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Kenneth Wayne DICKIN
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Thank you Suze for this special gift. Sorry we have taken this long to acknowledge it. Kenny's passion for life and love touched many, many people and you have enabled us to know them and to feel comfort that Kenny had so many wonderful friends who cared and loved him. Fondest regards Donna (Kenny's sister)
Peter. Great thought. (I have a smile on my face as I write this.).
How appropriate..

With the Blue Jays returning to the playoffs, as well Ken's other favourite ball team, the Dodgers - all in time for what would have been his 65 birthday on this "Thanksgiving Weekend".

Thanks, for the memories - good to see his smiling face, again.
Thanks Suze for keeping it here.
my condolences to ken's family and friends. i am just now realizing that ken has passed. i used to see him every year,for the past few years, that he came to the Desert. We would always play golf together. i really loved his humor on the golf course and his easy-going nature on the course. I was surprised that he did not come down to the desert in '13;but, now tragically i realize why. i will miss him terribly and was hoping that he would spend more time golfing in the Desert.
It has been a year today since I received one of my last texts from Ken - it has brought a smile to my face many times as this year of dreaded 'firsts' continue as the Anniversary of his passing approaches. There has been so much to remember...and miss; his booming laugh, wit, twinkling blue eyes, passion for sport, passion for life, wisdom, his knack for breaking into song anytime or anywhere...his friendship and his love.

Always with us Kenny,

Shortly after meeting Ken back in '68, we were preparing for our high school hockey season one day after school. We were passing the time in the Weston C.I. gym and broke the boredom with a couple of ball gloves. Good times.

It was that late autumn afternoon that I discovered that Dickin had a nasty hook on his curve ball. It took me totally by surprise.

Frankly, I'm glad I didn't flinch or blink at the wrong time.

It was Kenny just being Kenny, the ball hawk. I guess he couldn't resist the opportunity to test his arm and the new kid on the block.

About 20 years later, we were hanging out one summer day which eventually led to a ball park in south Etobicoke where he was to pitch that afternoon. It was an enjoyable visit, and the Hawk performed well on the mound.

But, as the game neared it's end, it was soon time to consider a pitching change. One problem - they were short staffed that day and the reliever couldn't warm-up properly.

Hey, no worries. I had reasonable skills and consequently, volunteered to catch for him in the bullpen beside their dugout. It was helpful, and he was appreciative & complimentary during the warm-up. And, we were having a nice chat, too.

Suddenly, Kenny called for time, and marched into the dugout. He grabbed his towel and wiped his face. It was then that he quietly requested that I stop talking. (?)

Okay. No problem.. and did so, without ever asking why.

It took me a little bit by surprise, as I glanced toward the pitcher I was warming up. He just shrugged it off and said, "that's Kenny".

Yes, indeed. Despite being a well rounded and sensitive man, he was also a driven, focused and intensely competitive athlete, no matter what the game - baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, Frisbee, etc. - that was Kenny.

So, here we are a week after the MLB All Star break & the British Open and thoughts have once again turned to "the Hawk". I can't help but wonder what he'd be thinking about both issues - Phil Mickelson's remarkable final round and the state of the Blue Jays and his boyhood faves, the Dodgers.

To borrow from Pink Floyd, I wish you were here.

Before this past weekend, I spoke with Kenny's big sister, Donna who kindly invited me to a memorial ball game this coming Thursday between his two old men's senior clubs from York & Oakville, to be played at Keelesdale Park. And, I hope to visit.

If you're interested, it's this coming Thursday July 25th @ 7pm.

Ken's old baseball buddies have something special in mind for their ol' pitching pal with hopes that others close to him might join the memorial on the diamond that Ken built when he was the Director of Parks & Recreation for the then City of York. The Keelesdale diamond is on the north-east corner of Black Creek Dr & Eglinton Ave.West, Toronto.

