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Olive Powers Obituary
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July 19, 2018

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July 19, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Hamadi Gabsi, a greatful son in law..
August 22, 2009
To my dear friends the Powers'. I have just now learned of Olive's passing.What a sweet lady she always was. I have called you all my friends for forty(maybe a bit more)years. My thoughts are with you all today. Alicia's eulogy was wonderful, I was touched. Sorry I did not know of this sooner, or you would have seen me. My love to all...
August 13, 2007
Olive 8/13/07
I could not have asked for a more awsome Mother in Law than you. You always were uplifting and so proud.You were also a wonderful grandmother who never once forgot one occasion in your grandchildrens lives. I will miss your infectuous laugh. You had a way of making whoever you were engaging in conversation with,feel that they were the only one in the room. You listened intently.We have lots of beautiful memories that we will all treasure always. Thank You and May God Bless you always. Love Patty
August 10, 2007
This is the eulogy for Olive Powers from her grandaughter, Alicia.

I’d like to start by thanking everyone for being here today and honoring the 90 amazing years my grandmother blessed this earth with. I am certain it means the world to her a woman so saturated in love that she is so loved back.
Grammy was beyond a remarkable woman. There is so much depth and so many facets to her incredible life that it can almost make one wonder how she squeezed it all into 90 years. A Broadway actress, a musician, a mother of four who worked every single day, a world traveler, esteemed board member of many organizations, and a woman of such pure and striking physical beauty in her acting days that you literally might stop in the street to stare shocked that something so beautiful could actually exist. It’s funny though, these attributes that so many would kill for weren’t even what made her the most proud and happy. If you were to engage in a 5 minute conversation with her you wouldn’t even realize how dynamic her life had been or that you were brushing elbows with one of the most interesting people you’d ever meet in your life. You would learn about the things that truly got her out of bed in the morning; Her four children and all of her grandchildren; Her latest trip with Ollie. Grammy thrived in her love for others and that love was immense. She completely and utterly embraced life, laughter and love and she had a gift of making one feel good and special. She truly listened when you spoke.
Aunt Cathy remembers being younger and living in the projects. She would lay her head in Grammy’s lap while Grammy would stroke her hair. No matter what was going on in her life in those moments while her mother would soothingly stroke her head, Aunt Cathy was okay. She was happy. She was peaceful. She was loved and she knew it.
Aunt Fran used to love when she and Grammy would drive out to New York on the weekends to pick up Cathy from school and then they’d all spend the weekend in the big city going to Broadway plays and dressing up like glamour girls. Grammy, once a very successful Broadway actress herself, gave it all up without ever looking back to play her most important role, that as a mother. The 3 girls would laugh and have a ball all weekend long.
Grammy and Aunt Fran used to enjoy going to Foxwoods once a month as well. They’d go eat, play the slots for a while and then leave. One time when they were there Fran and Grammy got separated and when Fran finally found her, Grammy’s machine was flashing lights and ringing. She’d hit three 7’s. Fran said Grammy acted like it was no big deal and she never understood why. I know why. Grammy felt as though she hit the number once a month, each and every time she got to go out and spend the full day with her daughter Fran. That was a jackpot money couldn’t buy and the type of thing that made my grandmother smile.
I find it truly remarkable the way Grammy was such a proud woman, yet so humble at the same time. She was so classy, graceful, proud and strong yet, never flirted with vanity, conceit, or cockiness. She was a wealth of experience and talents that many never even knew about because she never bragged. She didn’t need to, the way she lived her life spoke for her. Uncle Mike said she surprised everyone all the time. He recalls her one time buying an old piano when she could finally afford one. Uncle Mike asked to hear her play not knowing she even knew how to play a note. After not playing for 20 years Grammy sat down and played “American in Paris” like Gershwin himself. There wasn’t much she couldn’t do.
My favorite story of Grammy and my father’s childhood was that of a Christmas when they were really financially down and out. It was explained to the kids (my father taking it the hardest as he was the youngest) that Santa wasn’t going to make it that year. On Christmas Eve night when Grammy was leaving work she was given a holiday bonus she did not expect. She rushed out and bought all of the fixings for a big Christmas dinner and had just enough money left over to get each of the kids one nice toy they wanted. My father woke up Christmas morning to the smell of the food Grammy had stayed up all night cooking. He also woke up to a red sled under the tree that he really wanted on the day he expected to not have received anything from Santa. That’s just the type of woman my grandmother was. She truly knew how to love and be loved.
And of course I must mention Ollie, the love of my grandmother’s life for more years than I’ve been on this earth. How could I ever speak of Grammy without speaking of Ollie? They complemented each other and fit more perfectly together than anything I’ve ever seen. Olive and Oliver. It even sounds like they were just meant to be. A true American love story. Their relationship so true and so real has helped restore my faith in the existence of true love. They’ve been through everything together, from one end of the earth to the other together and have always remained best friends and loving companions. I once heard that true love isn’t staring into your loved one’s eyes and seeing yourself, it’s staring out at the world and seeing it together. Grammy and Ollie have in every sense of the words. From triumphs to tribulations, from seaboard to seaboard. We have magnets and postcards from parts of the world I didn’t know even existed. Grammy and Ollie completed one another, were just meant to be. I truly believe she lived as long as she did because of the joy he brought to her every day life whether it was a road trip across the country, or it was just sitting around watching t.v.
The time all of us had with Grammy was a gift. She had 90 quality years on this earth and although part of me greedily wants her to still be here with us, I know she was physically in pain. She’s in peace I know, smiling down on all of us. She’s in all our hearts, be it stroking our hair, winning lucky 7’s, playing Gershwin, preparing Christmas dinner on the day it wasn’t supposed to come, or just relaxing in her recliner commenting on a program on t.v.
Thanks Grammy, for all the wonderful years I was privileged to have you in my life and to be in yours. Thanks for all of the valuable lessons you taught me simply in the way you lived your own life. Thanks for making me feel so loved. Thanks for just being you. You mean more to so many than you will ever know. I know you would want your memory to be one that brings tears of happiness and not those of grief. I will always honor that. The prettier, more peaceful things in life will always make us think of you and smile just as I’m sure you’d like it. So Grammy, Mom, Olive, we love you and we’ll miss you.
August 7, 2007
Just a note to say that you have been a GREAT mother in law and you will be missed.
May God bless you, and rest assured that your daughter Cathy is in good hands.
With love
Your son in law