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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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I worked with your Mom at the Employment Centre in Barrie. Besides that we were related through marriage as my late husband's mother was a Howcroft. She was bubbly and full of fun then. I know life changed for her when she got sick. She still retained her sense of humor but I'm sure it was difficult for her and for her family. Life can be so hard for some, it is so nice to see that she is so lovingly remembered. I am sure she felt that love and drew strength from it.
Its been 6 Months since you left and I still think about you everday Mom. The nice thing is that initial fear of ever forgetting has passed, as its clear I will never forget you. I try to not be selfish and focus on what I have lost, which is more then you ever knew while you were here, but instead I try and think your happy and no longer hurt by peoples mean actions or words and your no longer slowed down by a body that just couldn't keep up with your spirit. Our family has lost so many people this year, but I hope on the other side it makes it easier because you all have eachother. I miss you more then I can put into words and I hope that you hear me everytime I tell you 'I love you' out loud and in my head, because around or not I will always be so proud and thankful for the Mom I have.
Thank you Mom
Love, Scott
Hi Mom. You have Nana with you now so I hope that is nice for you all to be together. I still selfishly miss you a bunch and defienetly felt your absence today. I love you and I hope with all my heart that you Nana and Bop are together and happy. i love you
I light this candle not only in memory of Kelly, but also as a reminder that her light continues to shine in those who she loved and those who loved her. Scott and Sean, her ability to live life, following her heart and seeing only the positive strengths in everything has been taught to you. Keeping these lessons alive, passing them on to others and you will always have her with you.
My heart is with you always.
Hi Mom. I missed you very much this weekend, because it was Mothers day. I miss my Mom and I hope you felt my love on Sunday because you were an excellent Mother to me and even with you gone I am thankful everyday for you. I love you and Happy Mothers Day.
Wishing you the best
I just have to say that while I am doing Estate stuff for you Mom so many unexpected people are so caring and upset by your loss. The pharmacy knew exactly who you were when I said you name, the guy at the convenient store by your house, he asked me where you've been and I thought he was going to cry when I told him what happened. I have just received so many condolences for you Mom, I hope your seeing how many people loved you. I love you Mom
I met Kelly in and around the building with her dog Lily, just saying hi and bye not realizing she lived across the hall from me, that would soon change and we would become good friends.
I finally got to know Kelly during the Cabbagetown Festival in 2011. She then would always try and invite me over but I was usually in my PJ'; but she would insist that I come over anyway. Almost everyday after I was at her place; I would invite her over to mine but we always spent more time at her place.
We talked about any and everything; most of all how proud she was of her children and grandchildren. We joined the gym together but only got down there a few times because se was sick. Even though I volunteered that didn't stop her from waking me up at 7:30 in the morning just to have a coffee and talk; at times we'd sit in her apartment or balcony the whole day!
I knew she was very sick because that's the first thing she told me when we started to talk and kept apologizing every time she'd have a seizure. She'd laugh when she fell down in the apartment for no reason, or when she couldn't find her reading glasses because they were on her head - even I didn't notice them!
We went to Barrie for a week, I had a good time considering there was no cable,; but we did watch movies on her laptop. We visited her father in the hospital; we also went to Walmart where she took a fall, yet we still kept shopping, thats how strong she was.
I had stopped celebrating Christmas many years ago but Kelly insisted that we have a tree and decorations. At first I wasn't for it but then I started to enjoy decorating the tree, the next day opening up our gifts and then going over to Scott and Sean's. I had never felt so welcome(with the exception of my relatives) into Sean and Scott's home as I did that day. The loveliest and happiest couple I have ever met.
Kelly started getting really sick in mid January. She had been to the hospital maybe three times already, always reminding me to look after Lily. This time she couldn't breathe or walk so we called the ambulance. I thought they would help her breath and send her on her way home like they usually did. But this time she never came back. No more talks, no more laughs, no more going to Tim Horton's. I tried to visit her every week while she was in the hospital, until I got the call from Scott that she had passed.
There is a lot more I could have said about Kelly -- That she was a kind, loving, non judgemental person...
... I'd Just like to say that she was the best friend I've every had.
Soo very eloquent and spoken from the heart with unconditional LOVE. Puppy you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. If you ever need anything I'm a call or txt away. Sending good thoughts with much love. :O)
Would just like to send my condolences. May Kelly rest in peace and have a beautiful after life!

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