There will be a ceremony of sorts and one of his loved ones will toss out the first pitch, with the game to follow.

If you have a few available moments this coming Thursday evening, consider joining some of Ken's old friends & family for a tip of the ol' ball cap to the Hawk.

You know he'll be there... in spirit.
I just learned of Ken's passing today, it is deeply painful to think he's gone. We last spoke in the fall and he promised to be the next to call, as I usually called him. I helped him with his home decor & renovations, which he was very proud of. I had the pleasure of meeting his lovely sister. He always talked about his sisters & their children so fondly, my sympathy goes out to all his family. Now I know why he hasn't called.
A proud friend for 43 years
I only learned today that of Ken's passing. I knew Ken for over 40 years. I will miss him dearly. I had wonder why I hadn't heard from him in so long. he had promised that the next time was his turn because I usually called him. I helped him in his home decorating & renovating. He was a Westerner in his soul. Jacqueline
Ken was just such a gentle soul who worked closely with us at York's Parks and Recreation Department. We shared lots of laughs together and will remember him fondly. Rest in peace dear friend!Love Mary Benedetti,Cathy Morrison, and Ingrid Bens.XXOOO
I have added a picture of Kenny from York Diamonds. I cannot find any photo from Humber College. We went there together and later he even lived for awhile two houses from my parents. We miss him.
Ted Wright (Montreal).
A month has come & gone since Ken passed. But, I'm reminded of him almost daily because of music - old & new. It was something that we almost always touched upon & shared during conversations.

This past winter while Ken was hanging out in the Palm Springs desert, I helped keep an eye on his home. We communicated often via email where our notes touched on the weather here & there, the state of Leaf hockey, spring training and music, too.

Ken was a big Bruce Springsteen fan and I recall our anticipation for Wrecking Ball going into March break - and it was well worth the wait once we heard more of the collection and early tour. The Boss was back.

The day he got back from California, I had gone to see Blackie & The Rodeo Kings @ Massey Hall that night. When we caught up the next day, I filled him in on the Kings & Queens tour featuring the talented Serena Ryder.

It didn't take long for Ken to announce that he was "Weak in the Knees" for Serena. The lad was smitten by the dynamic local songstress, and I was pleased to share the discovery.

Days later, Ken shared the music of Irish singer/songwriter, Glen Hansard with me via the movie Once. It was a charming, romantic movie about independent street musicians that spawned an Oscar for Best Song in 2007. I soon loved the story & songs, too.

Soon afterward, I realized I was hearing this Glen Hansard fellow on the radio daily and made Kenny aware of the latest release from the Irishman. Beautiful stuff, reminiscent of Van Morrison & Cat Stevens, too.

The day of Ken's memorial service treated us to music that help connect us to him - Johnny Reid, George Harrison, Jimmy Buffet, John Lennon and Danny Balaka's soulful rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". All very poignant.

Music has a powerful way of conjuring up emotions & memories when you least expect it. I trust that'll never end, especially when I next hear the ol' ball game tune, Reid, Harrison, Buffet, Lennon, Springsteen, Ryder & Hansard.

Happy Christmas, "Hawk".

Hope you're enjoying your new wings & the heavenly sounds, too.
A shock to learn of such sad news.
I send my deepest and most sincere condolences to the Dickins family.

Ken you were a great person to say the least and I feel very fortunate to have known such a man.

