids they are the very best!!!!!!I would always say I agree, I am crying my heart is smiling with you and everyone in it. I look at this every morning, omg your kids your kids I have no words of appreciation love and respect. Thankyou thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of you ma....till we meet again....I'm scared and a little nervous....pls watch over over everyone...I just need a little extra were the only one that ever really worried about me..I need a little help...cant sleep my mind is wondering....daddy get the cards ready...xoxoxo...
With much love hugs and kisses to you all! At times I feel this is just a bad dream and I am going wake up and everyone will be together. Gracie you are such a huge void. Elisa would call every day and let me know how much you are missed and then we would both cry. Now you are both together and have made Heaven a better place. With much love to you all forever.
Our lives go on without you
But nothing is the same,
We have to hide our heartache
When someone speaks your name,
Sad are the hearts that love you
Silent the tears that fall,
Living our lives without you
is the hardest part of all,
You did so many things for us
Your heart was kind and true,
And when we needed someone
We could always count on you,
The special years will not return
When we were all together,
But with the love within our hearts
You will walk with us forever.
Good Morning Everyone,

Ma, what a storm last night. Soooo much snow. Ma, this morning you won't be happy with me. Your "JOEY" asked for a surprise and guess what? I DIDNT...oh well there is always tomorrow. I can just hear you.....Franca if you would wake up earlier you would have time....RIGHT MA...NOT HAPPENING... tonight Michelle and Joey are coming for dinner. Dolores is still away in Vegas and coming home tomorrow. Its going to be nice to have people over. Seriously it gets lonely when its only me and Anna all the time. Its already Feb.6th time just flies by. Ok ma join us for dinner tonight...somehow show us you are with us...eating...making a mess of yourself...and talking nonstop and repeating the same stories over and over again....HOW WE ALL WISH WE COULD HEAR THOSE STORIES AGAIN.......miss you..and love you lots...

What a morning. The snow just won't stop!! Today another storm is on its way. Anna is a work safe. I make sure every morning she sends me an email so I know she is there safe. Yes, ma... she still gets up VERY EARLY. This winter I have no words..TOO MUCH SNOW AND TOO LONG. Im looking forward to my vacation. This morning ma "YOUR HANDSOME SON" has a nice shirt on. Your famous line....NO MATTER WHAT "JOEY" WEARS HE LOOKS SO HANDSOME....ya ya....WHATEVER!!! lol ...I think of you all alot but I must tell the truth...YOU AND DADDAY ARE ON MY MIND 24/7...I still can't believe Joey, Anna and me HAVE NO PARENTS...I would of never thought this...its VERY SAD. Ok now Im crying...ok we will talk again...I PROMISE.....
Hi Ma,

Its been awhile again. Just because I don't write don't think Im not thinking of you. I think of you all the time. I think of you and dad alot. In the morning, durning the day, at night while Im watching tv, when Im driving and especially when IM ALONE....OR WHEN I FEEL ALONE. I always know your both there. This has been a long winter...Ma, Im going away again....yes, St.Maarten. Im going with Vincenza. Its my last trip till 2015. My ice cream season will start soon so I want to enjoy my last couple of months. Then I will be working 7 days a week again. No worries I will be careful. Ma, this poem it..

I still reach for the phone Ma.
To say hello or to see how your doing.

I LOVE YOU MA.......

That was Anna calling you 24/7 all the time. What would you say about me? Franca calls me to tell me after work she is going to the "ZOO"...I guess I never worried because Anna always called. If you ever needed me you would call me at Durock. I would see you at lunch...except for that day YOU REALLY NEEDED ME...I will never FORGIVE MYSELF FOR THAT HAUNTS ME...Im sorry MA.....with Aunt Gracie's help you made it and you came home....Thank God....but like I always say...YOU NEVER LIKED THE NUMBER "13"....but in a MILLION YEARS I would of NEVER THOUGHT you would leave us ALL...ok we will talk tears are flowing now..
Each night we shed a silent tear,
As we speak to you in prayer,
to let you know we LOVE YOU,
and just how much we care.
Take our million teardrops,
Wrap them up in LOVE,
then ask the wind to carry them,
to YOU in heaven above.
Hey Ma

Its been awhile. Time is running out..Feb.8th is around the corner and you know what that means? Nomore book!! This morning I brought YOUR SON breakfast...wasn't that nice? RIGHT....Tonight aunt Lib is coming for dinner and she is bring Choice of the Orient over...YOUR FAVORITE. Ma, this winter has been very long, very COLD and alot of snow. I think of you especially on these cold days. You would stay in your nightgown with your favorite housecoat..and you would stay in YOUR BOD watching tv or listening to your radio. You are missed just like the day GOD DECIDED TO TAKE YOU...tears are still flowing...we ALL STILL HAVE OUR MOMENTS. We all think of you 24/7. Im still asking the question WHY? Today is one of those days....anyways, continue to WATCH OVER ALL OF US...we all love you and miss you more then words can say.....

I hide my tears when I
say your name.
But the pain in OUR
heart is still the same. Though WE
smile and seem carefree.


With much love to you all. Smile…………………………..kisses hugs and smiles……………………………………………………...
How I miss you....sometimes I try and block 'everything' because it hurts so much and I miss you alot...who would have ever thought you were going to leave ALL of US!!!!!!! This morning while I was driving to work I heard your Josh Groban...YOU RAISE ME UP....I guess at that moment you were with I miss you.....and daddy....iloveyoulots...xoxo
What a beautiful poem, its so very true every word is so very true. We love you so very much! Its hard to believe you are not here! The phone calls the smiles the everything that made you so very special will always and forever remain in our hearts. I love you and everyone close to you up in heaven.All of you all of you so very special what a terrible void in my heart.
Ma, what are we going to do with that HANDSOME, WONDERFUL SON OF YOURS? Can you believe he just brought me BLOOD ORANGES....omg...yes, I wanted to cry but I held it in. I can just hear you now....SEE HOW NICE IT IS TO HAVE A BROTHER? I WISH I HAD A BROTHER? Ya, ya, heard that a million times from you...Can't wait to have one..I know dad your mouth is watering too....daddy loved blood oranges. Actually what didn't daddy like? Im his twin...WE LOVE Ok, daddy I will have one for you too. Ma, your like Joey and Anna...U ARE NOT FRUIT LOVERS....this cheered me up because it made me think of you and daddy. Daddy because he loved them ...and ma because you would be sooo happy that JOEY DID THAT..ok...the day is almost over...I had to share the you BOTH SOOO MUCH......night night...wish me luck over me.....
Though her smile is gone forever
and her hand I cannot touch
I still have so many memories
Of the one I loved so much.
Her memory is now my keepsake
Which with I'll never part.
God has her in his keeping
I have her in my heart.
Sadly missed but never forgotten.

The pain really nevers goes away
it just becomes a dull ache
Hey Ma

I know its been a while. I guess Im trying to get used to NOT writing in this book anymore. It ends Feb.8, 2014. What a beautiful mass last night. We had your ONE YEAR MASS. Late? Your sisters, YOUR FAMILY, and your friends were there. I had my own private moment. The songs were very nice. I hope you all were watching it from up above? I still can't believe ITS BEEN ONE YEAR....AND I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE GONE!!!!! Today I feel mind is wondering....Oh well this is life everyone keeps saying...ITS AWFUL...I love you....I think of you all the time...I miss dad alot too...alrightie we will talk again....forever in my heart......A++
hi love you and miss you so so much
one year today……….your funeral………and mommys birthday. Thinking of you each and every second of the day. love you
hi didn't realize that we can still keep touch with each for another month. I can not stop thinking of you and Gracie …….what a void i love you
omg we have another month of talking. Thankyou thank you thank you to whom ever did this. I love you and please look after guide us and let us all feel your presence around us always.
evening mrs ursini, though it has been a day since your passing, i think of often how you were such a bright spot in my life. to have known you as the wonderful person you were i will always remember you at your best. in your little big kitchen on victory. your house dress on fixing food or when the girls friends would come over to have some of your wonderful pasta... i know we share a date together but that is only i reminder. remember the chinese say the number 8 is a lucky number, and i know i am one of luckiest people in the world to have met such a great lady. love always now and in my heart. xoxoxo
I love you and I do not want to give up this book, I feel I can talk to you ……………..share my thoughts…………….feel you…………………..omg. this is so so very hard.
Jan. 7...was a horrible day and so was Jan. 8 - 2013 who would have thought that you were you not coming home. I had everything ready for were suppose to be with all of us....iloveyoulots...xoxoxox
Lisa it was one year today to the date you died I was so sad to hear that a wonderful person like you had died I always thought of you as my second mother . No matter what my day was like bad or good when you saw me you would always ask me Diana with that great big smile you always had and asked me how is your mother all the time for some one like you who never met my mother it was known if you ever did you would love her just the same way you have loved me that's why I Carry you in my purse you are part of my life Lisa always love Emma Philip and Diana you will be dearly missed there's not one day that goes by that we do not think of you take care Lisa love you always !!!!!!!??????????????????????

Today God wrapped HIS arms around you and took YOU by HIS side. What God didn't realize is that YOU LEFT BEHIND ALOT OF BROKEN HEARTS!!! Hearts that will take a lifetime to repair. Until we meet again IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. I truly HOPE you are in HEAVEN with daddy, Frankie, your parents and auntie Gracie. I hope YOU are ALL PAIN FREE and watching OVER ALL OF US. I look at this picture and I look sooooooooo good...WHY, MA???? WHY? You have not come to VISIT me all year...why is that? Please let me know you ok. Anyways, today is NOT A GOOD DAY. I don't even want to be here at work. I want to go back in my bed and cry and hug my pillow like I did last night. I don't know what else to heart...OUR HEARTS are broken FOREVER. Miss you more and more everyday...LOVE YOU FOREVER.....TILL WE MEET AGAIN..............xoxoxo
A limb has fallen from the family tree.
I keep hearing a voice that says,"grieve not for me"
Remember the best times, the laughter,the song.
The good life I lied while I was strong.
Continue my heritage, I'm counting on you.
Keep smiling and surely the sun will shine through.
My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest.
Remembering all, how I truly was blessed.
Continue traditions, no matter how small.
Go on with your life, don't worry about falls
I miss you all dearly, so keep up your chin.
Until the day comes we're together again.
One year today ……… said goodbye to all of us. The void we feel in our hearts will be forever. Today is a day of numbness void and most of all a "sister" who was so special so loving so beautiful and so loved. You will always and forever be part of me. I love you so. Elisa you are a star side by side with Gracie that will always shine above.
Oh ma....oh ma...
Who would of thought any of this? I keep looking at the time and thinking about the pain you were in. I will never ever forget u saying....I'm in so much pain..
I don't even wish this on a dog!!!! I'm sorry you felt pain but Dolores and Anna were trying their best. I can't believe in one more hour it will be a YEAR!!! You didn't deserve this. You were the best mom. So kind hearted...always smiling...also found good in people. Most of all you loved us all...your handsome "JOEY" your golden child "ANNA" then me, "FRANCA" trouble!!! The three of us miss you so much..losing such a wonderful loving mother like you is a big big VOID in your kids life. The three of us all had a different relationship with you, but one thing we all had the same ....was our love for a very special mom. There is NO mom like you!!! Oh God...WHY????????? Tomorrow is going to be a bad bad day...especially for your kids....forever in your children's hearts...we love and miss you so much MA....
They say there is a reason,
They say that time will heal,
But neither time nor reason,
Will change the way we feel,
For on-one knows the heartache,
That lies behind our smiles,

No-one knows how many times,
We have broken down and cried,
We want to tell you something
So there wont't be any doubt,
You're so wonderful to think of,
But so hard to be without!!!
Hi Elisa and everyone, Nevio was in a car accident today and I think all of you above were watching over him. He is ok but it was five cars. Ice was the factor. I am counting the days in which you were to come home. Again I guess it was heaven so you could be all together. You did not want to be a burden to the girls…….you are so very special and you and Gracie are two very special angels in heaven. I guess God needed you both because on earth you were both so wonderful. Loving you so very much………and to think I was in Venice on Sunday, I was so happy when I heard you were coming home on the 8th. In chinese the number eight is good luck but not for us. Who would have ever thought that in Venice my hotel was right in front of Saint Anthony. I have to believe I was there for you………The priest said a special blessing for you that night of January 8th………….I miss you I love you and please watch over your beautiful and loving family……….Smile.
Ma it's 145am and I'm still up. I can't sleep. These next few days are going to be awful. My mind is wondering. I really hope your watching over all of us. We all miss you alot. On Monday Anna and I are going to have our Christmas dinner together...yes, we are having your favorite Choice of the Orient. Having it really isn't the same without you. You loved your Chinese food. I hope your having Chinese in heaven. I can't believe Wednesday is one year...i just can't believe it!!! Miss you ma...miss you alot...I didn't only loss the best mom but I lost the only person that really understood me...and the only person that loved me the way I was....faults and all....I miss you so much...Pls visit me.....xoxo
Hey Ma and Dad
I'm home from NYC. I'm glad to be home. Ma, last night when the clock hit midnight...all I thought about was in 8 days WE LOST YOU!!!! Can u believe it's been ONE YEAR almost? I guess when we finally meet again you will tell me WHY? I went to Eatly when I was in NYC...remember last year I called you 3 times from store. They still have those placemats I bought you...when I saw them I cried and had my moment. I kept talking about you and dad so much. I can't explain how much I miss you both. As I'm writing I continue to look at your picture. You look do good in that picture..your hair looks always liked your hair perfect. I miss so much about you. This year I didn't buy much in NYC...I just wasn't in the mood. I would always love to show you everything..did you see I bought an orange jacket? You would love it...oh ma.....I need to stop writing. TI AMO SEMPRE xoxo
Life has changed for us forever!!!!The holidays and New Year will never be the same. It is just another day………….I miss you more than words can say…………………………………….Love love you
Ma & Dad,

Who would have ever thought..... were so good...just to think you were suppose to come home in 8 days....but you never made it....your life changed overnight....and so did OURS!!!!!!!
How I wish ....but that is not possible anymore .....iloveyoubothlots!! & miss you 'BOTH' much...
There is a special angel in Heaven
that is part of me,
It is not where I wanted her to be
but where God wanted her to be.

She was here but just a moment
like a nightime shootin star.
And though she is in Heaven
she isn't very far.

She touched the hearts of many
like only an angel can do.
I would've held her every minute
if the end I only knew.
So send this special message
to Heaven up above.
Please take care of my angel God
and send her all my love.
forever in my heart I love you soooooo
I love you both soooo much and miss you lots!!!!! I leave today do I will talk to you in a over me....hate flying in the winter..I will be thinking about you both....xoxoxo
Well today is Christmas Eve. This was daddy's favorite day. We are going to Joe and Dolores house tonight. How we wish things could be different. I guess God had his own plans for the both of you. There are a lot of tears still flowing...they will never stop. It's NOT a Merry Christmas for US!!!! Watch over US always. You both are FOREVER in OUR HEARTS!!!! It's another SAD DAY for JOEY, ANNA and ME!!!! Xoxo
Ma & Dad,

Wishing you were both here....
"Merry Christmas"
A big 'hug' & 'lots of kisses'
I miss you 'both' so much!!!!
How I miss you!!!!!....not only today...but every single day...right down to the second. It is a hurt...a void that never seems to go away....just a big lump in my stomach. We would have done so much together....I try not to think to much because when I do it just hurts and it destroys me slowly. "iloveyou" more than you will ever...ever...know....xoxoxoxox
Don't tell that you understand,
Don't tell me that you know,
Don't tell me that I will survive,
How I will surely grow,
Don't come at me with answers
That can only come from me,
Don't tell me how my grief will pass,
That I will soon be free,
Accept me in my ups and downs,
I need someone to share,
Just hold my hand and let me cry
Good Morning Ma

5 more days till Christmas :( Everyone rushing around getting ready. This year isn't Christmas for us. Its going to be very sad..but with Family and Friends they are all trying to make it better for us. Christmas Eve me and Anna our with Joe and Dolores and the kids. We will make the best of it. Christmas afternoon I leave. I will be thinking of you alot in NYC. Anyways ma....last night I had soooo much fun. I went to aunt Rita's and we had dinner and played cards. Yes, ma, I acted like dad a couple of times by throwing my cards and getting upset but you know THAT'S HOW ME AND DAD PLAYED. Aunt Rita and Zio Roberto kept bringing up the times you went to Florida and Acapulco. How much fun the four of you had when you went away. They were all HAPPY crying which was nice for once. I feel like Im always crying lately and I can't sleep. Last night I never slept sooooooooo good. When I get back from NYC we will be playing cards again. Last night part of me felt like DAD was playing inside of me. It was wonderful. I needed last night sooo much....Ma, your WONDERFUL SON text me this morning asking for muffin and coffee. Well of course I bought it for him...then guess what?????? He didnt even drink the coffee or eat the next time YOUR HANDSOME SON isn't getting is our last day of work until Jan.6, 2014. It will be a nice break. Over the holidays especially daddy's favorite ....Christmas Eve I really hope we feel you both around us that night at Dolores's and Joe's...there will be tears....pls turn them into smiles for all of us.....LOVING YOU FOREVER AND EVER.....and wishing that THIS COULD BE DIFFERENT...but this is part of life ...right ma? ITS THE AWFUL PART OF LIFE...No worries one day WE WILL ALL BE TOGETHER and Anna and dad playing cards.....I want to say Merry Christmas to you all.....but for "US" its NOT A MERRY CHRISTMAS.....:( just remember we are ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU ALL AND MISSING YOU ALL....our hearts are all HURTING THIS CHRISTMAS.....xoxoxoxo
With much love to you all!!!!They say that time heals, that what they say. Time does not heal it only makes it more real.Life is different ………………it will never be the same.

The sadness NEVER goes away
you're thought of and so SADLY MISSED
But now you're with the ANGELS
we hold on to the memories
and treasure them with LOVE
often make us WONDER WHY?????
God took you from THIS WORLD
But memories are precious
we know that God HAS CHOSEN YOU
TO BE HIS ANGEL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am crying so much today, that I do not make sense!!!!!! I know that I remind the kids of you in so many ways. Anna says we even eat the same. OMG who would have know that this was going to happen to you and Gracie who would have know that you would not be here. I happened all too soon for the both of you. I can not believe it sometimes, but I must say thank you for sending me signals of your love. Hugs and kisses to you all. Why why why all I can think of is that God needed to special Angels and he has them now.
Hi Elisa, say hi to Mommy and everyone, just got a text from Joe he let me know it was nine years since mommy went to heaven. Down here its major cloudy with tears. I can not stop crying and missing you all. As I write I am still crying…..Franca and Anna coming for dinner Tuesday night. When Franca texted they were coming I did smile……and then I lost my phone when I texted Franca back saying we were going to have the choice of the orient………….omg it hurts so bad……………..yes we smile, and go on with our lives but there is a big but. All I know today is because of you……and Johnny Mario misses you toooo. He always said you and Gracie where like sisters he never had. Oh well as you would say Ta TA smile even though your heart is breaking. My heart does not smile anymore since you have gone. We try we try and I know I remind your children of you a lot. Thankyou for giving me who I am today. Hugs and kisses Gracie I have no words for the void in my heart for you. I went to visit you last week and I can not believe that you are gone… special so beautiful……so so loving………..great family………………I love you all
A year today you gave me your little pinky ring with diamonds. It was big on me but I still wore it that day. Then to think that evening you were rushed to the hospital because of water in your lungs. We all the confusion that night I LOST YOUR RING. When I lost it I kept telling my friends...MY MOM IS GOING TO DIE...I have to find the RING. I told you I lost the ring. You said check your car. I checked everywhere ma. To this day IT HAUNTS ME. I wear your other ring 99% of the time. I WON'T LOSE THIS. Today there is alot of snow. It looks like Christmas but it SURE DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT. Its almost OVER...12 more days Christmas is here. OMG...WHY?????? WHY????? ok Im having another one of those days....omg...PLS HOLIDAYS GO AWAY.......xoxoxoox

p.s. today is FRIDAY THE you hated Fridays and the number 13......
WHAT A BAD DAY IM HAVING....the tears are not stopping. I can't control myself. I look at today's date and I just want to think a month from TODAY....WE BURIED YOU.....who would of ever thought!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN ONE OF MY MOODS TODAY MA.....I want to yell and scream....PLS PLS I WANT THESE HOLIDAYS GONE...OVER AND DONE WITH...I WANT THE CHRISTMAS SONGS TO STOP ON THE RADIO...I wanna TURN BACK me today MA....its REALLY BAD.......

another poem that reminds me of you....but this is YOU TALKING TO "US"

As I sit safe in heaven,
I try and le you know with signs,
I hear you when you're laughing,
And watch you as you sleep,
I even place my arms around you,
I see you wish the days away,
So I try to send you signs,
So you know you're not alone!
Don't feel guilty that you have life
that was denied to me,
Just you wait and see!!
Then I'll know with every

A silent wish that YOU WERE HERE
Others have LOST like this WE KNOW
but "YOU" ARE "OURS"

I filled these balloons with
to send to you in heaven above

Merry Christmas!
Gone but not forgotten......
I thought of you today, but that is
nothing new. I thought about you
yesterday, and days before that too. I
think of you in silence, I often speak
your name. All I have are MEMORIES and a PICTURE IN A FRAME. Your memory is a KEEPSAKE, from which I'll never part. GOD HAD YOU IN HIS ARMS. I have YOU IN MY HEART.......always and forever ma.......I miss and love u lots...
Happy Birthday Nonno from ALL OF US. Actually ma, you know YOUR SON...he remembers EVERYTHING. This morning at 7am he texts me saying its Nonno's bday and he would of been 104 years old. Oh dio JOEY remembers EVERYTHING....especailly DATES. You know if you were here Joey would of said, Ma, how old is your father today?" You would of answered, "Oh don't ask know Im not good with MATH". lol...I seriously hope you ARE ALL TOGETHER and celebrating nonno's special day. I hope your making your famous homemade pasta. Dad and nonno will probably be playing cards all day. How I miss playing cards. Me and daddy always had so much fun playing our favorite card game, watching tv and stuffing our faces with either fruit or PANE VITTORIA BREAD AND OLIVE OIL...sometimes we would get fancy and cut cheese. How I miss THOSE DAYS. Daddy I miss playing cards soooooooooooo much. Oh well like everyone says THIS IS PART OF LIFE. Like I say...until they LOSE SOMEONE SPECIAL they JUST DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEELS. Its a feeling I can't really even explain. You feel feel this awful me..IT JUST GETS HARDER AND HARDER...instead of better. Oh dear I feel another one of those days...OH DIO when are these HOLIDAYS GOING TO BE OVER??????????? you all...MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER EVER KNOW.......till WE ALL MEET AGAIN.....xoxoxooxoxo
Hey Ma

Today is not a good day. I have been crying...aunt Lib called me at work crying....she said it must be a VIRGO DAY. Im counting the 16 days Christmas will be over...Thank God. WHY?????? Im very ANGRY today ma. I have soooo much going on in my head and in my heart...Its so cold outside. Christmas came to fast this year. I can't beleive the way time flies. This weekend is our Christmas Party. I really don't want to go. Oh well what would you say, "Franca work there...have fun"...YA YA MA...SURE....whatever....ok help me and aunt Lib stop crying today..Wish there was some sun out....something that would show me your around US....ok missy talk later...ciao for now....
Omg its hurts so bad not having you and Gracie here! Everyone this year it such a huge void. I love you all so very much and so much more. Smile……………………..
If Roses Grow in Heaven

If roses grow in Heaven Lord
Please pick a bunch for me.
Place them in my Mother's arms
and tell her they're from ME.
and when she turns to SMILE,
Because remembering HER IS EASY,

Hey Ma,

Your handsome son "JOEY" wanted me to say HI to you FROM HIM...He never writes in here. Its only me, aunt Rita, aunt Lib, and every once in awhile Anna. I wish you could make these Christmas songs go away on the radio. This morning I was crying alot. Every song was one of your favorites. 19 days before Christmas. Where did the year go? Today is really cold outside. I could just see you now laying in "YOUR BOD" would say, Franca Im so nice and comfortable. I wonder if you are comfortable NOW? Are you really PAIN FREE? Are you really with daddy, Frankie, your parents and aunt Gracie? I wish I could know that foresure. You haven't visited me since you left Jan. 8th 2013. I wait every night for something. Ok ma, having one of those days...can't stop crying. Talk to you later. Watch over ALL OF US....XOXOXO
If we could visit heaven,
Even for a day,
Maybe for a moment,
the pain would go away.

