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Kelly Lynn MARWICK

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I want to thank you for being with me all the time. It's really tough at times but knowing your there helps.
I Love You Babe.
Hey mom,
Haven't written in awhile....just here in Digby, working all the time trying to get things in order.
Cali and Caina are doing good, Cali got a job at McDonalds and Caina will be babysitting in Greenwood all summer. Very proud of them! Wish you were here to see them. Miss you so much mom!
Hi Baby,
Another month, seems to be passing by slowly. I have been having many drams about you and there all nice. Everything here is the same as usual, just working and paying bills. I'm thinking about moving in November, but haven't decided yet. Love you Kelly and miss you terribly. I know I will never get over it. Until next time baby..Love you so much. Dave
Hey Baby. Well another month has gone by and a lot has happened. I'll never stop loving you Kelly and miss you more and more everyday. I still wish you were here with me but I know it's not possible. Love you baby. Dave
It's been a couple of months honey, I'm sorry about that, but a lot has happened.
I had to have a pacemaker put in, Marty's Dad passed away. So a lot going on. Don't ever think I would ever forget you, that is never going to happen.
Everything seems to be changing now and maybe not for the better. I Love you sweetheart and wish you were here with me through these times, but I still have you in my heart and always will.
Love you Kelly, until next time, Dave
Well today is a tough one cant believe it has been 3 years mom..does not feel that long feel like yesterday you left us.
I miss you so much and everyday is a struggle with out you. I love yu mom i know u see what is going on and are around me but i wish i could hug you my life is not the greatest right now wish i could talk to you..anyhow i miss u and love you xox
My Baby Kelly.

It's been 3 long years without you now. We are all surviving without you, but it has been difficult.
The feelings I have for you don't fade or go away
They continue to grow stronger each day with every thought of you.
Life without you is something I can't imagine
From within my soul, it's you I miss.

If it wasn't for you, I would have given up a long time ago, but I have the feeling that you want me to go on and help our children.
You have watched over all of us at some point in time, which I am so grateful for, because without that My life would really be in turmoil.
I had Crystal and the kids here last week and am really hoping that she does something good with her life.

Bridgette calls me every once in awhile to let me know that everything is good with the kids and her and Mike, it's too bad that I don't get to see her more, but her being hockey mom now keeps her busy,

Ron is doing very well and I guess he is the one I am most proud of for turning his life around,, he no longer is a little boy, He has a full time job driving and setting up trade shows where I used to work. He is doing very well for himself. I just wish he would have picked up some your cleaning habits from you.

As for me , well I'm surviving, it's mot the easiest thing in the world and I would love to pick up the phone and call you and ask your opinion about things even though I always didn't take it.
I don't know how long I can go on like this baby, but I will hang in there for as long as possible Just seems like time and money are always against me.

Anyway my darling Kelly, just letting you know I will never ever forget about you and still love you with all my heart, well whatever is left of it.

I will never forget this day forever

I will Love you forever Kelly Marwick

Your husband Dave Marwick.
Hey mom,
Well another year gone by, Christmas was quiet not the same without you, we miss you so much :(
Seen Dad wich was awsome made me a bit happier to see him. The girls really liked visit with dad. I really miss you mom ...its still really hard, hate seeing other people with a mom n mine is gone....
Amyways mom Happy New Years!!! I Love you to the moon n back xox
Hey Baby. Another month. It was tough without you this month but I did the best I could. I think you would have approved. I love you Kelly and am always thinking about you whether you think I'm doing right or wrong. You always used to give me your opinion. Until next month Honey. Hopefully you were watching all the kids at Christmas. Love you babe. Dave
Hi My Love: 34 months have passed by now, and I still feel lost without you. I know things would be going so much better if you were here now, but were all surviving. I think about you all the time Kelly, about all the good times we had together, I don't ever think of the rough patches we went through. I still need you in my heart Kell, strange as it seems. I will love you forever. Don't ever forget that. I know your watching from above and taking care of all the small things for us, making sure they make our lives easier, the same way you did when you were here. Love you Kell

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