You will be missed.
My uncle Kenny was always so happy, I don't recall seeing him without a smile on his face! His laugh was one of my favourite things about him, Hearing him laugh always made me want to smile, he always had a joke for me andmy brother whenever we saw him, he was so funny! I will miss you so much, I love you uncle Kenny. Rip ?
I just heard the news about Kenny's passing. Wow! What a shock! Ken and I spent several years hanging out together with our whole group of friends through the 60's and 70's. He supported my band Pandemonium and followed us to so many concerts. I remember full days of throwing frizbee on Toronto Island, just a bunch of care free freaks back then. I must admit Ken had the biggest and softest heart of all of us, so sincere, so genuine. I pray that God is being good to you today Kenny. Thanks for the great times together. You made my youth a little more special than it would have been without you.
I was very sad to hear of Ken's passing. Although it has been 10 years since I left Toronto, I remember him well as a friend and colleague from the old City of York. Those were good days. Rest well, Ken.
My sincere condolences to his family.
The day after Kenny's funeral, I have little doubt we are still reeling from the shock of his passing. Since there were several people, near and far, not able to make it to the funeral I wanted to express how fitting a service it was. He would have been so touched to see so many grown men crying! I was a part of 'the lonely hearts' female fan club at the back. One friend said she was trying to express the loss to her husband but 'he just didn't get it'. Ken always did. We all felt that we were special in his life...but that was Ken's greatest gift...making EVERYONE feel special. I spoke with Ken's neighbour Rob who was with him at the time of his passing. I was comforted to know that he did not know his end was near, nor was in significant pain very long. Way, way too soon but so happy that Ken had a relatively peaceful death and that he had good friends with him. The eulogies to Ken were poignant and captured his essence fully. He is smiling ear to ear knowing that there is a golf trophy in his name. Ken and I practiced yoga. He embraced the practice decades before it became the trend that it is today. Some of his most cherished moments were spent on Laguana Beach in yoga practice. He would often, out of the blue, send me a 'Namaste' text. Namaste has many meanings, but the one that we together decided upon was "may the light in you warm and inspire the light in me". Namaste Ken. Your light will warm and inspire me always. Love Deb.
Ken was a dear friend. Happy we had time together in Vancouver.You were always searching for answers and helping others do the same. Say hi to Ben Hogan Ken..he's been waiting for you.
OMG. We trained at the gym together and lived around the corner from each other. Separated by seconds, and now forever. I'm deeply saddened. Ken loved hearing about our youngest son and his GTHL hockey. Three gym friends: Loretta/Ken/Steven We will miss you Ken. My sincere condolences to family & friends. "California Dreaming" Ken. Steven
We have lost a dear, dear friend Kenny D. I loved how Ken would always have a song to sing ... and a smile on his face. All your West coast friends are going to miss you buddy. Forever in our hearts,
Dyan Des and Alex Delaney
Horseshoe Bay, BC
Ken, you may be gone, but you will be forever in our hearts!Two thoughts come to mind when I think of you,one was your unique and frequent laugh, and also your kindness. You exuded a warmth that made everyone feel special, and were such a great conversationalist, but an even better listener!I will miss our metaphysical chats, and your visits out to Vancouver, as many of your friends here will.I know that you are having an amazing experience and that we will continue to feel your loving presence. I am sorry for you family's loss. Kathy Holme
Ken will be remembered as a wonderful teammate on the original Etobicoke Indians baseball team. Ken was a great competitor. He was a true friend with a strong passion for life and friends. He always carried a positive attitude and had a great sense of humour. He will be missed.
My condolences to his family.
To the entire Dickin family & friends of Kenny, heartfelt sympathies go out to all. It's not presently evident, but perhaps with time there'll be something to gain from this sudden & tragic loss. For now, it clearly hurts to lose an old friend. I'll miss you "Hawk". We'll catch up later.

(Please note: Coincidently, the day after Ken passed, CBC Radio's "Ontario Today" program touched on two aspects of death & dying. "Understanding Death" and "Proof of Heaven?" present much food for thought. Give a listen. If nothing else, it's timely as we reflect on life shared with Ken. Here are the links to the radio pgm site: )
I was shocked to hear about the passing of my dear friend Ken. Ken and I always shared good conversations and lots of laughter. He was always there for me when I needed him especially after my surgery. He never hesitated to call me and ask me out for coffee to brighten my day. I will never forget his sunny smile and sparkling blue eyes. I will miss you so much Ken, you were a wonderful and caring friend. Love always, Lucy
Ken and I were friends for over 10 years. We spent many coffee's together talking about many things. He loved California and Golf and we spoke much about it. he had great stories. I actually bought his green saab from him. I was shocked to hear this sad news and made me realize how precious life is. He will be missed and will always remain in my heart. I'll never forget his birthday because it falls on the same as my mom's. We love you buddy!!