I'd put my arms around you,
and whisper words so true,
that living life without you,
is the hardest thing to do.

No matter how we spend our days,
no matter what we do,
No morning dawns or evening falls,
When we don't think of you.
Hey Ma,

I know...I know its been awhile. Well actually it really hasn't. I did write but you know IT NEVER SHOWS UP. I get upset...I don't write...then after a few days I try again. Where do I begin without crying...Its 21 days till CHRISTMAS. Another hurdle for US. What do I miss besides EVERYTHING? On Dec 1st OUR CHRISTMAS DECORATION would be out. U always said NEVER NOVEMBER its the MONTH OF THE DEAD. This year the house is SAD. NOTHING IS OUT. I really wanted to put out NONNA (remember the doll aunt Lib bought you? It looks just like nonna) You LOVED THAT DOLL. Remember when aunt Gracie died that was the ONLY THING YOU TOOK OUT...YOUR DOLL. You took it out because it reminded you of your OWN MOM. We would unwrapped it...give it to you...YOU WOULD KISS IT AND SAY YOUR FAMOUS LINE......"SE IDDIO VUOLE" I wanted it out this year but Anna said NO!!! What would you say ma? I HAVE A MIND OF MY OWN...SO IF I WANT IT I WILL...LOL...I should do the samething...I should take it out and put it in the corner. I hear all your favorite Christmas songs on the radio and I start to cry. THIS IS A TOUGH TOUGH HOLIDAY MISSY. This Christmas will be JUST ME AND ANNA ... ALONE TOGETHER...we will have our own lunch and we will be thinking of you...more than likely maybe it ISNT A GOOD IDEA IF WE STAY ALONE? I know you will direct us on what to do that day....Ok ma, I MISS YOU...I LOVE YOU...AND I CAN'T WAIT TILL THESE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER.....Im counting the days...xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

p.s..."Death leaves a HEARTACHE noone can HEAL, LOVE leaves a MEMORY noone can STEAL" XOXOXOXOXO
Missing you all at Christmas

Every day without you,
since you had to go,
Is like summer without sunshine,
and winter without snow.

I wish that I could talk to you,
There's so much I would say,
Life has changed so very much,
since you went away.

I miss the bond between us, and I miss your kind support,
You're in my mind and in my heart,
and every Christmas thought.

I'll always feel you close to me,
and though you're far from sight,
I'll search for you among the stars
That shine on Christmas night
I thought of you today
as I so often do
I wanted to let you know

My MOM has made me laugh,
made me cry,
Wiped my tears,
Hugged me tight,
Watched me succeed,
Seen me FALL,
Cheered me on,
Kept me going STRONG,

That you will have a FRIEND

Put this on your
Whether she's HERE WITH
hi elisa, what a beautiful poem ……….its so true………love you all………………………………………………………...
If we could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true,
We'd pray to God with all our hearts
for yesterday and You.

A thousand words can't bring you back
We know because we've tried...
Neither will a thousand tears
We know because we've cried....
You left behind our broken hearts
And happy memories too...
But we never wanted memories
We only wanted YOU.
Ma, Im shocked it showed up. Ding dong made a mistake. Meant to say FELL NOT FEEL. Right now its awful outside. Raining and dark. Tonight Im going out with Pat. (aunt Gracies twin) You know where Im going so send me LOTS OF PENNIES AGAIN.. Anna is going out with YOUR DOLORES. I miss you sooooooo much...the tears havent stopped today..oh dear...MOTHER MY MAKE UP...ok love you....xo
Oh Ma, I can't believe this ...THIS IS MY FOURTH TIME WRITING IN THIS BOOK THIS WEEK. Nothing has showed up. It makes me so upset. So here I go again. Last Saturday ma was the first time I came to visit you in a long long time. I really don't like going there. Too depressing. Anyways, IM NOT DREAMING....ITS are gone. Seeing your name on the stone made it SO FINAL. I went there and all I kept saying WAS WHY? WHY? To think going there I have YOU, DADDY, FRANKIE, NONNA URSINI,AUNT GRACIE AND NONNO AND have LOST SO MANY OF YOU...LIFE JUST ISNT THE SAME. Its weird ma, since you left us NOONE comes by the house. Its ONLY ME AND ANNA. Its very sad...Everytime I go up those stairs I see you there when you feel. IT BREAKS MY HEART TO THINK you were sitting there BLEEDING for atleast 4 hours..I blame myself so much for that day. I always went home for lunch and that day I didnt. OH MA IM SOOOOOOOO SORRY...its one of those days. Can't stop crying. That will haunt me forever. Last night was a nice night...YOUR HANDSOME "JOEY" came over for dinner last night. IT WAS THE THREE OF US. So nice. Joe sat in his normal chair and he was talking to you. ITS SO WEIRD MA. How I wish I could move from that house....TOO MANY MEMORIES...WONDERFUL MEMORIES...but the one on the stairs HAUNTS ME. Im glad Joey and Anna never saw. It was me and Dolores that day...WHY DID GOD WANT YOU???? We need you here so much. Everytime I wear something new I want to show you to get your approval. Today I made a mistake ma...Im wearing a NEW TOP. Remember you hated when we wore something new on a Friday...When I was looking at your stone I kept reading the year over and over you hated that number 13. To think you died with the number 13..DESTINO......DESTINO......


What a day today!!!!! I cried all the way home thinking of you both……………..why why why …………..I miss you both so very much and this void in my heart will never ever go away.
Hi Elisa Gracie and Everyone! What a lonely world it can be when you lose someone so special so special and close to your heart. Gracie I miss you so much!!!!!! Elisa you would always say I can't believe that Gracie is gone and I miss her so much. Now you are both together with mommy daddy johnny and frankie. Omg what a void in my heart. We have our children and grandchildren but the void is still there. All I can say is Smile even though your heart is aching………and a lot more.Your families down here they are all coping with a huge loss and a void that will never ever go away. I love you all and remember even though we talk laugh cry feel angry and ask the question Why………… does not really matter………………..all we have is the beautiful and loving memories in our hearts that we will treasure forever……..until we meet again. I am soooo sad and miss you both soooo very much…….your voice will forever live on in my heart.
Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us everyday
Unseen,Unheard but always near
Still loved,still missed.
I miss you all so much!!!!!!!Loving you is so easy having the void in my heart is so so so difficult. Smile…………….
Hey Ma,

Did you see what a nice Halloween party Ellen had? It was very nice. Did you see YOUR SON? Omg amazing him and Dolores looked. Michelley did Joe's make-up for him. Jonathan and Claudia looked great too. Did you see OUR MICHELLEY? Amazing her and Luca. We took pictures. There is a really nice one of me, Anna and Joe. I love that picture of us. Today is a sunny day...beautiful day but a little cold. You know me ma, I would say to you...ITS FRESH. On Sunday I was going to come and visit you. Pat was going to come too...but I HATE GOING THERE. It just makes me SAD. I promise to visit you before Christmas. I cant beleive Christmas is just next MONTH. This year went by soooooooooo fast. Me and Anna haven't decided what we are doing for Christmas...part of us JUST WANT TO BE HOME ALONE..I just like Christmas ma Im going to New York with Sandra again....just like last year...remember I left around 830pm...this year we are leaving one hour before. Its going to be weird...I will be thinking of last year when I was there...remember I kept calling you and you said Franca, stop calling its expensive..just have a nice careful...and your famous line...I LOVE YOU...WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT???????? Rememeber when I went into that italian store EATALY? I keep calling to tell you about the fresh pasta...the place mats...everything...I took saw the pictures....When Im there this year..IT WILL HURT AND BRING BACK MEMORIES OF ME CALLING YOU. OMG...havig one of those days again...SUGAR..ok I will talk to you you....miss you....and watch OVER US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I hope this Saturday you come threw for me...I hope you say something to me....I really hope so....ok...TATA!!!
Hi Elisa, I am still crying, I can not even find the words to write. All I can write is Smile even though your heart is aching smile even though your heart is breaking. My is broken, I miss you so, your smile your encouraging words but most of all your laugh and your ending to a conversation "I LOVE YOU" all saints day is rejoicing because they have two very special angels that made and still makes our hearts smile. Broken Heart that will always be broken. I love you all from the bottom of my heart……………………………..
It's 10pm...Anna is in bed and I'm downstairs. So glad this day is almost over. We all had OUR MOMENTS!!!! The tears were flowing like the day U LEFT US!!! If GOD only knew all the hearts he broke when he asked you to join him I think he would of changed his mind. The void in our hearts I can't even explain what it feels like. I keep saying what if....or why????? I'm getting no answers....not even from you. I'm waiting for you in my dreams but nothing!!!! Ma, you son...your precious JOEY...what did I call him? The he also had a very bad day...i just hope u heard your favorite song SMILE when JOEY played it for you...deep down I know u did, especially because it was from YOUR HANDSOME SON...ya ya ma it's nice to have a next hurdle Christmas...Pls pls help was very hard. Ok good night..

Love from ALL of US...
P.s. Aunt Lib really misses HER BIG SISTER....

Happy Birthday MA!!! Last year I called you at 7am from Jamaica. I remember our conversation. You were so happy on the phone. You were telling me what you and Anna were doing for the day. I would of never thought in a million years that this year I WOULD BE WRITING IN THIS BOOK!!! On the phone you told me how quiet the house was without me and that YOU and ANNA missed you know......ME and ANNA MISS U SO in THIS HOUSE without you...IS AWFUL! It's beyond quiet. I'm trying to remember what you ALWAYS said....think of the funny things you did because it would make US laugh....MA I'm trying to especially TODAY but I can't control my tears because it makes me MISS YOU MORE!!!!! It's a terrible day today....very very sad...tonight it's ONLY ME and ANNA!!!! help us TODAY PLEASE....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM IN HEAVEN...
Well Ma...I am off tomorrow...I should have been spending the whole day with you and then dinner in the evening with the family...instead I will be alone during the day and me & Fra in the evening. It all just happened so is just not the same without you...I could go on & on...but what for...I would have been in your bedroom so early tomorrow morning with your cafe latte and wishing you a
'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'...and kissing you and telling you that
'I LOVE YOU'...better i stop writing now....just know that I think of you soooo much...'always' ...and i miss you more than you will ever know...
What a night last night. Me and Anna we're having dinner then we just started thinking about YOUR BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS and we just started TO CRY. I tried to be STRONG for Anna ...I tried to STOP CRYING...but Ma, I just couldnt!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you THIS WAS GOING TO BE A BAD WEEK...actually the next FEW MONTHS ARE GOING TO BE UGLY..Tomorrow is you BIRTHDAY..Like I said Anna is having a mass for you at 8am...then she is coming to visit you. Remember ma ANNA ALWAYS TOOK YOUR BIRTHDAY OFF. You and her would spend the day together. Before Aunt Grey died you and Anna would go spend the day there. Aunt Grey would make you a nice lunch and she always made sure she had your pop nice and cold. THOSE WERE THE DAYS....WE WERE TOGETHER AND HAPPY....Now look....first FRANKIE...then nonno...daddy...nonna...aunt Grey...AND YOU.....WHY????????????? WHY?????????????????????? Im sooo UPSET...the tears flowing NON STOP...Pls Pls GIVE US STRENGHT.....Tomorrow nights dinner is YOUR FAVORITE CHOICE OF THE ORIENT. The tears will be flowing...NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO TOMORROW...OK...I have to go....I have to go fix up my tears are washing away my make-up....MA....WE ALL LOVE YOU....AND WE ALL MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH......WHY?????????????????????????????
just wanted to say Good Morning to all of you. Two more days and its your bday....WHY?????????? Thinking of you always MA..Yesterday I went to Yorkdale with Sandra and guess what? We went downstairs where the pjs are and as I was looking I said to Sandra, Omg this housecoat is perfect for my mom...I will get it for Christmas. Then Sandra looked at me...and I was like...OMG....Sandra my mom WOULD OF LOVED IT. Ma, its just like the one your wearing. Instead it was a purple colour. So nice. You would of LOVED IT. I find myself sometimes forgetting that you ARE GONE. I really want to believe this is A DREAM....YES ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Ok I can't talk you...miss you.....xoxoxo its going to be AN AWFUL WEEK......:( help us get threw it PLEASE........xoxoxo
Thankyou for making Jonathan and Claudia's safe return. Love you all
October 30th 1937 It is etched in my memory!!!!!!
Hey Ma

Well guess what? Yup...I wrote in this book and of course NO SHOW. So once again I said I WASN'T GOING TO WRITE....but IM ALL TALK...I feel EMPTY when I don't write in it. That was a nice poem someone sent to you...the only PROBLEM....ITS NOT YOUR ALWAYS hated celebrating it before. Its still 5 days away. When I was reading aunt Libs message about you giving up because you thought you were a BURDEN...I really believe that too. You werent a know me ma, I still went out and I still travelled. It was Anna that wouldnt. Although when I did look after always GAVE ME AN A++..Anna is travelling now but I will tell you something..WE WOULD RATHER HAVE YOU BACK...Anna is LOST WITHOUT YOU...we ALL ARE...but you know Anna...she has nomore phone calls to make durning the day....nomore rushing around...she is worries ma Im keeping her busy cooking. lol..Last night can you believe we ate dinner at 730pm...HOW WEIRD IS THAT? Did you see Anna put your favorite tablecloth on? You are missed sooooooooo much. You are the only one that UNDERSTOOD ME....I will never have anyone LOVE ME THE WAY YOU DID...I was far from PERFECT...but you loved me anyways. I miss that sooo much. Today Jonathan is finally coming back from his honeymoon. It seems like he was gone forever..we all missed him alot. I hope you are all ok up there. I continue to think WHY??? So this is what I came up with.....Daddy missed your cooking especially your homemade pasta. Aunt Gracie missed talking to you everyday. Nonno missed you and him having coffee together. Nonna missed your phone calls and you and Anna always going up to Aunt Gracie's to visit her. Then there is Frankie....Frankie JUST NEEDED HIS MOM....Then there is US...left with only MEMORIES...WONDERFUL MEMORIES...The only MEMORY that we all HATE AND DON'T January 8th, 2013..YOU WERE COMING HOME..I still understand....and to be truthful I WILL NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND...I feel one of those days coming on. I hope this shows up....IF NOT MA......YOU KNOW loving and missing you....THE HOUSE ISN'T THE SAME....noone comes by anymore...ITS ONLY ME AND ANNA...its VERY later.....xoxoxo
The moment that you died
my heart was torn in two,
one side filled with heartache,
the other died with you.

I often lie awake st night,
when the world is fast asleep,and
take a wald down memory lane,
with tears upon my cheeks.

remembering you is easy,
I do it everyday,
but missing you is heartache
that never goes away.

I hold you tightly within my heart
and there you will remain.
Until the joyous day arrives,
That we will meet again.

smile even though your heart is aching smile even though your heart is breaking . You loved this song, omg omg omg Franca is so right today why why why you were suppose to come home.........why all I can think of is you missed Gracie so much and maybe just maybe you were tired of the health issues and your Anna your Franca your girls the burden you thought you were. Elisa I have know one thing for sure on this earth no one no one has loved the way your girls and son and family loved you. You a special star shining from above all of you are. Please take care of your girls son and family by sending them sunshine and smiles memories that make us laugh just something. Loving and missing you all so very much.
Ma Im having one of those days today. The weather is awful and I can't stop crying today. I need your help to put a smile on my face. Im thinking of your birthday....thinking of the holidays.....ITS JUST MAKING ME SOOO DEPRESSED...wishing WE COULD TURN BACK TIME......alright I need to stop writing because the tears are flowing you and miss you soooooooooo much......xoxoxoxoxo
goodnight and miss you more than words can say. Miss all of you so very much.....I love you so.......................from the bottom of my heart.
Hey Ma

Its been a while. Busy and trying to get back into the swing of things. Im still all confused with the time difference. Anyways, nothing new and exciting. The wedding is ice cream season is over...SO NOW LOTS OF TIME ON MY HANDS. Vinny is moving this Friday. She is going back up to Newmarket. So you know what that means? When I used to go to her house I would always pass by VICTORY DRIVE...53 to be exact...Now I will have no reason to be in that area. :(...I hope you are all fine and watching over us. Your birthday is coming up. To think last year we surprised you with THE DOCTORS HOUSE. Its was a perfect day. The weather was were sooooooooo happy and excited. IT WAS PERFECT. Now this year? I HAVE NO WORDS...see how LIFE IS? YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. Oh ma I feel one of those days coming on....the tears still flow...OK WE WILL TALK AGAIN......LOVE TO ALL.....xoxoxooxoxooo NOT A SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR OR A DAY GOES BY THAT I DONT THINK OF YOU....especially in Italy I thought of YOU AND DAD SOOOO MUCH...daddy I took a few pictures for you. Im going to develope them and put them in the kitchen. One is of your peppers that you used to string and hang up to dry. WHAT A PICTURE...SOOO NICE...the other is of chestnuts...really nice.....ok talk later.....xoxo
love you
I'm back.....missed writing in this book. glad to be home. Missed Anna a lot. I missed everyone. I enjoyed my trip but would never do it again. To see Italy you need more time. I was rushing around like crazy. I went into two church's to light candles. One in Florence and in Napoli. Lite 5 candles both times. Today is Thanksgiving and we are going to Angie's house. U will be missed so much. It's 530am and I'm already up..see right now it would be I'm still on Italy's time...ok ma thanks for watching over me and everyone again later. I'm going to try and go to sleep again...xoxo
love you all! Our Franca will be home tomorrow!!!! We all missed her!!!! Watch over her and bring her home safely. Elisa thanksgiving will not be same this loved my stuffing..................and you did to Gracie.........miss you all so very much.
love you all and pray and look after us all!!!! love you more then words can say. Franca is safe and Jonathan leaves tomorrow make sure everyone is safe Loving you all more each day and the void we feel in our hearts will be for a lifetime. Smile.........even ..........................................
Ok I leave today and the weather is gloomy and raining. I have a little headache right now. I couldn't sleep last night. Went to be around 3am. I'm like you ma..remember when we would travel you would be up all night and we'd be at the airport hours before. This 9 hour flight is scaring me...oh well like I say if anything happens I have all of u waiting..remember to watch over anna? Ok missy love you lots..Pls make sure I have a safe flight coming and going? Xoxo ciao for now...
Ma its a really ugly morning...its raining and very gloomy. I HATE THIS WEATHER. Anyways, this morning I received a message from aunt Rita saying Buon Onomastico. She sent me a message and it said...San Francesco D'Assisi Buon Onomastico Franceso,Francesca, Franco, Franca.....SO MISSY I NEVER KNEW I HAD ONE...So Frankie Buon Onomastico to you too...
So I leave tomorrow and YES IM A LITTLE NERVOUS...Why? Leaving Anna....but I know you will be watching over her. Last night Anna gave me euros for my trip..something you always did whenever I went away..I will be thinking of you alot when Im on this trip especially when Im on my balcony at night looking at the stars and looking into the will be pitch black. You would always tell me how scared that made you. To me its peacefully and very relaxing. Remember me and Dad always wanted to go to Italy but you were always scared of the flight. Dont kid yourself ma...Im really scared too...its a 9 hour flight...OH DIO...Today is Vinny's bday she turned 50 today. When I called her this morning we both thought of you because you would of called her too. Its OUR FIRST YEAR WITHOUT YOU...and its hard. DO YOU REALLY KNOW HOW MUCH EVERYONE MISSES YOU? Last night Joe came over and when he walked in the front door he said HI MA!!! Do you see the VOID you LEFT ALL OF US? Its one of those days ma.... love you lots....WATCH OVER ANNA NEXT WEEK.....and of course me FAFALETTA.....Lol...xoxoxoo I will be thinking of you and dad when Im in ITALY...xoxoxo
Loving all so much and missing you all with so much tears and void.
Ma and Dad,

Did you see????????? What a wedding!!! Not because it was "OUR JONATHAN'S" but this wedding was done WITH SOME MUCH CLASS. It was outstanding. From the Church to lunch to the RECEPTION....IT WAS AMAZING. The flowers OMG...It was like we were in heaven..I know you and daddy were there. The sun was shining all day. U must of been celebrating up in heaven. Did you hear? Jonathan mentioned you and daddy and there were pictures of you too. That was emotional. Your SON our brother JOEY...WAS GREAT. We all had OUR MOMENTS but all in all YOU GAVE US THE STRENGHT. THANKS MA AND DAD. So next is OUR LITTLE PRINCESS MICHELLEY.....that will probably be NEXT YEAR....Omg I remember when Jonathan and Michelley were both to think they are all grown up and starting their own life and families...Continue to watch over us ALL....keep us all safe...WE LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH...AND WE MISSED YOU SATURDAY.....AND EVERYDAY....xoxoxoxo
A magical wedding. You were there!!!! The orange vase and orchid. Smile ................ Jonathan so handsome and Claudia a diamond in the sky. Your children outstanding your presence a void in everyones heart. Loving you all each day more. The void........ is forever in our hearts.,
Thankyou for being there! Thankyou for the flower. Tomorrow is a special day for all of us thankyou for letting us know that you and everyone are around us. Smile ..............even though.................................Loving you more each day.
Mom and Dad......

I wrote in the book TWO DAYS AGO...and SURPRISE IT NEVER SHOWED UP...I get so upset with this book. I always say I won't write in it again but I JUST CANT. Writing in here makes me feel good. Ma, remember I asked you to send me a penny from above to let me know your watching over US....well DADDY sent me over 2000 PENNIES....THANK YOU....Im starting to be a BELIEVER...Tomorrow THE ROYAL WEDDING IS TAKING PLACE...I CANT BELIEVE IT. Guess what the weather is going to be SUNNY AND WARM....You know what that means???? YOU AND DAD WILL BE WATCHING FROM ABOVE...well you ALL WILL...THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT A SUNNY DAY...although the TEARS WILL BE FLOWING NON STOP....the SUN WILL HELP US ALL. Can you believe your GRANDSON IS GETTING MARRIED? WOW.....all I continue to ASK IS PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US THE STRENGHT TO GET THREW THAT DAY...WE WILL ALL BE THINKING OF YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH....PLEASE WATCH OVER JOE THE MOST....Oh dear the TEARS ARE STARTING NOW....

There are moments in life when
you wish you could bring
someone down from heaven.
Spend the day with them just
give them ONE MORE HUG,
more chance to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Share remembrance of SOMEONE WHO IS NOT HERE.....





