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David Thomas EVANS

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To the people that have sent these messages I thank you from our family I thank you,to my dad I miss you more than you can ever imagine.I was lucky to have such a great father and grandfather to my kids until it see you again I love you and thank you. Mike Evans
I was planning a driving trip to the Island this summer and thought of David and the fun we had in the 6th grade. Although we hadn't spoken in over 50 years I never think of Dave without smiling as I remember almost burning down the garage (kids, gas and matches, not a good combination). We learned to hot wire Mac's Mercury and Lynne teasing us in the basement. My heart goes out to his friends and family.
Brent Mills, Portland Oregon
Happiness Lives In The Hearts That Love

Perhaps the stars in the sky are loved ones letting us know they are near, by guiding us through the night.
Lucky Man

So fancy and free
cruising in his Chevelle
for all his friends to see,

White lace and satin
was what bride Anne wore,
when Dave was married
Forty-two years ago.

Testosterone strong
two sons he soon had
to mentor and coach
What a wondereful Dad.

With acreage to groom,
Dave bought many toys,
an Excavator and tractor
the favourite of the boys.

Gambing in Vegas
Getting lost in Amsteram
Travelling the world
with his wife Anne.

With his sons getting married
his family would grow,
four grandsons later
made his heart full.

Fishing for salmon
or hunting for deer
playing some softball
or drinking his beer.

His life was so full
of laughter and cheer
many good times were had
so don't shed a tear.

Oh, what a lucky man he was
Oh, what a lucky man Dave was.

composed with love, by Anne
To My Wonderful Brothers

There were many times in our lives when we seemed to be in different worlds.

We were very different in many ways,
but we were also much the same in others, which is to be expected.

I loved you more than I could ever tell you. And I consider myself very lucky that you were born to be my brother. You were a wonderful gift given to me by God, and like so many other gifts we received, I sometimes forgot to be thankful for you.

I'd like you to know that I could never have chosen a more wonderful brother, and I loved you more than you'll ever know.

Love Lynne
For the Man I love - Dave

Thank you for all the ways you've brought your caring and support into our family life and for all the happiness you've brought to my heart.....
Thank you for being the special man you are.... the man I love so very much.

I'll love you forever!

A Letter to Coach Dave from James Skolsky

I was listening to the Team 1040 the other day and they were discussing coaches and the ones that had a distinct impact on your life. I wanted to tell you Dave that you were that coach to me. Growing up in Port Alberni gave me the opportunity to play Soccer and Softball with a lot of great people. I made some lifelong friends that I still see to this day. I am forever thankful that I can include you in that list.

I had a chance recently to coach some of my children's teams and I realize now the sacrifice and commitment that you showed us kids every week. I remember the amount of times you came straight from work on a rainy Tuesday night to coach soccer when I'm sure all you wanted to do was to go home for dinner. I remember the weekends you gave up so we could play in those ball tournaments in Campbell River and Sooke. I remember all the Saturday mornings you spent standing in the rain coaching the Flames.

I spent some time after that radio spot remembering all the good times I had playing ball for you and one memory stands out above all the rest. We were playing in Campbell River towards the end of my time with the ball team. I didn't play very much and I was ok with that because I wanted us to win as a team and there were better players than me that could play second. I think back to the weekend and can't remember how we finished buy I can remember what happened after that tournament. It was a moment that still means the world to me and one that I think about often. We were having our year end wrap up party at your place on the river before the house was there. You took the time to take me aside and tell me how proud you were of me for cheering on the team even though I wasn't playing. You told me how important it was to be a good team mate and that I handled the benching well and stayed positive and supported my team. You didn't have to have that discussion with me Dave, but you did. All these years later it still stands out as not only my favourite memory of you, but of the time I spent playing sports. I don't know if you remember that conversation but it had a tremendous impact on me and I wanted you to know that.

I wanted to thank you Dave, not only for selflessly giving up your time to coach, but for taking a moment out of your time to have that conversation with me. I wanted you to know what it meant to me. I wanted you to know that having those memories is something that I will always be thankful for. I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts as you coach this this final game.

Thank you Dave from a grateful K or C Bear.
To the Evans familly.I am so sorry to hear about Dave's passing.I wish I could have made the life celabration.So to Anne,Darren and Mike my thoughts and prayres are with you.With heavy hearts Faye,Wade and the Higgins familly R.I.P Dave you were a great man!!!
To the Evans family: Dave was a special person who gave his time to others. We remember and appreciate the time he spent coaching softball.
Walt, Linda and Keith Fenske
Condolences extended to the Evans family for your loss. Dave was special - he brought joy to all nearby. He will be missed but not forgotten.

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