My condolences to friends and family.
I've known Kenny since I was a kid. Always a great friend to my mother. He was so vibrant and upbeat; such positive energy. It just doesn't make sense. He had the spirit that one would think would last a century. Sad, angry, shock, disbelief ... only a few words to describe my feelings right now. I can now only pray he's in a better place, patiently waiting for us all to smile with him once again.
Where have forty plus years gone? I was looking forward to seeing Ken next Sunday. Difficult to grasp that he is no longer with us. Condolences to Ken's family and friends.
I remember playing music and jamming with Ken in the Weston apartment he shared with my sister Cheryl back in the late Seventies--Jimmy Buffet, Bob Dylan.... Great times and such a great guy. I cherish those times with Ken and carry them with great fondness. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

"Oh na-no na-no, we're gonna fly, down into that easy chair"...Rest in peace my friend
Ken was a wonderful friend and next door neighbour to us for the ten years that we lived on Springmount Ave. He will be missed...
Last time I saw KD was on the golf course - loved the game - such a great guy - he had a Zen like effect on people - so relaxed - he got me my first job with the City and then he advised me to move on when a business opportunity presented itself - he was a cool dude and I know he's going to missed by all that knew him - R.I.P my friend.
Andy marcolini
I first met Ken when he and I worked at the York Civic Centre ~ always helpful, insightful and smiling! Coming home late one night a couple of weeks ago, I heard someone calling my name - it was Ken, calling me over to introduce me to his new neighbour across the street. I had been in a hurry to get home and although I heard him speaking with someone, I probably wouldn't have stopped, but, there was Ken, calling out my name. I'm so very glad he did as we had a lovely chat that evening with "our" new Weston neighbour beside his wrought iron gate. My sincere condolences to his family and "extended" family of friends and all his Weston neighbours. He will be sorely missed!
It is impossible to imagine that Ken is no longer with us. I will forever be grateful to him for the loving and the lessons. E ho'omaha me ka maluhia - May he rest in peace.
What a shock! Way too soon Ken. One less "Screaming Eagle". Weston will miss you. Condolences to the Dickin's family and friends.
As former Mayor of City of York and current Councillor, I knew Ken when he was an employee of City Parks & Recreation. He was an active Weston resident and will be missed by all. My sincere condolences to Ken's family. May he rest in peace.

Councillor Nunziata
Ken was a dear friend for so many years also a co worker that will be dearly missed.I will cherish all the good memories. My condolense to the family
Peter Thompson and family
Ken, I will always remember your kindness. Your laughter was contagious. Thank you for all the good times! I will miss you terribly. Sincerely, Dorothy Dickson.
Ken.. Just seen you last Thursday and had a nice chat. Hard to believe you have moved on..but I remember the times at York City Hall..lots of good memories.
Thinking of all of you at this difficult time, Ken was a wonderful colleague and friend....he will not be forgotten.
Ken's family and friends,

My thoughts are with you all as you try and comprehend Ken's sudden and untimely passing. Ken was truly a unique individual; a kind and gentle soul with a diverse range of interests and passions. For over 30 years, Ken was a dear friend, mentor and spiritual guide to me. I will miss his weekly texts citing a meaningful verse, a Namaste or 'are you downward dogging Bratface'. This world is suddenly darker without his magnificent light. In his next level of consciousness I hope there is lots of golf, baseball and yoga. He will be there to welcome us all warmly as we meet again. Rest in peace Kenny D - I will forever miss and treasure you.
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