Ma, sorry I had a busy morning. Anyways, I can't wait to tell you about your WONDERFUL, HANDSOME SON...did you see what he did yesterday? I still think Im teased him yesterday about not hugging or kissing me for my bday and he said, Frank (he calls me that)Im sorry then gives me a hug and kiss at the order desk..Then I said as a know you could give me $20.00? Well, did you see what he gave me? WOW.....With that money I bought somemore euros. Ma, that was really nice of tell you the truth when I got into my car I started to CRY...he caught me offguard. Then I thought of YOU....You would of said, SEE HOW NICE IT IS TO HAVE A BROTHER? Your right ma.....but he knows HE IS LUCKY TO HAVE ME AND ANNA...MORE SO ANNA...LOL..9 more days to THE ROYAL we are all going crazy...getting excited...last minute running around to do...but most of all we are wishing you and dad could of been here. Whats the saying? God only takes THE BEST...he sure did when he took you and dad. I guess I will be here for a Tonight Im making bbq for me and Anna for dinner. Its a nice day today. The sun is shining right now...THATS YOU MA....when I see the sunshine it always makes me feel good because to me that means your around and watching over us. When its rainy and gloomy it makes me sad. I always think when it rains that YOUR SAD OR IN PAIN...Im yet to dream of you...NOTHING MA....why is that? Hoping you come into my dreams soon. Miss you....and I just WISH YOU WERE HERE WITH ALL OF US...XOXOXO
I love you all what a horrible void in my heart. It does not go away I miss you and Gracie so much that at times the pain is even though your heart is breaking. Why why why why and WHY
JUST AMAZING............AMAZING...I wrote in here yesterday and OF COURSE WHY WOULD IT SHOW UP???? OMG....THIS BOOK. Anyways, here I go again ....Saturday night ma when I got home from the truck...yes, Iknow it was late 230am. I cried myself to sleep that night. I fell asleep around 4am. Waking up Sunday was really SAD. I was used to you saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY and then getting upset that I was on the truck. I cried alot on Sunday too. The weather was awful. Gloomy and rain. I guess that was you saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND THAT YOU MISSED ME. Well actually thats what I want to BELIEVE. Anna came by to see me at the festival on Sunday...ya ya we cried but what can you do. She brought me lunch. I finished early the truck that night only because it rained so I was home at 830pm. Did you see what Anna gave me for my bday? Of course she went above and beyond. Then ma I had a surprise from aunt Lib and Mario they gave me a card with EUROS. OMG I WAS BEYOND SHOCKED...yes,dont worry I called her and Mario right away to THANK THEM. Aunt Lib had a day like mine...CRYING...she missed your phone call too. I know they all say the FIRST YEAR IS THE HARDEST...I think this is going to be different. You are missed soooooo much. FOR SOOO MANY DIFFERENT REASONS..the wedding is in 11 days...OMG...why couldnt God just let you be here. This was sooo IMPORTANT. Your first and ONLY GRANDSON getting married. Ma, this is truly THE ROYAL WEDDING....seriously...well I hope to God that you ALL WILL BE WATCHING FROM UP ABOVE..Then ma I leave in 18 days. Flying into Barcelona 9 hours oh dio. Then I go on my cruise. I cant wait ma...really I cant. I will miss ANNA LOTS. Its weird ma....ITS ONLY ME AND ANNA. WE HAVE missy Im just letting you know...if you are going to pull a take ME...WHY? Anna is ALL I HAVE AND WITHOUT HER...OMG I CAN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. She is fine without me...and plus ma, IM THE ONE THAT ALWAYS KEPT YOU AND DADDY'S BLOOD FLOWING....I was the troublemaker. Plus dad would rather play cards with me because when we played with Anna it took her too and dad played fast. Daddy I miss playing cards soooooooooooo much....Ok I will see you at lunch today ma...Im coming home at 1pm. We are having rapini today THATS IT...remember ROYAL WEDDING...LOVE FOREVER AND EVER....XOXOXOO
Happy Birthday handsome Frankie You looked like our side of the family Nonno would say. You should have been named Bruno. Love to you all with much love. Bad day today but you did send a sign to me. Dr. Bengall came in to work and he had gone to a course late night. Today he came in with an orange bag orange pen and orange cup for the coffee. Can you believe this. Thankyou for sharing he gave it to me this morning and I will make sure this is for me and France. Love you
HAPPY 56TH BIRTHDAY FRANKIE......!!!!!!!!!! Ma, your finally celebrating a birthday with Frankie after 49 you believe TODAY IS FRIDAY SEPT. you hated Fridays and the number 13. You went into the hospital on the died in 2013. TALK ABOUT DESTINO? This weekend is my bday and it will be VERY WEIRD NOT GETTING A HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIRST THING IN THE MORNING FROM YOU...Oh ma, TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS....the weather is awful really cold out there. This weekend I have the Ukrainian Festival at Jane and Bloor so I will be working...the only good thing ITS MY LAST WEEKEND....Yippeeeeeeee...I know your really happy about it too. The Royal Wedding is TWO WEEKS AWAY...Oh dio...I will be starving for the next two weeks. lol...WHY MA? WHY? Why didnt God wait? Why did he NEED YOU? Didn't he know we needed you HERE MORE? Im very upset today. Its not a GOOD DAY AT ALL. Ok Sunday somehow send me and aunt Lib a HAPPY BIRTHDAY....although IT WILL BE FAR FROM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY for us. Not having you say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and getting a birthday card with mistakes in it...I WILL MISS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH...enough about me....enjoy you day with Frankie and everyone else...just remember how much your missed and how my heart is aching BIG TIME TODAY......and all weekend.....

Happy Anniversary, to you both. Love you hugs kisses and smiles......................................................even thought my heart is aching smile even though my heart is breaking.....Love to you all.
Oh dear...I told you to enjoy with everyone except I forgot to mention Frankie...Frankie Im sorry. Its your turn to spend special days and holidays with MOM AND DAD...Atleast I know they are in good hands with everyone up there....I just need to BELIEVE....Ma, you thought like me with this after life...I thought you would do something SO I WOULD BE A BELIEVER.....ok....Hope you made the pasta....ciao for I said....UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN....xoxoxo
HAPPY ANNIVERSAY MA AND DAD........finally after 11 years you are together ( I really hope you are) and you can celebrate. I have a candle light at my desk for you. Last night ma YOUR SON called THE HOUSE LINE AGAIN.....and asked what we were doing. I said Anna is out and Im downstairs. He said where is Ma? I answered I DONT KNOW..then I said in her room sleeping. How WE both wished you were upstairs sleeping in YOUR BOD...then the ding dong said are you eating popcorn? I told him Joe I was debating whether to make it or not but I said NO BECAUSE OF THE ROYAL WEDDING. Well guess what? I ended up making it. I was so upset with myself. What would you say ma? OH Also this morning I said to Joe how many years for ma and dad? He said ding dong how old am I? Add one year? Well ma like you think I knew how old he is? Anyways, he said 58 years. I told YOUR HANDSOME SON...YOUR ONLY 57? YOUR STILL A SPRING CHICKEN.....NOT!!! LOL...His hair looks good today but I never told him that. It looks better shorter ma because when it was long it was out of control and he looked to messy. I know thats hard for you to believe THAT YOUR SON LOOKED your EYES JOEY WAS ALWAYS HANDSOME...remember when you would tell him and his famous line....MA, KNOCK IT OFF!!! But we both know he loves morning I did alot of crying. I woke up at 530am and just laid in bed. Then around 545am I got up and just went downstairs and cried. Now writing in this book (thanks to aunt Lib for keeping this book going) I feel better. A little better anyways. Ok enjoy your day with dad, nonno, nonna and aunt Grey. Make dad PASTA AGLIO E OLIO. Oh dear my mouth is watering I feel like some too. Lol...Daddy I EAT EXACTLY LIKE YOU!!! Actually SO DOES JOEY....DONT KID YOURSELF....HE LOVES TO EAT TOO....LOL...ok ALL MY LOVE FOREVER AND EVER..........UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN..........XOXOXO HUGS AND KISSES..
Elisa , Franca is one of a kind thats for sure. She makes me laugh ...........cry......................Loving you more each day and everyone up above. Smile even though your heart is breaking Hugs and Kisses to you all.
Hi Ma

I give up on this book. I wrote in it 3 TIMES AND NOTHING...lets see if this one shows up. Anyways, yesterday was 8 months. WOW!!! I can't believe it. You are missed more than you will ever know. Ok missy 3 more weeks for THE ROYAL WEDDING. Oh dio. Im ready for it. Bought my morning outfit and evening. Oh I wish you were here. You know how much I loved your approval of what I was wearing. So since you are not here I went to Michelley. She is funny ma. She is a URSINI. Tells you how it is. So funny. Anyways, she LOVES EVERYTHING I BOUGHT. So happy. Your HANDSOME SON cut his hair. He thinks its too short but ma it LOOKS SOOO MUCH BETTER. I know I like "JOEY" with his long hair. But what would you always say? Regardless "JOEY" ALWAYS LOOKS HANDSOME....ya ya..WHATEVER...LOL..we are all excited about this wedding but we are also soooooooooooooo SAD. How we wish you could of held on for this special day. Its going to be really hard for ME, ANNA, AUNT LIB AND ESPECIALLY JOEY not having you here. I just wish some how you would give me a signal that day showing me YOUR WATCHING FROM UP ABOVE...something...anything...ok ma, looks like Im going to have one of those days.....I will see you at lunch...LOVE TO EVERYONE.....especially you and dad....xoxoxoo
I love you...............and everyone
Good Morning Ma,

The long weekend if over. I worked all three days on the truck. Yesterday which was Monday I was out till 1:15am...YES, MA SELLING ICE CREAM!!! I got home after 130am. Yes, Anna called and sounded just like YOU!! When are you coming home? Its late!! You work tomorrow!! She went on and on like ya she also said I CAN'T WAIT TILL YOUR FINISHED WITH THIS CRAZY TRUCK...OMG..she drove me nuts. What she has to realize when she calls me makes me crazy and when Im driving because Im trying to rush home...THATS WHEN I COULD GET INTO AN ACCIDENT....Im old enough...Im fine. Plus I know YOUR WATCHING OVER ME...other then that ma, its the same old same old. Working...working..and more work. I can't wait for Oct.5th to go on my cruise. I need to just get away. Although I hate the fact that I need to buy Euros :( Anyways, today is a nice fresh day. Love this weather. Alright ma I will see you at lunch. I can't wait till 5pm because Im a little tired. Im a tough cookie like daddy. I miss you both alot. Continue to watch over US. LOTS OF LOVE FOREVER ...............
We love you so! I am lost for words, all I can say that its been almost nine months..........Gracie would have been sixty! Mommy Daddy Johnny Frankie everyone .......Jonathan's wedding and you are not there you were supposed to be there you were supposed to be there, life is empty without you and Gracie I miss you both so so much I have a pain in my heart always. Missing you both each day more and more.
omg omg omg Elisa, Franca should have been a writer.She said it all and more. Loving you all
Good Morning....

I was going to write to you on Saturday but you know whenever I write on a weekend it never shows up. I didnt want to take that chance. Today is a really AWFUL DAY. ITS POURING RAIN. You know what this weather does to me? So as of today ma, the ROYAL WEDDING is one month and 2 days away. OMG I can't believe "OUR LITTLE JONATHAN" is getting married. WOW....I finally bought my and Michelley went together. How I wish you would be there. Im still in shock...Im STILL ASKING WHY? Remember when we found out? We all was happy tears. Back then it was 10 months to his wedding. Remember the way "YOUR SON" would tease you and say ok ma, do need to lose weight for the wedding. Then he said don't you want to dance with Jonathan at his wedding? You had two answers...Joey, with these crazy legs how can I dance?...and YOUR MOST FAMOUS LINE WAS ......"SE DIO LO VUOLE". To this day I really believe YOU KNEW SOMETHING..I believe you knew you wouldnt be here. Our hearts WILL ACHE FOREVER....anyways, Aunt Rita sent me another poem on Saturday while I was doing an event. I read it and CRIED..and kept CRYING. ANOTHER PERFECT POEM. Here it is....


Time slips by and life goes on,
But from our hearts you're
We think about you ALWAYS,
We talk about you TOO,
but we wish we still
HAD YOU................... :(

Now do you understand why I cried so much on Saturday? Its another perfect one. As Im writing this Im looking at your picture on the top left hand corner of this page. You were 70 years old in that picture. I love love that picture. To think 5 years later you left us. I DONT UNDERSTAND...Saturday after aunt Rita sent me this I was looking at the pictures in my phone...of you..when you were sitting in your hospital bed eating, reading the paper...smiling...they are happy pictures for me.....then I have the pictures of YOUR LEG...what they did to it...I have pictures of when you died...I look and I cry...and I continue to ask GOD...WHY MY MOM???????? I knew today was going to be a bad day....I cant stop crying...Im thinking of everything...I could see you now..laughing and smiling...talking and talking...repeating yourself over and over again...eating and spitting at the sametime....YOU ALWAYS SAID...WHEN YOU DIED TO REMEMBER THESE THINGS BECAUSE WE WOULD LAUGH....ONCE AGAIN MA.............YOUR RIGHT....

My heart is really hurting and missing you soooooooooooooooo much. I love thinking about you but when I do...IT HURTS...sooooooooooo many wonderful memories of SUCH A WONDERFUL, CARING AND LOVING MOM....xooxoxooxo

forever loving you............
Why why why, I looked over and read the hospital report, why why why why, it doesn't make sense. Its a very bad day for me today, all I can think is why why you and Gracie why . I guess they needed you up in heaven with Gracie and everyone. Please send your blessings and watch over us in your very special way and always ending the conversation with "I LOVE YOU" and I would answer I LOVE YOU MORE!!!!Hugs and kisses as Gracie would always write on the cards. Why......................
Good Morning Everyone,

Ma, why does it ONLY HAPPEN TO ME? I wrote in your book Saturday night after I got home from the truck. It was late. 12:30am. I was very busy at James Garden but I thought it was better late then never. I wrote to wish aunt Grey (I always called her that) a Very Happy 60th Birthday. Now the only reason I knew was "Your Wonderful, handsome SON" reminded me. Well actually he sent me and Anna a text saying it was aunts bday and she was 60. You know "YOUR SON" he is so good with dates. So aunt Grey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a wonderful party...Hope ma made home made pasta for all of you. Anyways, I had a very busy weekend at James Garden. When I had downtime I was thinking about so many things. I cant believe Jonathan is getting married in 5 weeks. (I still dont have a dress..oh dio) I cant believe you, daddy, aunt grey, nonna and nonno will not be here. The only one coming is Aunt Lib and Mario. Its sad. To think on Sept. 28th is going to be such a WONDERFUL AND HAPPY DAY FOR JONATHAN AND CLAUDIA...but ma, its going to be so hard for "US"...the tears will be flowing for the night before. To think God took 8 months before this wedding...WHY??? Jonathan was "YOUR STILLINO BELLO" All I ask is on that day...give ME, ANNA, AUNT LIB AND ESPECIALLY "JOEY" strength to get through that day. Just thinking about it IM CRYING...oh dear I think its going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS...on that day ma drop a penny from heaven so I know your watching the "Royal Wedding" with us. As much as it is a HAPPY will also be VERY SAD because WE ALL WILL BE MISSING ALL OF YOU...and wishing you were with "US" CELEBRATING YOUR FIRST AND ONLY GRANDSON'S WEDDING. Im crying....I will talk to you at lunch today....LOVE ALL OF YOU...and miss you more and more EVERYDAY.......xooxoxo
P.S. Joey texted me yesterday, he always remember special occasions and misses you all very very much.
I love you, Gracie's birthday yesterday, it was a very bad day for me. She would have been and should have been celebrating her 60th. I miss you both so very much, and I thank God I have your children to love.Gracie I saw beautiful Tanya with Vince on Yorkville it felt so good to hug her...........I hope you celebrated in heaven with everyone. Who would have ever thought that this would happen so soon..........missing you more each day with love hugs and kisses.
oh ma...I told you it was one of those days. Did you see my spelling mistakes? Oh dio what a DING DONG I am. I meant to say FROM UP ABOVE...also I meant to say WHOEVER had the same flowers. Oh dear. It hasnt started raining but it will this afternoon. Ok if there is any other mistakes...OH WELL..this is me. I type faster then my brain works. lol...

Good Morning Ma,

What a shower? So elegant and just beautiful. Im hoping you saw everything for up above. People say you do BUT I FIND IT SOOO HARD TO BELIEVE. Did you see ma, when we all walked int we received a WHITE vase with our name on it and on the back a number. Us DING DONGS thought it was our TABLE NUMBER. Instead it was for prizes. Where had the same flowers meant we sat together. So nice...anyways, can you believe aunt Lib's number was "13"? I believe she received that number because me and Anna were not seated with her. So that was YOU telling AUNT worries although my GIRLS aren't sitting with you...YOUR NOT ALONE....Im right her WITH YOU LIKE IM ALWAYS....I really believe that...did you see when Jonathan walked in? OMG.....of course me and Anna cried. He looked so handsome. They are such a beautiful couple. When you see Jonathan and Claudia together you can feel the love. Oh ma, WHY? WHY? Today is ONE OF THOSE DAYS....its going to rain today too. Ok ma I will see you at lunch today.....ciao for now....WE WILL MEET AGAIN....until then.... WATCH OVER ME AND ANNA AND KEEP US SAFE....xoxoxoo
Hi Elisa, today was Claudia's shower and it was beautiful, your girls looked beautiful. The void in my heart was there, and all I could do is smile even though your heart is aching. Jonathan came in later and all I could think of was you, you must be so proud up there in heaven you and Johnny mommy daddy Gracie omg how you are all missed. Loving you more each day.xxxxxxxooooooo I also kept thinking of the poem Rita sent.
What a beautiful poem for us to read. Seven months today, the poem is so so true. Loving you more each day and always remembering you in so many ways. Love love love to you all.
Hey Ma,

Its a really nice day today. A little too hot but nice. Anyways, aunt Rita sent me this poem via Facebook. Look how perfect and how nice it is. I just love it. Its sooooooooooooo true and it made me cry....

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say good-bye,
You were gone before we knew it,
And only GOD knows why.
Our hearts still ache in sadness,
And secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you,
NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.................

Tell me ma, isn't this PERFECT? We ALL MISS YOU AND WE ALL THINK ABOUT YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH......tomorrow is 7 MONTHS..I keep saying this is a dream.....Im going to wake up and everything is going to be back to normal.... But ma, it isnt a are gone AND NEVER COMING BACK TO DAVOS ROAD...WHY? THATS ALL I ASK............WHY???????? PLS HELP ME UNDERSTAND? XOXOXOXO
Ok ma it's midnight and I'm going to bed. Today was a busy day at James garden. I'm so tired. Did u see what a wonderful day Anna had with Joe and Dolores? Joe cooked his famous ribs for them and Anna said they were amazing. Yes ma don't worry they thought of me. Joe and Dolores said to take some home for me but Anna said no. I'm having problems eating pork. Atleast they thought of me. Only you and Anna ALWAYS think of me. Ok ma I'm so tired so I'm going to "BOD". We shall talk in the morning missy. Nite nite. I'm still waiting......xoxoxo
Hi Ma

Once again I'm at James garden. Parking lot is full so it should be a good day. Anna is at Joe and Dolores house. Joe is making burgers. So as you can see its the samething over again. Like I said yesterday I'm counting the days for my season to end. Ok ma it's a busy day here so we will talk before I go to "bod". Love u lots. Xoxo
Hi My beautiful and loving you, Mario came home today and bought my the most beautiful orange flower. You are around me all the time and I love you so. Love hugs and kisses to you all.
Hi Ma

I'm sitting here at James garden and waiting for your phone call. By now you would of called to see if I ate my lunch yet. Well I haven't. Just sitting here wishing so many things and crying. First and foremost wishing you and dad were still here. It's so lonely and empty. Today Anna is at Dolores's pool. Joe was busy and doing WHATEVER. Oh ma looks like a slow day at the park today. Everyone is enjoying the long weekend except me always on the TRUCK. It's ok my cruise to Italy is just around the corner I can't wait I need a break too. Working 7 days straight for 6 months is starting to get to me. You understand you hated the truck and the long hours I put it. Oh well I just keep saying ONE DAY ONE DAY. Today is sunny but windy a little cool. Next Sunday at this time we will be at Claudia's shower. Ok ma I will talk to you getting hungry so I'm going to eat some lunch. Love u both so much and miss you more as everyday goes by.i can't believe it's almost 7 months..:(
Good Morning Ma,

This week the weather is terrible..LOTS OF RAIN. Last night I went on the truck. Yes in that pouring rain. Me and Phil went to Downsview Park for Edgefest. I remember last year when I did that event you kept calling me because it was raining and lightening. You always hated being home at night when it was lightening. I told you, Ma, don't worry the lightening will stop. It did stop and you were fine. This weekend is the long weekend. Of course I will be working, Saturday, Sunday and the Monday. Its almost over ma. My last day is going to be Sept 15th. We have the Ukrainian event Sept. 13, 14 and 15th so I will be working it like I do every year. I almost forgot to say THANK fixed the tv this morning for me. OMG you know how much I love my tv downstairs. Joe was going to look into it for us but then this morning IT "joey" was ANGEL that fixed it...THATS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess you knew that even though "joey" said he would look into would of probably taken him awhile and you know how much I LOVE MY BASEMENT AND MY TV. Oh the sun is trying to come, we miss you lots and we think of you all the time. YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT? Ok I will see you at lunch today. ALL MY LOVE FOREVER AND EVERY....not a day goes by that I don't cry thinking about you......
Already July 31st, its been alittle over six months since that day that God decided to take you.Sometimes it just seems like a very bad dream. Your smile, your laugh your everything is missed so very much. The colour orange is so popular this year, you are everywhere we go. When Anna had her appointment you were there. The two orange chairs by the door before we went in....................Elisa my dear Elisa why why why !!!!!!At times I am so angry at times I am so sad and at times I wish I could hear your touch your hand, kiss you and wish I could hear "tata" I love you, have a nice day, oh Libby I worry about my "girls" Anna works too much, France on the truck.Joey has Dolores and beautiful Michelly and my Jonathan, he is so handsome. The memories are there but nothing can replace the real you. Its real its real you are not with us . Please pray and send blessings from up above to all of us .Love to you all and please remember not a day goes by without a tear in memory of you all.I love you so...................
Good Morning Ma,

I know its been a few days...aunt Lib text me yesterday saying YOU HAVEN'T WRITTEN TO Ma.....So this morning I said I better write. Anyways, aunt Lib took Anna to her appointment. I worked the truck. Saturday was a terrible day. Anna said Joe came by the house yesterday. Wow amazing he hasn't come by in such a long time. Of course, I was on the truck so I missed him. No worries I see him at work EVERYDAY.....lucky Claudia's shower is around the the corner and the wedding is in 2 months. WOW time is flying bye. In a million years I would of NEVER EVER thought that YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE TO SHARE THAT SPECIAL DAY. Its still a SHOCK to believe that you left US. Sometimes I just think its a BAD DREAM. Like I always say......WHY???? Why did God change his mind? You were coming were happy, laughing, eating and beyond excited about coming home TO YOUR "BOD" AND YOUR "KITCHEN" AND OF COURSE TO "US". I think Im going to be HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS......oh dio..alright ma I will see you at lunch anyways and Anna should be home too today so we will have lunch together. Ok love you all and miss you all so much.................especially YOU AND DAD......xoxoxoxooo
Love you and thinking of you all the time. Its Sunday and Franca is on the truck, I will touch base with her later. I will see Anna tomorrow, send your love and blessings to all . Smile even .........................................................though your heart is aching.
Goodmorning! Thinking of you both with much love and this is for you both!! A sister is someone more special than words.. She is love mixed with friendship. A sister is a hand within your hand she is the only one who truly understands. She is honesty and trust enfolded with love. She is your helper,your guide,and a feeling deep inside your heart that makes you wonder.............what you would ever do without one no one is loved so much.............I love you both so so so much.
Hey Ma,

Your sister is home safe and sound. She called Anna and she text me. Guess what aunt Lib isn't coming for dinner tomorrow so NO CHOICE OF THE ORIENT. Next time ma. Me and Anna will have whatever. Today is a nice day outside. Ok ma I will see you at lunch today and we can have our chat and watch our Golden Girls. See you you lots...miss you more...
Im home and..............................................lpve you
Hi Ma and Daddy

So did you enjoy the stag? It ALL went well and it was amazing. Daddy, Im just like you...just hearing about ALL THE FOOD my mouth was watering. Then especially when the porcetta came out at 11pm...Daddy, me and you would of had a FIELD, you too!!!! Did you see Joe and Jonathan? They were soooo happy. Joe was a proud FATHER but I know deep down he was missing and thinking about you. You would of had such a great time playing cards and ESPECIALLY EATING. Well ma the next is Claudia's shower. All I can say and keep saying IS WHY? Today auntie Lib is coming home from Italy. THANK GOD. Atleast we will see her every Wednesday. The house is lonely...Maybe now that the stag is over Joe will come by and visit us. Today is a so so day outside. Im really tired I had a busy day at the Brazilfest. Ma, I can't wait till the ice cream season is over...I have had enough. Tired of working 7 days a week without a break. Ok my dear parents we will talk over aunt Lib and make sure she gets home safe. Just thinking ma, aunt Libs first phone call would be to you...telling you that she is home. I guess we will be her first call now. Aunt Lib is coming over for dinner Wednesday and guess what? We will have your favorite Choice of the Orient. So come join us for dinner on you all....but missing you and dad more than words can say...............forever living in my heart......THE TROUBLEMAKER.....
Hi Ma and Dad

Daddy today is Jonathan's stag. How I wish you were here. Everyone is sooo excited about it. Gary says its the stag of the YEAR..The first GRANDSON ON BOTH SIDES....omg daddy why couldnt you be here to enjoy it. Im praying that really you and ma and everyone else is watching from up above. I know your PROUD NONNI. Send Jonathan lots of hugs and kisses from above....WE ALL NEED AND MISS YOUR LOVE FROM UP ABOVE....WE MISS YOU BOTH SOOOO MUCH.....lots of love from all of us.....xoxoxo....
P.S. daddy I know Joe is really wishing you were there.....but Im hoping your spirit is watching over Joe and YOUR FIRST AND ONLY GRANDSON.....why couldnt you and ma be here for THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR.....I call it THE ROYAL WEDDING.....why did you BOTH HAVE TO MISS THIS?????? The tears are flowing.....Not a good day...How I wish you were here to enjoy Jonathans stag........:(

Now if getting more and more upset....THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME WRITING IN HERE AND ITS NOT SHOWING UP....seriously this book DRIVES ME NUTS...Anyways, today is a beautiful day. Sunny but really really HOT. Tomorrow is Jonathan's BIG DAY.....ITS HIS STAG. Joe is very excited about it. I brought YOUR WONDERFUL SON BREAKFAST THIS MORNING...(LOL) Like I promised you ma that orange bracelet I bought in the States Im always wearing it. I even wear it on the ice cream truck. This weekend I have Brazilfest at Earlscourt Park. That park reminds me of nonno. Remember when nonno would take us then he would treat us to Harvey's at the corner. He was funny he would say either a hambuger or fries...we couldn't have them both TOO EXPENSIVE. lol...I have memories of everyone up there...EVERYONE...nonna everytime I make my popcorn I use her pot. That pot must be 60 years old. IT MAKES THE BEST POPCORN. Aunt Gracie I have many memories of you too....especially when you would call me IDIOT OR were such a wonderful aunt. Mom and Dad I had the best parents. You did everything for us....Frankie you are the ONLY ONE I never got to know. You died 2 months before I was born. How I wish I knew you. All I know is the pictures ma had of you. I love the picture of you infront of the Christmas tree. We still have your blue ball and your stuffed animal.Also our birthdays were so close to eachother you were September 13th and Im September 15th. AMAZING.....I think thats why ma named me Franca after you. Im proud to be named AFTER MY BROTHER.. Although she always says SHE LOVED THE NAME FRANCA... Can you believe our WONDERFUL BROTHER JOE was wishing I was a boy when I was born? He missed you sooo much. Today is one of those days. Not sure why because the sun is shinning...but my mind is wondering and my heart is hurting. I guess because of the stag, shower and the wedding coming up I JUST WISH YOU ALL COULD BE THERE. Like I have said before...YOU ALL HAVE FRONT ROW SEATS AND YOU WILL BE CELEBRATING FROM UP ABOVE....SENDING JONATHAN, CLAUDIA AND ALL OF US LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES.........missing you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH......XOXOXO
Hi Elisa, I have no words to describe the void that I have in my heart. I read what Franca wrote and I cant stop crying. You must know my dear sister that you have such a strong presence in all our lives that is going to be with us for a life time. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Good Morning Ma,

Your BELOVED SON said to me this morning...ITS 6 MONTHS FOR MA..I cant believe this!! 6 MONTHS? Where is the time going? You are MISSED BY ALL OF US SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. If I had ONE WISH only I WOULD WISH FOR YOU AND DAD TO BE HERE WITH "US". Can you believe I took the weekend off the truck? I went to Buffalo with Sandra. What a great relaxing day. I couldnt believe everywhere I went the colour ORANGE. It was great seeing that colour because it was like YOU WERE EVERYWHERE. I bought two orange tops and an orange rubber bracelet. Im wearing the bracelet everyday whether it goes with my outfit or not. Why? Its the first thing I bought there and I feel it was you telling me, Franca Im watching over you....SO I JUST HAD TO BUY IT. I missed coming home and showing you everything I bought. You used to love to see what I bought. You would of loved everything I bought. When I went to Target and I saw the cookies I always used to buy you it was weird...I wanted to buy them for you...BUT U ARENT HERE ANYMORE. You are missed beyond words. Claudia's shower is Aug. 11th tears will be flowing that day too. Jonthan's stag is next Friday and Joe just told me there is 1440 people. OMG CAN U BELIEVE? Oh dad how we wish you were here for that. You would of been A PROUD NONNO seeing YOU FIRST AND ONLY GRANDSON HAVING A STAG...GETTING MARRIED. You loved Jonathan sooooo much. You loved BOTH YOUR GRANDCHILD BEYOND WORDS CAN SAY. Oh well Im hoping you will be part of it from up above. Anyways, Ma this weekend was the perfect weekend to take off the weather wasnt that great so I didn't miss out on much. Thanks ma, that was you again. Yesterday me and Anna were eating lunch together and the house was sooo quiet, sooo lonely....ITS STILL SOOOO AWFUL. Especially Joe doesnt even come by anymore on Sundays. Its LONELY. Aunt Lib is in Italy. Atleast when aunt Lib is here she comes by has dinner or lunch with us...its nice. She is coming home soon another couple of weeks. Remember when aunt Lib would go away you would always say OMG IT SEEMS LIKE LIBBY IS GONE FOR SUCH A LONG TIME? You missed her sooo much. Then when she would come home you would say, Libby thank God you and Mario are home safe I missed you sooo much. She would always tell you too....Lisa I missed you. Ok mother continue to watch over all of us and remember how much your missed and how much we love you soooooooooooooo much....always thinking about you.....ALWAYS....
Hey Ma,

It's 1145pm I'm laying in bed just thinking of you and wishing you would visit me tonight. I love you and GOOD NIGHT TO ALL...LOVE YOU ALL...BUT MISS YOU AND DAD SOOO MUCH. NITE NITE WE WILL TALK IN THE MORNING. How I miss you so much. :( xoxo
Hi Ma

Its been a couple of days since I wrote you. Today is an awful rainy day. You know how much I hate these days. Anyways, you were never really good with dates..but you have nonna, nonno and auntie Gracie that are good with dates to help you out..So today is Aunt Rita's birthday. 71 years old...I texted her to wish her a happy birthday. I also told her YOU ALL are sending her kisses. So start sending them...ALL OF YOU...Ma, can you believe this Saturday Im taking the day off the truck...I AM...I deserve a day off...working like crazy all the time. Im thinking about taking Sunday off too what do you think? The only thing bugging me is the MONEY I will be losing out on. Driving me crazy. Your famous line....Franca who cares about the money...take the time off...I cant wait till you finish this crazy truck. You would always say that to me. I miss you so much. I really do. Yesterday at lunch I was talking to your picture and asking YOU WHAT HAPPENED??? You were coming home...SOMETHING THAT WILL NEVER GET OUT OF MY MIND...YOU WERE COMING HOME TO "US"..Jonathan's stag is coming up. Wow ma its a big big stag 1200 people. Wish dad was there to enjoy it. Well Im hoping you will all be watching it from up above. Oh dear today is one of those days...ok talk you all...miss you and dad more than you BOTH REALIZE...I don't like HAVING NO PARENTS....ITS A BIG VOID ....XOXOOX
Hey ma,

It's 1:30am just got home from working the truck. I'm so tired I can't even fall asleep. I can't explain how busy I was. Non stop crazy busy. Thank God Mary came by. She stayed with me. I kept thinking the way u would of called me and said, Franca u know u have to work in the morning? My famous answer, ya ya ma don't worry. In the morning u would say, Franca I'd like to know who buys ice cream at 1am? Then you'd say, I can't wait till this CRAZY truck is finished. I thought a lot about you. Poor Anna called me a couple of times but I couldn't answer. Ma right now my legs are killing me from standing 12 hours and serving non stop. I can't wait to relax after tonight after work. Oh ya ma last night message oh boy did ding dong here make alot of mistakes. Oh's my phone. I'm typing this on my cell and sometimes it changes the word and I don't notice. Wow ma my Window is open and I'm hearing fireworks...who would be setting them off at 1230am? crazy. Anna is sleeping right threw the noise. Amazing then she says she is never ma I better try and sleep and if there is any mistakes again its my cell. Ok I will see u at u....and miss u lots.xoxo
Hey Ma

It's almost 1am Monday. Just hot home from the truck. Today was do so. I gave to wake up today at 830am. Today's event is going to be really busy. Anna will be going to Dolores and Joe's place. Laying in the sun and relaxing. Knowing Joe he will make them one of his famous bbq's. I will be on the truck going crazy...oh well what can I do? I'm really looking forward to the season ending. I'm tired of working 7 days a week. Aunt Lib text and she said thus year in Italy she has never seen so much of the color orange. She thinks of you all the time and said your with her in Italy. Ma, everytime I'm on the truck I know your watching over me. You used to hate when my season started and you always wanted me to stop driving the truck because you would worry so much. All I keep thinking 3 more months and it's over...yippee. Ok ma I'm going to "BOD" now. Miss u lots and I'm always thinking of you and wishing I COULD TURN BACK TIME..LOVE U FOREVER....TILL WE MEET AGAIN.....XOXO
Hi My Wonderful and
Hi Ma

Today the weather is so so. Im having one of my days but for soooo many different reasons. I need your help. Aunt Lib text this morning she is doing alright. Sends her love to all. Aunt Rita text me too this morning to make sure Im ok and also to send her love. Its weird I havent heard from them both in a few days...and today when Im having a bad day they both text. That must of been you telling them because you know Im upset...THANKS MA...Today I brought your HANDSOME SON breakfast. I havent done that in awhile. This weekend is the long weekend and while everyone is enjoying themselves I will be working like a DOG..its going to be a very busy weekend. Have two events Sunday and Monday...Yes ma its going to be LATE NIGHTS...especially Monday and Tuesday is work. Oh dio I will be beyond tired. Oh well this is my life....Ok ma today I wont see you at lunch because Im going to doctors so I will see you tonight at later and miss you alot...xoxooxo
Hi Ma

Wow if me and aunt Lib don't write in here noone else does. Sorry you must think we forgot about you? NOT TRUE...Last night Anna went walking with Dolores and I stayed home. I had a busy weekend on the truck so I relaxed. As I was relaxing downstairs I was thinking about you (like I always do). Remember when I would go away for a week and I would come home you would say FRANCA THE HOUSE WAS SO QUIET.....ME AND ANNA MISSED YOU...I would say ya...ya...sure you did? U would say oh Franca your a GOOF we did miss you. MA...THAT WAS ONLY A WEEK....NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH ANNA AND ME MISS YOU????????? Its been almost 6 MONTHS that WE SAW YOU.....HEARD YOUR VOICE..ATE DINNER WITH YOU.....its awful....actually beyong Im having one of those days...the weather is awful...and then this morning at work we had to call the ambulance for one of the employees....when I saw them rushing in I CRIED...IT BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES....OF BOTH YOU AND DAD. I hate ambulances..anyways, ma going home having dinner then thats it...its the same old thing for me and Anna. Today at lunch while watching Golden Girls I was looking at your hospital bed and looking at your picture. It was your picture we had at your funeral. You look amazing in that picture...To think 5 years later you are NOT HERE... ITS HARD TO UNDERSTAND. I have repeated myself a MILLION TIMES ITS SOMETHING I WILL NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND AND THATS WHAT HURTS SOOOO MUCH....In "OUR" EYES you should still be here...ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR FIRST AND ONLY GRANDSON'S WEDDING....JONATHAN'S. Ok ma I love you and miss you sooo much. Remember even when I don't write to you IM ALWAYS THINKING OF have to know that because Im always talking to you...ALWAYS.....all my love forever........
Hi Ma,

Its lunchtime almost. Its a beautiful sunny day today. This week should be nice. This Saturday I have a Spanish event at Christie Pits it should be really busy. Aunt Lib texted me to tell me she arrived in Italy. She said she can't get you off her mind. She is always thinking of you. Ma, WE are all THINKING OF YOU. I know everyone misses you alot...but me and Anna we kind of feel ALONE. Its really ONLY ME AND ANNA. Its sad and lonely. Joe has his OWN does AUNT LIB...and so does AUNT RITA....but me and Anna REALLY WHAT DO WE HAVE? ma PLS PLS WATCH OVER ANNA ALWAYS...because WITHOUT her I HAVE NOTHING OR NOONE...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN...a SISTER IS SOOOO DIFFERENT THEN A BROTHER.....Like I said Joe would be LOST WITHOUT him realize hasnt been around since last week. He doesn't come by anymore not like when you were ALIVE...also the phone calls stopped too...oh well EVERYONE IS BUSY WITH THEIR OWN STUFF...Ok.....Im coming home in 5 minutes so see you soon....WATCH OVER US PLS......missing you and thinking of you ALWAYS.......XOXOXOXO
Hey Ma,

Sorry for writing late today but busy day. I had a great weekend on the truck. Long hours but it was good. Last night ma while I was sleeping I HEARD YOU CALL OUT MY NAME....I HEARD YOUR VOICE SAYING FRANCA. I answered you...I kept saying ya ma...ya ma...but nothing after that. I heard you call it once. It seemed sooo real. I got kind of scared and happy. Scared because I thought something was wrong but HAPPY TO HEAR YOUR VOICE AGAIN. Since you died thats the first time I dreamt of you. It wasn't even dreaming...I didn't see you...all I did was hear you call out my name. This happened around 345am. When you didnt answer I opened my eyes and looked at the time. I knew Anna was up but I didnt say anything to her. I laid there feeling weird. I hope everything is ok. Anyways, Anna put the orange runner on our table...that was your favorite. Looks sooo nice...better then placemats. You know how much I hate placemats. lol..I went home for lunch today expecting.... like ALWAYS to REALLY SEE YOU....but that would ONLY BE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME. I should say FOR US. Its humid and sunny but its suppose to rain. No worries me and Anna are staying home tonight. Ok mother dear talk later....OH DADDY SORRY HAPPY BELATED FATHERS DAY.....Joe and Anna both came to the cemetary...they are soo good. They always go. Im the bad one I never come and visit. Its ok I always talk to you both....Aunt Gracie I cant beleive yesterday was 3 years already? Time is flying bye. Aunt I still have the keychain you bought me that says hangs in my car. I think of you alot too...wonder if you were here THINGS WOULD BE DIFFERENT. Oh well such is life. Anyways, I hope to God you are ALL TOGETHER AND EVERYONE IS PAIN FREE. Love to all....miss you all...xoxooxoxo
Hey ma,

It's late almost 2am. Just going to sleep. The school event was good. I'm tired. Tomorrow is going to be a nice day so I will be waking up early and going on the truck. James garden should be busy. So keep me company tomorrow on the truck. Nick is coming by and bringing me lunch so no worries. U always loved when u knew Nick was coming by. Ok nite nite...come to visit me tonight pls. xoxoxo
Good Morning Ma,

This morning is gloomy but this afternoon is going to be SUNNY AND NICE. Today Im leaving work at 4pm because I have a big event I have to do. Extra money..So today we will not be having lunch together. Saturday is also going to be nice weather. So looks like a busy weekend. This morning YOUR HANDSOME SON texted me and ask me to bring him a SURPRISE....of course I BROUGHT IT...I think of you everytime he asks me. You would always say FRANCA HE IS YOUR BROTHER....ya..ya...Ma, its weird when I come home at 515pm the minute I open the kitchen door I always look at your chair waiting to see you...and waiting for you to ask me how my day was and of course HOW IS JOE, DOLORES, JONATHAN AND MICHELLEY. I miss that. I miss alot...Ok ma, I have to chop chop today so as usual I think of you all the over me this weekend on the truck and tonight too...Im doing a school event. I will tell you about my weekend on Monday....Love you lots...miss you more...ciao ciao..xoxoxoxo
Good Morning Ma,

Wet, raining gloomy day today. I didn't sleep well last night. Why? Last night aunt Rita was texting me I couldnt get something she said out of my mind. "ORPHAN"...Ma, there is ONE THING YOU TAUGHT ME....Im so glad I took after YOU FOR THIS TOO...U ALWAYS TAUGHT ME TO "FORGIVE" we might NOT FORGET (lol)....but WE ALWAYS and YOU WERE TWINS FOR THAT. Im PROUD OF IT TOO. Dolores is like us too...ALWAYS lunch me and you would ALWAYS talk..You told me...RITA IS MY SISTER AND I LOVE HER. I always PRAY FOR HER WHOLE FAMILY INCLUDING HER GRANDCHILDREN. U used to talk about the trips the four of you talked about the way zio Roberto would take you and pick everyday when dad was in the hospital. U always appreciated that. Ma, NOONE is PERFECT...NOONE. Aunt Rita misses you soo much. She said, you WERE 6 now she feels ALONE. She has her family, like she said...BUT SHE MISSES HER PARENTS, AND SISTERS ALOT. Ma, I think.....I couldnt imagine MY LIFE WITHOUT ANNA.....Omg...WHAT WOULD I REALLY DO????????? Remember when I would come home sometimes and I would say...JOE UPSET ME SO MUCH WE HAD A FIGHT? What was ONE OF YOUR FAMOUS LINES? Franca, HE IS YOUR BROTHER....just let it BE...I would...but Joe and Anna can be really stubborn sometimes...LIKE DAD...(lol) Im PROUD IM LIKE YOU FOR FORGIVING. Today is going to be one of those DAYS...its raining and I have soo much going on in my mind. I feel for aunt Rita so I really need you to send her a hug or something. Although Im still waiting for you to come visit me MISSY....but YOUR SISTER NEEDS YOU...I know if I EVER NEEDED ANNA SHE IS ALWAYS ALWAYS THERE....GOOD OR BAD I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON HER....I love her sooooo much.....yes, dont worry I love "joey" ITS DIFFERENT...I could go more to Anna then Joe....not sure why....SISTERS HAVE A VERY SPECIAL BOND...U OF ALL PEOPLE KNOW THAT..I will see you at lunch....OMG...Anna made the chilli .....MA OUTSTANDING...I guess I will get her to make it every week....U WOULD OF JUST LOVED IT MA....Im having it for lunch....I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH and MISS YOU EVEN to ALL.....p.s. daddy I miss you too and love you soooooooooooo much.....remember dad? wait to play again......
Good Morning Ma,

Well Ding Dong here has alot to say. Where do I begin? First of all this morning I received at text from YOUR SON, "JOEY"...Why? Two reasons. First he wanted breakfast.....and second I made a mistake. Actually me and aunt Lib made a mistake. Well, we are VIRGOS...LOL....Me and aunt Lib said its been 6 MONTHS....well MISSY its been 5 months. Joe corrected me early this morning...he said IDIOT you dont count January....well guess what I DID....SORRY MA...You know Joe and his dates...he is amazing. Just like on June 6 his anniversary...can u believe he asked me how long would nonna and nonno been married? Ma, like I would know that? Lol....he said 77 years. Remember when "JOEY" would test you with birthdays and dates? What was your famous line? Oh Joey I was NEVER GOOD IN MATH!! LOL....that was your way of getting out of the question. Ma, you tell your SON...HOW LUCKY HE IS TO HAVE TWO WONDERFUL SISTERS....LOL...You think we are lucky to have a brother....well missy I THINK HE IS LUCKIER....Although me and Joe get into it sometimes I GUESS I LOVE HIM...LOL...Don't worry ma....I DO...Today is a beautiful, sunny warm day...I LOVE IT....Can't wait to see you at lunch. The kitchen will be full of YOU.......SUN...Oh ya guess what? Anna is making CHILLI again tonight for dinner. You know how she is....once you say ITS becomes a weekly, I will get tired of it...YOU KNOW MISS FUSSY HERE. It makes her happy so I will let her make it again today. Ok, I have a busy day today and Im sooo happy the sun is I have to chop chop lots to do...I will see you around 105pm you lots...lots...lots...

p.s. Joe is still bothering me about the way I got the months mixed up...oh dio Im going to hear this for a long time....OK SORRY MA...ITS 5 MONTHS SINCE YOU LEFT US....he gave me $20.00 again....ya..ya...I TOOK IT...LOL....xoxox ciao ciao for now...xoxoxo
Hi Ma,

Well another awful, miserable, gloomy day. Oh dio. Wasnt that just WONDERFUL last night? YOUR SON...YOUR HANDSOME "JOEY" came by to see HIS wonder the Well he had dinner with us. I knew he would enjoy it. You know Anna she bought this fancy italian pasta that was made with mushrooms. OMG...Anna added her own twist. She made it in a NICE FATTENING CREAM SAUCE with OYSTER MUSHROOMS.....omg YOU MISSY WOULD OF LOVED IT TOO. We enjoyed it alot. It was nice having "JOEY" there. I enjoy having company because when its me and Anna our minds wonder and its really sad. Did you hear what JOEY said last night? Wow I was surprised...he really doesnt talk much to US ABOUT I said before HE KEEPS IT ALL hear him say as he was looking out the window in the kitchen....out of the blue...SHE LIVED SOOOO LONG.....BUT SHE COULDNT BE HERE FOR THE WEDDING...Ma WE are all asking that question. WHY???????? WHY????????? Do you know all the tears that will be flowing on that wedding day????????? OMG my make up is going to get all WHY DID GOD WANT YOU NOW?????????? WHY?????? He couldnt WAIT? We still had ALOT TO DO...CHRISTMAS, ENGAGEMENT, SHOWER, WEDDING.....OMG...THE LIST GOES ON..I'd understand if YOU WERE SICK.....but Ma, Sunday you were GREAT. Laughing, EATING OF COURSE....talking about trips...talking about the engagement that was happening THAT WEEKEND were coming....U WOULD OF LOVED IT...WE CRIED SOOO MUCH THAT DAY...I can just see the wedding....OMG...I keep saying GOD NEEDED ANOTHER ANGEL....HE CHOOSE THE BEST...He NOW has you and aunt Gracie...LIFE ISNT FAIR...Today is ONE OF THOSE DAYS.....THE TEARS ARE FLOWING NON STOP TODAY MA....OH DIO MIO....Ok ma I PROMISE I WILL SEE YOU TODAY AT LUNCH....yesterday I had some running around to do at lunch...BUT TODAY WE WILL HAVE LUNCH TOGETHER.....ciao for now .........xoxoxoo
Good Morning Ma

This morning its gloomy and raining right now. Awful morning. That message I sent you on Joe and Dolores anniversary (june 6) isnt hasnt shown up. Why am I surprised? Anyways, on Saturday can you believe it was ALREADY 6 MONTHS SINCE YOU LEFT US? Its seems so FAST but SOOOO LONG at the same time. Meaning I can't believe time flies by...and I STILL can't believe you left "US" to be with Dad, Frankie, your mom and dad and auntie Gracie. I really want to believe you are with them. I want to believe YOUR HAPPY AND PAIN FREE. I want to believe your WATCHING US ALL. Its still hard ma...very hard. This morning ma Im really tired...I had a busy weekend on the truck. Anna kept calling to check up on me and aunt Lib was texting me making sure I was ok and home early. But ma you know me...I was at the ZOO late. lol...its ok tonight go and Anna will have dinner then I will relax. You would love what Anna is making tonight. We will be thinking of you alot like we ALWAYS DO.. This Saturday aunt Lib leaves for Italy so watch over her. I know she will continue texting me from Italy. Even when you were alive aunt Lib always texted us to send her love to all of us. Aunt Lib had a rough weekend ma....she misses you sooo much. So continue watching over us and keeping us safe. Love you lots.......

p.s. YOUR SON hasn't been over in a while. We haven't had dinner the THREE OF US IN A LONG TIME. I think he should come by tonight because he will LOVE TONIGHTS DINNER. You know me and Joe eat EXACTLY LIKE DAD...LOL..ok ma, see you at lunch today...ciao ciao.....xoxoxoxo
Six months today,you said goodbye to us all. The void in our hearts is unbearable. You were to come home, but I guess home meant heaven. The sadness ........the tears......... you are missed by us all. You are and always will be such an important part of everyones life. We love you more than words can express .If only we could turn back the time to you all up there . I miss you sooo sooo much. I have such a huge void in my heart.
love you miss you and wish so very much you were still here with us.give my love hugs kisses and tears to everyone up there.
Good Morning Ma,

Here we go again....yesterday I wrote in the book TWICE and nothing showed up. can't understand how that drives me NUTS....anyways, YES another miserable day. This morning Im tired. I worked the truck last night after work...YES IN THE RAIN. It was a school event. Ma, I was crazy busy. Anyways, for the next couple of weeks I will be working the truck after work. Yes, Im tired. Really tired. But I have to do it. Tomorrow RAIN, this year for the truck it really hasnt been good. So can you PLEASE HELP ME OUT? Im going on my cruise for Vinny's birthday and I need the extra money. Yes, I know you hate the cruise but ma if I could I would take a 21day cruise around the world. I LOVE THE SHIP....I know Im like DAD. lol...anyways, missy today I will see you at a few hours...ciao for you lots ....xoxoox
Only 'YOU' know how much 'I MISS YOU'...what a empty feeling....a really BIG VOID in my life!!
Hi Elisa, had dinner with your girls, the chilli was very good.I love your beautiful and loving children, and they have so much love and respect for me. All I can say is that I love you all up there and my heart aches for all of you. Loving you all!
I cried when you passed away, I still cry today. although I loved dearly, I could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke my heart to prove to me that he only takes the best. Keep this rose going for anyone in heaven that you loved and lost and keep in your heart.......Forever and Always
Good Morning Ma,

Today is not a nice day. Actually the next few days are suppose to be awful with RAIN. Hate when it rains. Anyways MISSY.....the chilli came out amazing....sooo good. Even without a slow cooker. All I said to Anna was that it was "GOOD" but ma, IT WAS AMAZING...I thought if I had said that the tears would start so I didnt. Trust me..I know deep down we were BOTH THINKING OF YOU AND HOW U WOULD OF ENJOYED IT. You would of had TWO SERVINGS...LOL...Guess what else I found out yesterday.....I was speaking to Audrey (you loved Audrey) and I didnt know she reads this once in awhile and Audrey writes to you. She said she doesn't sign her name. Meanwhile I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS AUNT LIB. Aunt Lib writes in her ALL THE TIME TOO, just like me...but she ALSO doesn't sign her name. See ma those DING DONGS....I don't sign my name either but I write down things SO U KNOW ITS ME...i.e. A++.....or ONLY ME...see they should do that too....I KNOW MA........YOU AGREE WITH miss you more and more everyday. You still have not come and visit me.....IM STARTING TO WONDER WHY? Ok ma, I will see you at lunch...eating chilli (again) and watching OUR GOLDEN GIRLS...thinking of you 24/7..............oxooxo
elisa she is one of a kind special girl that Franca of yours. At least she makes me smile. Love you and everyone up there..................
ma ding dong here made another typing is faster then my brain works...On the second line I wrote ALWAYS.....INSTEAD OF ANYWAYS....oh well people that understand me should figure out what I was saying....RIGHT???? RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Ma, Anna is so excited about making this chilli tonight OMG....she keeps emailing me. I told her we should get a slow cooker. So missy I think we are. Its a nice refreshing day today. I think right now you would be in your livingroom waiting for Asha to come to the house. Sometimes I find myself looking at the time and saying to myself...My mom would be doing this or that. Its weird the things we remember. Im still missing your phone calls on the truck. No matter who calls me...ITS JUST NOT THE SAME....ITS NOT YOU TELLING ME, DID YOU EAT YET? ARE YOU BUSY? DON'T BE HOME LATE? BE CAREFUL...I can never explain how much I miss THOSE PHONE CALLS.......OK MA, SEE U IN AN HOUR FOR LUNCH....CIAO CIAO.....XOXO
Hi Ma

Sorry I didnt write to you on Monday but I was tired and busy. Always, yesterday durning the day Anna asked what I felt like eating tonight. Didn't I tell her Chilli. Well guess what so did Anna but she knows how fussy I am so she didnt say anything. She was so happy when I said that. So I told her you MUST BE CRAVING CHILLI. So of course when I got home after work Anna already chopped up the onions, unfroze the meat...has everything ready. When we were eating last night we talked about the chilli so all of a sudden Anna bursted out crying...of course me trying to act tough I said, Whats your problem? I knew exactly what is was. I tried not to cry ...I tried to be strong but I couldnt help myself. The TWO of us just sitting there EATING ALONE is beyond AWFUL....ITS TERRIBLE...ITS LONELY. We are so used to you talking, repeating yourself, and enjoying dinner with "US". So tonight its going to be tough. Between you and me I hope the chilli comes out terrible...if it comes out good we will "BOTH" be thinking how much you would be enjoying it with us. U loved chilli. Remember when I would surprise you and bring it home to you? You loved Wendys chilli. Your famous line....LET ME EAT EVERYTHING SO WHEN I DIE YOU...YOU KNOW I ENJOYED EVERYTHING AND YOU DIDNT STOP ME FROM EATING MY FAVORITES...I must admitt Anna treated you more with your favorites....ME AND JOE we were MORE TOUGH....we didnt give in like Anna did. Now I wish I would of. Just like dad before he died...he begged me to have pasta with anchovies and olive oil and I never did because once AGAIN I WAS ON A I feel sooo guilty that I never had that with him. So now when I eat it I ALWAYS ALWAYS THINK OF DAD. Oh ma, I can't explain what YOUR DEATH has done...THE EMPTINESS IS I tried on a hundred outfits and I went into your room to ask you how I looked. I always did that and you would say YES OR NO. So today I was answering for you. I really miss you ALOT and Anna are trying but "WHATEVER"..noone understands until they LOSE A MOM....A SPECIAL OUTSTANDING MOM LIKE YOU...we love you alot.....join us for chilli tonight...I have a feeling there is going to be ALOT OF TEARS TONIGHT...oh boy.....Today the weather is nice...sun is shinning...ok see you at lunch....ciao for now.....xoxoxoxo love you lots.....and miss you and dad more then you know.............xoxoxoox
I love you, and my heart is aching for you all.
Hey Ma,

THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU.....I know it was you...I only played $2.00 poker ma and I won instantly $175.00...I got 4 of a kind....I know I know you don't understand that.... but dad will. I took after dad and aunt Rita for gambling..When things like that happen I know its you. Ok ma, I will talk to you Monday. Well I talk to you all the time I mean I will write to you Monday. LOVE YOU LOTS...AND WATCH OVER US....xoxo

p.s. how I wanted to call you when I won...because whenever I won I would always tell you and you would say...OH FRANCA THATS GOOD... you were always sooo happy for me when I would tell you when I won on lottery or at bingo. I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH....noone will understand.....noone...
Hi Ma

The sun is shinning its a beautiful hot, humid day. Its been like this for a couple of days now. Im feeling aot better. This weekend Im on the truck. Me and Phil have alot of events on Saturday so Im going to be going crazy. I know you will be with me. OMG...I forgot to tell you....Mrs.Chancellor of Y & R passed away ma. She was 84 years old. It was very sad. The way everyone was talking about her reminded me of the way everyone was talking about you. It was sad. Ok everything is the same here ma. Nothing really new and exciting. Our hearts are still broken...we still dont believe your gone....and we miss you more and more everyday. Jonathan's stag is in July. The wedding is coming up. You were suppose to be here MA....that day the tears will be NON-STOP....just thinking about it Im crying. Its ok you and dad have FRONT ROW SEATS. You will be watching it all from UP ABOVE....I sooo want to believe that...Ok ma, I will see you at the usual time today for lunch. love you and Im always thinking about you and wishing you were here with us. :( another sad today for me.....thinking too much........xoxoxo
omg ma I cant believe.....I wrote coffin instead of coffee.... all the words to write...oh dear...anyways, it stopped raining but its still gloomy outside....still thinking about you.....ok ma, I wont see you at lunch...Im not coming home today. I will see you after work. Talk to you later......xoxo
Hi Ma

Sorry that I haven't written to you but today is one week since I had surgery. Today the weather is miserable and so am I. I don't feel that great and moreso I MISS YOU SO MUCH. So yesterday was a special day for ME AND ANNA. Its exciting and scarey at the sametime but I know I have you and dad watching over the both of us. I know your proud of us. But as much as you hate it ma..........looks like I will be on that truck till Phil quits the business. Hopefully he keeps it for a few more years. Yesterday was my first day back at work and of course YOUR SON text me in the morning to bring him coffin and bagel....NO WORRIES I BROUGHT FOR YOUR SON....he is doing alright ma, but you see how much he misses you. Especially when he gets into one of his moods where he doesnt talk or say much. When he is like that I KNOW HE IS MISSING YOU LOTS. Oh ya Joe gave me $20.00 yesterday for buying him a bagel and coffee....CAN U BELIEVE I TOOK worries I bought a lottery ticket and put both our names on it. YOU KNOW ME AND MY LOTTERY. Everyone is missing you so much. I know Anna is still lost. All this time on her hands she doesnt know what to do anymore. Just help me and Anna over us and give us strength. THE HOUSE IS THE SAME BUT JUST SO QUIET AND LONELY WITHOUT no sunshine so it makes me very sad and all I do is I am now. LOVE YOU LOTS...MISS YOU AND DAD SOOOOO MUCH.....I still can't believe me, Anna and Joe HAVE NO PARENTS....I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE.....IT HURTS ALOT.......oh boy HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS AGAIN.............XOXOXOXOX
Hi Elisa today is a special day for your girls. Your girls, how you loved your girls and son and daughterinlaw and grandchildren and everyone. Please take care of them and send your blessings and love to them always and forever.
I love you all and miss all of you. Its a bad time right now I am reliving Gracie's last weeks, I would tell you Elisa, and we would both cry. Now I have no one to talk to no one to cry with. You always would say hopefully she is in a better place Elisa, and now the two of you are together. Not a day goes by without thoughts of you both. Mommy and Daddy Johnny we kind of knew sooner or later but you and Gracie should still be here. Loving you more each day smile even though your heart is aching.Omg how I miss you both.
Hey Ma,
It's been a while since I wrote in here. As you know I'm home this week because I'm not feeling so good. Anyways, today ma Joe your wonderful sent his friend Charlie here to fix my blind. Charlie talked a lot about you saying when u made him pasta and meatballs. He said u were a wonderful lady. We knew that already. I'm home alone and yes ma Anna is calling me off the hook. Lol its weird being home sick and u aren't here with me. U would be asking me every five minutes, Franca how do u feel? I miss that. It's so weird being here without you. U know me I still don't believe it. I have the windows open in the kitchen and living room. It's a nice breeze. The sun is shining but I'm missing you alot...i love u ma! Pls visit I'm still dad would say, I'm waiting like a miss u both. xoxoxo
I love you and miss all of you so very much.
Love you all! Miss all of you very much! Hugs and kisses have a goodnight in heaven. Please send blessings to your beautiful and loving family .
I miss you so so so much! The last few days have been so difficult that I can not even talk to the girls. Mothers Day was Sunday and tomorrow my 25th. Who would have thought that you and Gracie would not be here I crying .................I laugh......I see orange............I move things........around but the crazy thing is I went shopping and bought brussel sprouts I did not know why but I thought when I get home I will call and you will give me the receipt. Elisa, why why could you have not stayed alittle longer at least for Jonathan and Claudia"s wedding. Why, why why.............I love you so and believe when I say life will never ever be the same without you.You were a mother figure for me I can not believe how much we are alike. I looked at my feet and they are the same with one of them overlapping. LOL I love you I love you all. Gracie our baby please remember how much you are missed and loved. Mommy Daddy Johnny all of you. Smile even though our heart is aching.........................
Hey Ma,

Now Im laughing and crying...why? I told you I have been writing in this book but they never showed up. Now today THEY ALL SHOWED UP...Now I sound like you...IM REPEATING MYSELF...well I didnt think they were going to show up...what would you say? "OH WELL"...between me and you ma...THIS IS AUNTIE LIBBY....I know her. She is like you. She must of called and complained, something you would of done. and aunt Lib are sooo much alike. So aunt Lib "THANK YOU FOR CALLING" Ma, you know what I did today? Its Jodi's mom 80th birthday this Saturday so since I can't go to the party so I asked Jodi to let me buy the birthday cake. We fought about it....but I just had to do it. Jodi's mom is your twin and I know if you were here would say "Franca thats really nice". It made me feel really good too. Jodi's and her family are so wonderful and you loved them all alot too. So I bought it from all of us.....YOU, ANNA AND ME....its was always the three of "US"...something me and Anna miss soo much. Ok ma, did you say happy birthday to Dolores? Ok ma talk you......and aunt Lib THANKS don't have to tell me...but aunt I know it was you...UNLESS IT WAS YOU MA? Who knows...but it was one of you....or better still IT WAS THE BOTH OF YOU.....xoxoxo :(
Good Morning Ma,

Isn't this weird? I told you I wrote in your book 5 times and nothing showed up. Yesterday I write again and it showed up. Did you notice the date? May 13th. You hate that number so much. It was finally lucky. Anyways, today is "YOUR DOLORES'S BIRTHDAY". Oh ma, last night Anna made HOME MADE LASAGNA.....OMG..OMG...OMG...u would of just LOVED IT. We thought of you. We had a few tears thinking about how much you would of loved it. "YOUR SON CAME OVER" How nice was that? JUST LOVELY...LOL...of course he ate some too...he loved it. I brought Michelley a piece for lunch today. Ma we are always thinking about you...ALWAYS. I hope you can see us....I hope you are watching over us...I wish I could believe. Help me believe you lots....The weather is so so today. I will see you at lunch today....we will watch our usually Golden Girls....xoxoxo
Hey Ma,

Ok something is going on...I have written to you about 5 times and NONE OF THEM HAVE SHOWED UP!!!!! Anyways, yesterday was MOTHER'S DAY. The weather was was snowing. What would you say? Even the weather is feeling the lost. Ma, it was A TERRIBLE DAY...just terrible. It was ME AND ANNA....we came to the cemetery yesterday first time since we buried you. Sorry ma, I just hate GOING...I feel more depressed coming there. After that me and Anna went to your favorite....Choice of the Orient. It was nice. It was just the TWO OF US....sooooo sad. Seeing other families with their mother OMG....I didnt call or wish ANYONE A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. How could I? I ONLY HAVE ONE MOTHER....and you were enjoying the day with Frankie....Lately ma, its been lonely for me and Anna. Noone is coming around to visit. Not even Joe. Actually he came by yesterday but me and Anna were not home. So we missed him. I still don't believe this was your "DESTINO". Im still in shock...and this is just so hard to believe that you are not here. I miss your smile, your laugh and I especially miss "BE CAREFUL...DON'T BE HOME LATE......AND I LOVE YOU" I continue to say the samething.....THE VOID YOU LEFT IN OUR HEARTS I WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN...I ask you the samething all the time....pls come in my dreams....pls give us strength....ITS BEYOND HARD...I try to act so good infront of Anna and everyone.....but when Im alone....thats when I deal with it....remember I used to hate being home ma I like it...THATS WHEN I THINK OF EVERYTHING.....anyways, the sun is shining but its really cold. I guess yesterday you didnt want me on that truck....U MADE IT SNOW IN MAY...LOL...regardless I wasnt going....I DIDNT WANT ANNA TO BE ALONE....WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOTS....MORE THAN YOU EVER EVER KNOW...xoxoxoxoxoxoo
Hi Ma,today is Mother's Day. The weather is awful and me and Anna are beyond sad and miserable. It's only the two of us today. We are coming to visit you then we are going to your favorite restaurant Choice Of the Orient. Joe and Dol invited us to go with them but we just wanna be left alone. Frankie must be happy he hasn't spent Mother's Day with you in a very long time. Ma I'm sorry but today I can't wish anyone a Happy Mothers Day...i had ONE MOTHER! I miss your smile your laugh and especially the I LOVE YOU, BE CAREFUL, AND DON'T BE HOME LATE! It's a very sad day. This wasn't your DESTINO...I'm forever asking WHY? help me and Anna today...the tears are flowing...i can't get out of bed...sooo sad....forever loving you...and missing you sooo much. This is the HARDEST HOLIDAY..xoxoxo watch over us ALL pls. Give me and Anna strength today...especially today...xoxo
Hey Ma,

Ok Im really upset now...I wrote in this book TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY and they never showed up!!! Im trying again it better show up. Today the weather is awful. Dark and rainy...its awful ma. Actually the WHOLE WEEKEND is going to be awful. You know why ma? ITS MOTHER'S DAY....and you SHOULD BE HERE...but you will be celebrating your FIRST MOTHER'S DAY WITH FRANKIE. To be truthfully ma I think this holiday is the hardest. Actually THIS IS SOOO HARD...Wednesday was 4 months since we saw your smile and heard your laugh. The saddest part is we dont get to hear, " BE CAREFUL....DON'T BE HOME LATE......AND I LOVE YOU"...I can't explain how that feels. On Sunday me and Anna are going to come and visit you and then we are going to your favorite restaurant...CHOICE OF THE ORIENT....just ME AND ANNA....its sad...but we have eachother. Sunday is going to be a MISERABLE DAY Im feeling it already. Lately noone has been around ma...its been ONLY ME AND ANNA having lunches and dinners together. Joe hasn't come by either. He must be busy. Ma, me and Anna miss you so much. That house is QUIET AND LONELY...anyways ma I hope you get this note...if not Im giving up on writing in this book. I LOVE YOU LOTS....

p.s. THIS WASN'T YOUR should be home RIGHT NOW WITH ME AND ANNA....Anna needs someone to call durning the day...and I need your phones calls when Im on the truck....WE NEED SOOO MUCH.....WE LOVE U MA....WE LOVE YOU SOOOO SOOOO MUCH.....another bad day ma....actually THIS IS GOING TO BE A BAD WEEKEND.....our hearts are FOREVER BROKEN....they are UN-REPAIRABLE....
Hi Ma,

Im getting very upset here...I wrote in the book Tuesday and Wednesday and nothing showed up...This is making me really upset. Anyways, yesterday was 4 months since we last saw you.....I miss your SMILE....I miss your stories...I miss you sooo much at lunch and dinner...and I especailly miss....I LOVE YOU....BE CAREFUL...AND DON'T BE HOME LATE. Today is a rainy you now what that means? Its not a good day for me. I hate when it rains. I want it sunny. This Sunday ma is MOTHERS DAY. Anna and me are not looking forward to this day. This is going to be a hard one...I think one of the worst. Now you are spending it with Frankie....I guess he needed you. Im still angry ma. I still don't believe that this was your "DESTINO". You were coming were sooo happy...we still had to have OUR CHRISTMAS DINNER..we still had so much to do. Its beyond sad. Its been very lonely for me and Anna. Noone has come around lately. Not even Joe. Don't worry ma I see him here at work and he is fine...I guess busy. I guess him coming to the house without you there really hurts. Like I said before Joe doesn't talk much. Doesn't say much. But between me and you...YOU SON IS GOING CRAZY WITHOUT YOU IN HIS OWN WAY. He keeps everything in. Ma, Im warning you NOW...listen and listen carefully....on Mother's Day DON'T except me to say "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ANYONE"....I HAVE ONE MOTHER...THAT WAS YOU AND ONLY whether everyone understands or not...SUNDAY IS GOING TO BE A BAD BAD DAY FOR US so IM NOT SAYING IT TO ANYONE...NOONE...Ma, stop it...I could hear you know, "Franca be nice and call everyone..." NOT HAPPENING...this is ME....your gone AND I WANT TO IGNORE THE WHOLE DAY...Im worried about Anna that day so if the weather isnt good I will stay home with her...WE HAVE NO PLANS...and seriously I DON'T THINK WE WANT ANY PLANS..Dolores invited us...but I answered for me and Anna and said no...that was the only invitation. We will have lunch on Sunday together. Maybe the two of us will go out for your favorite... Choice of the Orient. Ok ma see you tonight...not coming home for lunch today. REMEMBER HOW MUCH YOU ARE MISSED.....AND WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW.......IT'S STILL VERY VERY VERY HARD FOR ME AND ANNA....ESPECIALLY IN THAT HOUSE....TOO MANY MEMORIES.....GOOD MEMORIES AND SAD MEMORIES....OH DEAR...HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS MA....
p.s. Joe wanted muffin and coffee this morning...but you know me...running behind schedule so I will get it for him tomorrow...He told me he was going to tell you that I never brought him breakfast....what's my famous saying?
Good Morning Ma,

As much as I love this book it drives me nuts. Yesterday I wrote in it and ONCE AGAIN IT NEVER SHOWED UP. Sometimes it shows up within a couple of hours and sometimes not at all. Anyways, I will TRY AGAIN.. So today is 4 months since you left us. I can't believe I havent seen your smile, or heard your laugh. I MISS THE I LOVE YOU...BE CAREFUL...AND DON'T BE HOME LATE. Im going to tell you something so don't get upset. Sunday is MOTHER'S DAY. A day Im not looking forward too. I will be on truck and I think Anna will probably just chill ALONE. Heads up ma...I HAVE ONE MOTHER....AND ONE MOTHER your with Frankie...your first Mother's Day with him. On Sunday Im not saying Happy Mother's Day TO NOONE...Im not in the mood. I could hear you now, Franca be nice...No ma, people should understand...."WE" lost "OUR MOM" so Im just not in the mood. Its been lonely for me and Anna lately. Joe hasn't been around in a while. Actually noone has come by lately. Dinners are so quiet...we miss you so much. I still don't believe this was "YOUR DESTINO"...Im still very could someone be SO FINE...YOUR WERE COMING HOME...Im stunned....confused....and I simply don't understand. Not sure I will ever understand. This weekend is going to be VERY HARD....VERY VERY HARD. Please give me and Anna the strength to get threw it. Actually Sunday is suppose to rain so I just might not go on the truck. I will see. But staying home will only be worse for me. So maybe I will go on the truck. Anyways, Ma...Im always thinking of you...ALWAYS....We have lunch together everyday. I eat in the livingroom. I pretend your laying in your bed. We watch the Golden Girls together. You liked that show. Anyways, I will be home at lunch at the usually time...see you then....I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH.......xoxoxoxoxoxo
Hi Ma,

Another beautiful day. I cant believe tomorrow is ALREADY 4 MONTHS since we last saw you.....heard your voice......your laugh......and you saying...BE CAREFUL...I LOVE YOU....four months already...I cant explain what Im feeling today. Sunday is Mother's Day...BIG need to celebrate BECAUSE I ONLY HAD "ONE MOTHER" and for some crazy reason GOD WANTED YOU UP THERE...for me to say Happy Mother's Day to others really ma...I cant. It won't mean anything. I would be saying it to say it. I have decided this YEAR IM SAYING IT TO "NOONE" just not IN THE MOOD. I know you would say, Franca be nice and say it. Then you would say, Franca you know what YOU HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN...thats right MA....Mark my words THIS YEAR Im not saying it to NOONE...actually they should all understand anyways. "OUR" MOTHER IS GONE..gone to be with our dad, our brother, her parents and wasnt your DESTINO....I believe that so much. YOU WERE COMING HOME...something I just can't get out of my mind. Me and Anna are trying our best but DINNERS ARE NOT THE SAME....actually NOTHING IS THE SAME....NOTHING....NOTHING......Im in a mood today ma....I just don't UNDERSTAND....Im angry....hate our quiet dinners...hate our quiet house....Joe hasn't been around in a long time. Actually noone has been around...its me and Anna....thats it....SOOOOO LONELY.....MA, WE MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH ME AND ANNA.....SOOOOOO SOOOO is ONE OF THOSE DAYS....oh dear....PLS PLS GIVE ME STRENGTH...PLS...see u at lunch today.....xoxooxoxoxoo miss you....and love you more than you will ever ever know...xoxoxoxooxoxoxo
Hi Elisa its all good, your girls are the best!!!!!!Love all of you and missing you all. I love this book I feel so close to you.......its as though you are with us and you are with your spirt. Love.............
Hello mother dear,

The weather is nice again..yippee...So my season has started. Its a late start but better than nothing...everything is the same..well thats a lie..its not the same...YOUR NOT HERE AND WE ARE MISSING YOU SO MUCH. Anna is off today because she had to go to her perfume know her. Mother, "YOUR SON" I didnt say anything but he cut his hair...oh would say its NICE...BECAUSE TO YOU JOEY ALWAYS LOOKED HANDSOME...what would you say? Even if he was dressed like a bum he would look mother its short....not short short but you would consider it short. No worries his hair is like yours grows soooo fast. Nothing else is really new....wink, wink...I know you can see you know where we are going today....I know I know its Friday and you hate Fridays but until it happens it will be a few more days after today. No worries WE ALREADY KNOW NOT ON A engraved that in us. We dont wear anything new or do anything special on a Friday and especially on the number 13 too. See we listen well...a little nervous about today but ITS ALL GOOD RIGHT MA? Daddy must be happy too for us...its all good. Ok ma the weather is going to be really nice this weekend so I will be busy at James Garden so I will talk to you before going to bed on the weekend and I will write to you on Monday.....LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH MOTHER.....CONTINUE TO WATCH OVER US.....DADDY WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEAL WE MADE? HELLO .......CHOP CHOP....MISS YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH......xoxoxoxoxoxoxoo
Hi Elisa, what do I say to you today, I miss you so much that I never thought for a moment it would hurt this much. My name day ..............first Daddy gone then Mommy, then Gracie and now you . You were always my ROCK and will always be. The first call came from Anna, then Franca, Joey and Tanya.........It really doesnt matter anymore life will never be the same but there is something that will never never change and that is the love and respect I have for you and all above. Loving you more each day and smiling even though MY HEART IS ACHING.
Good Morning Ma

Another beautiful day. Ma, last night I had such a beautiful night. Jodi invited me over here place for dinner. I was really nervous about going because remember Jodi's mom IS EXACTLY LIKE YOU...I always said you and her were sisters separated at birth. When I saw her last night....WE HUGGED AND CRIED...I felt YOU SO MUCH. Jodi ordered Swiss Charlet YOUR FAVORITE. Allen her brother was there, her sister Randy...and guess what ma, Jodi has A WONDERFUL JEWISH BOYFRIEND. Her mom is so happy and Jodi is over the moon. Oh, before you ask.....NO...JODI ISNT BLONDE...we thought about that and laughed...We cried and laughed last night. It was a beautiful night...seeing Jodi's mother cheered me up sooo much. SHE IS YOU. We thought about that time we all went to Swiss Charlet and you and Jodi's mom couldn't stop talking....I NEEDED THAT YESTERDAY. I will going again soon. Its so funny ma Jodi and her boyfriend are more ITALIAN THEN would never know either one is Jewish. Anyways, this morning the sun was already shinning in your kitchen it was once again I will see you at lunch today...CONTINUE TO SHINE......I LOVE YOU LOTS.....although you haven't come in my dreams I KNOW FORESURE LAST NIGHT YOU WERE AT JODI'S HOUSE..WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT....THANKS MA....XOXOXOO
Hi Ma,

Today the sun is shinning and its just a beautiful day.....Im loving it. Anyways ma today is Aunt Lib's name day so somehow today you will have to let her know your thinking about her. Im sure its going to be a tough day for her because you would of called her to tell her HAPPY NAME'S DAY...and you would of told her YOU LOVE HER....well atleast aunt Lib knows you loved her alot. You both have alot of memories together. You really left a HUGE VOID IN HER HEART LIKE YOU DID TO US TOO....anyways I will see you at lunch today. Your kitchen is probably all full of sun....No headache today ma....Im shocked at that. Me and Anna have ALOT GOING ON RIGHT NOW.....we need your help to STEER US IN THE RIGHT DIRECTIONS.....give us a hint or something that you are proud of what we are getting involved us THAT WE WILL BE OK.....we always looked for your pls say or do something.....We both already think THIS IS A SIGN FROM it makes us HAPPY.....the only thing....looks like I will be on that truck a very long time....oh dear...HAPPY THOUGHTS....WE ALL MISS YOU ALOT AND THINK OF YOU ALOT.......TONS AND TONS OF HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL OF YOU......XOXOXOXO
Another gloomy day today. I really hate these kind of days. I was early today ma and of course I brought "JOEY" coffee and muffin...I know I know....thats so nice. ITS GREAT HAVING A BROTHER......right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma, another holiday is coming up and to tell you the truth THIS IS GOING TO BE A REALLY TOUGH ONE.....MOTHER'S DAY...Just the thought of it makes me cry my eyes out. This is the first Mother's Day that Frankie has you....Ma, you are missed soooooo much....OUR HEARTS ARE ACHING.....ITS STILL VERY FRESH AND UNBELIEVABLE. Sometimes I just think this is a BAD were coming were HAPPY.....WHY????? WHY??? I continue to ask this question and I will ALWAYS ask until I UNDERSTAND WHY?
The sun is suppose to come out today. I hope by the time I get home for lunch YOUR KITCHEN IS FULL OF SUN...see you at the usual time around 1:05pm....we will have our you lots.......
love you all...........miss you all.
Hey Ma,
I was on the truck today. The sun was shining it was just a beautiful day. But mother dear it was a real hard day for me. I was playing brisk on my cell phone but I found my mind wondering constantly. Your first call to me you would of said Franca, Anna just made me a LOVELY lunch I'm stuffed! Of course I answer that's nice ma, but I'm would then say ok tata.Then your next call would be, "Franca are u Busy?" No ma! Ok then Franca just come home. Ma, I can't!! Ok..
Bye Franca! Your finally call u would say, "Franca I'm in bod so don't be home careful and I LOVE YOU! Then my answer, don't worry...I love you too...nite nite. Ma, I balled my eyes out on the truck thinking about our truck conversations. I felt alone and lost. I kept asking WHY? I know we are all here on borrowed time but I just wasn't ready for YOU TO LEAVE. My HEART WAS REALLY ACHING TODAY! Tomorrow I'm on the truck again so please give me strength....come in my dreams tonight PLEASE? Ma, God always knows how I MISS YOU AND HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU....MY TEARS ARE FLOWING NON-STOP TODAY..
Hi Elisa , we just came home from Joe and Dolores, we had a nice evening. Talking laughing and feeling the void in our hearts regarding you. I made a mistake with the word here in my previous note, I do not mean hear. Oh well hahah as you would say. I will say this again and again, what a beautiful and loving family you have. Joe is sooooo handsome and Dolores sooooo beautiful, your kids are wonderful and hold a very special place in my heart. I also took Anna out today, we had a beautiful day, you must have been smiling. She did not drive and I did all the driving even thought at times I caused her stress but she survived.......and at times we laughed and cried. You are truly missed and will always be missed. Please send your blessings, love and the colour orange where ever we are. Loving you and all of you upstairs. Hugs, love, kisses TO ALL.FRANCA MUST HAVE HAD A GOOD DAY SHE WAS ON THE TRUCK TODAY AND IM SURE WILL BE TOMORROW. IM GOING TO SEND HER A TEXT TO BE CAREFUL AND TO BE SAFE AND TO NOT COME HOME LATE. BY THE WAY ANNA SAID I DO THINGS THAT REMIND HER OF YOU.................MY DIRTY EYE GLASSES , THE WAY I EAT AND SOME OTHER THINGS..............I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPRESS .
Elisa what would we do without Franca, I look at this book everyday! I feel very close to you reading and writing, I feel your present in the room I hear your voice I see your smile, your smile..........your voice.........your laugh........and when you would say something funny or stupid you would answer OH WELL! Sometimes I do not believe you are hear, sometimes I find myself wanted to pick up the phone and saying HI Elisa, how are you? You would always answer fine! If I was having a bad day, you would always have a word of encouragement and then say oh well what are you going to do and laugh, oh that laugh, and then say TA TA and always I love you!!!!! Loving you more each day and always in my thoughts always always always! Send your blessings to the kids, and up there, give our love to all. Special hugs and kisses to Gracie ............Have a goodnight.
Hi Ma,

The sun is shining for the second day in a row... I LOVE IT....also for the second day in a row NO HEADACHE...thank God. Anyways, this morning I had a TALK WITH YOUR SON MOTHER DEAR....he has not CALLED OR COME BY.....NOT LIKE HIM....LOL...its ok he is busy. This weekend is going to be really nice so I will be on the truck THANK GOD...just watch over me ma...I know you will. Im sooo happy this morning...when I see the sun I cant explain how happy it makes me...Cant wait to go home for lunch. I know foresure you will be sitting at your kitchen table taking in all the sun and probably re-arranging something or changing your placemats....OH DEAR....anyways, continue to watch over us ok....WE ALL SEND OUR LOVE.....YOUR FAMILY, YOUR SISTERS, YOUR GRANDCHILDREN AND NIECES AND NEPHEWS....WE MISS YOU BEYOND WORDS CAND SAY MOTHER DEAR....XOXOXOXOO

I was just thinking. When you were alive Anna used to call you a MILLION times durning the day. It used to drive me nuts when I was home sick. Now Anna has noone TO CALL and she MISSES IT SOOO MUCH. Then there was me...what would you say? "Franca only calls me when she is going to the ZOO after work and not coming home for dinner..." You knew me sooo well and THATS WHAT I MISS THE MOST...Noone KNEW ME LIKE YOU MA....Now things have switched....For Anna to write in this book IS HARD FOR thats where I come in...I write for the BOTH US..see ma if you recall whenever you and dad were in the hospital really sick...Anna always made me ask the questions and always got me to check on you guys...I WAS GOOD FOR know my BIG MOUTH...Lol...The minute you or dad were out of danger Anna was fine...she was there 24/7 watching over you or dad. She was GREAT....I have told you already Im sooo grateful to aunt Lib for this book...I never thought to extend it for a year. It helps sooo much. Today is a good day...the sun is shining. I have no headache. First time in a long time ma....So dear we will continue our talk at lunch...Im coming home soon....WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, my wonderful mother, are always on my mind.....xoxoxo....How I miss you always telling Anna, "Franca gets an A++" always said...when I did something I always did it GREAT...didnt happen alot but when I did I always GOT AN A++ FROM I miss MY A++......xoxoxoxo
Hey Ma,

Today is another rainy and chilly day. I just wanted to drop a line and say hello. How is everything? You still havent come to see me AND THATS NOT LIKE YOU. When I used to go away you would always say how much you missed me and how quiet the house was without me. See so you must REALLY KNOW HOW ME AND ANNA FEEL? The house without you.............OMG...beyond quiet. I come home and NOTHING IS CHANGED...Atleast when you were home you would move things around all the time and then the best part you would ask me, "Franca do you like it?" I would say yes and you would say "I KNOW" Then I would say ma tomorrow you will change would answer "NO FRANCA IM LEAVING IT LIKE THIS...YOU LIKE IT...IM KEEPING IT...." and sure enough ma in a couple of days YOU CHANGED IT.....I MISS THAT SOOO MUCH...I used to complain but NOW I WISH I COULD TURN BACK TIME....the house is the way u left it...You left that house Dec.13-2012 and WHO THOUGHT YOU WOULDN'T COME BACK??????? Not in a MILLION YEARS I would of thought that. YOU ARE MISSED.....TRULY MISSED...for EVERYTHING...your smile, your laugh, AND ESPECIALLY YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.......I pray to you all the time....MISSY YOU NOT LISTENING VERY WELL....maybe you MISS US SOOO MUCH YOUR NOT READY TO VISIT...its OK....I will wait.....ANYWAYS MA LOVE YOU LOTS AND MISS YOU MORE EVERYDAY....IT STILL HURTS....XOXOXO
I sit here,and I can not believe that you are not with us. Why why why I keep asking why did you have to leave us too. I miss you so much..........why did you have to go why. Love you and make sure you send your blessings from above. I love you and all of you upstairs.Hugs and kisses to you all.
Miss you love you ..................and alot more. I do hope you are all celebrating together.

I went home again for lunch. The kitchen has sun but not alot. I had lunch in the livingroom watching tv and of course I kept looking at your "BOD". I know Anna finds that bed comforting because she tends to take naps on it all the time. I guess she feels closer to you. I just wish we could get rid of it. I think it would help. Anyways at lunch we talked about my already knew about my trip I told you the Sunday...when u were fine, laughing and you were excited about coming home. We also talked about Anna and Joe. Funny how they are so much alike. Joe really doesnt talk much to us about you....I guess he thinks it will upset us. Anna says things about you...but not much to me either. I think they should be like me...I know THATS REALLY FUNNY. I mean they should write in this writing in this book helps me. I like to keep you updated and I like remembering things about you. I have happy and sad times with you. The saddest and worse time was when you DIED. I just dont understand. Not sure if I will ever understand why you DIED. In my eyes on the Sunday YOU WERE BEYOND HAPPY. REALLY HAPPY. So this is a SHOCK...for all of us. Anyways, please come and visit your kids at night in our dreams. Help us UNDERSTAND. I feel like you and Anna ALWAYS REPEATING MYSELF. Ok mother I will talk to you tomorrow...always thinking about you and wondering WHAT YOU AND EVERYONE ARE REALLY DOING. ALSO IS THERE REALLY LIFE AFTER DEATH....I really want to BELIEVE PLEASE HELP you to all...xxoxooxoxo
p.s., you, me, you, me, you....can't wait to play again AND OF COURSE I WILL and nonno are probably cheating with eachother....xoxoxo
Hi Ma,

DING DONG here forgot something. I forgot to mention Frankie's name yesterday. Oh dear. Anna told me this morning. Sorry Frankie...anyways, did you ALL have a nice party? I hope so. Another beautiful day today ma. Ma, looks like my season finally started....I will be on the truck ALL WEEKEND LONG. Keeps me out of trouble and helps me save. I have alot going on this year. Jonathan's wedding and ma for Vinnys 50th birthday she wants to go on a cruise. We are going to Italy, Spain and France. You know me ma I love my SHIPS...yes, I could hear you now, "Franca aren't you scared? In the night when you look out its all black?" MA, I LOVE LOVE IT...yes, I know IM JUST LIKE DAD...Mother dear I need a little help Anna IS LOST...she has ALL THIS FREE TIME she has no idea what to of course she is always cooking and Im gaining weight. Im getting very nervous. NOW IM EATING FOR YOU AND DAD.....OH DIO MIO....Ma, Anna is still rushing around. I guess its hard for her because she was so used to doing that. WE all try and tell her no NEED TO RUSH ANYMORE...its SAD...BEYOND ma HELP HER UNDERSTAND TO TAKE IT EASY...she is ALL I HAVE....well you know what I mean. I have others but ANNA IS ANNA...I keep thinking when nonna died and then a few years later auntie gracie died...Im soooooooooooo scared that will happen. So please tell ANNA TO RELAX...TAKE IT EASY....if there is a way you can show us ANYTHING Im telling you THAT WOULD HELP. It would take away the question WHY?????????? WHY????????? Ok ma, continue to watch over US...we need strength to help us get through this...pls give extra STRENGTH TO ANNA...I LOVE YOU LOTS....XOXOXO...
Good Morning Ma,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ma are you making daddy some homemade pasta today? Its his birthday and that was his favorite. Actually daddy had so many favorites. So MISSY I was on the truck yesterday...I WAS FROZEN. Couldnt feel my feet or hands. But overall the day was ok. Today the sun is shining. I guess its shining because you are ALL UP THERE CELEBRATING DADS BIRTHDAY. Truthfully I really wished I believed in that. Maybe if you would give me a hint or something I would believe. Everyone tells me to believe but I guess I find it sooo hard because I can't believe YOU ARE BOTH GONE....So today Anna took the day off and had a mass for daddy then of course she is going to the cemetary. Oh ya, mother dear, how could I forget to tell you....on Friday Joe (YOUR WONDERFUL, HANDSOME SON) used my car and guess what ma? HE WASHED IT AND FILLED UP MY TANK....I know..I know....I could just hear you..."SEE FRANCA ITS SO NICE TO HAVE A BROTHER"...then on Sunday he came over again he had to fix the door locks...NOW EVERYTHING IS BELLE, BELLE...Your "SON" "JOEY" he misses YOUR phone calls to him. Ma, Joe has been really good. Always checking up on US....ALWAYS...yes, and he still calls ON THE HOUSE LINE...oh well...I will talk to you YOU, AUNTIE GRACIE, NONNO AND NONNA ENJOY DADS BIRTHDAY....I LOVE YOU tears are still flowing....ITS SOOO HARD.....xoxoxoo
I love you,and you must be smiling!!!!Franca notes are so meaningful and words close to the heart. Your kids are Unbelievable!Full of Love!Affection, and most of all respectable!!!!! You are one of a kind you are the Queen of Hearts ...........and so much more! Be sure you guide everyone with your love...................loving you and smiling even though your heart is breaking.
Good Morning Ma,

This is the FOURTH time Im trying to write in your book. They are NEVER showing up. Today is another day to stay in "BOD". Its gloomy again. Ma last night I was thinking about you and Dad alot and thinking about everything Im missing. With DAD I miss playing OUR FAVORITE CARD GAME and watching OUR FAVORITE TV SHOWS while playing cards. I miss having OUR SNACKS...our bread with olive oil and all the fruit we used to eat. I miss daddy getting upset when I would ALWAYS WIN CARDS...He always said to me I PLAY LIKE A MAN...Lol...Ma, you never liked cards but what I miss about you is ALWAYS moving or changing things in the house. Especially in your KITCHEN OR BEDROOM. I miss you asking me when I would come home at lunch to go downstairs and get YOUR PLACEMATS....either your brown, green, yellow AND YOUR FAVORITE would love changing things. Especially when you received flowers you would always re-arrange them. You always did a great job. I would of NEVER THOUGHT AT THE AGE OF 48 THAT I WOULD HAVE NO PARENTS...I cant beleive me, Anna and Joe DONT HAVE PARENTS...Our lives will never be the same. There is such an EMPTINESS that NOONE CAN REPLACE when you LOSE YOUR PARENTS...We will ALWAYS FEEL THAT "VOID" and believe me its AWFUL...the only thing that keeps me going IS ALL THE WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC MEMORIES I HAVE OF THE BOTH OF YOU. I truly had WONDERFUL PARENTS. You and your dad believed in "DESTINO" but mother dear I truly believe this wasn't your "DESTINO" you were too happy about coming home, seeing your beautiful kitchen and sleeping in your "BOD"..why did God change his mind???????? I really dont know but I sure do keep asking WHY? Tomorrow ma is Saturday and the weather is awful so ONCE AGAIN MISSY I WONT BE ON THE TRUCK...but Sunday is going to be SUNNY not that warm but MISSY IM GOING ON THE TRUCK...I will miss my calls when Im on the truck from you. You would always check up on me to make sure I was ok and especially asking me "DID YOU EAT"? Ma, really does it look like Im starving????? lol....if you only knew everything I miss and everything I think about...I think deep down Im going CRAZY....These gloomy days ALWAYS MAKE ME MISERABLE...All I want to do IS CRY....see when I see the SUN...I always think of you in the kitchen and it makes me sooo happy....Oh how I wish you would come and visit....I seriously need to see you.....ok we will talk later....lets see if this one shows up.....xoxoxooxo LOVE YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH AND MISS YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH.....
Hey Ma,

Im really upset....this is the THIRD TIME WRITING I hope this one shows up. Anyways, I was thinking of my WHOLE FAMILY IN HEAVEN...YOU, DAD, MY BROTHER FRANKIE, NONNI and AUNT GRACIE..I miss everyone. Life without YOU AND DAD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. The feeling deep inside my heart ACHES...the loneliness of missing you both is so awful....I love and miss you both so much.......

p.s. ma the sun is shinning are all over the kitchen. I came home at lunch to talk to you....ciao for now....hopefully this one shows up....I will talk again tomorrow over all of us.....xoxoxo
Thinking of you with love and affection, miss you and everyone so much..................I hope and pray you are all together looking after us all. All of you are our special ANGELS and I love you so...............................
Always with me from the day I wake to when I close my eyes. OH how I miss you...............the void in my heart feels horrible, thank God I have your kids to say Goodnight and I love you it is an extension of you my beautiful and loving sister. .....................Hugs love and kisses to you all.
Hey Ma,

Today I went home for lunch. I go home everyday and its the samething. I walk in and look at your chair expecting to see you sitting there and saying, "HI FRANCA"....then I go into the livingroom and look at your bed....once again expecting to see you napping or watching tv and once again saying, HI FRANCA....I JUST LAID DOWN RIGHT NOW"...and I would answer you saying..."Ya, sure ma....u should be walking...moving your legs"...then I hear you say, "Franca, if it was that easy? You dont know the pain Im in...I have these conversations every lunch time. Ma, Im like you...I always talk to I always have conversations...I ask you a question then the best part I answer....JUST THE WAY YOU WOULD ANSWER ME...maybe Im going crazy in my old dear ma...did you see yesterday I went to the "ZOO". Did you see even at the "ZOO" I was talking about you. Actually we were all talking about you. I talk to my friends alot about you...its easier....I can cry and yell with them. I cant do it will Anna or aunt Lib because I have to LOOK TOUGH and be STRONG FOR THE TWO OF, I THANK AUNT LIB soooo much for keeping this book alive for ONE FULL YEAR...this is where I escape...talking to you helps me....aunt Lib thanks sooo much.....xoxoxo....I almost forgot to tell you...your kitchen looked sooo nice this afternoon full of sun. Ma, you should see your plants...AMAZING....Ok mother I just had to write again....Im thinking of you always and missing you beyond words can say....Ma, TI AMO SEMPRE.......xoxoxoxoxoxo pls come and visit...pls....
Good Morning Ma,

Ma, I have no idea whats going on but I wrote you another note Friday morning and of course it NEVER SHOWED UP. Not sure why? Anyways, another weekend has come and gone. Saturday ma was another awful day, rainy and gloomy. I could just of heard would of said, "today Im staying in my BOD"...(BED) To tell you the truth ma, Saturday was one of those days. So mother dear another weekend not on the MISSY must be VERY HAPPY...Oh ya ma I almost forgot to tell you....Saturday night I went out for dinner with Vinny, Lina,and Tibor. Ma, once I got my order can you believe on my plate they put the HEAD OF A WHITE DAISY....the presentation was beautiful but when I saw that THE TEARS CAME DOWN. They were happy tears because to me that meant u were there enjoying the meal with me. I was sooo happy to see that daisy. I actually took it with me and its on my dashboard in my car. Its still VERY HARD dealing with your death. Its awful ma. Yesterday Joe came over and he put those special locks on the doors. I feel better now when Im home alone. Ma, Anna last week really didnt have a good week...while we would be eating she would just burst into tears thinking of you....of course ma I try and be the tough one and say eveything is going to be ok....But deep down ma if you really only UNDERSTOOD what your DEATH has done to EVERYONE....Anna who's life revolved around you....NOW....she has ALL THIS EXTRA TIME and SHE IS LOST....everyone tries to help her but you know Anna...then there is Joe...he is funny...very hard to understand him. Doesnt talk much at all but YOU JUST KNOW HE IS MISSING YOU BEYOND WORDS. Although Joe used to tell you to stop saying he was good looking....or you loved his hair...or he was soooo handsome HE MISSES YOUR PHONECALLS...AND HE MISSES YOU SOOO MUCH. Like me, your were the only one that really understood me and joe. Ok ma today is a nicer day...the sun is shining. I love you and miss you sooo much.....xoxoxoxoo
Hi Elisa, she is one of a kind! When she doesn't write to you I miss it.Franca is Franca, and I do keep in touch with them, sometimes I swear I think you guide me. Your circle is full of love and tears. Forever in our hearts with hugs and kisses to you all, I love you.....................and love you more.
Hi Ma,

Ma, did you see this morning I was late for work. My alaram never went off for some reason. I never jumped out of bed so fast and got ready so fast. I kept thinking of you because when u didnt see me up you would always say, "FRANCA, FRANCA, GET UP...YOUR GOING TO BE LATE" would I answer? YA..YA...MA...DONT WORRY....I really needed you this morning. Today is another awful day..its rainy and miserable. Its suppose to be like this all week so guess what that means MA? I won't be on the truck this weekend....YES, MISSY I KNOW YOUR HAPPY ABOUT THAT...LOL.....I think Anna will be too. Anyways, continue watching over us...always remember you are missed by me, Anna and Joe soooooooooooooo much....we are always thinking of you 24/7...actually mother there is ALOT of people that MISS YOU SOOO MUCH STILL....especially YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY....and your grandchildren....Jonathan said the other day he misses your phone calls...and Michelley misses you repeating the same stories....WE ALL TALK ABOUT YOU....HOW COULD WE NOT TALK ABOUT THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD??????? NOW YOUR THE BEST MOM HEAVEN.......remember GOD ONLY TAKES THE BEST.......I just think God should of given US more time...I wanted you here sooo much for Jonathan's and Claudia's wedding...WE ALL DID....there will be ALOT OF TEARS THAT DAY.....ALOT....just thinking of it Im crying.....oh dear I MISS YOU SOOO you LOTS MA.....xoxoxo
Good Morning Ma,

I can't believe its been 3 MONTHS TODAY that I heard you every morning say to me, "Franca, have a nice day, be careful and I LOVE YOU", I can't explain how I'm feeling..."MISERABLE" is a good word..I MISS YOU SOO MUCH.. Yesterday, was ONE OF THOSE and Anna both stayed home. The house is AWFUL....beyond quiet...beyond lonely...I have no words. How I wish we could leave that house. Yesterday me and Anna ate lunch ALONE...its awful...U must of known we were having a bad day because later Sandro, Michelley, Elle, Dolores, Michelley and Luca came by. It was better UNTIL THEY LEFT AGAIN. Oh ma, that Elle she is beyond beautiful...she cheered up the house for us it was nice. Joe hasnt been by lately...he has been busy but he still CALLS HIS SISTERS to check up on us. Yes, ma, ITS WONDERFUL HAVING A always wished you had one. Did you see how long Joe's hair is getting? I know...I know...he looks sooooo nice....he's sooooo hope your doing good. I hope everything is ok. You are yet to come and visit me in my dreams. I pray to you every SINGLE NIGHT....and during the day Im always thinking of you. I guess your getting your know how much u hate me on the truck well MISSY Im yet to start the truck. Actually I did a test last Saturday. The weather has been cold. Ikeep thinking its you because YOU ALWAYS WORRIED ABOUT ME ON THE TRUCK AND YOU HATED ME DOING IT SOOO MUCH. But mother I need to work it...atleast one more year then lets see what happens. I know this year you will be will me ALL THE TIME WHEN IM ON IT...I will be SAFE....anyways my dear mother today is a terrible day.....I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MORE THAN U WILL EVER EVER EVER KNOW.....xoxoxooxoxo
Hi Elisa, had dinner last night with Anna and Oscar, it was so very nice. You are always with us no matter what we are doing !The other night when the kids were all together they really felt your that you were there. Loving you and missing you, at times it still feels like a bad dream.........................
Thankyou, for being there last night for dinner." Smile even though your heart is breaking smile even though your heart is aching"........................I love you more than words can express and miss you so much....................
Love you miss you! What a huge empty feeling. Love to you all, today tomorrow and forever.
thinking of you on this easter sunday and how much you are missed by your family at this time of year one of many firsts for all of them, especially your beautiful daughters. send a little hug to them as we wrap our memories around you. xoxoxo
I forgot to mention I went out with Joey for lunch the other day, he came to the dentist. Elisa what a beautiful and loving family you have. You must be smiling from up above. Oh my God how I miss you so. The first holiday without you, I would have called and asked how do I make the fish the way you do. I made the fish yesterday and I believe you were guiding me because it never turned out so good, you would have loved it and would have said "your such a good cook" and I would have answered I was taught by the best!!!! Elisa my heart is so very sad, the thought of you not here with all of us has left such a huge huge void. Give my love hugs and kisses to all. Loving you each day that passes MORE!
All I can say is your presence had a huge impact on many many lives, your smile made us happy, your comments made laugh your cooking invited all of us to your warm and loving home, your absence has left our hearts .....................hurting broken and most of all wanted to hear your heart beating again.......loving you, missing you and wishing you were here with us just for a little bit longer. I love you so from the bottom of my heart.
Hi Ma,

Another weekend has come and gone. It still doesnt get EASIER....its HARDER. Especially the last few Sundays. Joey hasnt even come by in the morning because he is busy at the Home Show...SO ITS BEEN EXTRA AWFUL..more LONELY THEN USUALLY. This weekend is OUR FIRST HOLIDAY WITHOUT YOU MA. Good Friday and Easter Sunday. To tell you the truth ma I hope the weather is good so Im on the truck. I really dont feel like celebrating ANY HOLIDAYS....Its just NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU OR DAD. Anyways, just wanted you to know IM STILL THINKING ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME.....ITS ONLY GETTING WORSE INSTEAD OF BETTER.....LOVE U FOREVER AND EVER....TILL WE MEET AGAIN....TI AMO SEMPRE......XOXOOXOXO
I love you! Today all I did was talk about you and Gracie. I miss you both so very much. I went by a furniture store where Gracie and I bought a leather chair for the family room. We both manage to put this chair in my truck and bring it home........ oh how I miss you both.Loving you and having you both in my life was such a beautiful ................omg at times I can not believe you both are not here anymore and all I can say is the void in my heart is here forever. Baci e Abbracci
Hi Ma,

Tonight Anna is going for dinner with friends and guess where Im going? The ZOO....if you were here you would say to me..."Don't forget to say hi to the animals"....Ma I miss "OUR CODE TALKING" When I said ZOO u knew exactly what that meant...great now I just made myself cry thinking about it...I miss so many things about you ma....SO MANY....I used to love when I kept care of would tell Anna....Franca gets an A++!!! Ma, we had our fights, our cries, and especially our laughs.....I MISS ALL OF IT....U are the ONLY PERSON THAT REALLY EVERY UNDERSTOOD ME....AND ACCEPTED ME THE WAY I WAS....I wasnt the PERFECT DAUGHTER....but YOU SOOO LOVED ME AND WORRIED ABOUT ME LIKE NOONE EVER HAS OR EVER WILL.....Pls watch over me...all of us....I MISS YOU MA....I MISS U TONS.....
P.S. the lawyer misses you
Ma, just my luck...I didnt think my last note to you showed up so of this morning I sent it again....SO NOW LOOK WHO'S REPEATING THEMSELVES????? ME.......!!! Oh
Ma, DING DONG here made a mistake in my last note to you. I wrote SHOULD WOULD OF REMIND ME....I should of wrote...she would of reminded me.....oh well we all make mistakes.....anyways, today the SUN IS SHINING....I LOVE IT LIKE THIS....oh ya ma, last night we went to see Joise at Westpark. Walking in felt AWFUL. When we surprised Joise and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY....Omg ma, she was sooo happy...she was and Anna were crying...OMG...when she found out you DIED. DONT EVEN GO THERE......the crying that I did was like re-living the day you died. This morning I brought "YOUR SON" his coffee and muffin to make up for yesterday. I know you would of said, "THATS NICE OF YOU FRANCA"....ANYWAYS MOTHER DEAR....we will talk later....LOVE YOU AND CANT STOP WISHING YOU WERE HERE WITH US......XOXOXO
Ma, DING DONG here made another mistake..I type faster than I think...anyways in my last note to you I said SHOULD WOULD OF REMIND ME....I should of said SHE WOULD OF REMINDED ME....oh ma....I really dont know what to say anymore...IM and Anna try and act sooo good for eachother but its a show..I know Anna is missing you sooo much. She used to call you a million times in the day...NOW she has noone to both would repeat yourself...the funny thing is when I would get home from work and Anna would be cooking and you would be sitting in your chair you two would still be talking and Im sure it was stuff you already said to eachother...but because you two DING DONGS love to repeat you probably didnt even me and Anna would pay anything to hear another REPEAT STORY....Ma, I have been with you for 48 years....Anna 50 years...we have lived together...SO THE LOST TO US....I have no words....OK MOTHER DEAR....JUST WATCH OVER US PLS...ALL OF US......xoxoxo
Today is St. Joseph, the first time you are not saying Buono Onomastico, love you miss you and hurting omg what a horrible void.
Good Morning Ma,

I forgot to say it to you this morning when I woke up....I had such a bad bad headache last night. I was in bed at 10:30pm..then woke up at 4am with my head pounding again. Not a good day today. Ma, Joe asked for coffee this morning but I was running late and with the headache I couldnt stop. I feel soooo guilty now....WHY? Today is S.Giuseppe. See ma if you were here you would of said to me this morning, "Franca bring your brother breakfast...and dont forget to say Happy S.Giuseppe" WE NEED YOU SOOO MUCH.....You would of been the FIRST ONE TO CALL YOUR SON...You would of called him at 7am. I could just hear you now...Hi Joey, Happy S.Giuseppe, how are you? Then you would of ended by saying, "Joey, have a nice day, be careful and I LOVE YOU"....Ma, Joey really missed that this morning....He came up to me to remind me....I told him Joe if Ma was here SHOULD WOULD OF REMIND ME....Im sorry. You know Im not good with Name Days...Do you realize the VOID in OUR HEARTS? The EMPTINESS? If you can really see us....pls give us the strength..When the weather is gloomy and miserable its sooo hard...but when I see the sun shining especially in your kitchen it makes me soooo happy because I know you are there...besides your bedroom your kitchen was your favorite room in the house. Ma, today I ask you to somehow show Joey you are remembering him on S.Giuseppe. HE MISSES YOU SOOO MUCH...he doesnt talk much......I just see it. Ok mother dear we will talk again soon....I need some strength today because Im having a REALLY BAD DAY.......thinking of you 24/7 and missing you MORE THAN U KNOW......hugs and kisses....................

Still can't believe you are gone....what a horrible feeling coming home to an 'empty' home....God only knows just how much I 'miss you'...I think of you every second of the day...xoxoxoxo
What a beautiful 30th for Jonathan.Beautiful family your Joe Dolores Anna France and Michelle looked amazing. Claudia is a beautiful and loving beauty. Everyone was very happy and smiling even though there was a void in our hearts. Smile even though your heart is aching. Loving all of you and missing you all more than words can say..............Love you
Hi Ma,

Wasn't it just a beautiful 30th surprise party for Jonathan? Claudia did such a great job. Jonathan was really surprised. We missed you so much. Ma, the speech that Joe said....had us crying. Although he wished for you and dad to be there...we all know u BOTH were watching from above because u loved and we're both so proud of your FIRST and ONLY GRANDSON!! Aunt Lib was invited too. Her and Mario picked me up. On the way down to the restaurant we couldn't STOP talking about YOU. Like I said before as the days go by we MISS u even MORE. This is very hard to,all I keep saying to
myself is that u were coming
HOME! I still don't understand why God changed his mind...we still had a lot of things to do. I love you ma and miss u soon much....xoxo
I love you and miss you! I still can not believe you are not here! Your voice, your smile, your everything...............what a void in my heart. I love you........................hugs and kisses to you all.
Thinking of you with love every second of each day.Went out with Anna Wednesday night we had a nice time talking crying laughing and moments of silence thinking of you. It hurts so much why why why...................I guess it was your destiny as you would always say................but you were to be at home on January 8th I guess home meant heaven...........with the rest of our family that you missed so much. We love you and our hearts miss you so very much.
Sempre con affetto! Tanti Baci e Abbracci a tutti! Vi penso sempre con tanto amore.xxxxxxooooooooxxxxxxxxooo
Hello Mother.....

I know you already know but wasnt yesterday such a nice day? Aunt Lib, Joe, Dolores, Anna and me all had lunch together at the house. Of course "YOUR SON" made his famous BBQ RIBS....we had a wonderful lunch. It felt good ma...but you KNOW WE ALL MISSED YOU....After lunch Dolores, Aunt Lib and Anna were working on all your THANK YOU cards. They are all done. Ma, I enjoy it sooo much when we have others for lunch or fills up the house...its a better feeling. When its me and Anna I just find it harder because as much as we talk I know your minds are wondering...we are missing you and thinking of you...but with others you takes aways the "EMPTINESS" just for a little while. Anyways ma, YOUR KIDS MISS YOU LOTS..Aunt Lib... I have no words for how she misses you!! She is ALWAYS CALLING AND TEXTING ME AND and her are soo much alike. Ok mother always we will talk again..WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU SOOOOOOO....XOXOXOXO

P.S. Ma did you see "YOUR SON" brought the matching pepper shaker over nice...Oh ya, how could I forget Michelley came over too for lunch but you know her ma, SHE WAS LATE...just by one she isnt fussy when she came she ate...I know you noticed...we forget to take out MICHELLEY'S FAVORITE OLIVES...oh well next time....see if you were there you would of reminded us...we miss you MA...xoxoxo
Loving you is the easy part, missing you is the part that will never heal itself. Your kids miss you so , but the void in my life will last forever , our secrets, our laughs, our tears, our long talks, our rearranging furniture, the colour orange, and most of all your everlasting love and your wonderful cooking. How you shared in ingredients to make the best sauce, meatballs, I could go on and on..........your nail polish lip stick and of course your hair..............I love you so from the bottom heart.Love to all you .....................forever in my heart.
Oops!!! I missed out a word on my last note to you....right at the end....I MEANT TO SAY....WE WERE ALWAYS NUMBER ONE TO YOU.....YOUR KIDS MEANT THE WORLD TO YOU.....JUST LIKE YOU MEANT TO US......."U WERE OUR WORLD TOO"......we are hurting soooo much.....the pain in our hearts.... I CAN NEVER EVER EXPLAIN.....xoxoxo
Hi Ma,

Just wanted to say hello and that Im thinking of you. Ma, remember when I would come home at lunch depending on the time you would either be sitting in your kitchen or laying on your bed in the living room. When I would see you in the living room I would get upset and say, "ma, why arent you walking around or doing any exercise"? You would answer me, "Franca you and Joe think its so easy for leg hurts", I miss those lunch time conversations. Especially when Joe would call you in the would say, "Franca, Joey called were soooo excited when he know me..I would answer, "THAT'S NICE MA"....the best part when I would get home for dinner and me, you and Anna would be sitting and would tell me again...."OH, FRANCA JOEY CALLED ME TODAY..." How would I answer? "Yes, ma I know you told me ALREADY AT LUNCH...." You would say your famous line..."OH WELL, IM TELLING YOU AGAIN", how I miss YOU ALWAYS REPEATING YOURSELF....especially when it came to, its funny Joe knows me and Anna both have cell phones but everynight when he calls us...he calls on the houseline...I guess ma he misses calling the house line....or maybe like me and Anna WISHES THAT THIS IS ALL A DREAM....that your really not gone....YOU WERE COMING HOME TUESDAY.....U WERE FINE ON were asking me what my next trip was going to be and when I was going.....I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND.....Im constantly thinking about YOUR LEG....THE drives me famous question......WHY????? WHY??????? Mother I wish we could get some answers really I do. You DON'T understand how much Joe, Anna and me miss you....WE MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH...NOTHING IS THE SAME.....NOTHING.......eating just me and Anna is sooo Im eating I keep looking at your seat and wishing I could hear you repeat another story, or when you would talk you would the way u would drop your food on your clothes or I wish me and Anna could experience that always said once you were gone we would have alot to laugh about....the sad thing....we dont laugh...we cry BECAUSE WE MISS YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH....ALRIGHT MA....WE WILL TALK LATER.......
p.s. when I write, I write for me, Anna and Joe....its harder for always told me I was good at writing down my feelings....easier for me.....WE WERE ALWAYS NUMBER TO YOU....WE LOVE YOU.......XOXOXOXOOX
Good Morning Ma,

Well missy you had a beautiful mass. Just beautiful!! We were all there family and friends. Ma, while the priest was mentioning your name I was sitting there in another world. I just couldnt believe "WE" were all there FOR YOUR ONE MONTH MASS. Yes, it was a little late but I just cant believe the way time is flying by. "WE" all "MISS YOU" so "MUCH". I dont think our lives will ever be the same without you. Not a day goes by that "WE" dont think of you. Im talking for everyone because I know everyone feels the same. Maybe now that we had your mass maybe you will come visit me in my dreams. Ma, continue to watch over "ALL OF US"...remember this NOT A DAY, HOUR, MINUTE OR SECOND GOES BY THAT I DONT THINK OF YOU...miss you more than you know....LOVE U MA.....XOXOOXOXO
Hi Elisa, yesterday your beautiful family had a peaceful mass for you. The songs that the organist sang were , just what you would have wanted. Yesterday we all relived the sadness of you going to heaven. Today words cannot express what I am feeling only you know..................Loving you more each day and missing you. Love hugs kisses to you all up there.
Hey Ma,

Just wanted to drop a note to say I miss you lots and think of you all the time. Trying to keep myself busy and out of the house...Being in the house it hurts alot. My mind goes everywhere. I keep going back to Sunday at the hospital...and I keep looking at those pictures...Oh ya ma yesterday, Joe,Dolores, Anna and me we went to the funeral home....Uncle Nick dad even has his brother. I wish I knew foresure that you were all up there together it would give me peace. Ok ma I will talk to you and Anna really miss you in the house....especially at the dinner table...SO LONELY AND QUIET WITHOUT over us.....xoxoxoxo
goodmorning: We went out with Joe and Dolores last night, and had a beautiful evening and we talked about you all. You have such a beautiful and wonderful family, you did your part as a mother bringing up your children so beautifully with love and respect. Franca came to the dentist and she looked so nice she had a headache but she still looked beautiful with those eyes. Anna stayed home reorganizing a bunch of stuff. It still does not seem possible that you are not here. I listen to my messages...........and feel your presence. I love you and miss you more each day.
Thinking of you all the time. I love you sooo from the bottom of my heart. Gracie, Mommy, Daddy, Johnny, Domenic and our Frankie not a day goes by without loving thoughts of you all.
Goodnight to all our Angels in Heaven! Love you all and not a minute in the day goes by without thoughts of you all. Loving you missing you and wish you were all here. Please send us a message ,but maybe you do. Because you all our in our thoughts and prayers. Loving you all more each day and feeling the huge void in our hearts.xxxxxxxooooooohugs and kisses.
Hi Ma,

Just dropping another note to you to tell you another rough night last night. I was downstairs watching tv but I kept looking at all the pictures in my cell phone. I have a picture of you Sunday when u were sitting eating your lunch...happy as can be...talking, laughing, eating....and asking me to get you ice for your gingerale. SO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??????? Then I look at the pictures I took of your LEG....I lay there looking AT IT....crying and CONSTANTLY ASKING HOW?????????? WHY????????????? I don't think I will every understand, how u could of been soooooooooooooo fine and then GOD TOOK YOU AWAY FROM US....I dont UNDERSTAND...Ma, we are ALL SO UPSET ABOUT THIS because IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.....when I continue to look at those pictures it BREAKS MY looked soooo painful...the colour...just everything...Ma, IM ANGER....SOOO MAD...I hope we get to the bottom of this...I hope now your heart still hurts...This morning went into your room again...I was looking for my top and I said Ma, I cant find of course answered me, " Franca, I dont want to know....your so disorganized.."lol...I laughed and cried thinking about that...then of course I found it...and you said, " YOU NUT"....DON'T BE SO DISORANGIZED NEXT TIME....LOL...I remember alot....and MISS SOOO you ma...thinking of ALWAYS.....missing you beyond words can say..............xoxoxo
p.s. Joe came by last night to check up on his sisters...we sat and was nice.....the three of us ARE REALLY HURTING AND MISSING YOU.....xoxoxo
Another day of missing you so very much. Love you more than words can say. At times I can not believe you are not with us any longer. Oh! how I wish I could turn back time .....just to hear your sweet voice your prescence your smile but most of all to feel touch and kiss you. Loving you more than words can say.
love you and miss you sooo
Ma, yesterday was family day and Michelle (Sandro's Michelle)Elle and Aunt Lib came by. It was a nice day. Can u believe ma, yesterday I helped Anna make pizza and an apple always said "WHEN FRANCA DOES SOMETHING...WHICH ISNT OFTEN...LOL...I DID IT GREAT".....I even shocked myself..but my dear wasnt the SAME WITHOUT would of been sitting in your kitchen trying the pizza and loving your apple pie. WE ALL MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH...We will never STOP MISSING YOU...It was weird this weekend ma, Joe didnt come over at all. I guess he was busy but no worries YOUR "JOEY" called to check up on HIS SISTERS..anyways, today is a miserable day...snowing and raining..its awful. But ma at 5pm its now lighter...remember what you would always say about YOUR DAD...that nonno always said December and January dark at 5pm....but come February it starts to get lighter...well it is ma...there are soo many things I remember that you taught us. You are always on my mind, your in my prayers all the time...and YOU WILL BE FOREVER ENGRAVED IN MY ACHING HEART....FOREVER LOVING YOU AND MISSING YOU MORE AS THE DAYS GO BY..................FRANCA XOXOXO
Its Family Day today Elisa, its not the same. LOve you and miss you.
Ma, today I feel so lazy...Im downstairs watching tv. I really dont feel like doing anything today. Tomorrow is Family Day so we are off work. Ma, I just went into the kitchen OMG...OMG....the sun...the warmth its would be sitting there right now getting ready for Sunday lunch. Anna would of made such a great lunch. Joe would of been over too. Instead this house is SOOO QUIET.....SO LONELY......I just can't explain to you HOW EMPTY THIS HOUSE IS...what a BIG DIFFERENCE....I really hate it....its extra hard on weekends..OH DEAR...I go over this in my head 24/7 AND I JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND.....You were fine....laughing, eating...excited about coming were excited about coming to Jonathan's and Claudia's engagement.....I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND HOW IT ALL CHANGED IN 24 HOURS???????????? I wish somehow you could tell me!!!! OH MA??? Anyways, Im going back downstairs so we will talk again....p.s.between me and you....thanks for your help last night...I know you were there with me....I LOVE U LOTS....XOXOOX
Hey Ma,

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you Im thinking about you. You still havent come to visit me in my dreams........pls you lots......xooxox Franca
We went out today, and all we did was speak about you! We talked about everyone who is with you.We have so many beautiful memories of you and everyone! LOVE LOVE LOVE AND MISSING YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH our lives will Never be the same. " Smile even though your heart is aching," that is us.
Hey Elisa: I forgot to put your sister
Rita,but you know it is me, remember when you signed Elsa on a card instead of Elisa. Love always and forever
Hi Elisa, How is everything going up in heaven? Down here everything is the same
yet not the same because you are not here. Give my love to everyone.
Love Always and Forever xxxxoooo
Good Morning Ma

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU AND DAD...actually to Frankie,nonna, nonno and auntie Gracie. I hope to God your with everyone. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU...AND MISS YOU ALL....xoxoxo
Today is Valentines Day, all I can say is that I would have heard you voice say Happy Valentines to you all, and I love you. I would answer, I LOVE YOU MORE, you are so missed my wonderful you.
Elisa, I promise you, that your wonderful family will always, always, have my love and guidance.Love you love you love you

Forever in my heart I love and miss you so!
Hey Ma,

Another sleepless night. I tend to always wake up around 3:30-4:00am. Then I just lay there in bed. I hear Anna up too getting ready for work. She still gets up really early. I guess she was so used to waking up and making coffee for the both of you. She still has it but if I know Anna she probably cries to herself. She misses you sooo much. She feels lost. We all feel lost in our different ways. Did you see ma the three of us had dinner again last was nice. Dolores and Michelley come home today. Remember when Dolores would go away u would always tell Anna to make lentile soup because its so nice to come home to a nice plate of soup. Well Anna made it from them. Joe took it home with him last night. I already told Michelley and she is sooo excited about it. Ma, we all miss you sooo much. You are forever in OUR HEARTS and constantly on OUR MINDS...we are ALL STILL HURTING AND MISSING YOU BEYOND WORDS CAN EVER EXPRESS!!!! I hope you are pain free and happy..I KNOW FORESURE you will be always watching over us. U always did...You always worried about me sooo much. Also telling me not to be home when I drive...and when I park the car in the garage make sure there isnt anyone hiding at the side of the house. I think of all of that...Noone ever worried about me like you did!!! Especially in the summer driving the truck....I know you hated it but you knew I had no choice but to do it...Im debating this year...but ma, you know deep down I have to do it..I have alot going on this year..Ma, remind dad about the promise me and him made to eachother...since he didnt keep it....maybe you can help LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH AND MISS YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH.......xoxoxo
This book is your book Elisa, and I feel that we can express ourselves writing to you.I feel as though we are talking on the phone . Please give me some indication that you are around us the way you did on Monday. I love you! I wonder what you and Johnny are cooking in Heaven.........maybe you both are teaching alot of people up there how to live a life full of love and appreciation.Not a second goes by each day without thoughts of you all.
Ma, its awful outside. NO SUN JUST RAIN...not looking forward to going home. Its going to be more depressing then usual. Atleast when the sun is shining in your kitchen it feels like you are there. IF I had ONE WISH........U WOULD BE HERE RIGHT WITH share in Jonathan's and Claudia's wedding day. U were looking so forward to their day. You will be missed so much on that day...but Im hoping you and dad will be watching from up above. OUR HEARTS ARE and miss you sooo much...xoxoxo
Good Night xxxooo
its a gloomy day today.....and Im missing you even sun in our over us....xoxo
Hey Ma,

I wrote to you twice last night and only one showed up. I dont understand what is happening. Anyways, did you see the ribs Joe made? OMG soooo good. He also bought us a new salt shaker..he hated the one we had. You would love it...its sooo nice. Anyways, last night ma I tossed and turned again couldnt sleep. Since you left us Im having alot of trouble sleeping. I have told you before the mornings being home alone HURTS ALOT...We had our morning routine. To tell you the truth ma I still pretend you are there. I still do the same things...except opening the door for Asha. MISSY, YOU ARE MISSED MORE THAN U REALIZE......ok talk later....xoxooxo
p.s. Joe is buying us the matching pepper would love it so u lots..
Goodnight, I love you so much and miss you so so much.
Hey Ma,

I dont understand whats happening...Im writing in this book but they are not showing up. Anyways, today isnt a good day. Joe came over for lunch today and now he is coming back for dinner but he is cooking. Making us his famous bbq ribs. Ma, its sooo strange sitting at our kitchen table without you. We feel you missing so much..Its quiet. Remember you would always talk and repeat yourself all the time. We miss that so much. I keep hearing you say to us, "once I die you will have alot to talk and laugh about" Ma, there really isnt alot of laughing because we miss the funny things you did...instead it makes us all cry and think of you more. Aunt Lib came by twice today too...Ma, she misses u sooooo much.....she always tells me....she didnt only lose a sister SHE LOST A BEST FRIEND.....if you only really knew HOW MANY HEARTS YOU BROKEN by leaving all of us. Not a day goes by that we dont think of you. Ok ma, we will talk again....MISS AND LOVE U LOTS......CONTINUE TO WATCH OVER ALL OF US MA....XOXOOXOXO
At times, I do not want to believe what has happened. I can hear your voice , you would always say " How are you? What are you making for supper, and always end the conversation" have a nice day" and "I love you or I love you both" and I would answer "I love you more"OH MY GOD I MISS YOU SO and I LOVE YOU MORE'
Love you and miss you so very much, if only we could turn back time..........
Forever in my heart
One Month today,miss you more than words can say.
Always and Forever
Elisa, its one month since you left us.............miss you so and love you ..........forever in my broken heart.
Just thinking of you and just wishing you were here.....its soooo hard. I JUST KEEP ASKING WHY?????? Love u "MA'
I miss you so much
Love you miss you and shine your beautiful and loving smile on us everyday. You are such a huge void in our lives.
Hey Ma,

I have so much to tell you and I dont know where to beging...First things first..this guest book that WE all write in....guess what aunt Lib got it for us for an entire we can write in here all the time to give you updates...isnt that exciting? That made my day. Second me and aunt went out for dinner...we ate...we cried...we talked..IT WAS AMAZING. Ma, then aunt lib came over and organized the living room....I cant tell you how much better I feel. We had all your stuff near the front door aunt Lib moved everything including the furniture. Me and aunt Lib really felt YOU AND AUNT GRACIE around us. Ma, we miss you so much. I cant wait for Anna to come home and see it. Im just hoping she doesnt change everything. Ma, tell Anna u like it too. I know you do b/c it doesnt look so crowded anymore. Oh ma, tonight I feel good. I really felt you tonight. I guess you know Anna is coming home tomorrow and you wanted her to see everything just perfect...and IT IS. The only thing that would really top it off IS IF YOU WERE STILL WITH US....OMG THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ALOT OF US....anyways ma....I will talk to you like I do every night IN MY PRAYERS.....I love you ma......and miss you more than u know......xooxxoo
Hi Elisa, I hope you watching over the precious family that you have and with so much love. Going out with Franca tonight,we are going out for dinner. I love you more than words can explain and I listen to your loving messages when I come home from work and cannot believe you are not here.
Hey Ma

Just thinking of you....actually I think of you alot. Tonight ma is my last night alone Anna will be back. I cant wait. Being here alone ma is really hard. I always go into your bedroom to talk to you and to show you what Im wearing. Remember before Id go to work you'd always want to see what I was wearing....and you would give me your approval or say "FRANCA YOUR WEARING THAT?" I miss that so much. I talk to myself everyday morning. I talk for the both of us. I say Ma, you like it? I answer for you....just the way u would say it....Oh Franca move back...let me see you? Ya, you look very nice...I do this every morning when its just me and you....Ma, the tears are still flowing...everyone says it gets better..but what they DONT UNDERSTAND I have lived with you for 48 YEARS.....and its HARD....we had our ways...oh ma you are seriously missed by ALL OF US....we all have our moments. Being home alone I have done ALOT OF YELLING AND SCREAMING..Im sure you heard helps doing that. Just for the moment but then its back to normal...I start crying all over again and WISHING I COULD TURN BACK TIME. Ok ma we will talk and miss you sooooooooo much......xoxoxooxox
Hi Ma,

I know I said I would right in your book everyday but ITS VERY HARD. Ma, Im still very stunned about all of this. I sometimes wish this is ALL A DREAM. My me and Anna feel it ALOT...staying in the house and seeing EVERYTHING thats belongs to you hurts sooo much. We havent touch anything yet. Ma, even Joe is feeling it alot. he still comes Sunday mornings to the house but its sooo different. He comes a little later now. He still sits in the same seat next to yours...and reads the newspaper. Of course ma, just like YOU he reads the obituaries. It never hurt so much reading it until we SAW YOUR PICTURE IN IT. I continue asking myself WHY???? I ask you too but Im yet to hear from you. Ma, did you see I got my tatoo? I have you and DADS hearts joining eachother..I love it. Im home alone right now and thats when it hurts the MOST....I lay here on my couch waiting for you to blow your whistle or call my cell to say "FRANCA, CAN U COME UPSTAIRS TO MY ROOM FOR A SECOND?" Then when I came upstairs you would either show me something you moved AGAIN in your room or you would ask for some cold POP....but you know me ma, just like Joe I wouldnt give you the pop I would bring you your lemon water!!!! You would get upset sometimes because you really wanted that POP....but you know I only did that because I LOVED YOU....but sometimes I DID GIVE IN...and what would we say? "DONT'T TELL JOE" OMG.....HOW I MISS THOSE DAYS.....I dont mean to cry right now...but IT HURTS SOOOO MUCH...being home alone is WHAT I HATE MOST.....Your kitchen has alot of sun in it looked sooo beautiful...your plants from your grandchildren look amazing. Ma, to think this Friday (of all days...) is going to be ONE MONTH since we heard you say...."BE CAREFUL AND I LOVE YOU"!!!!! Ma, I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH....pls come and visit...Im still waiting....forever, I LOVE YOU.......TILL WE MEET AGAIN....XOXOOX
Words are the only things that last forever. I love you Elisa.
Not a minute goes by without loving thoughts of you, I love you soooo, and remember the circle of love.Your circle is enormous!!!!!!!!Only a life lived for others is a life worth while. There is a saying "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world that was you as a Daughter, a Mother a Wife a Nonna a Sister a friend. Also our fathers may teach us what we have to do in life, but it is a mother who teaches us who we are.
Cari Anna, Franca, Joe ,e tutti i parenti che non conosco per nome, ma che sicuramente stanno soffrendo per la mancanza di Lisa, una donna che ho avuto il piacere di conoscere molti anni fa e che ogni volta che tornavo a Toronto era "obbligo " perché era un piacere, andare a trovare. Mi ricordo bene il suo viso , la sua voce, anche la sua energia, e le attenzioni alla mia fame...ho vissuto la notizia della sua scomparsa dall'Italia con Libby che al telefono riceveva la brutta notizia. E stato un brutto momento per tutti noi che eravamo presenti, mia moglie Silvia (che Lisa ha conosciuto) Mario e chiaramente Libby. Eravamo lontani, ma con il cuore eravamo vicini, da quel momento è calato un silenzio surreale fatto di pensieri e sicuramente ricordi, interrotto dalla disperazione di Libby che però trovava la lucidità per raccontare qualche racconto della vita di Lisa di quanto fossero attaccate e di quanto si volessero bene , di come ogni giorno Lisa chiamasse a casa Libby per augurare una "buona giornata". Ora per voi che state soffrendo non ci sono parole che possano confortavi, ma solo il ricordo di tutti i momenti vissuti insieme , e so per certo che sono stati tanti, più di quelli che un normale figlio dedica alla sua madre., Ora Lisa non è più in terra, ma vive ogni giorno, ogni momento , ogni pensiero tra di voi e sicuramente dal cielo insieme a Gracy vi abbraccia e vi protegge. Tanti abbracci e tante condoglianze a tutti voi Massimo e Silvia.
Hey Ma,
You left me way too soon....I thought WE had more time together....
I guess "no more of anything"...
There are no words to say how much I 'MISS YOU' 'EMPTY' feeling and a 'HURT' that just 'never' goes away! I MISS YOU sooooooo much and I think of 'YOU' constantly...
How I wish you were here with ME...with all of US!!!
me.....all by myself...
Dearest Joey, Anna & Franca,
I am very saddened to learn of your mothers passing, I hold many wonderful memories of times I spent together with her and Gracie, both amazing women, Franca you're correct in saying "God only takes the best".
My love and prayers are with you all.
Hi Ma,
Its Monday night 9:11pm and me and Anna are just thinking about last week at this time. Ma, I would of never thought that Anna would of called me early Tuesday morning at 3:26am to tell me they called CODE BLUE ON YOU!!! I just hope to God that you didnt suffer ALOT....Ma, I keep going over everything AND I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND......from coming home on the Tuesday you end up DIEING.....Im MAD...everyone keeps saying it was THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM....Oh ya ma, Gordie called today from Italy....he was so upset he wasnt there but I told him he was because we had the pictures of him and his wife on your 75th from the Doctor's House. We cried together on the phone alot. Ma, do you see HOW MANY PEOPLE U TOUCHED???? EVERYONE MISSES YOU ALOT.....BUT NOT AS MUCH AS WE ALL DO YOUR FAMILY!!!! Ok, I will keep you updated on things till Feb.8th, 2013 then I will write it all down in a journal. I talk to you every night too. I sound like you Im always repeating myself to you and asking you WHY?????? I just hope you are really more pain in your leg...Tomorrow is ONE WEEK ALREADY....I cant believe it just seems like yesterday. Ma, I miss you and love you so much...I PROMISE WE WILL ALL MEET AGAIN....FOREVER LOVING YOU....................FRANCA XOXOOXO
Hi Ma,
Today is the day after your beautiful funeral. Ma, your flowers were so beautiful just the way you like them. Did you see all your old friends from Victory? Everyone came. It really isnt a surprise because everyone just loved you so much. The kind words everyone was saying about it...but we already knew we had a wonderful, loving and very caring mom. Thats why its so hard for us to accept this!! Ma continue to watch over ALL OF US....and always remember how we loved you soooooooooooooooooooooo much.....FRANCAXOOXOXOOXO
Dear Anna/Franca/Joe Our heartfelt condolences to your entire family. We were all deeply saddened to hear about the passing of your mother. She truly was a loving, kind-hearted, unselfish person. We had many great memorable years together as neighbours on Victory. Barb and I will not forget your Mom's fantastic meals. May she rest in peace forever. May God give you all strength and comfort you at this time of sorrow. God Bless!
Love you all, Irene Ulcar(Cemas)and Family, Barb Gabor(Cemas)and Family, Joe and Annie Cemas
Dear Joe,Anna & Franca,
Remember all the great memories that you all have in you heart. That will give you strength to carry on. The light that she will shine on all of you each day will remind you that she is reaching out for you in every aspect of your lives. Mrs. Ursini in my eyes is an "Angel". We will all miss her and feel the emptiness in our hearts. Her smile and her laugh made us all shine. Thats what made her happy. Simplicity of Life gave her great joy in her heart. We all love you so much.
Gary,Angie,Julia and Christoher Campacci
To my wonderful and loving sister, I will love you forever and thank you for being my best friend mentor and most of all being there together thorough tears laughter happiness and sorrow. I am going to miss your every days phone calls and your I love you. Baci e Abbracci per sempre
To My Wonderful Loving Elisa, I love you sooooo much! You are my mentor,my best friend, but most of all you are someone who gave your love to me every second of ever day. Thankyou for loving me unconditionally and your every day messages and phonecalls to Mario and I. I am truly heart broken and this heart my continue to beat but its broken. I will love you forever and ever tanti cari abbracci e back
Franca and family, my condolences for your loss. My thoughts are prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Dear Anna, please extend my deepest condolences to your entire family.
How blessed your mom was to have such a loving and wonderful family!
Thinking of you all.
Mary DiNunno
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. With heartfelt sympathy. God Bless, Bruno & Dian De Melis
Dear Anna
Although its difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.
Thinking of you
With deepest sympathy
Dear, Joe and family it was a great pleasure to have met Mrs.Ursini. I felt her kindness gentleness and love the minute we connected she will live in our hearts forever I'm so sorry for your loss my sincere condolences Joe,Franca,Anna and family.
To the Ursini Family,
May the peace that comes from the memories of love shared comfort you all now and in the days ahead
Lots of love
HI MY BEAUTIFUL NONNA! ... i miss you so much already. you were such a wonderful lady inside and out. THANK YOU for always making us laugh.. THANK YOU for always making sure we were well fed (you really did make the best meat balls) and most importantly, THANK YOU for always loving us unconditionally. you were always with a smile on your face and ALWAYS HAPPY. I know you are in a better place and at peace. I JUST WISH I CAN HUG YOU RIGHT NOW. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!

Dear Anna, So very sorry to hear this very sad and unexpected news. May God bless you and uphold you and your family in this difficult time. And Rest Eternal for you beloved mother.
Mrs Ursini, I was soo shocked to hear of your passing. I had just heard that you were coming home anyday now! I deeply regret not making it to the hospital to visit with you and will hold that with me forever. I will also hold memories of coming to visit you with michelley for dinners on Victory and lunches on Davos. You always made me feel welcome in your home and treated me like a grandson. I will always remember you. My sincerest condolances to Joe, Franca, Anna, and the entire Ursini family. Love you all Big Mike
Dear Joe, Dolores and family
We're so sorry to hear of your loss. You're in our thoughts and prayers.
Terry and Mary and family
To the Ursini Family,
We are very sorry for your loss. A wonderful Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, and Friend and now an Angel above.

An honor to have been blessed with her friendship.
Love The Cristillo Family
dear anna, franca my thoughts and prayers go to you and your family at this time. mrs ursini was a kind, sweet gentle soul who made everyone who she met feel at home and loved. she loved her children and grandchildren with all of her heart and gave to those whom she welcomed into her home, her wonderful smile, her kind eyes and made you feel better about yourself when you left. her family was her greatest love and in return she was greatly loved and will be missed by all. my love goes to you and your family at this time and know she will always be near and dear and with your father will watch over you all . with much love audrey xoxoxo
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
To Rita , we are very sorry to hear the loss of your sister, may God help all of you during this time. our prayers and thoughts are with you all.

Alessandro & Rosina Cardillo.
Dear Joe/Anna/Franca, Our prayer are with you and the rest of your family. Mrs. Ursini was a very special lady, kind, generous and most of all, loving and caring. Her spirit will be with all of you forever in your hearts and guiding all of you, the rest of your lives. Our sincere condolences to all of you and family.
Franca, So sorry to hear about the passing of your dearest mother. Our sincere condolences to you and your family.
Anna, my condolences to your entire family. Mama was a wonderful person, she will be greatly missed - now who am I going to call on Thursdays! I am going to miss her so much. May her soul rest in eternal peace, Amen.
To a wonderful women who's always been so sincere like the feathers of an angel may you rest in peace with all our love to you and your family may God watch over you. I will always remember the precious smile and laughter you had in my life.......diana and emma xoxox
TO OUR WONDERFUL MOTHER THAT WE MISS SOOOO wasnt suppose to end like this, you were coming home on Tuesday but I guess God changed his mind...he must of needed another ANGEL and he picked the best,YOU.....our hearts are broken...tears are flowing...them emptiness is unbearable...WE HAD THE BEST MOM EVER...You are now with dad, your son Frankie, your mom and dad and your sister Gracie. Ma we all love you so much and we miss you so so much...Anna, I want to thank you for looking after mommy so are mommys twin....THE BEST IN THE WORLD....I will forever love and miss you so much ma....GOD ONLY TAKES THE BEST....forever loving you, FRANCA XOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXO
Dearest Anna/Franca. My prayers are with you and the rest of your family.You will be bless tremendusily for the unconditional love and care you have given. blessings and love always. Saleema
Anna, Franca and Joe, your mom was the best, I will miss her so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Dear Anna, our hearts ache for you on the loss of your beloved Mom. Please extend our deepest sympathy to your entire family and know you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
- Mary Jo and Ed Cartwright & Family (Richmond Hill, ON)
Anna, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Anna, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. No one can ever take the place of a mother. Our sincere condolences to you and your family.
Anna, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love you always! Rosie
Anna, anyone that knows you, knows that you were a devoted daughter to both your father and mother. Their spirit will live on in your heart forever and they will guide you through the rest of your life. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Joe and Franca as well as the entire family. Your friends, Domenic and Mary Jane Muia
Anna, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. You are in my thoughts and prayers. xo
Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Susie & Lorena
Anna, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mother. you are in my thoughts and prayers. xo
Mrs. U we will miss you so very much.
May you rest in peace.
Love Vinny
Anna, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I'm very sorry for the loss of your mom.
Mrs. Ursini was a very special and wonderful lady that I will always remember and cherish. Take comfort in knowing that she has touched everyone she met in a very special way and will never be forgotten. She is now another angel and bright star in the sky that will always watch over her loving family and friends. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
To my dear sister Elisa;
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